Yasir Qadhi – Guidance ONLY Comes from Allah

Yasir Qadhi
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the benefits of living in a world where foreign and alien concepts are constantly changing and reformulating. They emphasize the importance of guidance and the need for everyone to follow their desires. The speaker also mentions the potential benefits of following Shiva's guidance and finding their way back to their natural identity.
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The first really major benefit from all of this. And I want you to understand this point because Wallahi it is so essential living in the current climate where our religion is being bombarded by foreign ideas by alien concepts we're being told we have to reform completely and change our tradition. Number one.

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Guidance only comes from Allah.

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Not from our intellect, not from our philosophy, not from our rationalization. The world did not have a prophet or messenger for hundreds of years from the time of Isa till the time of the processor. What happened? No philosopher could conceive of the truth, no theologian, no intellectual could guide mankind.

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Allah revealed the Quran to the Prophet system and then he Daya came. The Quran is the hedaya. The prophets of Saddam is the new rule. The Quran is the Shiva. Without Allah's guidance, there is no guidance. And why is this important? Because modern mankind believes that guidance is the cumulative experience of what we've done. We keep on modifying we keep on adopting, we keep on changing what is haram today will become Halal tomorrow. What is halal to become haram tomorrow. Our grandfathers

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thought this was not cool. We think it is cool. So be it it is cool. We're progressive. We need to understand very firmly here. Our guidance is the Quran and Sunnah and that is the ultimate guidance. We're not going to change the Quran and Sunnah according to the whims of a society according to the tastes and the culture of a generation, no eternal truth. If mankind could not achieve guidance until Allah revealed it, then how can we? And if our Prophet says Adam, Allah says in the Quran,

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what would you say the Cabal lanpher hada. He could not be guided until Allah gave him the hedaya and Allah says in the Quran, remark, Quinta de de melki taboo and Iman you didn't know this was addressed to the process and what was the book What was eemaan Until we gave you the Quran, our resources and I'm sitting in writer Hara as we're going to come to next week. He did not know ultimate truth until Gibreel came down. Is anybody going to claim that modern philosophers are

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better than our prophets assume that modern ethicists and, and more or less theologians and whatnot can just sit there in a room and contemplate and then come forward with how men should live? No. Allah says, I will sign on you and your trucker Sudha were the ones who are going to tell you how to live your life. The second point of benefit or just mentioned through you have to finish up the second point of benefit. We really understand Subhanallah that most of mankind are like sheep, in

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that they follow whatever the leaders say, look at the kurush they knew that this is not the religion of Ibrahim, but because everybody's doing it. It's just too difficult to break away. Deep down inside they know something is wrong. But when all of society is doing a synonym device, it's easy to follow. Allah says in the Quran, wema UK, Thoreau NASCI willowherb Rasta be more meaning most of mankind even if you want them, they're not going to be believers. And Allah says in the

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Quran, if you follow the majority of mankind they will lead you astray majority wants to follow desires we have to be very frank here. The majority of mankind wants to be animalistic, hedonistic, they don't want Shetty out, they don't want law. They just want to follow their desires. And Allah says, No, we have a law. And that law will tell you how to be a better human. And the final point that will benefit and inshallah we'll conclude for this week, the story of Solomon tells us and they

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didn't HumbleBundle failed tells us a beautiful fact. Whoever is sincere, will be guided.

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If there's good and they're sincere sincerity. It doesn't matter if you're living in Jackie Leah. It doesn't matter if you're in a pagan society in Iran. It doesn't matter if you're surrounded by idols. If your heart is pure, and you have truth and you want to know the truth, Allah will guide you to the truth. Allah took Salman al Farsi out of the depths of Jah Helia in a land which was not even a Christian land. And one by one he came closer to the truth until Allah subhana wa Tada

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brought him right in front of the feet of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam when we show sincerity to Allah, Allah shows Rama and guidance to us

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