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The speaker discusses the importance of having children and being a mother in a culture where children are important. They emphasize the need to make intentions clear and use them for good deeds. The speaker also talks about a woman who invited people to her house and made them happy, but they were confused by her actions.

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So when I say this always to my patients when they come, and she has infertility, and she doesn't have children, I say, Why do you want to have children? She looks at me as like, why she's asking.

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And I said, Of course I'm solutions,

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right? And I said, Well, you want to have children.

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Everybody has children. My friends, that's true. And I said, What else? The biggest cause, which usually doesn't work.

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So when I get old, they will take care of me. I said, Good luck.

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Right specialty in this country, in this day and age, especially in the West, right? So I shouldn't have children. I should ask Allah for children. As logical logical model will not come I don't want enemies to pass.

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Or what about the power of the children? What do I do with them? Give them for adoption.

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Use them. Use them to get close to Allah. So I tell my patients who wants to have children. You know what? Why don't you make your need for Allah says, What do you mean? I said, What did the Roswaal use AutoSum folders, there's a module one, you wouldn't

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marry the one, the woman who makes you love her. She does things to make you love her more. And she gets you more valuable by becoming a mom, your mother. On the Day of Judgment, I will be boastful about the numbers of the Muslim, make your Nia for Allah. That's that reconciliation. That's what you need to do everything you do, make it for Allah, and your Cincy. And he'll training you and becomes known. Can you came in here today? Why did you come? Don't answer me Of course.

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Okay, but in general, sure, for sure, it's from that seen it, then he will test you.

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You don't want to have to sue, you'll come in through 45 minutes with all this traffic, your company's not going to show up.

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If you got upset, then this is not.

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And the same goes for me. I came here on waiting. And I have everything is really no my shoulder to do.

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If I get upset, then I'm not teaching for a while. I'm teaching to impress people.

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Because I know he will reward you I came, I came he will reward me. And the same thing for you. So everything you do, everything you do make look to any look for or near intention or good intention in it. And in fact, a lot of the law once you start doing this, you will find not one, not two, not 356 intention everything

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and multiply you do the math. Every good deed timestamp, you get six good deeds. That's 60

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This is how you do it. Because when he says mean, meaning there's other groups who are not enemies. But then how is that they are righteous, but how about if they are not righteous, but they are letting me obeying God was pantalla my southern lightning patient, my jihad in teaching them my dua my struggle, all these are good deeds. Look at it. Look at it. I mean, the really righteous people close to Allah subhanaw taala, the loved one they are tested.

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They said that's the opportunity now, may Allah give us one of this but in general, always make intention for and there is no good intention with an action that's haram. It doesn't work. It has to be a good deal pleasing to Allah.

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But in this I can multiply it and you will do the math how much is in your day?

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You invite people to your home why?

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Somebody invited you and you go why? What she invited me Of course I'm gonna go I have nothing else to do. Her food is good. That's not for Allah.

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And you put the who can give me six intentions of somebody invited you to our house. Good intentions will get 60 Best.

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Exactly responding to an invitation. How can Muslim as long as there is no civilian, that's a good deed to it's hard to salute. You're confused when you go and she sees you. Especially if she really had like prepared and she invited 50 people and the 50 people showed up she's very happy you made a Muslim happy that's a good intention. Sorry.

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Maybe dua for her when you leave.

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Right when you come in make to us and I wanted to say hi how are you? I always joke with the kids. But what's happening? They look at things like you speak English. Yes, I do. But what is behind whatever Santa Monica make to have for me why your mindset? So I go to her house. She opens the door. I say Sarah Monica, that's a good deal. Okay, then I leave I make dua for her and her family and that's a good day we do Salah Gematria

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Evelyn's House does a good deed. You ate in her house and says Bismillah Alhamdulillah that's a good deed. I'm telling you if you keep looking, you will find

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and that's all good. Then you went and you enjoyed. And you went friends and you come back with 100 Hashanah. What's wrong with them? What literally FEMA attacker will

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see to the Delta hereafter in what Allah gave you