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And then he would sit on this couch. And he would reside sort of the graph.

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And he was so used to that sort of the cover graph. And whoever was there would sit there and they would listen to him reading photograph. So he's there on this day, the day he passed away. He had his but then is done, son helped him to get dressed. So he got dressed. He put on a Shivani and so on. He sat on the court.

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And he I believe, he said to his grandson, give me the most of

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his grandson says I asked I thought to myself, why is he asking for the most because normally he just decides to throw calf. He said I turn to pick up the muzzle from the cupboard. I heard him start surah acid

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into the Gulf.

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He started his heading a scene.

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So he said yacine well Coronel hockey inoculum in Elmore Sally in Surat mustafi

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de la z Rahim de

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la cada nakada konkol Allah accessory him for home let me know in Navi

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Mumbai any ID him sat down woman

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China home formula you will zero in on the Romani tavas, zakharova caccia, Rama and IBV. Ferber shirahama mellifera.

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Julian carry

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ended at this lean back and died.

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He decided to follow him on to this idea of a shareholder Farah to ajilon Kareem and he died.

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Allah protects those who are faithful to him

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on a Juma in a state of fasting 27th of Ramadan

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and that Juma was the tomato. That was a large amount of from

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This is the power of bringing Allah subhanaw taala into your hearts.

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Talk about talk about Allah talk about Allah. May Allah forgive us the word Allah has become unfashionable in our homes.

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I'm not talking about you people I'm saying generally speaking, the word Allah the word Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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zeker of mouth zeker of the Hara Vicar of Jana and Jana has become unfashionable in our homes.

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So that's what you do.

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however your time I was

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five to eight okay we got five minutes questions.

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anybody anybody for the younger people do it is even more powerful Believe me. It's even more powerful.

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Even more powerful. What is

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even more powerful. From the elders it is more or less expected from the youngsters it is not expected they'll die of shock.

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Even more powerful, exactly the same thing do that every single day. Don't worry about the world not one of them is going to come into your cover. I can assure you if you don't believe me as the shoe.

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We are not of the school of thought which things that Jacob Gilani will come into our to answer the questions.

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he would hit them with a slipper. I'm telling you the people who say all this, now how old are

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I told you I'm old and deaf. You have to speak loudly.

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Absolutely, especially in Muslim countries. You guys have no excuse whatsoever.

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Especially in Muslim countries. You got no excuse what I'm telling you. One day I was sitting in a meeting in Bangalore and

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I was on the board of one of the IT companies there. I was sitting in a meeting I completely forgot to Zuma. In any case I was traveling so technically I had an excuse, but usually when I'm there I go, Whoa, I totally forgot what was the one and only Muslim there.

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One of the other Hindu ladies, she's telling me, isn't it time for you to go? I said go away. He just said today's Friday. It's not well, 30

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she reminded me.

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So what's the problem with reading the Koran or having a discussion or some? You know, talk about the Acura in a Muslim country, you've got absolutely no excuse. You must do it.

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You absolutely must do it. Supposing I tell you I'm going to send you tapes of Tom Peters or somebody great motivational speaker in the world. Stephen Covey, Seven Habits of Highly Effective People you know what those seven habits are five of them are Salah

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then fasting then the Seven Habits of Highly Effective People

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and fasting tell us

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he doesn't say that I'm saying what does he know about effective habits?

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So if I send you the if I send you those tapes and I say play them in your office you will run up and down and play them everywhere Yes or no?

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So what's the what's the what's the problem with the word of Mohammed Rasulullah what is the problem is the word of Allah subhanho wa Taala

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do it

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do it and see the power of it. There's only you can only take somebody up to a point beyond that you have to practice you don't practice nobody can help you

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you can only tell you and that's why my exam for you tomorrow is what

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what my exam tomorrow you don't give me that piece of paper I'll fail you I'm telling you big zeros

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with a big fat red pen what is what what is was right in the paper

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Yes, what am I leaving behind and what am I taking open book examination make it easy for you

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Any other questions?

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quick quick quick quick quick.

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before somebody chases me away from you

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with a

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man with a what

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a religious man or a man with a clock what kind of answer is what kind of a thing is that which which is a who is a religious man without luck?

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excuse me I want on this thing. So I will not say what I think of that opinion. I mean, you got regarded

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a religious man is a man with a clock if a man does not have a clock is not religious.

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What's the problem? And why do you choose I mean somebody tells you here is somebody who is has a clock and here is somebody who is who has no barber but he has no religion. So are you buying the Shankaracharya or what?

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Or Dalai Lama maybe you know he's got

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no religion

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What is this? Don't

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don't even listen to this trash I mean if somebody tells you want to marry a man with religion or with a colleague you tell him is an oxymoronic idiotic question I'm sorry to say you're my elder but you know I think your vacuum in your head. Don't say all this but I'm just

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don't actually say all this but you say my concept of a religious man is a man with a clock was Rasulullah sallallahu. A religious man What do you think? You got to doubt? What was the clock like?

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Don't worry about getting married. Marriage is a part of your data.

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If it is written it will happen if it is not written it will not happen your choice that you are given is what? Who to pick marriage as part of your research.

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quantitative research is already predetermined. What's the choice you've got? wanted from a source or you want from her and source? So husband determined you want a husband? Husband Which one do you want?

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You want the Shankaracharya

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very simple. You pick the right man and you will have a beautiful life inshallah. You will pick the wrong man and he know what to do

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with no

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does Allah subhanaw taala have any shortage of good husbands in his wherever he gives good husbands? I mean

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is there a shortage there I don't pick this one now what I don't know what's gonna happen What is this?

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I tell you in all of this Angela Jazakallah for asking and sorry go pulling like i mean you know some of you can do with a couple of inches in height anyway so that's

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the point i'm saying is that as soon as we think about disaster Don't worry about the only

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one that we are required to please is Oh

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Allah subhanho wa Taala

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so anything

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What is that is what I'm saying is that there is no obedience to the slave in the disobedience of the Creator.

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So if you're whoever it is, including your parents and this is in the Quran as well. If they tell you to do something which is shared which is haram, which is macro which is bizarre, which is, you know, nonsensical stuff like this. Reviews, do it very politely, very nicely smile. If they get angry, you tell your mom go kiss her wallet or feed give her gulab jamun whatever, right? I'm not saying be rude. No. Do it nicely, but do it. don't obey them obey Allah.

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Other side of the story was the parents. It's also very important. I've been talking about all this love, love, love for children business ever don't take your Oh out of context. It is the responsibility of parents also to set boundaries for children. You know, one of the big problems today is parents say, oh, but I'm a friend to my child. Well, that's the first problem. You are supposed to be a mother to the child or a father do it to the child first. Then you be a friend to the child the child has got many friends but there are only two parents.

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So be a parent and no need to be apologetic about being a parent today parents are frightened of children. Parent as parents are scared of children for what do I don't know what will happen what will happen

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so all this love and don't punish and so on is fine. But sometimes the time comes when there is a necessity to make a contact between your booth and their and your son's posterior if that happens then do it.

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Yeah, I mean, especially for boys. The boys need some strong control Mashallah, if you do that they are fine after the

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girls are more easy to manage.

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Parents don't do that they wait till the last minute. I was in Northampton in the US and Northampton is a place where I used to go there has to make a lot of dough before going there. As Yella please hold it till I get out of here. Because Northampton is the center seat of homosexuality in America. We used to go there for our entire college for

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so and in order to usually the word integral means for mouth so is intelligent as I want to go there and die or something. So.

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So when there and there was this, somebody invited us home is Pakistani gentleman whose daughter was studying in North Hampton, one of the schools. So he's coming and he's telling me,

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those of you who will I will enjoy this, or I will translate anyway. So he came, and he saw the whole atmosphere and the clue. He sent his daughter there. And he didn't have any clue of what was happening. When he came there. He suddenly eyes opened. So he told me, he says to me, he said, Chef, Zahra meribah, Chiba zaraki. You know, please keep your eye on my daughter's I

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have my eye on your daughter is not just for me.

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Another means to you know, sort of be conscious of her and take care of her and that is not just for me. I asked him I told him either Who told you to send your daughter into this place. I said you bring up your child.

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You protect her, you do the best for her. And then when she is

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mature, you take her and throw her into the middle of the ocean where a lot of great whites are cruising. And then when she is they're floundering and about to be ripped apart by all the sharks, then you say oh Swan, Allah you know, Chef, please keep your eye on my daughter, Allah Allah. Whoa, tell me what's wrong with your brain? Who told you to bring her here?

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I'm not exaggerating. While I used to go to the University of Amherst. The MSA had a room. Right. We had room to go sit in a room. On one side of the room there was a room which had they actually had boards. So the emergency room had a board saying MSA on one side of the room was a was a was a room which was tagged friends of marijuana society

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and if you are not shocked enough on the other side