al-Raghib al-Isfahani #59 – The Stage of Delusion

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The last stage and the most dangerous stage that the author alerts us to is the stage of delusion. Okay, this was worse than just looking and seeing the bad as good and seeing the good as bad. This is when you're, you're dedicated to it, you're, you're an evangelical for it, you're gonna go spread the word and you're gonna fight against or try to put down anybody who disagrees with you, you are attached and you love what's false. And you justify and rationalize it. That's when the seal is completely on the heart. You know, I used to know a friend who was a Muslim, he was an exchange student, right? He was from an Arab country, and he was studying abroad in the West. And he was a

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good guy. He was a good guy, he was religious. He was in the masjid. He was doing things. And he would try to do Dao to people on college campuses and stuff like that. And there was this one woman, there was this one girl that would always try to speak to him about sex, and always try to hug him and always try to do these things. And when she found out that he was a virgin, and he was waiting till marriage, you know, she was like scoffing and making fun of them, and all that sort of thing. Look at this person, this person was trying to take him down. And I try to talk to tell him at a certain point, I said, Look, you think you're doing damage to her, she's doing damage to you.

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Because this is a person that has become a partisan, right has been shaytaan. As Allah says, In the Quran, they've become a partisan, they're trying to spread what they're doing deep down, they know they're wrong. But in order to feel okay about it, they have to make sure that everybody else around them is doing it. I used to be a waiter. One time another waiter that I was working with, they had something like I think, a lottery ticket or something, and they wanted everyone to pick numbers. Then she said, Well, if I win, or we win, then I'll split the winnings. And I said to her, I'm not gonna give you any numbers. She's like, why? I said, because I'm a Muslim, and I don't gamble and I

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don't participate in that at all. And she got really upset. And she was like, You're gonna tell me that if you want like a million dollars, you wouldn't want any of it. I said, No, I don't want any of that. I don't want a single penny. And she got really upset. I didn't tell her she was doing anything wrong, just because I didn't want to participate in it just because I didn't want to do it along with her. That's somebody who knows deep down that they're wrong. They want you to participate in it so they can feel better about themselves. Right? And they're gonna try to do damage to you to get you to do what they're doing. May Allah protect us? This is the worst stages of the stage of

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delusion. And we have to be very, very, very, very careful about people like that. And nine times out of 10 We need to avoid people like that completely.