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It's olahraga Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Shana freedom Diego Saudi,

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Muhammad Rasool Allah Subhan Allah Allah un only he was over Salam this Lehman

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Brothers and sisters, the amazing news from South Africa which is completely true or hungry.

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The pastor from one near Durban from a place called luminosity and he and his congregation 100,000 people, they all accepted Islam.

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And he and a number of them are now on in Hutch the advantage

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he's doing as a guest of the government of Saudi Arabia

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see this video

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I couldn't stop crying

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see the Atlas

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see the absolute innocence

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as you may Allah grant it was

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for us of any of us,

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our so called Knowledge

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somebody's Harper's Quran, somebody's gonna somebody's share somebody's birthday, somebody's full of and for that, and for that

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whole knowledge has become a barrier between us and Allah.

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We as Derek

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we hide kurtas and discarded our curtains of knowledge as ours that the great chef

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our has to Dallas to say

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that the curtain of ignorance

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can be split apart by one ray of light by one ray or No.

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But you say who will split and what will split the curtain of light.

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And the quarter light is knowledge it becomes a barrier between the app there is a lot between the slave and is not.

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And so one light doesn't take

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for a person to become a half either above zero or whatever. Today we have reached a stage where people who know nothing

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about and they say over I read this or this and this one is weak and that one is that so alarming. Sometimes you think why do you even know what you're saying? When you say this? This is weak? What I've seen have you studied even basic ossola this? Have you any clue what it means? Where is this is life

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as an artist who has an AHA This is more Salado disease. So he although at the end zone, Have you any idea

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yet, you will argue

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we have become arrogant.

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It is time to take stock and it's time to come back downwards.

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See this man?

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See what he says about his dream. He had a dream and the dream advisor to him. Get all your people to wear white hats, white caps, and instantly said the Muslim fits.

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Those of you who have been to South Africa, you know what I'm talking about. May Allah bless the South African Muslims

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you will not find a head which is uncovered.

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If it's a man is wearing a coffee, or topi, if it's a woman, she's covered a head head with a hijab.

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The people who don't do that in South Africa are the small minority.

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The vast majority of them, they all wear

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the whitecaps did the children go to mock them. They go to Mother's

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Day where they don't go in any clothes. They don't go in shorts. They don't go in any kind of clothes. They wear a quarter they were a topi and the vote is among them in a proper fashion.

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We have in this country, especially America, we have lost this completely the ERISA which is to be given to learning to those to the class to the to the sativa

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I'm here in this place in Barrington greens causes Arabic language and swala the clothes

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Some people men and women, both the closer some of these students come to closet, really they should be called underwear, there's not clothing, it's underwear, it's something you what you would wear under your clothes.

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But this is accepted in the name of freedom is accepted as appropriate dress for a student.

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And I'm the only one there in a thought. And in the middle with a Toby. And I make it a point that I go there and my head is covered in the class. And I'm sitting there with a hat.

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And my theory is no one is doing it. Then even more reason for you to do it. If you're the only one.

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We need to stand out, not blend in.

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We need to differentiate. See the man think about this in this dream he sees or he hears this voice saying where get your people to wear a white Toby.

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Incidentally as I said, he says Muslim faith.

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Why because he has been seeing that in South Africa all his life.

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His whole life you've seen Muslims who look like Muslims.

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So even when Allah subhanaw taala is giving him hedaya

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And this has been a light Allah, this is Red Rock is seeing the dream of Kreutz from Allah from Allah subhanaw taala.

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The symbolism is that of the Muslim man that he has seen in South Africa

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May Allah bless others this was South Africa, this turnout they do not blend in. They have their culture they show their culture.

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I just saw so important for us to have this people's a museum for the for at least for the McTell

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at least in the masjid, wear clothes which are appropriate, cover your head, wear hijab for the women. Right? We should do this all the time. But I'm saying at least minimum,

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how sad and how tragic that we have to beg Muslims to show respect to Allah to show respect to the house of Allah.

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How's that you have to say this,

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that you have

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it whatever it is a function of the masjid

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or class or dance or whatever.

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And if people know if the Muslims were attending that they are not even dressed appropriately. That how tragic and sad is that?

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Especially in today's times, my brothers sisters, when the Muslim ummah is under threat from everywhere,

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from everywhere external. What we don't need is an internal threat. And the internal threat comes from those Muslims who refuse to practice Islam. For those whose limbs who

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do not show the symbols, the SHA the symbols of Islam.

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Please understand, these are things which are very important. People like to quote a hadith very conveniently. So if there is some matter in which they want to get some leverage, they will find somebody Oh gee, this what are they say? I say to you not have you not seen the Hadees where as soon as ordered the Hohokam of the Rosaura A salaam to grow for the men to grow their beards, have you not seen that? Please go and see that hadith. How can you have a code that is you quote everything else

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to suit you, but you will not quote the Hadith? Because you like to shave. Why? Why?

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What is wrong with looking like Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam

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What is wrong with looking like how digital cobra or the Allah on our brother or Ayesha Siddiqa Delana our mother

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or like this have off as soon as I said

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we have to look like somebody, why not look like them? The best of people.

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People sometimes some people say oh you know these are all superficial things which we which which deep spiritual thing are you doing?

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That this is a superficial thing.

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May Allah mercy these are not superficial things. These are the symbols or the first things. The point is if you're not ever doing this, what hope that you will do anything else.

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Please have our sisters Please wake up.

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Please wake up before Malaga. Welcome then wakes me up.

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Because after that there is no return.

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Let's not wait for that day. Let us wake up

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and let us show that we are proud of Islam.

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Let us wear our brands.

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Let us display our brands and our brand is the beautiful face of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam.

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Our brand is the beautiful sunnah of Muhammad Rasul Allah Supply Center

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is a show that it be proud of that. Let us make a statement to say that this is why I'm, you don't need to ask me. You look at me you know who I am.

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This story of this man. May Allah bless him May Allah accept his Hajj melasma they'll accept the Hajj of others for the sake of this man well let's merge and accept all these guys.

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What a wonderful man. So Allah

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make up for him.

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Make the offer yourself. And we ask Allah subhanaw taala to help us and to help us to benefit from these beautiful days of the hija was Allah Allah Allah will Karim Allah and he was savvy enough to get what I need.