When Stalin Attacked the Muslims & Islam

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AI: Summary © The USSR's actions during the global crisis, including killing thousands of Muslims and ban on certain locations, were driven by a desire to avoid violence and practice religion. The use of Arabic language in visa applications and massages were also discussed, as well as the ban on liters and the use of alcohol during work and images of women wearing bath clothes. The ban on general masses and the ban on muskets and balloons were also discussed.
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So Starling. Now the first thing he does, which is generally what happens, you look throughout history, whenever a conqueror comes in and they want to eradicate Islam, what do they do? They go for the scholars.

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So stalling out look for the scholars.

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And wherever he find the scholars, either they are killed, and they were killed in mass, huge historians mentioned that they would actually dig graves with using these large kind of crane focus things to dig to bury the llama in that place. So in one large way, you'd have a huge grave until today, they have places that they know of where large amounts of llama were buried. Why? Because if you remove the llama, you remove the ill if you remove the ilam, then people become giant.

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And this is why Mambo Hari Rama de la la is he he has a BB a chapter heading it called BB rough rule l was a horrible jackal,

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the taking up of knowledge, and there's consequences, the consequences of that is the hudl gehele, then people will become jehane. And this is what really is very, very important. You will see the consequences of this later on. So what they did in annemasse, they butchered the aroma wherever they could find them. If they didn't kill them, then they set them to the gallows.

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The ones who weren't not killed, who are not saved to the gallows. What they did, they shipped them off to Serbia.

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So account still remain regarding a llama that shipped them off to Serbia and is left

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in the snow in the ice. So those who survived the cold mentioned the fact that they would walk and they would not stop moving all the time because their bodies would freeze up.

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And when they'd be walking on ice, then the only way that they could eat was fish under the solid ice. So they would have to break the ice. Take the fish eat the fish raw, but not rest. They couldn't resist. So this is how they can many many, many many other incidents are mentioned that how they actually killed a llama. I mean in Tashkent, I visited a place in Tashkent, it was called

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the Garden of the martyrs. I also have a video of it on my Facebook page, the Garden of the martyrs. So basically, just in one city in Tashkent, what they will do is if they had any doubt, a man or a woman was still practicing their religion, they will be bought to this garden. At that time, it was just outside Tashkent. So they will be bought there, there was only three soldiers, these three soldiers would make a verdict that it was this person guilty or not guilty.

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It will generally take them five to 10 minutes, five to 10 minutes, and then they would kill that person by morning. by dawn, that person will be killed. This imagine the family wouldn't know right next line next to this river. Right next to this place is a river. So what they would do, they would take the dead bodies and they were thrown into the river.

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Those are recorded, many were not recorded just in 1937. Just in 1937 in that place in the garden of the martyrs 13,000 people were killed for the sake of D.

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In the communist era.

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In Central Asia, over a million Muslims lost their lives, defending the honor and the deal of a loss of power over a million Muslims.

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Those who are sent to the gallows, Allah and the prisons

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and the prison condition was what so they recall that what they would do is that they would give them bowls and they will say wash your hand in the boat or they will make a wash their hand in the bowl. And then they would put the food in the same bowl.

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Seafood in the same boat where they had washed their hands and and the prison cells was such that you couldn't stand up and you couldn't lie down.

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So you literally you are in a coma a coffin.

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So this is what they did to the aroma. And the reason Bravo this is this is stories that we appreciate what we have one life

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the ease with which we practice our religion. So once they had eradicated the llama, then they put the bands on the general masses. So what was the ban on general masses, they banned.

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You weren't allowed to have the fur and not only were you not allowed to have the Quran, if they ever found that you had any verses of the Quran, any verses, they would send you to the gallows, the entire family would be sent to the gallows.

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So Pamela, so there's no allama there is no code on

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the language, the projects and the Uzbeks. The alphabet that they use was Arabic That was changed into Russian

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in the masajid.

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Massage it Yeah. Imagine this. Imagine this.

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In the entirety of the USSR, how many Muslims are say 45 million to 50 million Muslims? How many active muskets by 150 million Muslims. They had five muskets in certain places in Uzbekistan. In one city, they had once upon a time they had over 1000 machines in the time of the USSR, they will not even one machine left in some places, just one machine. So imagine this.

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You have a machine here, you have a machine there, your machine. up the road on Trinity Road, this three machines on one street

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for 15 million Muslims, there was 500 machines in the entirety of the USSR.

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So no lemma.

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You always go You guys are discussing the mall visa.

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When I'm on visa now around then I like to see what you do.

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You'd have no because you'd have no janaza you have no antique cars, you would have no items you would have nothing.

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So what happens here, now, my my guide, brother Salahuddin he was telling me, he said a time came when the people only believed that the only thing which was her alarm was poke.

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So everything else no matter how it slotted is halaal

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Uzbekistan is what 90% plus Muslims

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they didn't know halal and haram, nothing. The only thing they thought was haram was poor. That's the only thing because they had no real recourse to no Islamic education. The massage it

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they say on the arches of the machines. What they would do is that they would put speakers, but not blasting Koran, or talks. They will be blasting music.

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They were playing talks on atheism, spreading propaganda regarding atheism, nothing remained. Vodka.

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The price of vodka was cheaper than a soft drink.

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half the price of soft drink Why? Because now you've taken the LM away from them. They've got no source of education, they don't really understand halal haram and then what you do you give them what car

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even to today. My guide

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told me even until today 70% plus of the people in Uzbekistan drink alcohol during work. He said in his village everybody drinks

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everybody said even a women drink he said he find it difficult to go back to his village now because when he goes there his friends say you're using You're too good for us now because he started became a bit religious. said you think you're too good for us.

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Just imagine this and then comes the usual. The usual. The job. The job was banned.

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Everywhere what what was the reason why his job was banned by the atheist by the Russians. Simple. It's oppressive. You know, the same argument that you hear everywhere is oppressive. You know in equality, even if the woman want to wear it is still oppressive, like you need always throughout

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History. You always need to tell us how our women must dress