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hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah

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Salam gave a beautiful haba

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in the last Friday before Ramadan last Friday of Shabbat before

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the main thing that he said Salah Salem in the hotbar is he mentioned the vile the blessings of this specific month.

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Allah subhanaw taala one of the ways one of the many many ways in which he blessed this Amato Mohamed Salah Salem is he created a system whereby for small things, we get big rewards.

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Novel rule in life is you get reward in proportion to your effort, right.

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As soon as you change that normal normal rule in life is you do not get reward in proportion to effort.

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That's what happens. But if you get reward in proportion to your effort, you are lucky to have at least I got this one. But with Allah subhanaw taala it is way different.

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The minimum reward that Allah subhanaw taala gives is one is to 10

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one is written is 1,000%

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right one is to two is or two is two one is 100%

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right here, this is 10 is to one

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so 10 is to one is

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1,000% that is the minimum mangia abolhassan at the follow as rule I'm Salia Allah subhanaw taala said the one who comes with one good deed you will get 10 likewise.

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And then of course the last rather than the sort of the Bukhara last one that I said I like is one is to 700 with Allah said it is like somebody who plants a seed of corn that grows it has seven years each one has 100 grains. So from one grain came 700 graves and then Allah subhanaw taala ended this ayah by saying wala who you lie if William A ye shall not increase as he wishes for whoever he wishes.

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So anytime in any time there are laws rather than saying that that increase is incalculable, we cannot there's no Shabbat of this we cannot count it

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because the increase is in keeping with Allah subhanaw taala majesty and there is two amines cannot come with. So Hamdulillah we ask Allah subhanaw taala for this

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now, therefore in this month, Allah subhanaw taala brought this month for us.

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And it is good to know I'm sure the I'm sure that everything I tell you all of you already know or hamdulillah

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but despite that, it's good to remind ourselves again and again. Because when you do something with a consciousness of it, and a value of it, then that is more beneficial more value. Also, what happens is that all of us have our own time challenges and so on in life, you guys probably have more than I have because you are in university you're studying and so on and so forth. So you have scheduled classes and whatnot, which I have handy live they will have long pasture, but you still have to manage it right? Because we don't know how long we will live so now in that situation, it is good to know the value of what the month holds. So you can prioritize

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like we were having a conversation Abdullah and I come in here where he talked about going to the gym and the other option of all the other thing to say that I must at least finish the Quran at least one time in this whole month.

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Now he says how do I do that? And he said his father told him read five pages after every Salah so five Salah he reads 25 pages and if you take those one script

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15 lines per page usually is about 20 pages or 21 pages in the the other study

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although and pushing script I don't know how many pages it is I mean I I started reading Quran on that myself as well. But now I for many many years now I read this one.

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So 25 pages a day is one juice. So that finishes what I suggested to him is

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something else which in in my view is even more easy and powerful and that is to wake up one hour before the time for further starts. So the time of order now starts around 530 Right now 530 So you wake up by 430

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Don't say give yourself time to be a bit lazy or whatnot. So wake up at 430 or say wake up for 15

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Then go make wudu and whatnot and pray two rakaat of Nuffield Salah we just had so pray that you'll make dua and so on so forth that will take you maybe the the all of this stuff together will take you maybe 15 minutes 20 minutes and then you have enough time to read one Jews of Quran until the time of other starts. Now make this into and then go and pray and especially for the men go pray father in the masjid so make this into your lifelong routine inshallah you will never regret it. Your day begins with around hour and a half or two hours of worship of Allah subhanaw taala tell me what can go wrong in a day like that right? It began with the name of Allah you began with the heart

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God began with the collab of Allah then you finished finished that spot

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with Serato fader hopefully by Gemma but doesn't matter for the ladies you have the option of bringing it home even if you're playing at home Hamdulillah you all have families try to get the family together and pray

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if you have anybody in the house, any man in the house to lead 100 Allah if there is no man in the house, you can lead

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just the women alone the woman can lead stand in the middle of the first half and lead not ahead same line as the others and so everyone plays by John can you if you initiate that inshallah then you get the Saba for for everyone else. Start your day like this inshallah and make this a lifelong thing is not only rather than rather than make this lifelong inshallah believe me on the day of judgment when all of a sudden before Allah subhanaw taala You will thank me

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and when I'm done God will make dua for me really serious them to me is very very important start your day like this. So I that's what I said. That's a very important thing when you will inshallah this is something which is very beneficial. So that's, that's in terms of Ramadan schedules. Second thing is

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so Allah subhanaw taala gave us this month where he made things things are easy for us anyway, he made that you've already so Shatin are chained doors of Jana are open and the whole bar was a certain was very beautiful. He said Shatin are chained the doors of Jana Obon. Make Work and make dua, that Allah subhanaw taala never shuts them for you.

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Now, that's a beautiful word. And then he said the doors of Johanna are shut, he said work and make dua that Allah never opens them for you. Now, in at the end, routinely, during Ramadan, the door of Jannah is over. And the Ramadan edition. What is the process I'm saying he's saying you work and you lose and you make rather such that Allah will not shut it for you. So Inshallah, when we go we go,

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stood in January ask Allah

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so Allah Subhana Allah makes this

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Allah does not only level the playing field, unless one of us skews it in our favor. So multiple rewards, Allah makes it easy for us to obey Him.

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But you actually fear when I know you, I mean all of us be not we actually feel that in in the month of night, everything was easier. So we have more broken time, things become easier and we are able to do the work which normally would have taken us much longer happens fast, faster, easier also. So unless we're done open the doors

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then in Ramadan,

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try Ramadan in the month of the Quran. So try of course try to finish at least one Quran. But apart from finishing the Quran, the idea is not just to finish the 100 the idea is also to try to understand the Quran. So try to understand as much as you can.

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So read a translation even if you if you know Arabic doesn't matter still need a translation because

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just understanding by reading even if you understand Arabic and LIS listening to or reading a translation by

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by by a scholar, there is a difference. So it gives you open your mind and helps you to understand more. So keep a translation you do not have to read if you can have the time hunger, but even if you say you're eating one juice in the day, and so ideally read the whole juice translation but doesn't matter if you don't can't read it. Read as much as you can do that one page two page three page whatever. The idea of reading translation is not simply to go through and read it No. Keep a paper and pen keep a notebook and keep a pen and as you read the translation

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Make notes of what you will learn from it.

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That for example, so the Fattah Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen trasmissione All Praise and thanks to Allah subhanaw taala that not done? What is the lesson from this day Thank Allah today.

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Specifically did i What did I thank Allah for?

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That is the kind of notes because then that will be beneficial for you it'll remind you so every day I need to thank Allah subhanaw taala for something more solid Allah will carry while he was away remember how to get ahold I