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A lecture by Shaykh Abelrahman Murphy titled “Being a Slave of Allah” on Feb 03, 2012.

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Team and Misha Alessio Nani.

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This is number 54, from sorts of

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angry recited, excited for him to lead this in our recitation tonight, and so on. So Toby, and I wanted to talk very briefly about this item. Once again, like a lot of the other items that we've been talking about or discussing every day. This is part of a bigger context. And there's some, there's there are certain incidents that are behind us and certain events that are occurring at the time of the revelation of desire. But I wanted to talk about specifically just this, and more about how it communicates to us today. And some of the lessons that we can extract from it. Alice privati addresses once again, the people who have professed faith, people who have claimed EMA

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you believe or Oh, you profess faith, Allah says many of

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those from amongst you who

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come back or basically apostate from their religion, and the word empty, that literally comes from the word rub, which means we'll return back to something. So let's say those of those moments you may have been there, those individuals amongst you, who retreat back from their religion, they retreat back from their faith and their Hema. And so this is obviously talking about people who, after having believed in reverence, having accepted the message, these people are now for whatever reason, finding themselves in doubt, and these people are basically retreating away from this faith in this moment, that they have come to embrace the the outcome to call their own, they're coming

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away from it, they're leaving, they're basically abandoned. So Allah says that for so long, are we

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saying that now there are these people from amongst you, but Allah very soon, will bring for Sophia to be home in the long run ring another group of people you hate.

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These people are love will love them.

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And they will love a lot. And it was just

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meaning that these people will be extremely kind and humble, and soft manner with the believers in dealing with the believers in either caffeine, but they will be firm and strong when dealing with the disbelievers. You Jackie Boone, as he said enough, and these people will strive and struggle for the propagation and the spread of the religion, what I often Allah tala and they will not fear, any criticism or any blame that will be directed towards them from anyone. That is a couple of lines teaming and shot. This is the benevolence of the blessing of Allah, you will see he may show love gratitude and gives it to whomever He wills for a long lasting one on him. And of course I was

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pinata is vast, without his blessing, His mercy is vast, and he is all knowing. So this is the first thing that design is addressing is the sense of entitlement, or the false sense of satisfaction that people might have certain believers or Muslims, they might have. They might be, they might not completely be clear on the matter in the relationship that they have with Allah and that how the dynamic works between them and the deen the religion of Islam itself. So there they were, there might be a sense of entitlement. We're Muslims, we're believers, the success of his success of Islam, and the survival of the Dean of the religion and the spread of a buzzword depends on us and

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has to be with us. If we're not going to do it, then how are we going to get done? So illustrata dispel says first and foremost, and he clarifies the matter that the deen of Allah Islam is not dependent on anyone. It's independent of any group of people, of any lineage of lineage of any group of people, and individuals and personalities, and celebrities. As long as that need of any wonder anything. And due to our own weaknesses, we might become weak in our faith, but that does not necessarily equate the weakness of the faith of Islam itself.

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Islam does not get weak when we become Islamic strong. Islam is how it is true the truth, it is here to stay, it is stable and is solid. And it is not going anywhere. It does not fluctuate. The truth of Islam does not fluctuate with our own personal fluctuations. It does not change. Islam is the truth. And

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whether the

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Islam is meant to manifest itself over all other faiths or all other ways of life in this world. So Islam does not depend on me, for you. Rather, all of us, we are in need of Islam. We're the ones that need and what was the Koran says, When moving to LA?

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When I got here about the improvements were the Zuma Allah says that if you disbelieve, then I was probably power does not need a few allies independent of you. And so if we are in need of Islam and Islamism, nope, no way in need of us. And that's very important for us to understand. And that's one of the first and primary things that we have to understand. There's no sense of entitlement. Allah says right away, he says, you might turn away, you might fall into doubt. And you might start to lose your conviction. What's the solution and what's the resolution that will come about for some people, Allah will bring another group of people, we can stop coming to the machine, the machine is

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not going to go anywhere. the worship of Allah will continue, what will happen, I stopped coming to the machine, Allah will give you will give guidance in his Ayah to another group of people that will start coming here. And then Allah says winter to window is the moment available.

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them they won't be like you.

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And that's what Allah will replace you with another group of people. That's the first thing Allah warns us about. So constantly understand our need towards Islam and Islam. Independence of us, the faith, the deen the Koran, the teachings is pure.

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It's hot, it's not going anywhere. We need it, it does not need us. And I wasn't really group brings this group of people, what were their qualities and characteristics. So basically, now I want to use four qualities, four attributes of the group of people who are living up to the standard of faith, who are deserving of this Deen of Islam, and they are benefiting and properly fulfilling the rights of their religion to lean upon them. So Allah tells us four qualities. The first one is

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a lost power, China, he loves them. A love loves them. Now one thing we might say is that, how does a person ensure that he loves them? How can I make it so that Allah loves me, this is something that has the ability to do so. Because Allah says,

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that includes Allah, for to be only Allah, He taught the prophets a lot to tell us and abroad. And I number 31 shows that Iran, Allah says that tell them if you claim to love Allah, then follow the example as soon as the prophets allottee. So now, you have a lot and a love of love you when you follow the signal in the footsteps of the prophets a lot easier them. And so this is the very first signal is telling us people that are devoted and dedicated to following the life of the prophets along the center. They are people who love the loves. And these are people who have selected for the propagation and the spread of the religion indeed. So this the first quality, Allah loves them, how

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can they ensure that Allah loves them? follow the example of the prophets who love me like the one who loves and that's

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the second part. The second part of the first quality is where you hit Punahou. And they also love a lot, a lot of them and they also love a lot. Now, once again, one question that begs here is that love is oftentimes a bit of a natural emotion. So how can we make ourselves look alone, is that something that's within our control? Well, love might be something that seems to be out of our control.

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But the means to arrive at love, the means and different things that we can do in order to develop and cultivate love. That is something that is within our control. When you spend time with someone, you begin to love them, you come to admire them, and you see the good qualities and you begin to come closer to them. And eventually you begin to love this person. The more time you spend with someone, the more you love them, the more you will sacrifice for the sake of someone, the more that person that thing, even things, even items that the more they become beloved to you. Well, the same things apply in terms of our love to others.

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Loving the love, the more time I spend how I spent with what's meant by spending time for a while, the more time I spent in Sala the more time I spent in recitation of Quran, the more time I spent in the house of Allah, the more time I spend in the remembrance of alone, learning about them, the more I will begin to develop and cultivate love, for love.

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So and the more I sacrifice, for the sake of Allah, my money my time, the more I invest my own, all these assets that Allah has granted to me, my intelligence, my abilities, my time, my money to invest them, for the sake of a lot, the more I'll see myself developing the lowest.

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So this is the first the first quality, a lot of them and they love a lot. The next thing is, Allah says the next quality of these people is, once again a two part quality

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They are humble and soft, the word is a plural of the Word of God, which means in the Arabic language, it means to be soft, to be humble, to be soft, and to be humble. And so a lot of these people are very soft, and they are humble. They're easygoing, when dealing with the believers, like I mentioned in another place that

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Allah mentions,

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they're very compassionate, and loving, they're very merciful towards one another. And the second quality a lot of instances are is that

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they're very harsh, and not necessarily harsh, but they're firm. And they're strong, and they're solid. When dealing with the disbelievers. They're solid, the standard route, they're firm, they don't shake from here to there. They don't compromise their religion. When dealing with people of other religions and disbelievers. They stick to their values, they stick to their principles, and they stick to their faith, what their email tells them to do. And so this is some This is the second part, and how their demeanor is. Now one thing that I want to mention here is oftentimes, once again, not to generalize, and it seems I've been doing a lot of that lately. But just to give an

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example, because it's a time on this attempt to really critique ourselves and see how we can really improve during the month of Ramadan. One type of behavior that's often observed amongst Muslims, especially Muslims like us, who live in who are a minority, who live in a non Muslim majority. Amongst them, that many times we have we behave properly, we have good conduct. We're very polite, and pleasant, outside in our workplaces, when going shopping in public areas. But not many times we find ourselves when we come to the masjid rich, extremely short, very abrasive. We're short tempered, we're harsh when we deal with people amongst the Muslims, I lost power with others telling

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us we should be polite, we should be pleasant when dealing with other people outside. But when becoming a Muslim, when we deal with the gatherings of the Muslims of believers, we need to be even more pleasant, we need to be even more polite when dealing with Muslims. This is a sign of Iran, this is a sign of the strength of one's faith. And then our last power China says

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you can do enough he said he did. Now the last thing is the third quality rather is that they strive in the struggle. And they make an effort into propagation and the spread and the establishment of the religion on the earth. That after they have basically corrected the first thing refer to their relationship with Allah, they fixed they solidify their relationship with Allah number two, the solidify and they correct their relationship and their dealings with other people. But they don't stop there. The third thing is now they want to see this manifests itself in overall in the community, in the society and in the lives of other people. And they make an effort to spread and to

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establish this Deen in this way of life in other people and throughout the land. And then the fourth quality of dimensions is what I often do when I'm performing over time. Finally, the last quality or last mentions is that they do not fear any type of criticism or blame that might be directed at them from someone. One thing that occurs is oftentimes somebody will correct themselves. And then we'll make an effort to spread the lien and spread the religion and better the community. There are two things that are obstacles that often get in reversals. One might be some type of an opposite force, some type of an adversary force or a power working against him, there might be an outside element

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that works against him. That is easily overcome, a person is able to find the motivation to overcome any type of an opposing force. The second obstacle the second impediment that a person often deals with who's trying to bring about some good in the community or in on the larger scale. The second thing that he finds is sometimes vilification from within his own people. People start to blame

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People start to slender, people start to criticize, this starts to occur. And this is often very difficult for people to deal with. And that's what Allah mentions is here, that when you're doing that, which is right, then at that time, don't fear Don't let, don't be bothered by anyone criticizing you, by anyone speaking out against you, which you know what you're doing, you're doing it for the right purpose, and you're doing the right thing, you need to be strong. And you need to find a conviction within yourself, and look towards the mercy and the help of the last panel, and go forward with what you've set out to do. Don't be, don't be distracted, and don't let any obstacle

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impede your path to the achievement of this noble goal that you've set out for. So this is massive, Allah mentions the four qualities. Allah loves them, and they love them. They fix their relationship with their Creator. The second thing, they fix their relationship and their dealings with other people, extremely humble, and soft with the believers, and firm and solid with the disbelievers. The third quality is they strive and struggling to make an effort to spread the religion in the mean. And the fourth quality is they don't get disheartened. Or they don't let anything, distract them away from their purpose. And what they've set out to do. They pay no attention to criticisms who are

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blamed and be directed their way. Finally, the last panel agenda, he tells us that we're going to make a shot. This is the blessing. This is the benevolence of a lot, eudaemonia shockula branch, whomever He wills, a lot of our data finally clarifies for us here at the very end, that at the end of the day, this is a lesson of a law and only a lucky read somebody that will fail to achieve these things. So he turns our attention back towards him that constantly we should see, we should ask from a law we should pray, we should make a law that celebrates his his qualities. He grants a steadfastness and he gives us the ability to continue on board with the work of lean will love

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watching it.

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And of course the last very best in his knowledge and his mercy and His benevolence. And the last part, though, is ongoing may have lost power. It's rare to have the ability

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to practice everything that we've said. So how are we going to use

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