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Continuing our journey looking at good moral values,

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if not all these moral values, for the whole, the life of the human being revolves around a key ingredient a concept of a class of sincerity, that whatever the Bernie voters, the most sincere the individual is, the more impact those words will be. The more acceptance of those actions by Allah Subhana Allah, that we find numerous passages inside the Quran, encouraging the individual, either directly or indirectly about purifying the intentions and early learning demon qualities. The loss of power and data belongs to pure Deen the pure commitment, pure sincerity, line qualified numerous passages in

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which to begin to extract therefore any action to be accepted by lots of Canada, it holds two conditions, one of us and secondly of metabo are following the son of the Prophet

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for method and find the beginning of

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the American

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begins to discuss what is the meaning of murder, not some kind of Dinah before that mentioned, a lady called upon mode, he created death.

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that death is a reality that every single individual once they come upon the face of this earth, once they exit from the womb of the mother, that every individually dystonia khulumani

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everything upon this earth will perish. The only three that remain will be the sublime face of a bustle Canada either created death and life to see who amongst you send Warhammer, Allah. Allah never mentioned a federal handler, who's going to do the most action,

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as I mentioned, who's going to do the most accurate, the best of actions,

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but we may have seen an original wording going back and forth.

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We mentioned

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map can have a struggle, that which is pure, and that which is correct, that explains himself. What is the meaning of

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that which is pure, sincerely done, only seeking the face of Allah Subhana Allah, and that which is correct, is motor bagdogra soul, salam wa

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alayhi salatu salam, that's even today's Hadith is going to highlight that Islam is something very simple, very basic and elementary for a person to understand, because it doesn't need a great discussion. The teachings of the Prophet Allah Islam are very simple. As we find that in this cultural practice that we find amongst Muslims, they add all these extra additions. That is what we need to do to become a perfect Muslim to become a good Muslim. The key answer is simple. Be sincere and follow the Sunnah of the Prophet alayhi salatu. Salam does you find that both of these concepts are valid vice concert hall for Muslims, that some of us in ASEAN our passion that before the son of

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the Prophet Allah is not to sit up, but sometimes we're insincere, and teaches us something else. When more than one I want a message to the people, they are sincere, they just be slightly deranged, taken away from the power from the sun, the need to be reminded and encouraged that you are very sincere inside your life to bring yourself more closer of these actions, which will close to the practice of the prophet Elijah to set up another verse inside upon the end of

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the chapter and verse 110. For men cannot be funny.

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While you should be better to be ahead, the end of sort of gap that we find in

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me Kathy mentioned, except for a different professor, a different age, a different error. He has exactly the same two conditions. Whoever wants the action to be accepted, but Allah Subhana Allah firstly needs to be sincere. That everything that they do sincerely for the sake of Allah Subhana data and follow that up following the sooner that you start to sign up for a nationality when Sophie Amaya woman Mati lillahi Rabbil alameen luxury condo Italia COVID to

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me say everything about my life, my prayers, my sacrifice my living but time is dedicated to Allah subhanho wa Taala. And if you find that today's Heidi, a de Luna see her that religion for Islam is nothing but sincere advice to the five different types of categories that is highly mentioned. But before we discuss this, how do you find under ra we haven't had it What can be done? The Mima daddy

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The person who raised his hand he had a shotgun Miss Rania was a Christian who traveled and became a Muslim, Latina. And now Ghana is a monk living in a monastery, monastery. Amongst those 18 other hobbies that he narrates, this is the only one Howdy. They find it such a Muslim, accepted Islam the night of the stomach, he died and get 40 of Islamic calendar, traveling to Baghdad to shun or to fear una, we find that to mean

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that manakin the virtues of this individual, as they're rated in such a Muslim Kitab are fitted washer two sided we find

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why do you mentioned this, because you find in the prophetic tradition, that appropriate is used to remind people about the concept of danger, the Antichrist, and when they begin to fail to remind the people about the end of times as the gel, this will awaken Oh hastin or the coming of a danger to me a dirty that had been narrated by police, that she purified itself and got ready, came to the mercy of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, and she sat in the first row of the women. And the professor became when he ascended the member. But when he smiled and he loved that he said, I'm going to narrate to you what to me, a daddy narrated to me, to me a daddy be a non Muslim. he narrates this

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experience of him. It says exactly this experience of me modality is something I've been preaching to you all the time about the concept of coming at Def Jam. Paraphrasing it, he mentioned that we went on a journey. And we were rocked by the by the ocean for approximately

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for a whole month, rock from here today to the Vinci we saw an island. And then we took a smaller boat. And we embarked upon we came to the island, we came to the island we saw we saw a beast or individual couldn't make a distinction between the front and the back of this individual. They sent us into the mud into who you are. And it just says the I Am the beast. They got scared of this individual he said go Don't enter into the madness monastery inside is a person who's waiting for you, waiting for you to come. So they fled into this area with enters into sort of great the individual shackle inside change. And it's asking Who are you? They are he asked him the question

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What did you see what made you come from? So they narrated What happened to them? And say that we met this individual who was guarding this island? Is it as he did ask them the question. He asked about certain date palm trees inside of them. He asked him about the need of Talia. He asked about certain boats I asked him. Then he asked him about the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, then he said that the jet and the Antichrist I'm going to come out come upon the fatalism what are the most the greatest of fitted out strike this Muslim Ummah will be a danger, it will be the greatest fitness almost ever face. And that's the individual needs to prepare themselves, whether it be inside the

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shadow, seeking refuge from the victim of mercy and danger, or really a sort of gap whenever the first aim or the final aim, or in the battle.

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The whole sort of becomes a form of protection of the individual even the most accurate view in the first type

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of sort of gap. Like what is quite strange the Prophet mentioned is that habitants a Muslim speak about manakin of Benita mean, the same name is Camila even though there's no relationship, he said the most strongest of people who stand in retaliation against a teacher who

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hadn't had the dummy medallion or is that appropriate? Alan mentioned three times a day No, no see, that religion is sincere advice. As if the whole of life as it is mentioned revolves upon sincere advice, sincerity. Just like appropriately somebody mentioned and had you

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There are many rites of passage a person needs to fulfill. But Mrs. Hodges did miss the whole the whole the work has become invalidated. Like offline for Muslim. We don't engage in sincerity. When we did sincerity of advising ourselves, the people around us or sincerity inside our worship and

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then life becomes too time, then becomes of no value at all. No acceptance of Allah Subhana Allah, why not a Buddha would mention and

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that the whole of systemic regulations revolve around this this Howdy. And some of them collected some lines of poetry that the whole of Hades revolve around four traditions of the Prophet Allah instead of to sue them in an email to de Baku and

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the pillar of the Divine and the essence of religion is one advice. To say the advice in one way or another was to call for a philosophy lover that we find is

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the essence of

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purity of advice inside the Arabic language is one of to take away impurities, cholesterol and asadmin a shimmery that I took away the impurities of the wax to purify the honey. So personally is pure a pure devotion that's even put on

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top be in a body

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that doesn't make any form of Tomba just say in the tip of your tongue the stuff from LA to LA is almost made you just say these words are remembered. Or you say Oh ALLAH forgive me Allah Pardon me. My endo as you saw they read about Sharapova about the conditions Toba is as Masonic as a strong, resilient within himself to take himself away from the sin to commit themselves to Allah Subhana Allah Toba then the suha I Toba which is full of purity, sincerity devotion towards lots of Canada Anna. And if you find the manager Ambien is a way of the province to advise one another advise the following one. Now see from me, if I knew Holly salami advise these people, one and openness

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different I mean a sincere advisor colombini down to Camila when

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he said over people Oh Allah, I preach to people day and night, in the open in secrecy. Everywhere when I preach these people, in other places are the Quran, hippies people 1000 years in the Army airman. Except for 50 years, 950 years, he continues to preach to his people. And every time we call these people to guide guidance, what did the people do was stop Sophia bomb. They took

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their finger inside there is also Sophia, they grab the documents, and they place it over the head. We're not going to pay any attention to you and everything arrogant towards him and turn him away. silent. When we're lucky, we're lucky enough to have Buddha now say hey, Sonia, and he said I'm also invited people to look in response of the people. They don't want advice. This is something we need to embrace ourselves with. They are going to be people who don't want to take advice is going to be people who don't want to change. There's people who don't want to accept. Don't think everything that that person presents presents to the people or people will change people will respond. person

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is has to carry out what their duty is to remind people to the best of their ability. Even the companions and ask the question to to whom the sincere advice belong to the learning will be sorely missed me Buscemi never admit to him. Advice belongs to the following five categories, being sincere towards Allah Subhana Allah, towards people, towards the messenger, towards the leaders of the aroma and towards the general masses of the people. That's what sincerity is.

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Another we have to lay some hands, there is no point being sincere to the people or the world around us. And you know, sincere with Allah Subhana Allah, that you don't purify you, your inner self and your devotion commitment towards Allah Subhana Allah. And we find that it's very easy to point fingers to other individuals are to encourage other individuals. But what about oneself, one's personal relationship with Allah Subhana Allah, he finds it hard to feel the need to handle the other to purify our belief. It is sad to mention Omar your middle of the night in the woman, mushy goon. It sounds very harsh. But the Quran for all times. Most people believe in Allah Subhana Allah

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but unfortunately they believe is tainted with ship is tainted with ship. Even amongst Muslims. It is rampant. People think we live in a modern world that people don't worship stuff. People don't worship shrines. People don't often.

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That is a fallacy. The sad fact is that most people do come to shrines. They do come to the grave. They do our study. They find this is a form of OCD.

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They think this is a way to come close to Allah Subhana Allah the Quran negates all of this rather the whole message of calling upon only Allah Subhana Allah

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the greatest

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were either

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or the Buddha.

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Darren punished ajibola you know

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what he does?

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In the seven asks about me, local colon colon didn't say but it's a simple Muslim or a good Muslim or pious Muslim or scholar or righteous individual this type of individual commands and say that

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speaks generically to every single individual either. A party asks about me any service

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Seven asks about lots of data. What should your response be? It shouldn't be

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is the answer to say Obama doesn't say to the people, because this is the normal single time, every time a question is posed inside, look at the responses.

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Read all the contents that they asked you about wine and gambling, the menstrual cycle they ask you about the president, they asked you about all this this month. But

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they asked about a lot.

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This is the answer. But this is the only one place

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we have

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a need for a party. Allah doesn't say for

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Allah Subhana Allah.

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Allah says I'm close. How can any interpretation enter and said no, we need these people we need the intermediary. This was destroying this Musoma. destroying us as a further is not pure

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is to appeal to a loss of power. Dinah

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una de la de su

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said we don't worship these statues and his idols and his relics and his people. We don't worship them. These are only things that bring us what close to Allah, same month except today. He said we don't worship me the only things that bring us closer to Allah found the ship become. This is associated partners with a loss of talent and questioning Allah subhanaw taala is lawsonia to purify your intention, the ability inside your worship is sincerely only for Allah Subhana Allah focus your burden to be pure for Allah Subhana Allah like us to learn about Oh, he was

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fine. He learned a lot of stuff he didn't become

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a partner. None have the right to be worshipped except for lots of data. How many of us take the effort to learn to understand

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the data, we've done everything on the face of this term, very quick to learn everything about this dunya those of us who traveled to this country, learn the language, learn the ethics, learn how to earn money, learn more tickets, but when it comes to learning about lots of other

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national body

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at the end of my life, but then hatch would have done everything inside my life, then I will repent back then I will become a good Muslim then I will begin to focus upon my life. This what most Muslims are. The Quran mentioned this man has dismantled the breadwinner abusive relationship, he Coleman solidly, we're going to face use them inside the web and then later on sometime in our life. Sometime in our life, we'll return back to lots of data. That's what most of us we think. We've been waiting to exist at another moment inside our life. And we'll repeat back to it lots of Hana data is only one opportunity. There's only one qualification of life, the average lifespan of a Muslim up in

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a city with somebody. That's the average lifespan, according prophetic tradition, average lifespan of a person is earth will be between 6070 years

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alone, take away from it take away from work from it, you know, in general, maybe eight to 10 years of your life, eight to 10 years of your life of a better taking away the pre puberty, what is left of the interview what is eight to 10 years of life of an individual, what can a person do? But But what the person can do, if the real life is sort of a plus, it's full of sincerity and love multiplies the reward of the individual except the actions of the individual he or she thought it would

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be since it was a book of a lots of Canada and even we will I will be believe in the book of Allah Subhana Allah and to implement the book of Allah Subhana Allah Mini, which is the book of Allah, even more than in the previous centuries that we find. But this book

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is a book that we sit down, no, it hasn't been mentioned yet the IoT topic

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to implement the idea of Allah Subhana data at the effect of the book of Allah, Ramadan fast approaching us and it will be an extremely to mention that some of us have not read the book of Allah, Allah. Since last Ramadan. Some of us have competed reading the book of Allah says last Ramadan akaushi

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an average person

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can read at least one tooth in a day. So they complete the whole Quran in a month at least.

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Some of us don't even read one ayah one verse of the Quran in a day

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for us is spirituality. The

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Body soul, nourishment, and feeding. That's what we besides

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focusing for the

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love of the

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glorification of the magnificence of the Koran, that we can understand how some people they do become emotional facing on the floor, but

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some technicality just put them on the floor just to say

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that the floor is clean etc.

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These are words of Allah Subhana Allah, glory and magnificence. Many verses pouring into triviality about debates, which don't benefit any individual

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who should concern the individual should be the relationship with the Quran. And another point when

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something manifests and found it to be great big trouble. Anybody speaks about

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a some form of deviant or corrupt individual. The whole intent of polymer to be

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a man just says that we find many the

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the works of

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the title it works

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in Nairobi, and melody key

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why the title is

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already speaking about spirituality in

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you've assumed kulu afine.

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is intended to say every verse in the Quran, which is in relationship to rules and governance, and rules and regulations by end up making the field

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for what intent that we should be company wide. This is a great big, great fit and that we're facing at the moment. In the last 100 150 years that we've been dismantling of the Koran. Anyone who speaks English is a deeply corrupt individual. This was not most of instinct, even amongst Muslim. The Muslim said this is a deviant individual who goes towards the Quran. The Quran itself speaks

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alpha fancy

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volleyball, let's implement this if for any individual

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their moon, full moon,

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they appreciate it apparent is nothing to hide, to hide behind you say no, it doesn't exist. We are facing this we are facing in the world at the moment because of our weak convictions. We don't believe that the Quran in the book of governance, a book of ruling a book of gentlemen, a book of turning to we don't believe that

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spirituality is just recited it's just some angry, small resurgent inside a lot. That's what we're facing this fits in at the moment.

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This raises people.

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It raises people how to raise people. And it was this forum with the same people would bring the people down to the lowest of the low there's no value and look to the value of Muslims. Look at what we do inside the lives of

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man made laws, regulations, everything that we've all ever surrounded by why that weakness of conviction and it could then give us success is going to liberate us alive codified. After that we find

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sincere sincerity towards the prophet and instead of to sit on how many of us Muslims have that sincere devotion to the Prophet alayhi salatu salam

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ala for to be Rooney. Every Muslim claims to love Allah Subhana Allah every Muslim claims that what what is the answer? The Quran says if you claim to love Allah for to be false follow personality individuals. Your personal machine, your personal email, who should you follow inside your life for Tibet only follow the Prophet alayhi salatu salam the person should do inside their life

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inside their life

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but you love the sauna in the fall short

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and short should defend the Sunda irrepressible focus speak to people remind people what

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may be deficient by encourage people. The onslaught that we find upon each term at the moment, whether it be about Islam interest, whether it be Muslim woman, even person is aware. Does it agree with it? What should a Muslim stance be? These are fundamental insights

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That Wi Fi person doesn't follow that view, they should highlight this view that exists in Islam. This is

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this you respect, the sooner that Wi Fi not dismantled, the sooner they find amongst Muslims, we live in a modern world. It's a 21st century that suddenly is no longer applicable. We live in a western world. We need to fit into the environment around us. Yes, we do fit into the environment around us. We don't mention we don't dismantle the Sunnah of the Prophet Allah.

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Everything about him, we imitate the Prophet, the Jewish individual, wants you to have a pocket and wanting to have a go again, like many of us, that we back down into our faith and we're surrounded by non Muslim

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is of course the professor. He taught me every single thing of my faith, that if I have to squat down and sit down and concede myself, and you stand is taken about your message as if nothing and no stone unturned and taught it to you. That's what we should find. We should be proud of our faith, we should be proud of us, the son of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, we shouldn't take in. We shouldn't become weak personalities, and think that as soon as something trivial the Sunni Sunni is something that needs to be packaged in a certain environment. First, love the Sunnah adult is awkward as soon as a person of success wrap their life out shines inside society is attracted to

00:26:20--> 00:26:33

white by non Muslim Muslims as well. A professor conducts himself appropriately qualified to send spread his sadhana amongst mankind, then foofy very fine, when a Muslim to be sincere to giving advice

00:26:36--> 00:27:00

whether it be towards the Redeemer or whether it be towards the leaders around you be sincere person isn't here, to dismantle things or to cause corruption does need to work in harmony in such society, that when it becomes apparent inside our society, sins become apparent inside a society that we work together to remove them encouraging me reminding all of us The nice thing about HTML.

00:27:02--> 00:27:36

A person comes towards allegiance become to his righteousness, because many of them are speaking about laws and governors have mentioned that what can be done by the hands of the Soufan that cannot be done by the book of Allah Subhana data, what does that mean? that a person is righteous and in power and authority and the sensitivity of Allah, Allah can take the impact of the Koran implemented on people? No, people just sit there reading the photon. But so far the ability to impose upon people a ruling of the Quran upon the individual that we find, when you see her at

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least some of us become emotional inside our lives. No secret should be even according to one's ability. When a person has the ability to give advice wherever is plausible or possible, not to become Old World Cup insider like to become emotional.

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Well, I

00:27:55--> 00:28:02

don't think that a lot of older persons will do what a person can do inside their life, to remind people about the right to regulation of loss.

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And finally, where I met him, and to give advice to the messages of the people, that people that message people become rectified and corrected inside the line can be angry Muslim in a Muslim should be worried about the affairs of other Muslims does have some really well explained as Heidi and others mentioned the person the person loves or they should love for their fellow Muslim.

00:28:27--> 00:28:49

American Muslim in them been I've seen some of them have concluded the main meaning of the message the Muslim the person should begin with the onset, should worry about the onset, about advising the onset. And the rest of the people who are Muslim sit on the rights of a Muslim to another Muslim or six for amongst them that we find it.

00:28:51--> 00:28:57

If a Muslim asked you for advice, give that person that advice. Give them the right advice. In a Muslim admin find.

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The most emotional person a man ask advice from his brother does he respond and give advice to the individual and as this becomes incumbent upon all of us, to exert ourselves to advise ourselves advise the people around us to come closer to the park of Allah Subhana Allah wa who recall he had our cell phone while he gave me the Muslim manifesto

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and handed it to me. for Sunday, we'll set the man and

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he was a demon domestic abuse of Latina young between America. Some of the urban mentioned just like we find the five pillars of Islam, that we find that these five pillars or these five points of advice that a person needs to develop inside their life, just as we began with emptiness, that a person needs to feel their way of life or their religion of Islam with sincere advice. And the prophet Elijah. He repeated his three times in Babbitt Tao the Mardi Gras to emphasize the point and he said something important for individuals

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To focus upon the inside your life. And as we find out all of us should try our best to observe ourselves to advise one another. And likewise, in advising one another, we find a person should not be there to shape or to embarrass another individual, which has become unfortunately common culture inside our society, whether it be the blogs that we find the YouTube videos, Facebook, Twitter, that we find that people will try to give advice to other individuals that become reckless inside their language, inside their wording, and they begin to harm other individuals. And this could be a source of regret on a day, gentlemen, that a person says something about another individual which is not

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accurate, or says words which are out of context, or we find out words, which are unacceptable.

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So as a mechanic,

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we never spoke a moral word, and never entertained in more words. So the person advises another individual Is it because emotion and to slander and to curse and to revive and to call people stupid hubby Sufi, foolish Jatin? Adrian. These are not words of people of good conduct and behavior, because a demon ocfs is always sincere in the way that they conduct themselves that we find like what wish she would have other individuals. As a Jedi wonder companions he mentioned I took certain advice from the Prophet Allah. It's not to say that I made an oath of allegiance, and an oath of allegiance to the Prophet it was to establish the prayer to give Zakat and to make me see how to

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every single Muslim. That's what he made an allegiance to the prophet Elisha to set up some of the room I mentioned the context of this Howdy. They say the context of having Why do we make such a statement? Look, the application was happy that I made an oath of allegiance to be sincere to every single Muslim. He said one of the slaves to vote go and purchase a horse. I ride the beast ypard, simple 300 dinner, he bought it back to Julian. Jerry said that the value of this house is far more than that. He took it back to the center, and said that your horse is worth more than this is not worth 400 or 500. But rod is worth 800 dinner. And he gave you 800 people running asking the

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question, why do you do such an action when he sold it for 300 or 400. That's that's not an issue with that. But he said I made an oath to the public, to be sincere to every single Muslim. I'm not going to cheat another Muslim, I'm not going to betray another Muslim. I made an oath of allegiance, I'm not going to implement them. That's what the companions were, if you could use some basic, simple individuals to buy the letter. That's what they took inside their life. They took it literally, I want you to live that life around the people around them. I like all the fine other expenses. Oliver mentioned in conclusion of this heading, I'm mostly in live all by himself. And

00:32:47--> 00:33:24

videography. I don't care about the people around me, mostly to live a life, we can see the current console in the community around us. What's taking place in the community around us, wherever the education system that we've wanted to try to install inside the schools, how many Muslim children will go to the Sunday school, how many Muslim children will be taught at home, how many Muslim children will leave this country is under 1% of the Muslim population live in a world of reality, the rest of the Muslim will be facing this curriculum, the rest of them will be facing these challenges. So we can't live. We can't live away and say this doesn't concern me. This is a bother

00:33:24--> 00:33:57

me, it's already beginning to take place. Many of us have been asked this question young children come in asking even a simple question. What is wrong with being homosexual? That's it. That's enough. The seed has been planted by them. For them just to ask this question, asked them to us. It should be by heart and a mind open. That is asked a simple question What is wrong with homosexuality, and we think nothing of it. We turn a blind eye to it. Because these people are very intelligent individuals. Seeds are being planted today. Learn about the shooting center, center.

00:33:58--> 00:34:39

Center, you can either become a pitcher becomes common practice becomes acceptable. So if we diminish our voice, we remain silent a concern other people didn't concern me or I shouldn't engage with this. I shall speak about this or leaving for another month to speak about it. Rest assured, rest assured don't become overwhelmed when your children face down. Then you're going to run here today and ask the question, how am I prudent asking me this question because some of us are many ones being negligent inside our lives. Thinking that this is not the reality and I'm qualified to say that we mentioned is upon one leg or defined as a Muslim, that all of us we are all human

00:34:39--> 00:34:59

beings. This is another discrepancy that we live in. We think that the world is fractured within every single person that different identity has different rules, different regulations. Everything single individual deserves exactly the same treatment. Every single Muslim because they want oma we can't differentiate as this brand of Muslim this type of Muslim

00:35:00--> 00:35:39

Something special, something different. This specialty is given in the right moment and time. No one is above the law, but lots of hands. This is something else that many of us most of the fallen prey to. We've seen open corruption that we've never seen. We never experienced insider life, open corruption, open disobedience, open for so long oppression. That, once again, we think doesn't really concern us, they should have been an issue for us to be worried about. It has it has a ripple effect, or the impact upon the rest of this Muslim woman that we find? Likewise, we mentioned don't make the advice. Assuming that your advice will be accepted by every single individual is another

00:35:39--> 00:35:53

fallacy that we fall into we make every time we buy someone, the person should accept the advice No, there will be people who began with would reject the advice will be harsh towards it. And the best form of advice is, this

00:35:54--> 00:35:56

is why I love affection.

00:35:57--> 00:36:14

courtesy. That's the best form of advice to give to another Muslim. See, the sun sees a child sees an individual sees another Muslim, a Muslim isn't that we find that many of the Shabaab become too old to overreact over problems of people. Even

00:36:16--> 00:36:23

I've discussed this in great detail. They've highlighted certain aspects of advice. Listening

00:36:24--> 00:36:28

is not for the masses of the people, especially when we find the

00:36:30--> 00:36:38

reputation of people is not for our no for the masses to go around to labeling this person labeling that individual can classify this as a deviant individual.

00:36:42--> 00:36:50

What is the standing in knowledge and perception in achema, in understanding, as we mentioned, made a number of the Redeemer know

00:36:51--> 00:37:02

this is to be encouraged inside living inside. living inside the West river we're fractured, that we should begin to splinter away harm the Muslim community around us, be harsh to the Muslims around us.

00:37:04--> 00:37:13

And fundamentally, you'd be harsh and rude to the people around you. They'll stay away from you go away from you. Look at the reality. Look at reality.

00:37:15--> 00:37:19

There's been approximately 240 stabbings,

00:37:20--> 00:37:23

nine infections from January to April.

00:37:27--> 00:38:13

Live in day in and day out Muslims are attacking one another. Even what's been taking place recently. It is so sad that the person who may be a corrupt individual, how can you just go and kill innocent individuals that is a body count? How can you kill an innocent individual to send a message out to other individuals. It's never happened before any innocent individual just stabbed and killed the individual shoot the individual to send out a message when we're facing crime or Muslims or non Muslim. These signs of the Day of Judgment minus either a judgment to kill innocent individuals for no reason. What are we doing about it inside society? The tags inside a community people don't want

00:38:13--> 00:38:18

to hear this. Some of the biggest traffickers of drugs inside a community in a moment

00:38:19--> 00:38:49

are Muslims, Muslim youth, we don't want to hear this. We don't want to listen to this. Muslim youth are the most individuals involved in traveling new drugs and new at the moment. But we don't want to accept this. We want to turn a blind eye towards this because of a lack of advice and lack of concern that we should be engaged and wishing approaches you and you know the involvement of sin advice, advice it was up to me Don't add fuel to the fire. There's no retaliation. There's no comeback.

00:38:52--> 00:39:03

In practice, it doesn't isn't retaliate is a fight back. Everything a person needs to take advice and share it even from their own enemies, even their loved ones, when

00:39:06--> 00:39:49

you should have advice people come and advise them, remind them about this, encourage them about this, speak to them about this. They love it inside their lives. Because why we own human beings. We all need to remind us of encourage ourselves to make a good community. And as you can see, as we began with the action become acceptable, but lots of anyway sincere insider life, advice becomes accepted that will be entered into the hearts of people. When a person sincere, sincerely trying to reconcile, rectify, encourage people, remind them about a lot of data that comes into the hearts of people. Because time is what did the people become good? People alone, servants of Allah, not

00:39:49--> 00:39:59

servants are followers of people follow the tradition, follow the culture, follow the law. So panatela people obey lots of data, who want to come close.

00:40:00--> 00:40:01

Let's now look

00:40:03--> 00:40:06

at to the truth these words to give advice beginning

00:40:08--> 00:40:18

in a preview to the beginning of Ramadan to rectify it inside our hearts that we want to change as compared to individual personalities more closer to Allah Subhana Allah