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filarmonica Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Aisha Philippi but also the Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa that he was able to sell them to slim in Cathedral cathedral Ababa.

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I was just

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I was thinking to myself today

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was talking to my

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my niece's husband so

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his son is my grandson. My niece is

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in Qatar

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and he's asking him about Ramadan. Now they pray in a MA in a mosque where the carry the Imam he share Sufi

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and from Sudan

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from Somalia,

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and share Sufi in the in the

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he reads one juice into rocket.

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So each regard is one hour.

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I'm thinking here if you have the whole Turabian one hour people complain

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Do you like it? No, it's too long. It's too long, too long. That is one record

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in one hour.

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Now my this boy and his and my wife by his grandson is 10 years old. He and his father they won't stand they pray the entire tree and they pray the entire area.

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And he not the only one. Jeff Sophie's mask is is a massive boss maybe 10 times as his mask and it's jam packed.

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The issue of shock the issue of love for something you got to understand that this is impossible to explain it you have to feel it inside.

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It's not a matter of hours. I also have prayed in Kuwait. In Kuwait you can actually go they ask you How long do you want to spend in therapy?

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So if you say one hour okay, they go to this mosque. So I've got what I want to spend only 30 minutes no problem.

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How about 15 minutes, whatever was for that was two minutes.

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Right? Eight regard, each record they will read two I had

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beautiful, absolutely fabulous.

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But to read. I mean he has to finish she want him to finish if you want to read so to us at May 20 When you are in your car back

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up to question is what is the love for the color of Allah

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to give you an idea 2017 I love for wildlife photography. So that's my passion. 2017 My friend Ivabradine and myself in Sri Lanka in wilpattu National Park. We sat before a tree in which there was a nest of grey hornbill.

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Now Allah hornbills make nests in the hollows of trees,

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and then the female goes inside and the male and the female together they seal up the nest completely. This whole hollow the female inside and this complete decision.

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She leaves only a little small hole through which part of our weekend come out. That's it.

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The Wii will inside the hall, she lays eggs, she raises chicks, and the male feeds the female.

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So the whole day, he's back and forth back and forth. He's getting berries, he's getting beetles, he's getting lizard, all kinds of things, breed them and feeding the female feeding his wife. If he dies, she dies because she has no food.

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If he dies, the chicks also die. See the holder of Allah once the chicks have grown then the male and the female together they break up that thing the seal and she comes down. Now if I'm and I sat in front of that whole taking photographs for eight hours

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until the light was not good enough to take pictures. I was taking about 2000 photographs.

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In one place as we were sitting a big female elephant came out

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and she stood there and it is what it is to bad Wednesday where she was thinking what are these guys doing?

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Elephants you all

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know I don't get paid to do that. I don't do it because my job I don't do it. Nobody tells me to do it

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because how to sit for eight hours you I told you can't explain inside

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has to come from inside.

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This is for sure this for something which you like to do. And the same thing applies you take anyone who loves to do something. They don't go

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On the hours

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it is not effort. They don't get tired. They don't get bored

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How about the love for Allah we haven't done our the love for the color of Allah.

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There's another chef in, in Judah, on Delia street, I believe is live. So the no shirt off because

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there isn't

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he does not recite as long as you're Sufi, but still eight out of 33 hours.

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I pray beyond the Maritimes beautiful wood worker.

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And in that you must see the little kids maybe eight years or nine years old this stat like like that kid has been made of steel, you know, he won't even move. They're not running around like mad people standing very peacefully

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at listening to the color homeless.

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Now they live with a little very, very sweet girl white though when everything we will about the eager and Ultra and the works, and discerning their absolute silence sitting and listening to the homeless monitor

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this show the reason I'm saying this is that all of this comes from the influence that our children have just today I was listening to a podcast on

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on parenting. And he was talking about the

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the role of parenting and the role of genetics in the raising of children and he says it's a very interesting thing. He said there are only two things which have the maximum effect on raising a child. One is genetics over which you have no control. And the second is outside influences. He says not what happens in your house

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outside influences which means that it's so important to expose your children to the right kind of outside influence.

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Who are your friends who are their friends who do you know stand sit with rice with? That's why massages are so important. What happens in machismo by what happens in bodies I don't mean the gym. I mean, the the masjid Islamic activity in the masjid, not coming to Malaysia to play basketball.

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They can go anywhere because

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the Islamic activity the masjid do they participate? Do they come? Do you bring them

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no matter that's why it's so important. You know how we love you got 100 Plus gets two hours a day four days a week. I'm jealous going on.

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So very important for us to focus on these things and see how it is that we can create the right kind of influences to raise children.

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One goal which is I want to work for myself. And I asked you to put the same goal for yourself, raise children about whom you can be certain that as long as they are alive, they will make dua for you in tahajud every single day of your life.

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If you can achieve this believing you have succeeded in life, noble Inshallah, agenda is yours. Because if you die with the man, and you have people who are making dua for you every single day that you are good

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Inshallah, you're good.

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But what is the guarantee of that? How will that how will you make that happen?

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That's in your hands. That is why it's other kajaria Because it is it is what you work for.

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Right? It's what you work for.

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And that is the reason why we need to focus on that. We focus on many things in life. But this we should focus on how do you connect,

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and you cannot connect to Allah if you are not connected to Allah.

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The only way to connect is by being connected. No.

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Imagine if you are a wire, there is a plug point on one side and there is a wall on the other side, you want to judge the wall. This wire has to conduct electricity. If the wire is a rope, there's no wire, it's a rope.

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What level nothing, the phone is there the power is there, but this cannot conduct. So the conducting will happen only if that wire is able to conduct that while we are underwater, you are the one

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we cannot give what we don't have we can only give what we have. So ask ourselves what do we have?

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If I'm connected to Allah that I can connect somebody else drama. If I have myself disconnected, we can talk that's words are useless. It has to come from inside

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and that is why I remind myself when you

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Let us focus on this. There is no other better wealth than children who will make dua for you.

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No other there's nothing that supersedes that.

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And these children can be your own biological, biological children or they can be children who will talk to your students. And so hamdulillah Allah has given this,

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this freedom.

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But effort has to be made in both cases, as Carlos Rantala, to enable us to understand the value of this and to make this effort and to reward us and to put Baraka in this and to accept it from us and to forgive us. Masala Allah Allah, Allah will Karim Allah Allah He was I remember I'm to go