What Are The 8 Gates Of Paradise?

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The speakers discuss the multiple examples of gates of Easter being mentioned in the prophetic culture, including multiple references to the number of gates and the actions related to them. They also discuss the idea of multiple gates being linked to actions in the world, including the use of multiple hat names, the use of multiple names for individuals, and the potential for multiple gates to be considered in a culture.

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What are the eight gates of paradise? And what are the actions related to those eight gates? A lot of presents q&a with Solomon had a reason I didn't go through all eight the references to what the eight gates might be. Okay? In some Hadith, you have a few that are mentioned at a time, and other Hadith and then some commentary, companions and scholars after that from the first generations, some scholars say it's at least eight gates. But some of that hadith is very explicit that there are a gates to Paradise, like multiple Hadith. So what are some references in the prophetic tradition? Or explicitly stating eight? Yes, okay. But you're also stating that there is a difference of opinion

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on whether or not there are eight Some scholars believe that there might be more than eight Okay, only because there are some Hadith mentioning some gates agenda now.

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To reconcile this is not easy, and it's a minority opinion. But to reconcile this is not easy. So some scholars say no, perhaps some of these gates have multiple actions or multiple things, right? For example, the gates the foremost gate on the right, is for those who enter Ginobili who have no accountability, but it might be that that's also the gate of Tilak coin, because we know that those who enter general ASAP are the people of token right. Okay, so it might be that some gates have multiple characteristics or names, okay, that's a possibility. And Allah knows best. So is it fair to say that understanding the gates of paradise is similar to the concept of understanding the 99

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names of Allah or which night is the night of power in Ramadan? Where you're the objective is to seek it. Right? We know that the Night of Power later than other is in the last 10 Odd nights. We don't know which one specifically. So it's like, hey, you know what, go ahead and practice all of them. Or Allah has more than 99 names, but which of the 99 are for the specific thing of the Hadith? So is the gates of Jannah similar in that regard? Where Hey, you know, we got eight gates, but what are the specific actions? Well, this is a broad spectrum of things that you could be pursuing. I see what you're saying it's different than later to college because we have explicit commands to seek

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out later to college. Okay, I mentioned the Quran multiple times the gates of gender is not its own act of worship to seek out the gates of January anything like that, we do have so what are the gates of gender that we referenced, for example, for students in their binders, the gates of Salah prayer sadaqa, Jihad barbarian for those who Fasthosts for mentioned number of a hadith then you imbibe it Tawakoni that might be the same one for those who enter belay device up. You have those who fulfilled by the day, being honorable, the right word maybe is honorable from an Islamic paradigm rather than obedience for inside paradigm honorable towards parents, kindness, love, respect all of

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that. The gates for those who forgave an injustice, those who were wrong, and they forgive the the gate of Toba repentance and the gate of contentment, totally law. So some of these may be connected. But ultimately, all the gates of agenda we have in any of the Hadith are all linked to actions in this world. So is this one instance in which you had the Prophet Sal imagining the eight gates, or there's many occasions in which he references? So I mentioned some of them right now, there are references to the eight gates and then there are references to specific gates, like the references to the eight gates is usually that you can be called from any of the gates, but the actual gates and

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what they are, are not all mentioned one Hadith. Okay. And that's why you have a compilation I got. Okay. So this is a discussion among scholars as to what these gates are one of the virtues that one has to be engaged in to be potentially called through any one or multiple gates, yes. Okay. And so, like, there's a person I have to choose, assuming that they get the benefit of getting called from multiple gates, like, I want to go through the gate of, say, fasting instead of, like, I have had the image now that I used to, not really, but I used to,

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rightly or wrongly, when I was much, much younger, I used to joke about this idea that, imagine being there, and your name is called from, like, enter Jannah from any gate you desire. Yeah. And somebody might say, does that mean? That's the same exact question, does that mean? I'm going to enter the one that I want first, and then exit and walk in from another one and exit just so I can enter Janay times or is it going to be like, Hey, I'm in jedna? I'm not leaving. Like I'm not stepping out again. That's it? I'm here, or is it the type of thing where we simply don't know your name is called just enter? Like, from wherever you want. And maybe then we'll have a conscious

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decision of what we what we want that we can't imagine conceive of right now. Alana, got it. Okay. But one thing that I feel cannot state conclusively is that I would imagine that whoever enters Jenna from any of the gates would not want to leave just so they can reenter

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Allah, I don't have any analogy because it's no one else.

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See that's an equivalent but somebody who has been dying to get into a certain place gets in. Probably won't say, you know, I'm going to leave now and see how it feels to walk in from another entrance Ilana what what's the situation with a MOBA diggin on your lawn? Where he will be? He'll be able to enter from any gate right? You beat us to it. Yeah. Okay. So I'll go back at all the loved one was listening to the Prophet slice and talking about that knock, right? And then he said, If only I were there to witness that, look, I was how humble he is. This is a while back, he said, If only I was there. I mean, if only I was standing next to you, and the Muslims, as you're entering

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Jannah, the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam said, but you go back into you're going to be the first of my Alma to enter. And so the honor for Abu Bakr and that actually that's one of the many Hadith that shows the virtues of Abu Bakr on the long line is that he is the first of the Ummah to enter origin with the Prophet slicin