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Salam Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen

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wa salatu salam ala national pilum even mousseline Muhammad Rasul Allah is on the line to you send them this evening with younger sera from Abbado.

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One We're hot with Islam,

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must have had

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other hobbies. So hey, where Jamil was really Mohammedan

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and Abby, Isla are the Alonso kala kala Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi salam

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in the Lucha ye battalion in Allah ye Batali Abdullah who? The MA Tahoe,

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Furman or the Bhima Casa Mala who level BarakAllahu li wa sallahu wa manlam Yoruba lamb Mubarak Lu

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Oh c'mon Allah alayhi salatu salam, Mamata has this

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forgot to shave

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or color

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I tell him I mean Surah DeLallo Ron

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Allah Jalla wa Ala Pauline from Mama Likkle Monica

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to tell bull Carmen Tasha what on the world will come in

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Hodor ism and Pasha what will the lumen Tisha be a decal higher in the collaboration

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Kulu Asha we had here

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well man

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well servants well if didn't

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work. So

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go long old home when Allah Allah will call home and if de la at

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kilometer length or Malik Tierra will further

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dilla a car Atilla while Murad Abdullah

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and hope it was worth it. Abdullah

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Kulu shaved

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Ocala Nabi SallAllahu sallam,

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Furman Oradea Bhima kasama Hola Hola.

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Hola. Saba subhanaw taala

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who are high lift? Well, who else?

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Who else thought?

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Like Well, Aquila quali.

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Aradia Dima Casaba Hola. Hola.

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Hola Serrano della Baraka Hola. Hola. ofI

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BarakAllahu Lo Fi. Ma Hua after lo

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works all

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while I'm

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all yellow. While I'm your though

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laser Baraka fee

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in the beautiful houses of Mohammed Mohammed imam in masala by Muhammad narrated by

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a will Allah or the Allahu Rasulillah Salam said

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that Allah subhanaw taala just the people

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and he tests the people buy whatever he gives him.

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Whoever is content with what is given to him,

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Allah subhanaw taala will bless him in it and he will expand it for him.

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And whoever is not content, he will never be blessed with this

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May Allah present says

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he recited the ayat of surah Al Quran.

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Quran Lama Malik al Mulk to tell me we'll come on Dasha on the will will come in Monday Russia always domanda Otto will doom on Russia vehicle side in Nevada coalition.

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Where Allah subhanaw taala is saying that it is Allah Subhana Allah Danijela

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who gives to his slave everything.

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He gives wealth to who he wants, he gives him to we want to give power to he wants he gives more. We want to take it away the opposite all that

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and in his head

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In this all blessing all

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in this Hadees as well as saying that whoever is content with what Allah given

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and will understand that this is a test

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everything is a test to get it is a test not to have it is also tests

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when through the tests, we have been schooled, we have been taught something which is wrong

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we have been taught that

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only difficulties are tests

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and when you have money and you have friends and you have power and authority and so on is 100 A hug I mean for the OB

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How can we say

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well I can

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wait till I them

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that is from the father of Allah, but that is also a test

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and between the two

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vinyl man, Verbena actually antivirals for Al mal or intellectual

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wealth is a much bigger test and not having wealth.

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Because wealth opens doors which are not open to somebody who does not have wealth

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and those doors all of them

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they lead to problems in the NAFSA the Amara Don't be so Ill Amara Hemara

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Moroka uses Alehissalaam

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whenever you Allah

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interview or call in an officer

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usually when he said I was saying truly

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my knifes myself takes me to evil

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except the one who has on who Allah have mercy who's saying that the Navi of Allah is saying that so what about you what about me

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so the key thing is to understand that everything is a test

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so what must you do the tests

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focus on the result of the test not get involved in the stuff that is happening

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I want to pass this test so what does it take to pass the tests

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there are two things

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the Naja if Tila isn't in the room yet a sub wash over

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we don't

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a chef's watershed

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laser energy

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without these two things, the person will fail he cannot pass

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success sugar and so

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if you have something which makes us happy hungry

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and if there is something which is making us sad which is which is unpleasant

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so hungry eyes and also

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no complaining

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Allah why is no no

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the mother

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because Liana cool Lumina LIDAR

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haha athlete Athena

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a shuru wall hero in the light Allah and Photoshop

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and he shall

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we move as him in our login Minilite Allah is Asha be a real failure

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Mk V that Asscher who hails

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from Allah there's only

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sure we think it is or we think this something is evil it's not evil it's from Allah subhanaw taala under the evil covered by this evil is goodness

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covered by the Willis Gunas when a new Zika noun Minella will be that Mandela bill I'm gonna do now as I will act very lumada La La homea yo

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so for us it is a double Adina It has been four but why the pain Why is Allah giving the pin La La homier, yo so that we return to Allah subhanaw taala what is

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The bigger higher than returning quarters monitor nothing.

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So even the pain is coming to remind us. Hello, excuse me, come back on track

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like the rumble strip on the on the highway, right? You fall asleep the guard goes on and you wake up said oh my god, if the rumble strip is not there, you will crash.

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So it's while you're driving, you know it makes a noise but

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waking you up

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and this is what others won't tell us telling us.

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We ask Allah subhanaw taala to help us to

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obey Him and to understand the beauty of obedience and to give us the Hello

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the sweetness of obeying Him

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and to take us on the path that leads to his brother was Allah Allah Allah Nabil Karim Allah He was a paid member article