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AI: Summary © The history of Islam is highlighted, including the creation of the Islam foundation and the importance of honoring Islam. The speakers stress the need to be with the right people and pick the right friends for Islam, as it makes it easier for them to obey guidance from Allah. The group uses three criteria to ensure proper friendships and make it easy for them to obey. The importance of being in the right company for one's safety and success in life is emphasized, along with warning of the danger of harming others and the importance of being included among those who wish to be included.
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And then under the law so that was good enough. While he was having

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a look around Oh data said about his alma mater Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam

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in Omaha to come over here Haider,

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well anara bokun firewall don't

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and in other places erwan are a boon for

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the creation of the oma

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of Muslims

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is the first

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public action that was realized a lot is an update after declaring Islam after he got the award, the first thing he did was to create

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and this is the basis of this is the valid or not,

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unless you are one equal, you are one oma and I am your Rob, therefore worship me.

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And he said, You are one people one on one and I am your Rob therefore, have Taqwa of

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the basis of togetherness, the basis of oneness is not race, it is not locality, it is not tribe. It is not custom and practice it is not nationality. It is the worship of Allah de Laval

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and this is a very important thing for us to remember because when we are gathered on the Day of Judgment, again this will be the basis

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the motto Muhammad, Allah Allah, Allah will be gathered together on the basis of whether or not they worship Allah, Allah Allah or not.

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And therefore, it is very important for us to choose the right people to be with, because we know that worship refers to a bother which is actual

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salah and the other

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religious practices.

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But these are indicative of the real meaning of worship, which is obedience. What is what what is it that we are doing in Salah Arabic, Allah knows that. And the same worship extends to all funds and all ways of obedience.

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And those who worship Allah are those who obey Allah subhanaw taala in every aspect of their lives, those who obey those who claim to worship Allah are not the people who only obey Allah subhanaw taala inside the masjid and outside the masjid, they obey everybody else, every shaitan that comes along, they obey them, or they obey their own Shabbat inside there aren't enough.

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And when they come inside the budget in this area, a billion dollars ran out. This was what in the time to the Sahaba This is what the moon if indeed

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the people who are not vandals Allah declared that he will not forgive even if Rasul Allah is Allah Allah is Allah ask forgiveness for them. 70 times Allah did even then I will not forgive it

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was his people. These were the two timers. The two sided people

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outside the masjid there was something inside the mosquito is something that

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the declared obedience to and love for the Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam inside the budget and outside the budget, they work behind his back and they try to harm him and they try to harm Islam.

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obedient inside the masjid, disobedient outside.

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And obviously these are not the people who are from the oma vamos Allah, Allah, Allah is Allah, even though they worshiped behind him.

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See the disaster of some people's lives. They actually bred Salah in the first stuff behind Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam as the man they heard the Quran, from his blessed in his blessed voice.

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And then they went outside the masjid and they worked behind his back and they tried to harm him.

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So therefore it is very important to be with the right people and pick the right friends.

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Now who are the right friends? So Allah is Allah, Allah, Allah is Allah give us three criteria. He said the right friend, the meaning of one of the Hadith, he said, Good friend is one who remind you of Allah.

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three criteria. A good friend is one who remind you of Allah. A good friend is one who reminds you of the Hara. And a good friend is one from whom you learn something beneficial.

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The good friend is not somebody who dances with you the disco the good friend is not someone who sits with you in the shisha shop and smokes hashish or whatever.

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A good friend.

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is not someone with whom you have fun on New Year's Eve party we should not you should not have been in that party in the first place. What kind of good friend is

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a good friend is not somebody who invites you to the disobedience of Allah.

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A good friend is not who is not the one who, by his behavior by his actions, by his appearance,

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is declaring the disobedience of Allah.

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And you are with us, of course.

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What kind of friendship is this

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is very important for us to choose good friends,

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because those good friends will help us to keep on track.

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Number one, number two, those good friends will make it easy for us to obey Allah. If we are with people who normally pray, then what is the difficulty with praying and the time for Salah they also stand you also stand finished. There's no problem. If you are if people are falling isn't that when you are also falling, the sooner there's no problem, nobody will criticize you. If you don't follow the sooner maybe they will tell you what it is why, why you're doing this. But if you're wanting as soon as no problem. But on the other hand, if you're with people who are disobedient to Allah,

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then you start following

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the sooner or you start obeying Allah subhanaw taala, they will criticize you.

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So it becomes progressively more difficult for you to practice your religion when you are with the wrong people.

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And that is why companies very, very important. Companies extremely important. A lot of people go astray, not because they wake up one morning and say, Oh God, I today I'm going to decide how to disobey Allah. They don't do that.

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Nobody does that. But how do they end up doing it anyway, they end up doing it because of the kind of people that are walking and talking with random people they are with. So when they go and sit in that company, something is happening. And they also fall into this.

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Even though they did not decide to do this, it's not as if they took these made this intention.

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But because they are in the company in the foreign business, and that is the reason why it is very, very important for us to pick the right company, choose the right company be in the right company of people. And if you don't have the right people be alone.

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I remember, in my younger days, I just spent a lot of time in the forest. And I just walk around eyes. I was not I mean, carried a gun because you are in the forest where there are tigers and leopards and so on. But I never shot anything. I never shot a tiger. And so the point is that during that time, one thing I was very conscious of there were many friends of mine was I want to come with you I never took them.

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Because this fellow who wants to come with me, he knows nothing about the forest. He knows nothing about animals, he does not know how to conduct himself in a forest, he does not know what is dangerous, what is not dangerous. To have somebody like that with you is to risk your own life

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because he is of no use to you. And instead you have to look after him.

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And it's very likely that he will put you into trouble

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rather than save you from Java, so it is much better to be alone. Because then you can you take care of yourself you know what to do You don't know you know what to avoid and you know what to go for. And you don't have to worry about somebody else.

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And it's a good lesson for me and I want to warn myself when you that if you don't have the right company, it is better to be alone.

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Rather than have people with you who are a liability

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because that liability he will drag you down even though you never intended was for something bad to happen but the end of the day that is what will happen.

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And that is why we must be very, very clear. We want to be included among those people who wish Allah Allah is lm

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formed and created as the oma and about roomlala de la vida he associated himself and is that anara Boko? He said I am Europe. Madness think about these things. And read the eyes of the paralysing I am Europe. We are not saying you are out here saying that of course. But I'm saying there is a difference there I can make a claim.

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I can make a claim.

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But for Allah Subhana Allah Himself to say that is a that is the strongest claim.

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And therefore if somebody is disobeying Allah What is he saying? He's no no you are not

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Alexandra boo I'm you're a busy No, no, not sorry, not for me.

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That does not mean that Allah is not interrupt you just means that he has taken himself out of the mercy of Allah.

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And that's why I remind myself when you let us be very clear that Dean came, and so lies Allah Allah, Allah is Allah May Allah subhanaw taala send the MBR to be obeyed. Allah did not send the MBR to British Raj and the MBR to be obeyed. And when we obey the MBR then we enter ourselves into the mercy of Allah, Allah subhana wa that and therefore Ask lots of anodal Allah to bless you and to help us to do that which is pleasing to Him. And to help us to follow some of his name is Allah Allah Allah Azza wa sallam

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To keep us in His protection and to protect us for everything, which leads to his disobedience and his anger was a lot on appeal Korean while he was happy he made erotica.