Muhammad ibn Adam al-Kawthari – Reciting from a Copy of the Qur’an in Prayer, Virtual Tarawih & Jumu’a

Muhammad ibn Adam al-Kawthari
AI: Summary © The segment discusses various issues related to Islam, including the pandemic and virtual recitation of the Bible, the use of online prayer, and the definition of "immediate of a woman." The speakers emphasize the importance of physical presence for individuals to be present and the need for physical presence for men to be present in groups. The deen of Islam is not about rewarding people for their behavior, but rather achieving spiritual status. The importance of submission is emphasized, along with the need for acceptance of the rule of submission.
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Bismillah your Walkman you're walking

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Bismillah Rahim

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Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad Marta heard he was such a big mind coolamon to be a movie so anything that he did Allahumma aluminum and foreign oil and foreign oil and canola xinerama Subhanak Allahumma

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Lim Turner in Atlanta It was tricky. A lot of them early no Hopper Hawk calm was gonna do battle at the bar today. Welcome and we're looking at another well

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respected brothers and sisters for salam o aleikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh.

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I would like to discuss a very important and pertinent and relevant issue with you today. In sha Allah Allah Allah.

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In light of the current situation and the pandemic that we are facing the Coronavirus May Allah subhanaw taala

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protect us and our loved ones and our family and sha Allah Allah remove this disease from us as as quick as possible in sha Allah died I mean

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this current situation that pandemic throughout the world has raised a lot of questions and I see a lot of people are discussing a lot of different different issues relating to Islam.

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Like for example, people are asking a lot of people are asking and also answering you will see a lot of online fatawa and articles and video

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lectures of various scholars and experts and many others as well. about various issues such as for example, because Ramadan is within two or three days in Sharla we have Ramadan Mubarak, so during Ramadan

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is it permissible for us to recite from a copy of the Quran which is called the most half you see the Quran is the book of Allah and then the copy of the Quran is technically termed as must have must have means the copy of the Quran and what's written inside that copy. That's called Quran amongst many names the Quran has many names. So a lot of people ask that in taraweeh Salaah because throughout our life, every year we are able to recite or listen to the Quran completely entirely. But this year during due to the lockdown situation we will be at home we can't recite to be kind offered are we behind a person who has memorized the Quran the book of Allah subhanaw taala have it

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as we like to call him.

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So can we ourselves, pick up the Quran in our hands or just like open the app and recite from the Quran with maybe Allahu Akbar with one hand or maybe holding with your hand put your left hand here or here wherever and looking through the app and reciting from the AP Quran app or actually physically lifting a Quran and turning the pages a lot of people are asking this, there are issues such as people who are asking that is an online prayer valid because we can't offer Juma Asana. So can we do an online virtual Salah. So like, for example, some imam in his house is giving the hotbar and then after that he's leading the Salah and 20,000 people one in Australia, one in Japan, one in

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Botswana, one in South Africa, one in the UK, the imams in you know other for example, and everybody's joining you know just watching the screen, you know the laptop, Allahu Akbar, Al hamdu, lillahi, Rabbil Alameen Rahmani Raheem and halfway what's happened, your Wi Fi is gone. And suddenly, like what's happening to your Salah? Like the man has gone on record and so Jude and his comeback in the second record, and your your wife has gone to the laptop, you know, has shut off or whatever. So people are asking, can we offer taraweeh virtually or Juma prayer virtually? And also things like online Nikka there's people somebody asked me as well about a guy that can we do an

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online the guy so for example, the brother is in America, the sisters in the UK, one witness is in North Pole and the other witnesses in the south pole and all for like do a conference call and make a new car. So many these type of questions because the world is turning. I mean, it was virtual anyway to an extent. But now this virus has made a lot of things more virtual. And I think that as we go ahead and even when we emerge out of this crisis,

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the world will look quite different and a lot of things will be more virtually. It seems so. So a lot of these type of questions to the point that as an anecdote, somebody actually really asked me this or suggested this that could I can't go to perform Amara in Ramadan because there's locked down and no one's allowed to go to perform our

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Can I just put the Saudi or the maca channel on and put the Kaaba there? And then just go in my house go round around it and I think maybe he said that can I just go round the TV? So like the carrabba screens on can go around the Kaaba run around the TV seven times, you know and mix that off. Could I do that and will write off better? I mean to that extent people are asking now, there's lots of these issues where I wouldn't just discuss in this video is not to go into details of these individual issues I will mention just briefly, but I really want to explain a concept of Deen a concept of Sharia which I think sometimes we forget neglect overlook or we have not been explained

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that concept and because of that all these questions arise, once we understand the concept, they that concept understanding the concept will inshallah automatically answer all our questions. So like these issues individually just briefly about individually these issues and I don't want to go into the details of the the fact of all these individual issues but if I if I take it from the last one the example I gave, but going around the TV for GABA, I don't think anybody would say that's valid or allowed to to haram. I mean, it's probably I don't know if it's haram or maybe could be haram but it's definitely not the love.

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Also the online Nikka Quinta the vast majority of the scholars say an online ICA is not valid.

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In there, there is a bit of slight difference some scholars you looked at it, that it may be permissible, but because the issue is that is it necessary for people to be physically in a place or Verge is virtually allowed. So physically, like for example, you see, you don't need the bride and the groom physically that's agreed upon, you can have the bride for example, make the groom himself and Agent say the girl is in the UK and the guy the boy hears in America, she can just email him or tell him over the phone or tell his father or anyone she can appoint as an agent over the phone. And then that person physically in one gathering brings two witnesses. So he has two witnesses. And he

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just there's only three of them are needed. And first he will say that you job he will utter and pronounced to each other. This is the offer, offer the job on behalf of the sister she has made me an agent she has given me permission. Or if you give someone else permission, then that person comes in the gathering. And the two witnesses are there physically This is allowed according to everybody, so that's fine. But now people are asking that no one's together anyway. So even the witnesses ones in like America and ones in Japan and the Brighton Canada and the groom is in UK for example or four of them. This acquainted a vast majority is not permissible and precaution dictates that that regard

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should not be valid like that, but there is some fair debate and some scholars have allowed it so if people follow certain scholars and they feel confident and they trust them, then maybe they could follow that opinion. So that's another issue above that. The other issue I mentioned about online prayer,

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whether it's Jumeirah salah or Tarawih prayer, this is not permissible 99% of the scholars of the OMA will not allow this it's not permissible. Salah would not be valid.

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The reason is because it one of the conditions for prayer is that the Imam and the follower they both have to be physically in one area they need they need to be physically in one area what we call in the books of the city to huddle makan. makan has to be the locality has to be one doesn't mean you have to stick to them. You could be in the second stuff or the third stuff and then there's a bit of details in the various motherhood like if you're a bit far away, then is it valid or not? How far away but what we call one place one locality physically you need to be together. So a virtual type of prayer that you are in America in your house, and the Imam is in Japan in his house, and

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you're following that Imams prayer. That's not permissible. The messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in nama jurulatih Momo new Tama be the reason why an imam has been made an imam is so that you properly follow him and the word utama be he indicates that is it to huddle makan like you're both there physically. So that's a very, very important condition. So that's not valid. And lastly, reciting from a copy of the Quran in prayer.

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Again, here there's a difference of opinion. According to the other mud hubs like the chef in the Hanbury mud hub. They do permit it that a person who is reciting from a copy of the Quran it is permissible for them to recite and then there's a lot of details some just allow it in Dharavi or tahajjud. Org

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Am I late or nothing prayers have not been followed. Others allow it in both acquainted the Hanafi school and the mainstream opinion in the Hanafi school is that it is not allowed. And not just that it's not allowed. it invalidates the prayer, whether it's for the prayer or taraweeh prayer or pm Malay or tahajjud, or nephila, or whatever prayer, reciting and looking into the copy of the Quran, whilst praying is impermissible and invalidates the prayer because there's an external inspiration you're taking, you're not reciting from your memory you are taking from an external source. So like, for example, if someone sits there and you just say Allahu Akbar and someone who's sitting there,

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eating a burger says to you and hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen and you said, hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen Iraq Maria Rahim and you say Rahman Al Rahim, you're not praying out of your memory, like any part of the Quran, they sit next to you, and they recite it and you follow them. That invalidates the prayer because you're taking an inspiration from someone who's external outside of your prayer. Likewise, a copy of the Quran it's external, even if it's written on a wall on the Muharram and you recite from there invalidates the prayer. There is another opinion in the Hanafi school, which is of the Imam Abu Yusuf Ali Mohammed, the two students of the mobile Hanifa Rahim

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Allah Jota either they don't say the Salah is invalid, but they still consider it to be impermissible or McGruder Hareem prohibitively disliked. So not allowed. Why would you want to do that? If something's mcru prohibitively disliked when you follow the Hanafi school so that should be avoided as well. Now the issue here is that I want to discuss is the concept like a lot of people I actually have a very detailed article on this about reciting from a Quran copy from a must have during turabi, salah or during during prayer. I have a very, very detailed article. And

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I remember that when I wrote this article, it's on my website Doublelift Atlas calm, but when I posted it, a lot of people have this question is this question or many various types of questions that come into mind? I remember somebody when I posted it on my Facebook page, somebody asked what would be the ruling if a woman is performing tarawih alone and wants to pray looking inside the must have so she can complete a whole Quran into a week like she wants to compete the Quran. So why can't she

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or someone you know, you see the quest these type of questions. This is the concept this is the important part of this video that I really want to explain in sha Allah which will answer all these questions. Someone might think that look, I follow the Hanafi school.

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But okay, Imam Abu Hanifa is saying that it invalidates the prayer and his two students are saying that it's Merkle tree but okay the shorter you allow it the humbly Allah which maybe the Malik is allow it I'm not going to kill someone I'm not going to go murder someone I'm not going to do Zina in someone's house. What am I doing? I'm just completing the Quran I'm actually doing something rather than me offer tarawih by myself and just recite what to her and LM Tara and Surah Outubro will follow through every record, why can't I do something good, I will every year have been privileged and honored to be able to hear and listen to the whole Quran inter alia and this year

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because of lack locked down, I'm not privileged enough. You know, it's so sad I feel so sad about it, why current I am going to miss out on the completion of the Quran Allah we. So if the chef is Allah with like, what's the problem? Like I'm not going to do Zina. I'm not going to kill someone that question the person who's who wants you to do tawaf around his TV. He's thinking every year in Ramadan, I am blessed to go to the house of Allah. But I'm so crying that I can't go for a walk this year, because it's locked down and there's no flights and I'm not allowed the Saudi authorities are not allowing me I miss missing missing why should I not just do this? I'm not going to punch

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someone. I'm just going to run around the TV. The one online as well.

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I performed Joomla every it's been 30 years in my life that I've never missed a Juma prayer. And now the Coronavirus has taken away my Joomla from me.

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And I am so sad that why am I not able to offer Joomla I don't have people around me at home that account for tomorrow. I don't want to pray the hot I've never miss Juwan let me just do online and just pray. I'm not doing anything bad. I'm not doing anything sinful. I'm not eating pork. I'm offering Joomla

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I'm not doing anything bad. So this thought comes to people's mind and it's actually because of a good reason. It's because of a good intention. It's like people feel sad that they can't do certain things that they wanted to do. So there's thinking that can I just do

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but in a different way, maybe it's a lot of coin to somebody but like I want to do this.

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The point here, brothers and sisters is that you know, when someone asked me this about looking into a Quran app during Salah tarawih because I, I want to complete the Quran. I asked that person that question. When they asked me this, I said, Why do you want to do it?

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What's your reason? So because I want to complete the Quran like every year completed, but like why do you want to do it? Why what makes you not want to just read in your Salah from last few Sutras of the Quran and want to complete the Quran? What's your main objective? So the person is thinking so because I want to complete the Quran. I know you want to complete the Quran, why do you want to complete the course?

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thinking now two types of answers people give one is that because

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I want to get more reward from Allah. Now the problem here is that we are deciding what Allah is going to give more reward to us on what guarantee is there that Allah is giving us more reward on completing the Quran, then just reciting looking inside a copy of the Quran and completing it, but less reward in not looking in the Quran and reciting just certain sources of the Quran. Like what how have we decided that Allah subhanaw taala is going to give us more reward.

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So if it's more reward, the person can say Well, it seems more reward because here I'm completing the whole Quran. And in the other situation I'm just reciting certain sodas but again there's no principle in Sharia that doing more always gives you more reward

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imagines someone's offering McGriff Salah three record they really enjoying and say to Allah Allah today for you mohareb feel so spiritual, one more guy extra for a camera.

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What did they do?

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They actually invalidate the whole mockery. It's actually sinful if they think I'm going to bid for a car.

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They might say, Well, what did I do? I didn't do Xena. I didn't go beat someone up. I didn't swear I didn't slander I didn't have a pork hamburger. I didn't go and steal. I offered one more rocker. One more Surah 31 More surah. One more call or one more, two more sujood. I've done good things.

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But the point is that even if they are good things in themselves, it's not what Allah asked you. To see. The issue is, is not that the issue is bad. It's not the issue is that the thing that you're doing is not bad in itself. It's what Allah wants from you. This is the point. So some people will say that because I want more reward. I normally say that how do you know Allah is going to give you more reward?

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Some people say but the other issue that some people answer the other answer people give

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is that I feel more spiritual. Like I feel

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and I feel better if I offer dua online, or I feel better if I complete the Quran. And so to that is the deen and Islam is not about what feels better. It's not about what you think and we think is spiritual. It's not about a feeling. Somebody might get a feeling buzz doing some like crazy dancing, and you know, like thinking like doing hitting the head and doing something and you know, shaking the real, you know, the real part of the body.

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And thinking that as they occur and they feel buzz, you see the basis of all the innovations is this when people talk about innovations and bigger with all the details and the different types of it, but when something is agreed upon as a bidder. Why is it a bitter it's not because the thing in itself is bad. None of these innovations in themselves you're not eating pork, you're not doing Zina, you're not stealing, you're not murdering, you're not killing, you're actually doing something good in itself. But the point is that you're doing something which Allah and His Messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam did not ask you to do and you're thinking that this is part of the deen

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or part of that particular issue that you're doing part of the, you know the situation.

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So therefore, when people want to do these things, they think of two things. Number one, they think they will get more reward. And so is that who said Allah is going to give us more reward. And number two,

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they think they feel more spiritual Dean so the point here the concept I want us to understand here today is that our deen our religion, our Islam is not about two things. It's about the third thing. It's not about

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it's not about what we think

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is going to give us more reward. It's not. It's not about what we determined.

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It will give us more reward. And number two, it's not about feeling it's not about feeling spiritual. Deen is not about fulfilling our desires, like what we feel like doing we enjoy a particular type of a bladder. But that's not what Allah has asked us somebody might enjoy for our mother. But Allah has not asked anyone to offer photochemotherapy. So it's sinful. It's not about what we think Allah will give us more reward on and neither is it about a feeling of spirituality. What it is about deen and Islam is about submission. It's about submission, submitting to what Allah wants us whether we like it, don't like it, whether we feel it's easy, whether we feel it's

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difficult whether we enjoy it, or we don't enjoy it.

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This also answers the other question. You say look before question and I will end with that. I give the example of work I'm

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fasting in Ramadan is further we are approaching Ramadan. Yes, we all have to first 2930 days. fasting in Ramadan is fun. If you don't fast in Ramadan, then what happens? We are sinful. But if there's no excuse not, not fasting is sinful.

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Imagine somebody really enjoys like 30 days of fasting and really felt amazing and very spiritual. Very day arrived and they said to Allah, Oh Allah like I love fasting for you. Even my read day is sacrifice for you today on a day I want to fast

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what will happen, that person will receive a sin, sin for fasting because the point here is fasting in itself is not the objective.

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None of these forms of a bada are objective, even salah itself. Allah doesn't want us to go four times. Like that's not the objective. Neither salary is objective neither the vesting is objective. Now that hedge note is occurred none of these rules these are just rules Allah made to see whether we submit or not. Islam means submission. Allah could have said every five times a day instead of Salah Allah could have said five times a day, just touch your head like this. Just do like this. Hello Lola Lola Lola five times. Find your time here, here, the whole time here. So time here, mother time here an extra time here, then that would have been any better. For Allah whether doing

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this or doing this doesn't make a difference. Allah doesn't need any of the Ibadah a bird that in itself is not the objective. This is the reason that the same Salah if we do not offer it for your time or time or soul time, every time we shall time we are committing a sin and the same Salah we offer at sunrise or sunset or when the sun is the word when the sun is at Zenith. It is haram to offer Salah Salah if Salah was good in itself totally. Then there will be no occasion when Salah will be haram but Salah is not the objective. Allah wants us to pray. When he says pray. When he says don't pray then praying is sinful. Allah says fasting Ramadan, then fasting is followed. When

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Allah says don't fast not fasting becomes haram we do with contrast.

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Another example that comes to mind,

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you know, in Ramadan support and Iftar support it's recommended that we eat some food we can eat at night will inshallah get the reward but the later we eat the whole meal, the greater the reward. So eating till the last few minutes like five minutes before three minutes before like read Dahiya

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is recommended. And with Iftar there's a hadith the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said milliers aloneness behind

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me my general filter

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that people will be in good as long as they haste with the stock. So as soon as the sunset, we are supposed to take our Iftar meal and open up our fast to delayed unnecessarily is an accrual and the more you delay, the more wrong it is. What's the reason?

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The reason is this point submission because it's like a lie saying to us eat when I tell you to eat and don't eat when I tell you don't eat. So salute Allah says eat eating, eating, eating eating. Allah say stop. Okay, stop. Because time off dawn has arrived starting my fast. Then Allah says don't eat don't eat don't eat another timer.

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arrives. Then Allah says eat. So as soon as Allah says eat we eat. If someone says Allah, I've been hungry for you for 19 hours anywhere in the summer, can I not just give you one more hour? I was I don't, I didn't never wanted your 19 hours anyway, I only wanted you your submission. So if I say to you for hours, then four hours would have been your submission. If I say 19 hours then exactly 19 hours. One hour extra. I don't want that because I don't need the fast from you. I need submission from you. So the whole deen is about submission. This is the point the whole deen is about submission. So all these issues that come to people's mind.

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I want to mention this last point.

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Well, before the last point to finish off this point, the look

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all these issues, the examples I gave you are all agreed upon, so everyone knows that you can't offer for a commodity. Okay? Everyone knows you can't it's agreed upon you can't fast on ad. You can't pray Sunrise Sunset agreed upon. So some someone might say but these are all agreed upon issues, the examples that I've given our own agreed upon issues. Whereas some of the examples that we are discussing today, like reading from a copy of the Quran, allowed a coin to some mud hub, and one might have allowed or might have not allowed, some people might allow online giovane tarawih. So that's not like, you know, fasting on a day because that's like agreed upon. Yes, agreed. The

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examples I gave you were examples of care agreed upon. But the concept is the same. that Islam is all about submission. It's all about whether we feel spiritual, whether we feel like doing it or we don't feel like doing it. Whether we enjoy doing it or we don't enjoy doing it deen is not to fulfill our you know, once and our feelings. It's not about enjoyment. Rather, we receive more reward if we don't enjoy it, you know, the Hadith of the messenger sallallahu alayhi salam about the Quran that whoever recites Quran and suchlike finds it difficult to recite the Quran will receive double reward. So here there's a hadith as well it's available Hadith the messenger sallallahu

00:27:22 --> 00:27:30

alayhi wa sallam said either a mobile Abdo cell for cootie Bella who Mithila McCann era minimal payments a hater. When a person is sick, or is traveling.

00:27:32 --> 00:28:10

He or she shall receive the same reward for when they were not traveling and when they were healthy. So if someone's healthy, they can fast but if they're not healthy, then they can't fast Allah will give the same reward. So if someone can complete the Quran interRAI non lockdown situation hamdulillah but if there's are other excuse and you can't allow will give the same reward and who knows Allah might give more reward according to a lighter by the sincerity if you're really sincere in reciting just saw that loss every rock after we saw during class, but your

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loss was so amazing that you might give you more reward in the past 30 years because you're crying and you're so sad that you couldn't complete the Quran and you're at home and you've recited already classy 20 times and 20 Rock after all we would so much devotion on your real piano that particular years 20 ricotta la vie or more Katara we might be more weighty in the scale of deeds, who knows. So

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this is why reset your citation the Quran and also recitation of the Quran is not restricted to taraweeh so outside or we can recite the book of Allah during the day complete the Quran over Ramadan and complete the Quran. Maybe also try to memorize it take inspiration, some of the earliest scholars, some scholars that when they had to go in a situation where they were they were not able to because

00:29:04 --> 00:29:21

it's reported from some scholars from the subcontinent shuffled. haemodynamic hasn't any student shuffled Islam or 100% had Madani Rahim Allah Malanga, either they were actually imprisoned in Malta, which we visited last year in the company of my teacher, shell shocked Islam with TW with money over the Allah.

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So when they were in Ramadan, actually during the day the students showed Islam used to memorize wonders of the Quran, and then at night, they would perform turabi Because both of them had not memorized the Quran. So the teacher was sad a bit and being sad is normal. That look you know, every year we are privileged to receive to recite or we are privileged to listen to a complete Quran during therapy, but this is the first time because we are in a prison we will not be able to hear the Quran. So the students shall send 100 Allah, He said, You know what, during the day, I'm just going to memorize one just if some of you can do that hamdulillah but not everyone can do that. Of

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so the point is Islam is all about submission. So the concept is that just like, someone might feel that they went too fast, and on a day, someone might feel that they went too fast one extra hour after maghrib just like someone might feel that they want to offer one more record of Maghrib just like somebody may feel that they want to offer Salah at sunrise, these things are around because Allah has not told us to do that. Likewise, somebody might feel they want to complete the Quran, but in their Madhab what they are following. And this is my last point that yes, here the mud hubs, some other mud hubs allow it? Why can we just follow another mother? The issue is that this is another

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topic but just a summary of it. It's not about Mother hubs. And it's not about which view or Which Imam has said what that's not the issue.

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You know, when we follow these Hanafi, Maliki Shafi humbly mud hubs, following these mud hubs is not because especially for the followers, it's not because one mud hub is completely like more correct over all the mud hubs. That's not That's not what we say, if I follow Hanafi school, for example.

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Of course, I'm not saying every single ruling in the Hanafi madhhab is more correct, according to Allah, then every single ruling of the chef and madhhab No, that's not the point.

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The point is that I am following a systematic way, structure, a formulated system of rules. Some of it's a package of road rules, I am submitting to Allah to a package of rules, which the great in which the heads have decided, now in that package that I receive, there may be some things that will be easy. There may be some things that may be difficult, there may be some things that I enjoy doing. There'll be some things, I don't enjoy doing. Some things I feel spiritual about some things I feel less spirituality regarding. But regardless, I'm just doing all of them as a form of submitting to Allah. Not because they're all more correct. Here, the machines themselves, they give

00:32:15 --> 00:32:35

that opinion. That which is more correct. You see, I'll give you I'll finish off with this example. Somebody asked me that look, according to the Hanafi school, combining prayers whilst travelling is not allowed. Okay, that's an issue. There could be other issues. So somebody who follows the Hanafi school, they said, Look,

00:32:36 --> 00:32:44

when I'm traveling, can I not just take the rasa from the Chateau imam or any issue? Can I not just take the easy opinion from different matchups?

00:32:45 --> 00:32:49

Now, that's a very detailed issue that requires a lot of discussion.

00:32:50 --> 00:32:59

But what I explained, was that all I asked them, Why do you want to do it? Because it's a bit easy sometimes but difficult. Now, this is difficult. So discussion.

00:33:01 --> 00:33:05

But what that person said to me in the question was that

00:33:07 --> 00:33:21

according to the SHA three madhhab, or the Maliki and somebody combining prayers, as an example, is permissible. So if anyone follows the chef Mo, if they combined prayer,

00:33:22 --> 00:33:33

is Allah going to punish them? No. Is Allah going to punish him on shelter? Or all the bill or not? Are they going to hellfire for combining prayers? Of course not. She asked me this sister. It was of course, and this

00:33:34 --> 00:33:36

question came that

00:33:37 --> 00:33:50

if Allah is not going to punish and put into hellfire Imam Shafi, amo Malik, Imam, Muhammad, and all the followers for combining prayers in traveling, so if I combine prayer, why is Allah going to punish me? valid question.

00:33:51 --> 00:34:05

See, if you do something in your mouth, and we don't know if Allah is going to punish anyway, but it's not permissible in your mud hub, so something's permissible in another mud hub. So why are they allowed to do it? And why am I not allowed to do it? A valid question.

00:34:07 --> 00:34:45

So the answer I gave was exactly the same. It's not about the issue itself. Whether combining or no combining Allah. These matters don't matter. These issues don't matter to Allah, like what's combining or not combining blood coming God will do is invalidate or not invalid. If, if the salah itself is not the objective for Allah, these rules are not objective. The objective for Allah from us is submission. So what I said to her was that, yes, if someone follows a Muslim in which combining prayers is valid and allowed, then they will enter Jannah for doing that.

00:34:47 --> 00:34:49

They will enter agenda for doing that.

00:34:50 --> 00:34:59

If someone this is what I said to her, that if someone combines prayers, following a Madhab because it's allowed

00:35:00 --> 00:35:35

They will. But if someone follows a manner in which it's not allowed, that it's sinful for doing the reason being is that the issue of combining is not the issue. The issue is that why you're doing it, not what you're doing, but why you're doing it, if you're doing it because it's come to you as a package of rules and you take the use or and also the difficult and the easy and the good feeling and the not good feeling and the one you feel spiritual about on the one you don't feel spiritual about. However, you just take a whole package and you follow it because you think I'll submit to Allah, I don't want to follow my desires, I don't want to follow and do what I enjoy doing. So as

00:35:35 --> 00:35:40

part of that package, there was a ruling that you can combine prayer hamdulillah so

00:35:42 --> 00:36:18

the issue is not the issue of combining prayer rather why you're doing it if you're doing it because it's come to you as a package then fine, but if you're doing it because it's not come to you as a package but because you're finding it difficult you don't want to submit to the rule. You don't like you finding it difficult you feel finding me lazy or for example, you're you follow the shelf or school and blood comes out from your body will do is not invalidated according to the Hanafi school. If blood comes out from your body will do is invalidated. Now one day blood comes out, she lays it open is Allah going to throw all the people in the fire of * who follow the chef school and pray

00:36:18 --> 00:36:31

Salah and they have blood coming out and they can pray. So this was valid, why is my salah not valid? So I should do that? So but the point is not that the point is that why they are not doing will do and why you're not doing well do?

00:36:32 --> 00:37:09

Allah made blood blood is not impure to Allah like what's Why does Allah hate blood coming out and think, Okay, perfect. That's not the issue. The issue is that if you're following a system, a system of laws in which you've got user and also easy and difficult, the whole package in there, there's one rule that if blood comes out of your body, and it spreads, your window is broken, but you feeling lazy, now you're not submitting. So it's not because you're not doing Voodoo is because you're not submitting to the Command of Allah, you you are feeling lazy, you're not submitting to what Allah wants.

00:37:10 --> 00:37:15

So anyway, I just thought I'll explain this to you. The summary of all of this is that

00:37:17 --> 00:38:02

all these rules are not in themselves. The mocaa set the objectives of Sharia, the objective of Sharia, the main objective is what we call ourselves, Muslim. Islam means submission, we call ourselves Muslim Muslim, mostly means the one who submits himself to Allah. Muslim means the one who submits herself to Allah. So we submit to Allah and we take all the rules that Allah gives us the agreed upon ones and if there are disagreed upon ones then we follow one system whether you follow this system or this system or this system but once we take that system then all the rules in there we take them on whether there are some that are difficult some the easy some you feel enjoy

00:38:02 --> 00:38:16

enjoyment doing some you don't feel that enjoyment, some you feel spiritual, doing some you know, you feel less spirituality, regardless, the objective is I just want to submit to the Command of Allah subhanaw taala and I want to

00:38:18 --> 00:38:49

in front of Allah, I want to show that Oh Allah, there are so many things in here that are difficult, there are some things I don't actually enjoy doing. But this is what's given to me as a package of rules. So I will do them regardless. And Allah will consider you to be a submissive and this submission takes us to gender and pronouns in Charlotte. Allah Subhana Allah grant us the ability to understand deen and Sharia and may Allah subhanaw taala protect us all and give us all of our futures now Kamala Harris and Mr. Aiken rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh

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