What is Tadabour ā€“ Pondering over the Quran?

Abu Bakr Zoud


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What does that number mean? That number we always see that to the board and Quran to ponder over the Quran reflect over the Quran, my brothers and sisters in Islam and Hassan Abbas little Hema Allah He said when I turned up Moodle at 1111 teaberry the highest degree of pondering over the Quran is to implement the Quran. This is it. This is what pondering the Quran means. It means to apply it in your life to implement the Quran in your life. You only when you read only Hidayatullah and Levina up moon are solid that one of the qualities of the believers is that they establish the prayer and then when you get up and you have you are there and you make although and your prayer solid the

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board or solid and also remembering the word of Allah that the believers establish a solid a loving up moon a solid. Well this is the highest degree of the brutal Quran you have now pondered over the Quran.