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hydrilla salatu salam ala rasulillah he was a woman meditate a Buddha Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu. Welcome to lessons and again, we're still studying the book or the chapter that deals with the notifications of evolution of a little. And the Hadith. We have before hands is hadith of Anna's Eben Malik, I believe that brother, Fadi

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or Brother Mohammed, go ahead, narrated and has been the molecule of the Allahu anhu the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam had blood extracted from his body and offered the prior and did not perform a new ablution Okay. Now, this Hadeeth has been graded as weak by a DR Courtney. And nevertheless, the meaning is authentic and correct, which is that blood coming out of your body due to a wound or due to your own doing this process is called cupping. hijama is called or known as cupping, which is extracting the blood from the back of the neck, or from the shoulders or from certain areas in the body. And it relieves the body from lots of the poisons in it. It is medically

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known, and it is medically proven to help people and the prophet SAW Selim did it. And he instructed us to do it. And he also told us that if the cure were to be in anything, it would be in the slice of the cupping in the wounding of the person doing the cupping, or in

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some honey. Honey is also a very excellent cure, or by burning parts of the flesh with a hot metal and this is also well known yet it is not quite recommendable, but it's a form of medication.

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The prophet SAW Selim did the copying, of course, our subject subject is not copying. But before a person makes copying hijama there are certain days that he should only do the hegemon in such as the 17th 19th and 21st of every lunar month, and there are days you should prevent, stay away from you should not have intercourse the night before so many

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things attached to it.

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Our subject is whenever blood comes out, either because of a wound, or either even if you donate blood

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as other people do, they donate blood, then again, you don't have to perform evolution. Some scholars say Well, yes, you have. And that is why they've been hajer, the compiler of the book Bloomerang mentioned this Hadeeth here, just to tell you that if you hear someone saying, if you have a warrant, if you bleed, then you have to perform ablution don't jump to conclusions and say you are innovating, you're doing this, you're doing that no, he has an evidence, though this evidence is not authentic, as in the case of ashes, Hadith where the Prophet said, and his week, as we mentioned, if someone vomits or bleeds through his nose, or has a discharge of metal, then he

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should do this that we mentioned this couple of programs ago. And it's not authentic, so we should not follow it.

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Any questions regarding copying regarding performing ablution after bleeding, rebelling copying us? I know it's a little off topic. But how come someone's not allowed to have sexual intercourse the day before? From copying that again, if you saw porn copies, you know, it's not a matter of not allowed. The Prophet said that it's not preferable

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recommendable apparently it has to do with

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the medical science. And I think that they would prove that it would weaken the person's ability to go ahead with the cupping. This is something that is found in the books of jurisprudence and so we just mentioned it as it is but what's the wisdom of it? We need a physician practitioner that knows what he's doing and he could tell us this and in my country, and and in lots of places worldwide, the copying process is becoming a regular thing. Now doctors are recommending that you do it from every four to six months and it relieves a lot of the migraine that people has a lot of the reduces the blood pressure, high blood pressure, and it has lots of benefits and we don't know we do not

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need the medical reports to back this up. We have the prophets sooner and instructions to do it. So we do that. I think we should move to the following Hadith Hadith number 75 narrative Marya may Allah be pleased with him. Allah's Messenger sallallahu Sallam said, the eye when awake is through the eye when awake is it is that the island awake is the string of anus to stop air escaping, and if I sleep, the string is untied. reported by Ahmed and Toblerone who added whoever sleeps should perform evolution, also reported by Buddha would mentioning the above addition without the words, the string is untied, but both versions are weak. And if not best, may Allah be pleased with them

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narrated in a traceable Hadith that evolution is necessary for one who sleeps while he is lying flat. Now, all these decent versions are weak. So we don't have to go into details explaining them, though that meaning is correct. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam gives us an example, if someone has a pouch, where you keep your money, your jewelry or what valuables you usually tie it with a leather string. So it is tight and nothing can escape. So the Prophet tells us that the eyes are this leather string to the anus. So, whenever your eyes are open, the string is tight, and nothing can escape. No you cannot pass when without realizing it. But the minute a person falls

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asleep, then the string is loose, and then things could go out without you feeling it. So this hadith tells us that it is sleeping is one of the things that nullifies Wardle if you fall in deep sleep, you have to perform water you cannot sleep and wake up and say I guess I did okay. Nothing went out. Nothing passed without my knowledge. No, if you fall in deep sleep you have to perform model again.

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The following Hadith

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narrated if not best, may Allah May Allah be pleased with him. Allah's Messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Satan comes to one of you in prayer and blows air and has bought him. So he imagined that he released air yet he did not. So if he gets that feeling, he should not leave his prayer unless he hears the sound of the air or smells odd. Okay, I get this hat Dave

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reiterates what we've mentioned earlier on, when we started talking about things that nullifies one's evolution. Now, Satan comes in and he blows in one's bottom while prostrating while performing Salah, so that he would feel that something came out, while actually nothing came out. So the Prophet tells us Do not abandon your salaat until you smell something, or you hear something as in that previous Hadith we've mentioned a while ago. Now.

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You have to be careful for the tricks of Satan.

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Allah azza wa jal in the Quran, told us not to follow his steps. Satan never comes to you directly and tells you committed adultery. He never tells you steal a bank.

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He comes to you bit by bit. He tells you watch this movie. Listen to this song. Look at that lady. Talk to her. approach her hit on her. Maybe you score something and step by step he

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tries to pull your leg until you are in the swamp of sin

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when he has a Billa.

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Likewise, he comes to a human being through two directions. He looks at your faith, how strong, or how weak. So if you have a strong faith, and you're a big and strong believer, and you take things the wrong way, he comes. And obsess you telling you that, Hmm, I washed my hands three times, I should have made it five times. Yes, what's the heck on a shrunk person? Let me do it five times. I performed the solution. But when I perform it again, and three times just to make sure that everything was Washington covered. After a while he comes to you and say, Why performance solution for prayer? Why not take a full and total bath.

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And he comes on and on and on, until a person is obsessed through his strength and taking this Islam. And this is not the right way, not the Islamic way of dealing with yourself. This is one part or one segment one form of people. The other form are those who are easy goers. So he comes to them, the guy's performing a solution, and then says, Did I miss this part? Now I said, Okay, I didn't miss it. I don't even have to look.

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So how many times you want to perform evolution? I don't know, I performed a couple of days ago. I think I didn't notify my model till now. You went to bed? Yeah, but it's okay. It's not, you didn't urinate you didn't pass to? I don't remember, I don't recall. It's easy. It's always forgiving. So he comes to the people, either through the extremes, or either through, you know, letting things go by in a very smooth and easy way. And the right thing for us to do is to follow the sooner you don't go to extremes, this is forbidden, because then you will be extremist, and you don't leave things to be so easygoing, because then you will not perform the worship as Allah has instructed you to do.

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Here. We have the same case. We have Satan coming to you. Now you're prostrating, you're praying to Allah azza wa jal, and he blows in one's bottom. Just to give him the feeling that something came out and nothing came out. It's just a feeling. It's just a doubt.

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Because of this doubt, he confuses your prayer. And the guy from the first record, to the very end of prayer is confused. Did I pray once did I pray to you they have something Did something go out or not? Then there's a problem. So he confuses you, and he destroys your Salah, destroys your contemplation destroys your submissiveness before Allah azza wa jal, and this is exactly what he wants. And this is the role of shaytan Yanni, he has a great role to do trying to distract you from going to paradise. And he's very good in doing this. My cameraman tells me we have to pause for a short break. So stay tuned, and we will be right back.

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah and welcome back. Before the break, we talked about how Satan approaches us. And he looks at how strong or weak our commitment and faith are. And this is the role of Satan, to whisper and to distract us from our target which is paradise and remember that he's doomed

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forever in hell. So, he wants to have as many companies as he can get, he would like to have as much as possible with him in hell. So try not to be one of those insha Allah

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shaytan or Satan, as we were told by the prophets, Allah send them there are different types of of devils are Satan's, there is one that is that his profession and he is concentrating on a solution. And this one is called al Han. His name the Prophet told us His name is Al Han His job is to come to you when you perform it evolution and tells you telling you

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Nope, that, oops, you've missed something, or you've added something. And he would like you to either go to the extremes of purifying and washing 610 1120 times, or that it tells you all you've already done this, it's okay. Don't wash it that good. You don't have to do this.

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There's another Satan, that is specialized in prayer. And this is called, anybody knows

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His name is Linda. And he comes only in prayer. So if you are praying, he comes to you and starts reminding you of things. And okay, after you finish, pray, you have to go to the supermarket, don't forget the tomatoes or you will be beaten, do this ring that he keeps on reminding you of things whispering in your ears, so that he would distract you from

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your prayer. There are certain devils Satan's, that are specialized in markets, soups, supermarkets. So whenever there's bargaining, they come in, and in markets, even in a stock market. So whatever, a lot of people depend on the word of mouth, on their trust to others. So if someone says, What lie, I swear by God, that I bought this for only 10 euros, and he bought it for five, but he's wearing and lying so that he would convince you to buy for 11. So Satan is always there, telling people to lie, telling people to deceit and deceive,

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so that they would gain more and more and more, and he would gain customers in hell with him more and more and more.

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Yes, sir. So how do we combat Satan concerning these obsessions and during prayer? It's very easy. The process of combating him

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comes by

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relating your heart to Allah azza wa jal, depending entirely on Allah subhanho wa Taala on your Lord. So when you come into prayer, you say, Allahu Akbar, as if you're holding something and throwing it behind your back. I'm throwing the whole world behind my back. And I contemplate in what I say. So when I say All Praise be to Allah, at Hamdulillah, Robben Island in the merciful and you start thinking of the fact you have the fact you have Allah, the prophet of Allah tells us that Allah says whenever you recite portions of it, Allah answers back. So when you say al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen Allah says he made me happy. Allah tells talks to his angels, he tells them that my

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servant is praising me

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or Amanda Rahim, he is describing me as merciful and, and kinda so on, molecule me Dean, he is praising me by saying that I own the Day of Judgment. And if Allah owns a day of judgment, he owns this world. Of course, he cannot Buddha can say that Allah says, This is between me and my slave. This is between me and my servant, because Yeah, can we worship you? So this is for me for Allah, what kind of state and we seek your help and support and so this is for my servant and slave, and so on. If you stand before Allah azza wa jal in prayer, and you will recall this hadith. When you recite the Fatiha, you will be completely transformed. It's a different prayer. Now, all of us, most

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of us, when they pray, they just want to get this for Raka of their chest. They just want to throw it

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What did you do? Afraid? What did you benefit? Nothing? I think I guess I'm not going to, I'm not going to hell. That's it. Is this the only relation between you and your your Lord, not to go to hell? What is love? Where's compassion? Where's respect? We as Muslims don't worship Allah, just because we are afraid of his punishment. But but because we love him. And we have hope in Him. And they have to go side by side, fear of Allah, and having hope and love to Allah azza wa jal, if you only worship Allah by fear, then it's like the wings of a bird. Fear of allies one wing, and the hope in Allah is the other and the head of this bird is the love of Allah. So if you don't have love

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to Allah, you're not a Muslim. If you don't love Allah, you're not a Muslim. And you have to think about this. Not once or twice.

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Every time lots of the boys and girls that I know, would sit back and say, Listen, I'm a Muslim. I worship Allah. And I pray. I do this not because I love Allah. I do this because I don't want to go to hell. So let's not talk about love. If he is truthful and sincere, he is not a Muslim. Any person that does not love Allah is not a Muslim. Okay, what is the spunk saying? He's saying something that he did not think of. Because if you sit down and think you will love a lot, but he is saying what he hears others say. So he repeats it like a parrot. Everyone loves a lot. Because look at what you do. You fast because you fear Allah azza wa jal, but you also fast because you have gratitude. When

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Allah grants you health, when Allah grants you wealth, when you have four limbs, you enjoy it when you have feet to walk on, when you consume three or four meals a day. And you never feel that you need to do this or that you have every single thing. So you feel that you are privileged, you feel that Allah azza wa jal has granted you things that others were deprived of. You love a lot, but you may not have sat down and thought about it. Once you have this, the bird again, love is the head. No love. That bird is that if love is there, but you fear a lot more than you hope, then the bird will not fly straight. Because you will be always afraid and not hoping, not wishing Allah azza wa jal to

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not feeling a trust in Allah that He will forgive your sins. And at the same time, if you have more hope and wishes, then you have fear. This will encourage you to make sense. And then again, your life would not be straight. So the best way to have contemplation to have a full fledged prayer that is accepted to Allah by Allah azza wa jal, and to try to minimize the effect of Satan is to try hard. And to believe in Allah. Is this possible to have 100%? It's, it's very difficult, because he runs in our bloods, he's with us all the time. So, one cannot say listen, we have 100% Satan, free prayer, you cannot have it 100% but you try, if you can have it 60% 70% and this is good enough with

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practice, inshallah, you will be perfect. Again, there are Satan's that are experts in soups, and markets. And there are Satan's devils that their specialty is to

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apart the husbands or spouses and this is why divorce takes place. This these Satan's come to the husband and say, your wife did this, your wife did that. Your wife does not respect you, your wife does not obey you. So why are you keeping her return and take someone else and they come to the wife and say that your wife, your husband is going to remarry again, your husband cheats on you, your husband doesn't give you your right, he doesn't spend on you. He's poor, he's ugly, he smells he does this, he does that. So disputes take place. And you have lots of family feuds and fights among the wife and the husband. And then you have a broken family ties are broken, and you have divorce

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that takes place. So you have to be very careful. If you do not know your enemy, you lose the battle.

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Because if you go out of your house, without knowing who your enemy is, you're gonna lose and that is why one of the application we are told to do when getting out of the house is Bismillah devacurl to Allah. Allah however, the four to 11 law made it very easy Bismillah to Allah, Allah Allah Allah, Allah Allah, it is very easy. The prophets Allah Salaam says that when a Muslim says this supplication to devils to Satan's, you know, take aside and one tells the other Listen,

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we can do anything to this man because he did the supplication. Why? Because there are two angels. Whenever he says this application, the angels say, Kavita will Peter, which means you have enough and you are protected.

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Who is

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protecting him, the angels by the grace of Allah azza wa jal. So the devils sit back and say, Well, I don't think we have our day to day, this guy is being protected by the angels. And the only way for you to be protected from the devil is by getting connected to Allah azza wa jal, you have to try your best to recite the Quran to have the supplications of the morning and of the night. A lot of the Muslims don't know these applications don't know these escar that makes them connected with Allah azza wa jal threw out the whole day and night. And by this by trying to stay in focused by trying to say the supplications Allah will protect you from the devils from Satan's and your life

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would improve. Now, lots of the problems we have, are due to our departing from Islam, being distracted from the path of Islam. Why do we have problems with our wives? What do we have problems with raising our kids?

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Those who are married? Of course not you guys, what why do we have problems with our neighbors, our subordinates our bosses, in in work, because we are distracted from the path of Islam. We're not treating people as Muslims. We're supposed to treat all people in a certain and particular manner, and we're not doing this. So the minute we're back on the track, we're back on the path of Islam. What the minute we always remember that we are as Muslims should apply the Quran and Sunnah in every single detail of our lives. The minute we do this, the minute everything clears out, and we have a clear vision, clear prayer, everything is accepted and we live the nice and happy life that we are

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promised, as in the Holy Quran. I'm afraid that this is all the time we have for today's program. So until we meet next time, to Manila, or Santa Maria come to light