Mirza Yawar Baig – Reminders Thankfulness Part Iv

Mirza Yawar Baig
AI: Summary © The culture of Islam is discussed, including the "naive of the culture" and the hasn't expert. The hosts discuss various topics, including forgiveness, COVID-19, and staying ahead during difficult times. They also mention a person named Odin who gives them the opportunity to pray, but the hosts insist on not disclosing details. The segment touches on the use of sugar and the "naive of the culture" concept, with the potential for rewarding individuals for their efforts.
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Nylander in Lao salatu salam ala rasulillah. Now that

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we've been talking about the importance of making the sugar Allah subhanaw taala for all that He has given us and we use the ayat of surah Allah Rahim Allah subhanaw taala said, well in Jakarta.

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So we make sure that all Asana dialogue and Allah, Allah promised to increase his boundaries. We talked about we began with making sure Allah subhanaw taala about the heat, about being able to recognize him, then we made sugar of Allah subhanaw taala that he cares and contains enough concern about us that he gave us a way of reaching him which is Salah, and we talked about the importance of the quality of Salah wushu and coup in Salah. Before I go into today's topic, I want to remind myself and you that just thinking about making sure of Allah subhanaw taala makes us conscious of the benefits that are given us makes us conscious of the Naira that has given us because if you say

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I want to thank Allah will thank Allah for watch. And then you started becoming you start becoming conscious of the namak Alhamdulillah dealing with this, this this and if we did not think of making the sugar of Allah, then these things we would not be conscious of, and enjoyment of anything is a factor of consciousness, you do not you do not enjoy something that you are not conscious about. When you are conscious about it, then you enjoy it. And therefore consciousness of the Namath of Allah subhanaw taala automatically enhances our enjoyment of those now much.

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Today I want to remind myself the new of the regime of Allah subhanho wa Taala where Allah subhanho wa Taala chose

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certain things in order to enable us to increase the bounty and increase the reward for it. For example, Allah subhanho wa Taala made salah

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and then Allah Subhana Allah says that the Salah which is performed in the masjid, will be given 27 times a 25 times

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since Allah

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Allah there's no difference you make the same Salah in that in the old Magellan is valid. You cannot say that it is haram to make salah and live in the home No it does not sell is not invalid it is well however, is zims Allah we make it in the budget, you get 25 times the reward. I just think about this, that if we

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on the Day of Judgment, when we start with one loss manner, then what is the value of that 25 times reward.

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So Allah and Islam Allah, we cannot choose to increase the reward for our own Salah if Allah had not given this if Allah had not decreed that the Salah in images is worth 27 times more than we could not have done anything about it. Similarly Allah subhanaw taala made the salah and Allah says Allah, Allah and Mel as well as that I give us the opportunity to make this Salah again and again and again. And lots of Allah made this Allah and Allah says a haram 100,000 times of any Salah anywhere

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and those around us that I made Salah in Allah says another way 1000 times

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the Salah of any other place.

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Then Allah subhanho wa Taala

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in terms of the day

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see how Allah subhanho wa Taala selected certain times and gave us those times in order to increase and enhance the reward of deeds.

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And this is purely from the Rockefellers Vanity Fair and we need to make sugar for this. During the day Allah subhanho wa Taala said that there is a time when Allah Subhana Allah descends on the first heaven

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in a manner that is befitting his base and majesty. And then the announcer announces and says Who is there who asks who has something to ask for any harder? And is Rob will fulfill his Hajj Who is there? What is the forgiveness of his robe? And is it up we'll forgive

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specific time what is the time the time for the had

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the last third of the night?

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Like that we could not have said well uh please come down. I want to ask you know,

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if Allah subhanaw taala did not choose to do this who is there to force Allah?

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If Allah Subhana Allah did not choose to give us the name of this who is that was Allah

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and then Allah subhanho data

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made it such that if we praise Allah tala in the masjid, and we brace a little further in the budget, then the whole night is counted as if we had been praying

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like that.

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We could not have said this while having this one we know

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whole night and see the same thing for example if you play that will further damage it.

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Right. And then you Bray salado, Asia, I'm talking about the other side, it does not mean the whole day rather not only the night

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the importance of brains or other HR

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and then Allah subhanaw taala in terms of the days, Allah Subhana Allah gave us our July

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he made it a Yama aid for the Muslims

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have Boyd's design, but then we also have 50 tweets.

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Every day, everybody is loving it.

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And then in this drama, Allah subhanaw taala gave us a thumbs up that there is one side

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there is one period there is one hour allow Allah the meaning of that.

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But Allah said that there is one period there is one hour in this day of Jamaat where whatever the slave as an hour you

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We ask Allah subhanaw taala to enable us to and give us a COVID to make that during that time inshallah everyone

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who made this possible can we decree on Java they should be there

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with Elijah your and your name has been a lie that you've allowed not you and desire. Can we make this out? No.

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At least once I made this

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then so this was a week in the week also last round that I gave us a dovid to borrow the sun NaVi Nevis Allah Allah Allah was I was Allah by fasting on Mondays and Thursdays.

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You think have already revised Monday and Thursday?

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That is 104 days in the holiest

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handed in four days is a little bit more than three months

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of fasting what is the value of this already?

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You think about that? How easy it is Monday is absolutely no problem.

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weather is nice climate is nice in any case was sitting in air conditioned comfort fasting out loud.

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And then Allah subhanho wa Taala gave us

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the one da da da.

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And in this one Dallas Rhino dalla shuts the doors of Jan. opens the doors again.

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James of the charity

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Yes, gives us

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the reward of fahrrad equal to 74.

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On what is equal to 74 the same body of a woman in the masjid getting 2527 times the reward plus 74.

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Allah knows best and I'm not asking you to sit to the calculator and calculate how many no no we don't want to calculate Allah give the ladies up. But first equal to 70 for nothing equal to four.

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Yes. And then in that month of Ramadan Allah Subhana Allah gave us one night later the ricotta about which what it is a high ramen Alicia.

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He said this is better than 1000 months or bad.

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Normally when people make this turnover, they save her marriage and they shall recover because it is equal to 1000 equal to 1000.

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Why do you want to reduce myself 100 is not equal to 1008 more than one comma one Allah. Allah Allah knows maybe 50,000 times more Who knows?

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We ask Allah to get more and more. Yeah.

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I think what is 101,000 months, even if it is what Allah Allah gave me beyond this view 1000 months, even if he wanted to worship Allah subhanaw taala continuously for 1000 months we will not be able to it that's lovely, more than 8586 years of life

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one night and then to make it even doubly certain Allah subhanaw taala gave us the trophy can give us the benefit of ethic I've in the last 10 days of Ramadan.

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And Allah Allah does it does he make it so easy for us?

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So somebody who makes a pickup in the last 10 days of Ramadan insha Allah wa Stan definitely has got a little closer.

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Even if he gets one little color his entire life it is enough.

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But Allah does he gives us COVID to make this ethical year.

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per year up to 100. reliably,

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yes. Then Allah Subhana Allah gave us the nabba of Hajj and he gave us the power of Amara.

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And he said Allah subhanho data that he will forgive the sins of the of the slave when he makes odo

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and he will forgive the sins of the slave between one salah and another Salah between one Juma and another Juma which one

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which one

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forgives the sins.

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This name goes and Rocco and and then he stands up and says well our

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sins forgiven.

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He says that I mean the Malaga means is forgiven.

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Then Allah subhanaw taala gave him the position also know the answers in Salah where he's speaking to is

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how in our to thank Allah subhanaw taala for a

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need to be conscious of this Dharma Davalos man Odin.

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And as I as I explained to you these specific times, and so on and so forth, all of these are designated and given by Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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By His Rama and by his camp,

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nobody else could have given it to us, we could not have taken it.

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only and only by the grace of Allah

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and the way to show Our thankfulness to Allah subhanho wa Taala for these things, is not merely to say thank you,

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it is to actually take advantage of these things.

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For example, Allah subhanaw taala gave us the advantage of

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hustle when we are traveling to shorten the Salah. Right You know, with honey vanderlei a person if he does not do huzar then he is actually committing a sin

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in Java and others and it's okay if you if he does if he does not do if he has time to pray the full Salah you want to pray and pray for Ivanova? No, he has to pray at during travel he must pray for the Why? Because this is

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why do you realize if Allah has given you a rasa, taking advantage of this, of these rocks are taking advantage of this. This facility Allah has given his sugar of Allah.

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So if you if Allah has given Rosa bread Raka then I will pray for that means you are actually denying the facility which allows you so now whenever Abdullah said, This is not good for you, because of you, if you are entitled you have to

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Allah I'm not going into the you know into the argument about whether you should pray for or two that is a different my point I'm making is that these showcar avanos ranomafana is expressed not merely by saying thank you,

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but by actually using that benefit with Allah has given us so if you want to be thankful dollars ran out Allah votaries then we should be under it. If you want to be thankful dollars Ronald Salah for Salah, then we must pray

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castrato sudo not nearly via the verb, the sooner the novel for whom is Asana,

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who's your prisoner? The Christian and the Jew and the Hindu are we

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we wish they were verbania which of

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these every celebration or not depends on

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what what what

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divides this.

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So prisoner, but no of you, but it almost the habit of Allah subhanaw taala gave us Ramadan let us use Ramadan he gave us that as users because he gave us time for God to use the time for the Hajj.

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To give us let us hold on to color he gave us fasting the first he was hazama we do How much do you give us?

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What is the reward for drugs and for

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is as one says Allah subhanaw taala will give him 10 has an ad for every letter of the Quran. For every letter again translated in English every alphabet alphabet is the cumulative structure of letters of any language. How many alphabets does English have?

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How many?

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the English alphabet is one in which there are 24 letters. The how many alphabets does Arabic have

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The al the Arabic alphabet is one in which it has letters which are so many

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you get the point is wrong English. It was a English as somebody that doesn't add one alphabet alphabet is the accumulation of all the letters together. He is as any language has only one alphabet and that is

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But has so many letters.

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So what is the what is

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he said Allah will give you 10 has an ad for every letter that you recite of the Quran and he said I do not say that I live la meme is one that he says I live with one letter. Lamb is one letter imeem is one letter. So if you say I live la me how in Hazara 30 so how Allah

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now I in spite of this if somebody does not read the Quran what to do

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what to do

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and there is a saying by there's an alum in avatar Elano who said that this thing was there was a law that was a law that reverts to reading the Quran outside of Salah.

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He said when you read the Quran in Korea inshallah Allah subhanaw taala will give 100 as an ad for every letter,

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Allah Allah.

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But the point I'm making is that therefore, if we have the Nirvana's rhinos Allah, and we want to make sure of these Namath, avanos rhinos, then we need to use them for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala and for his pleasure, I asked Allah subhanho data to make it easy for us to use his Namath and to earn his earn his pleasure and earn Hazara with him and to make it easy for us to follow the Sunnah. mahamudra Allah Allah seller and to enable us to maximize the deals that we do for it's a quiet life and to take us in a state of Eman and to take us in a state of ease again, and in his path. In Salah in sudo insha Allah Allah wants to add or something Allah Allah Nabeel Karim Allah

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Allah. He was heavy as rain

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