Mohammad Elshinawy – Divine Parables #05 Burned To The Ground Insincerity

Mohammad Elshinawy
AI: Summary © The transcript discusses the parable of Jesus's use of charity and bragging about his success in sharing his success with others. It uses two examples, one of which involves a woman who refuses to give charity to her boyfriend and the other a tree. The transcript uses animals as symbols of fear and prosperity, which is a fundamental part of Islam.
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tonight will be our last stop on the parables within circle Bukhara and yesterday's parable on the power and impact of spending for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala is actually one of four parables in the same stretch and circle Bacara and that by itself tells you that one of your greatest assets that Allah has given you to separate yourself from the pack is spending for his sake subhanho wa Taala I will not be able to really unpack the other three, but I would like to summarize for you the last two of them. In which one of them Allah azza wa jal says, Yeah, you have Lavina and Manu led to Bulkley louzada kati Campbell manual other Oh, you have believed, do not forfeit your

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charities. You see, shaitan knows the value of charity, he's going to tell you it's not going to grow, don't invest. That was yesterday. Now when you do do it, he's going to show you he's going to suggest to you, he's going to pester you how to invalidate it to render it void. Allah says don't void your charities, with men, or ever, by reminding people of your favors. I did this for you. I did that for you remember this, remember that, of course, if there is an accusation, you are allowed to cite your track record, to defend yourself, but to volunteer it or to sort of be oversharing I did this and I did that, that voids your charity.

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While other other is abuse, meaning you abuse someone simply because you are charitable to them. You humiliate them, you scold them, whatever it may be, because so you're not even reminding of the charity per se, but you are acting as if you have the upper hand because of your charity in the relationship that will void your charity as well. And then

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Allah azza wa jal, you know, before I say then, this is why I showed her the Allahu anha. She used to put perfume on her charity before she gives it because she would say I'm giving this in the presence of God, this is not a two way transaction. This is a three way transaction, right? This is an you know, that's why some of the scholars of Islam preferred that when you give the charity to the needy, don't give it like this. Top down, but give it like this, to remind yourself that I'm actually more receiving than I'm giving. I'm actually I have a need to feed and then need to fund and I need to donate. It's a very beautiful mindset to have. And that's the purpose why four

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parables for there to be crystal clear picture perfect concept of this system, this beautiful system in Islam. Allah says no reminders, no abuse, Keleti unifocal mela Huria and NAS because that is like these two are like someone who gives in charity to show off to the people. So these pseudo humility, this one, no sincerity, they're all the same. They all void your charity. Then he says, Well, are you mean of Allah, He will allow me to show off to the people and does not believe in Allah and the Last Day. In other words, this is actually an act of a disbeliever. To do it to show both here, as if there is no day of judgment when people will truly be bankrupt, as if there will not be a gate to

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paradise called the gate of charity for those who gave charities sincerely for my sake. This is the act of someone oblivious to that day. Yo Motala. You know, Allah calls it the day of encounter when people encounter the outcome, encounter their motives about these charities. And then he gives the parable. And he says, For Matthew, who came after the software, and in the example of people who act like this, they're sort of like reminding or they're abusive, or they're showing off. It is like the example of the tough one, you know, the software or the soft one is the mountain stone, the really tough stones that cannot be penetrated. They're not easy to crack.

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I lay here to Rob It's a stone covered by some dust.

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For our Saba who were beaten Fatah, Raka, who's older, and then some rainfall hits it and leaves it bare. What does that mean?

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Allah is drawing for you an image that people who did this think they planted the seed, you remember yesterday seed, and then all of a sudden they realize they were planting somewhere that doesn't grow. Imagine the moment they're exposed and they say, There's nothing here the chakra, may Allah protect us.

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And then this is so important that the next verse doubles down on it and gives you yet another image about this. And he says SubhanaHu wata Allah. What do I do come and tekun Allah Who Jana.

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He's walking you through this image with one of you like to have a garden imagine a garden in this world.

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Mina healing was filled with date palm trees

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and grapes. These were the two known to the Arabs meaning every fruit because those are the two fruits known to them.

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That dream into * and how and rivers flow beneath this garden, meaning it is irrigated, it's watered on its own. In other words, he built his empire and he has passive income. He doesn't have to lift a finger that's what's meant here.

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As guardians of all the fruits he can imagine of great value watered automatically level fee him in Cooley Thammarat, producing for him everything he wants. That's the garden

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while Saba hula kebab and he has been now struck with old age he spent his whole life building this well let who do react to him. And he has very vulnerable children. He did all this so he can leave behind those that are dependent on it.

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A Saba Assad on fee he now don't factor rockets. And then in that moment, a firestorm comes like imagine a hurricane or a tornado that burns the place down burns it to a cinder at the moment when he can't rebuild it. At the moment when he can't do anything about it. That is the image of someone who doesn't do charity. Right. And the prophets Allah Allahu Allahu alayhi wa sallam said to us

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as Abu Hurayrah the Allahu Allah narrates, inside, Muslim, that is the Hadith, the very first three people who will incinerate they will because you are your deeds on the Day of Judgment, on the Day of Judgment, or the martyr, and the reciter and the donor.

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Allah who will bring each of them and say, What have you done with what I gave you remember I told you he gives you to give. The martyr will say I fought for your sake and was killed for your sake. And I will die he will say no, you have lied and the angels will say no, you have lied. You fought so that they would say How daring how valiant how brave how courageous and they said it. You got what you want it you have nothing today.

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And the reciter the scholar, what have you done? I talked left and right, up and down night and day. For your sake because of what you've taught me with what you've taught me. He will say that you have lied and the angels will say you have light

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may Allah azza wa jal protect us.

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You did so so they will say how knowledgeable and it was said you got yours you have nothing here today. And then the donor he will say I spent in every direction I did not leave an avenue of charity except that I donated in that direction for your sake.

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He will say you have lied and the angels will say he has lied. You did it so that they would say how impressive how generous.

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When and why we have NaVi Sophia and all the Allah Who unheard this Hadith from Abu Hurayrah the Allahu Allah and he cried and he cried because more it was of those who Allah tested with wealth like if now like Earthman they were very concerned.

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He cried until they thought he would die from crying.

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And Abu Hurayrah due to his deep knowledge, Allah blessed him with the Hadith, he would cry until he would faint from this hadith. And every person who will be safe from this outcome of the stone being ripped bare of the garden you build being burned down to a cinder are those who are concerned about it, they will be those curbed from it may Allah curb us from that outcome and help us make the best of this grand opportunity of the wealth and prosperity He tests us with Allahumma Amin well sal Allahu Salah Baraka b&m Muhammad wa ala alihi wa Sophia Jemaine.

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