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Omer El-Hamdoon
AI: Summary © A customer tells a story about a lady who bought a clock from a dealership and gave it to her son. The customer tells the story about a woman who bought a clock from a dealership and gave it to her son. The customer explains that people are valued based on their actions and words, and that companies like the ones that value words and actions.
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Salam aleikum.

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There's a very short story that goes like this. A father wanted to give his son a clock. He said to him, my son, this clock that I'm going to give you is your great, great grandfather's clock is more than 200 years old. But before I give it to you, I want you to go and take it and sell it to the local corner shop, where they sell clocks and watches and see how much they offer you for it. So indeed, the boy went and showed them the clock. And the man said, he offered him some money, he came back to his father and said, well, they offered me five pounds, because they said the clock is quite old, it's not worth much more than that. He said, Okay, now, take the clock to the antique shop, and

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ask them what they see what they would offer you.

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So indeed, he went to the antique shop, show them the clock. And having looked at it, the antique dealer said I can offer you 5000 pounds for this rather antique piece.

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Can the boy is quite delighted, went back to his father and said,

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This is what the antique dealer offered. And then the father said, finally, I want you to go and take this to the museum and see what they will offer. And indeed, he went to the museum. And he offered and showed them this clock. They didn't give him a price just yet. But it was get a specialist to have a look at it specialist came had look at it, he examined it. And he saw that it was one of the rare pieces

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of clocks that were made two centuries ago. And he said, we can offer to buy this off you for half a million pounds.

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Now the boy went back to his father and told him this and the father wanted to give him the lesson, which is indeed the moral of the story. And that is that different people will value things differently, depending on how they see things, depending on which angle they look at things. And indeed if you go to somebody who doesn't appreciate company doesn't appreciate good words, doesn't appreciate

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good morals, good behavior, then you're going to get the kind of person the kind of appreciation kind of value that you put yourself in. So really, the moral of the story is, look for those people who are, you know, people are not only valuable in themselves, but they also value you and they know when they see somebody who is worthy. And this is a beautiful saying by all Mourinho pub, I believe he said,

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I like to sit with people who they like to pick the best of words, like any one of you would pick the best of fruits. You know, when you have a plate full of fruits, you look for the best one and you choose the one that's going to be the best, the most ripe and sweet and they use expected to be sweet and so on. So he said, I like to sit with people who choose the best words. So they look out for their best words. You know, those are the companies who actually the company who is such good company that they they value was they know what it means to say the right thing at the right time.

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I hope that's been useful for you.

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