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Step 3:

Sabr is highly misunderstood. It is not a fatalistic acceptance of the status quo. Sabr in Islam is to do the utmost that you can do and then to ask Allah (swt).
Allah used the term Saabireen/roon for the mujahideen. The ultimate level of action is Jihad in the path of Allah. Spending his time and life for Allah’s sake. These are the people making Sabr. It is an action! Then after to stand before Allah and ask for help. At the battle of Badr – Muhammad (saw) prepared fully with what he had and then made dua to Allah!

Things that help us make sabr.
1. Make the ultimate effort and then ask Allah.
2. In any situation to look at those who are in greater difficulty than you – we are not the centre of creation!
3. Learn to forgive people to prevent taking revenge. Don’t we also expect Allah to forgive us?

“If you cannot laugh at the same jokes twice or three times how is it that a bad incident keep you upset for years? If a good incident cannot keep you happy for more than once why should a bad incident keep you sad for more than once?”


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The segment discusses the concept of hasn't been there" in Islam, with Facebook's "has been there" campaign encouraging people to forgive others. The speaker uses their experience in Alaska to help people avoid unnecessary behavior and apologizes for past actions. They also discuss how they learned to forgive themselves and found a way to live without them.

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala l mursaleen. Why Allah Allah he was having his mind that

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we have been talking about the

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conditions for tawakkol How to attain the takala Allah subhanaw taala.

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And we spoke about tawa and we spoke about sugar.

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Today we'll speak about that condition which is sour.

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The issue of sour is one of the things which is misunderstood sobor in Islam is not a fatalistic acceptance of the status quo.

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Server is not simply to sit and say, Well, I'm making something I'm doing nothing

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in Islam is to do the utmost that you can do

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in any situation, it is to do the ultimate.

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And then to ask Allah subhanaw taala.

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In the Quran, Allah subhanaw taala used the term savarin and Siberian for the Mujahideen.

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So the logfile and in other places, Allah subhanaw taala used the word savarin

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to mean Mujahideen.

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Now the ultimate level of action is jazzy Sevilla

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died is not sitting and waiting for something he is doing his utmost he is doing the best that he can do, including spending his time and his and his life for the sake of Allah Subhana Allah and Allah subhanaw taala call that person

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somebody who's making some he called him salary, he called those people civilian.

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So server is to do the ultimate that you can do in any situation, maximum effort, best effort, maximum not only in just action, but also in the quality of the action, the thought that goes behind it, the planning that will behind it.

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Not some unplanned

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thing which actually creates more trouble than more problems than you began with. So suffer is to make the ultimate effort and then to stand before Allah subhanaw taala and ask for his help.

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The best example of this is the Battle of brother were also allies, Allah Salaam did exactly this. He used the resources that he had, to the best extent possible, the people that he had and whatever resources he had, the placement of the troops and so on. And after all of that was finished, then he stood in salah and then he stood and made that and he kept on asking for the help of Allah subhanho wa Taala

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overseas he said to him he said jasola This is enough your Rob will not desert you Europe will help you because Elena got so

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affected by a loss of the virus of asking Allah subhanaw taala over and over and over again and the

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the sincerity of Solomon the the pain that Nevis Allah Salaam was feeling in this drop that oversee the

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He said bus Europe will not desert

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as if the relationship of Odessa delana with Rosa Santa.

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And then as soon as

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he sat for a while in the, the way they made Legos like a lean to a shed kind of thing for him. So he sat there, and he dozed off for a little while. And then he woke up and he said, Oh, is it is it the help of Alaska?

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He said, Look the hell out of Alaska, I can see gibreel on his mail on his horse in the middle of the storm.

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He said I can see a lot of our data sent the Malaika and Allah subhanaw taala has mentioned in sort of the long valleys that I've sent them, I like to help you.

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That is our that is the example of server that the server is

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set for us. How are we to make our any situation that we are in.

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Now two things that help us to make some one

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in any situation is to look at those who have less than

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those who are in greater difficulty those who are in who are suffering more than we are suffering in any situation. It's this helps to have our because if you don't do that, then you tend to get very annoyed

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In your own Messiah, and you think, and you start imagining that life is good or bad, depending on what is happening with me. But that's not true. We are not the center of center of the creation of the universe, no matter what we might think, the other people in the world and in many cases, other people are in a worse situation than we are. So therefore, when we look at them, we are able to do suffer and also we do soccer because this Alhamdulillah, Allah subhanaw taala saved me from that situation the other way, the other thing which helps to, for us to have summer is to learn to forgive,

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to forgive people to forgive others. Otherwise there is this, this, you know, the emotion and the desire to take revenge in the Congress bothered?

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He said, Well, I tell him double that. He did this to me, I will do more to so if to avoid that

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is to forgive

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and how do we forgive? You might say, Well, you know, the fella wronged me, why should I forgive? You forgive him because we expect Allah subhanaw taala to forgive us.

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And we look to Allah subhanho wa Taala to forgive us. So we forgive other people, not because of some great thing that we are doing but because we expect Allah subhanaw taala to forgive us. If Allah subhanaw taala were to take an actual account and say, Did you fulfill my rights there they will we will be nowhere. So is the Alavi if I whatever I could do I forgive Please forgive me also. So we forgive each other. And we have the famous hadith of Ramiz. Allah is our Salah, where

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Hassan said he was in the masjid and he said a man will enter here just now. And he is from the people of john.

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And if I'm not mistaken, this is about sad, even though we were cut out of the lawn.

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So he entered the next day, the same thing happened, that a man will enter here just now and he's from the people of Japan and wherever your cars are, they entered the market. And the third day again, the same thing happened. So there was a young zahavi who was with novoselov at that time, and a lot of I believe, I think it was Abdullah Noma, a lot of maybe somebody else.

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So this Avi, he decided to find out what is it that this

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man is doing? Or this person who Rabinovich Rossum said he is from the people of Ghana? What is it he's doing, so that I can also do the same thing. So he went and he stayed with him in his house for three days.

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He stayed with him in his house for three days.

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And he observed him when he watched him. And in those days, you know, you don't have a multiple bedrooms and guest rooms and so on. So people stayed in the same room, so he could actually observe him. So after three days, he said to him, he said that, you know, I have been watching you for three days. And this is what he said about you. So I've been watching to see what is this additional levada that you are doing or some wazifa you are reading in the middle of the night or something you were doing,

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but I find that you have not done anything, you know, the usual

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the fly then maybe the hijos and cloud or something, but whatever normal is nothing special that you seem to be doing.

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So, why did nobody tell us in him said this about you. So, sadly, I said that there is one thing I do, which you could not have seen? Because I do it quietly. And maybe that is a reasonable analyst who said What is that? He said every night before I go to sleep?

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He said I pay off all my debts.

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So he said what do you index he said because what I do is that if I owe anyone anything I complete the paid meaning if I have wronged somebody, I apologize to that person.

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And if somebody has wronged me, I forgive that person

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said before I go to bed specifically every night.

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If I have wronged somebody during that day,

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then before that time I have I would have gone and apologized. Not that he's going to get up in the middle of the night and goes no. Before that time I have

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apologized to him I have settled that account. And if anyone wronged me in that day, I forgive him for the psychology of that as well. I do not I don't want to go to sleep with that thing in my heart

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is that I go to sleep after fulfilling all my debts. I pay off all my debts and then I go to sleep xillia the Amal is such a small amount if you look at it in terms of actual action, but it's a very big big about having to forgive somebody we are we carry we carry grudges, we carry garbage. somebody does something, they carry that in our heart. Now there was a famous story of the chef

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So he was sitting with all his students. So he told them, I'll tell you a joke. So he told them one joke, They all laughed. Then after a little while, he told them, he said, I'll tell you a joke. And he told him the same joke.

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So they'll have butter they just heard the joke five minutes back, so how much you laugh? So after that, after some time, he said, I'll tell you a joke. And he said the same joke.

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So there are no people almost never laughter they thought okay, maybe because the shirt is saying we should say at least you know, smile. So they smile, laugh. Then after some time, he said the same joke again. So the people that said why you think the over and over again, it's not funny

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finish we stopped loving.

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So, she said if you cannot laugh at the same joke more than two three times and you do lose interest, how is it you get a one bad incident in your mind for 10 years.

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And the same incident you think over and over and over and you feel bad and bad and by why he said a good incident cannot keep you happy for more than once. So, how does a bad incident keep you sad for more than once?

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So unlike devices such as one thing where somebody does one wrong thing to us, enough for us for the rest of our life in his life.

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It was an honor Yeah. But you know that is that is lalala hotevilla How can we we have to really look at ourselves and chinos we cannot live like this was learn to forgive people was learn to forgive people hamdulillah whatever is there in the end of the day this dunya we are going to go from here are these calls the window we are also going to we don't want to get a garbage you this

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all all negative things are garbage, why do we get to the garbage?

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So for our one is make the ultimate effort and then ask Allah subhanaw taala second thing is look at those who have less and those who have more Museveni more problems untangle has run out that help them as much as you can help them and thank Allah that we are not in that situation. And the third thing is we learn to forgive each other insha Allah

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and then inshallah Allah gives us our handle I forgot if I forgiven so Allah says know that the Matador chapter is toast,

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learn to forgive each other level maker will give us our and our leads to tawakkol Allah Allah and inshallah tomorrow we will look at the other aspect of it was Allah Allah Allah Allah will Karim Allah Allah He was have used me