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Step 2:

“Verily the one who is grateful I will increase these blessings and the one who is ungrateful let him be aware that my punishment is severe…”

Always make shukr for the opportunity to turn towards Allah. This depends on whether the heart really wants to turn towards Allah.

Make shukr that Allah made Tawbah possible, Alhamdulilah. Shukr is the haq (right) of Allah upon the slave.
The time to be grateful is when you have the strength to do it. The ibadah of youth is worth more because they are more able!

Shukr is never using the ni’mah of Allah in his disobedience. If Allah has given you sight, it is part of shukr never to use this ability to look on the haram. If Allah has granted you wealth never spend on that which is wrong and disobedient to Allah. It is shameful that we take Allahs blessings and use it against Him in disobedience.

Consciously Thank Allah often
Never use Allah’s blessing in disobedience.

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