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Step 2:

“Verily the one who is grateful I will increase these blessings and the one who is ungrateful let him be aware that my punishment is severe…”

Always make shukr for the opportunity to turn towards Allah. This depends on whether the heart really wants to turn towards Allah.

Make shukr that Allah made Tawbah possible, Alhamdulilah. Shukr is the haq (right) of Allah upon the slave.
The time to be grateful is when you have the strength to do it. The ibadah of youth is worth more because they are more able!

Shukr is never using the ni’mah of Allah in his disobedience. If Allah has given you sight, it is part of shukr never to use this ability to look on the haram. If Allah has granted you wealth never spend on that which is wrong and disobedient to Allah. It is shameful that we take Allahs blessings and use it against Him in disobedience.

Consciously Thank Allah often
Never use Allah’s blessing in disobedience.

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In the Serato ceramide I should have eaten beer while early he was heavy on what about

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last about that? I said, Well, I enjoy cartoon lezen acoem welingkar tominaga vidisha did and sort of a him Allah subhanaw taala said Verily The one who is grateful to me who makes sure of my Namath, I will increase those numbers for him and the one who is ungrateful, will incorporate them in either be Lucha de let him be aware, and let him be afraid that my other issue is that my punishment is severe. We are continuing with the series which we began yesterday with regard to

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our coolala

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and yesterday we mentioned the importance of Dawa, because Toba is where it begins if you want to turn towards Allah subhanaw taala. We do it through Toba. Well, so far, we turn towards Allah subhanaw taala and how do we turn towards Allah subhanaw taala by asking for his forgiveness. So for

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today, we look at the next step which is sugar of Allah subhanho data. So when the person turns towards Allah subhanaw taala The first thing that he makes sugar for is the opportunity to turn towards Allah is the trophy for Toba because the word also comes only with Office Otherwise, the word does not happen. If Allah stuff it does not happen and the hotel is not an arbitrary thing which Allah decides to give or not give. Dawa of Allah subhanaw taala depends on the degree to which the heart is genuinely open towards

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goodness, the genuine the degree to which the heart is really turned towards Allah subhanaw taala because it will think about this. Something which I always reflect on is if you look at frown, and you say well, how is it that he did not get tofu for Toba? He did not get the feel for Saba, because he did not want to have your photo. Because if you look at him even at the last minute, as the sea was being parted for Masai Salaam, anyone with any intelligence would have said that this is something very strange. So let me not go here, whatever was there with Musa and me acknowledge him,

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but he did not in spite of that, he went inside the sea, then he got caught. So that means even the intelligence deserts the person, the person is saying Allah subhanaw taala Where is intelligence anyway? So the first thing we will execute Allah subhanaw taala is for the tofi to make our second thing which Shoko told us Renata is that Allah subhanaw taala actually made our possible supposing Allah subhanaw taala is that you are born you are born, you were given the book he was never sent. Now it's up to you, however you live you live, what is written is written you will not be changed, then what would we do?

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you commit one sin that is there forever, it will never be changed. There's no way of returning from that. Supposing Allah had made this rule, what would we do? But Allah did not make this rule. Like I explained yesterday, Allah subhanaw taala made the role that you can turn back from sin. And if you genuinely make Toba, Allah subhanaw taala will not only forgive you, and not only will he order the book to be wiped clean, not only will will he make the Malaika forget, but he will also convert those sins into good deeds. Now, what is more than this? So this is the mercy of Allah so it's angulardart al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen that is the reason why the Quran Al Karim begins with

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Shakur. Bismillah Ar Rahman Rahim began in the name of Allah, Rama him and then the first Dyer al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen. Shakur and all praise and also Buddhist philosophy.

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So it begins with the sugar, so sugar of Allah subhanaw taala. It is the heart of the rub on the bed, that they should be grateful to him. This is how Kabbalah is somebody is being grateful to Allah is not doing a favor as well that he is only trying to fulfill the UK. Seriously, we cannot actually fulfill that we cannot we can never thank Allah subhanaw taala as it is his right to be thanked. Just take one simple matter Allah subhanaw taala one of the things which I thank Allah subhanaw taala is the for the fact that he has given us

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limited control of our lives.

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Allah did not use absolute control of our lives limited control. Yes, Dr. Allen di o por estar de

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qucik. Dr. Linda. Now if for example, if Allah subhanaw taala had given us a stare to say your breathing is your control. As long as you keep breathing, you can live for 1000 years, 10,000 years.

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How long would we live actually?

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We will probably not even last for 24 hours forget about 1000 years. Because if the breathing is our control, what would we do?

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The moment you sleep your breathing is gone.

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Whenever I put on a ventilator or ventilator the current goes you're gone.

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Yes, they can be any number of ways. But Allah did not do dialysis your breathing is in my control your digestive system is in my control.

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Supposing Allah subhanaw taala said okay you are to take care of it, no problem.

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eat whatever you want. Take care of digestion. The moment you sleep, your digestive system will stop

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working then you're dead.

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But Allah vas you're sleeping, you're fast asleep, you are

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mother's got a system under his digestive system is functioning His heart is beating, his lungs are pumping, his brain is functioning the oxygen transfer from his blood is happening

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everything is functioning and the version is fastest the bilkul absolutely has no no consciousness what is happening guys like a gala.

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Allah did not give us complete control.

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Right, supposing Allah subhanaw taala said your children will turn out exactly as you want and they will turn out in accordance with how much effort you put on them. Supposing Allah said this.

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How many of us can say those of us who have good children? How many of us can say that this is because of my effort?

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Can we say this?

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Or Allah subhanaw taala takes it to app which girl no problem you should do also Mashallah.

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But you do a little bit Allah subhanaw taala does the rest.

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And today this days, we are living in

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Illa Bismillah Illa Illa Mashallah. Most children are better than their parents.

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In terms of the citizen, in most homes, the children are more on the sooner the children are more particular about why they have more knowledge than the parents and so on and so

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We make sure dollars man $1 for each and everything so part of sugar is to list the number of things that we need to thank Allah for.

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It is very easy to become conscious of a Namath of Allah subhanaw taala when it is gone,

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you know, my knees don't function anymore, then I Oh my god, you know, one day there was a time I could jump from here to there now today I cannot even sit, I cannot even pray.

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What is it that hamdulillah Allah has given this is all part of life. But my point is that the time to be grateful is when when you have that strength.

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That is why the Nevada of youth is worth more than the Nevada when you are old.

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So we thank Allah subhanaw taala when we have those boundaries and and then the strength and the wealth and the power and the authority and the influence, at that time, not when it is gone.

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And finally very important as part of sugar

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is never to use the Namath of Allah subhanho wa Taala in his disobedience,

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Allah subhanaw taala gave us site.

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It is part of sugar never to see something which Allah has made.

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This partnership will not simply is not enough to say Allah Alhamdulillah Allah gave me said no, no.

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Not enough. If you are in indeed grateful for that, then that sight must never be used in the disobedience of Allah.

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Similarly, Allah gave us hearing Allah gave us Mr. basara Kalam, Allah subhanaw taala gave us strength, Allah gave us influence Allah gave us money that must never be spent in anything which is the disobedience of Allah, even if it's been one rupee in something which is a disobedience of Allah, then you are being ungrateful to Allah subhanaw taala. And what we say?

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Well, I in Khartoum, in other Elijah de

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I gave you the wealth, and I have the power to take it away in one second, and we have enough and more live examples of our own life in this times. When people who were wealthy in the night in the morning they woke up and everything was gone.

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Well, let us not live in such

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you know, in a fool's paradise to think that it happens only to others it cannot have a domino effect

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depends Allah subhanaw taala and we ask Allah subhanaw taala for his Rama and to save us from these things, but it can happen to anybody.

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Therefore, part of soccer is never to use the Namath of Allah subhanaw taala in anything which is his disobedience, no matter who's

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What, irrespective of that, there is always a reason

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the one who's doing something he's always just because now I have a reason doesn't make it a lot. Other also has a reason.

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You know, when we talk about ostentatious marriages, for example you spend money Allah has given you money, what do you do with the money, you spend it in all sorts of haram practices in the name of weddings. And then on the on the wedding invitation, you will write the ayat of the Quran, and you will write the Hadees on Salah Salam.

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And then in the wedding, you have sangeeth and you have Sasha Sasha, and you have Mandy and you have this and you have that and all sorts of rubbish. Why? Because Allah gave you money.

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If Allah had given you nothing,

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you still have to get married, then what would what would you do? quietly, we'll go and get married in the new Tankless water at least somebody wanted to marry me or wanted to marry my son or my daughter. And so for

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whoever it was, maybe it's auto rickshaw driver or somebody was Rambouillet please I got an auto rickshaw driver for my daughter who I mean, can you imagine

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he was sitting here you would like to have an auto rickshaw driver for your for your daughter.

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So Allah subhanaw taala put you in a position where May Allah forgive us we do not look down on that. But certainly if a proposal comes from an auto rickshaw driver, you will not accept it. Not because the man is not religious, not because the man is not good looking out Richard Evans can be good looking. Not because he's not strong not because he is not doesn't have education, but because he's an auto rickshaw driver, you will not accept this proposal. So I'll give you money. Now that money in the name of the same wedding in the same of the in the name of the same I have the Quran which you will start stand there and decide in the hot bath, you will spend that money in doing

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This is sugar.

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The sugar

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we was it is part of sugar to absolutely ensure that we never consciously use any of the Namah of Allah subhanaw taala in his disobedience, if you want to disobey Allah, then find the life from somewhere else, find the strength from somewhere else, find the money from somewhere else, find the eyesight and the hearing and the column and the samata and everything else from somewhere else, then use it No problem.

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But How shameful it is that we take it from Allah and we use it against Allah in Allah and Allah.

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So that is part of sugar to ensure one to be thankful, consciously thankful, thank Allah Alhamdulillah

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consciously thank Allah And number two, never to use it in the disobedience of Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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And the way to do that is to ensure that our entire life is on this one hour. So that's the surest way to ensure that we are awaiting Allah is to follow us on our sources.

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ask Allah subhanaw taala to make it easy for us as asked Allah subhanaw taala to make all these reminders a source of benefit for us and to enable us to bring this into our lives and to live our lives in accordance with the axiom of Allah Allah Allah and in accordance with the Sunnah of his Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was Allah Allah Allah will carry while he was Hobbesian erotica.