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AI: Summary © The Shere Khan and Shere Khan issues are discussed, including the difficulty of praying to regata hedges, the desire for a mother to lead a baby's birth, the danger of being a mother to lead to birth, and the importance of being happy for Allah and not afraid of others. The dangerous behavior of Shere Khan is also discussed, including the need to be careful and not let people come with desire. The importance of speaking the truth and facing challenges with reciting the word "how I lead" is emphasized, and the responsibility of the map is emphasized as a way to avoid mistakes.
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undeliverable alameen wa salatu salam ala shuffelin via evil mursalin wa Allah Allah He was happy as made about Chela, today we will start a series on Serbia and we will try to deal with the different issues of Serbia hopefully before we finish our ethics if and if you can't finish it before that then inshallah we will continue that anyway all of you get these reminders I think all of you get them on your way right?

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Yes or no? So anyone who is not on that list, give your email ID to Azhar and he will send it to you so inshallah you can get it anywhere in the world you are when it comes to inshallah

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initio Serbia.

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I want to I want to start today with the issue of economics. On the left, we have many young people who have learned Quran, and who have learned recitation and who have the desire to be mums.

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The first question, somebody came and asked me, I said, I want to do two rockets can I do to a rocket of the head?

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So I said, Are you asking me if you can pray to regata hedges, or you want to lead to rakata hedges? Because there is a big difference between the two. You want to pray to the God of the hedges and I will tell you who can pray 200 pages, no problem. But if you want to lead to Agatha hedges, then I have to tell you the hardest one of a seller seller who said that the one who asks to be an Imam do not make him do not make him any man for that reason.

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And this refers to Imam of the Salah. I've also reversed Imam of the oma if someone says I want to be the Amir bacillus, Allison said ensure that he is not made the Aamir not because he's not capable, but because he asked this question.

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The desire forum for the desire for a mammoth comes from shaitan not from Allah subhanaw taala.

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people mistakenly give the example of Yusuf Ali Salaam and they say the problem with people is that they give the liar without understanding that. So this is a useable a Sam put up himself and he said, I know

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what does that refer to? That refers to a situation where there is a general need

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and you are one of the people who is present. And nobody knows who you are, they don't know what you know.

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In that case, you can say this is my capability. For example, in the issue of human worth, supposing you are sitting in a Masjid, there is a Matura going on. And people are saying that you know, for therapy now, or for something we need an Imam who's happy who's having Quran right. And you find that nobody is saying anything. So in that situation, you can say I am happy for Allah.

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Even there you should not say I want to be the man No, I am a half of the Quran. nowaday it is for them to decide if they want you to read the Salah shala but it is just for you in that situation to say I'm having trouble obviously, whether you are having Quran or not, cannot you can't look at your face and say you are happy. So you have to say I have 100 or similarly in some other situation, if there is some matter that has to be dealt with and you have some special skill, then there is no harm in saying these are my skills, this is what I know this is my education, so on so forth. But to say I want to be a ma'am.

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No, this is from shaitan.

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Please understand one thing very clearly the holy service Allah sallam, he said the meaning of which is

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he said, that I am not afraid for you that you will worship idols. But I am afraid for you that you will indulge in Shere Khan which is coffee.

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And they asked him Salar de la sala de la sala what is the shirt which is coffee, and he said Aria

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Aria to show people and sallallahu Sallam he said that Ria is more hidden than a black ant crawling on a black rock in the dead of the night in the middle of the night. It is more hidden than that.

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And what is Riya reassure

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Allah subhanaw taala said lil mousseline Allah Vina whom onsala to himself Oh Allah Vina whom your own.

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So if you have this desire for a mammoth and somehow you get yourself onto the masala then please understand very simple one thing very clearly. Maybe you want to be the Imam here because your credit is good or you think it is good many times people say I want to decide and my credit is good and when he when he comes there you know what is there is like right he thinks it is good.

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Maybe even if it is good, maybe you are the best curry that ever existed on the face of the earth. But when you are standing there on the masala you are committing ship.

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While the muscle is behind you there Salah is good hamdulillah because your karate is nice. They are getting

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And you are committing suicide.

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And the most dangerous part of this is nobody else can say whether you are committing Shere Khan or miniature only you know and Allah knows

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and that is the most dangerous thing because on the Day of Judgment the Salah was in the hands of the three who will be given up first before anybody else. One of them is the carry and the island who resided for under show people and who who taught him to show people to that he might be called a great carry and a great ally. First one with thrown into the hellfire.

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We don't want to be in that yes insha Allah.

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If you are standing there and you are making me Mama is according to me and this is my personal opinion mama is the worst thing in the world.

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It is a burden. It is a mercy but

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if it comes on you first make sure Casa La salado hodza ask Allah for help make Toba and standard do the mama go back and make Toba again

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it is impossible because when you are an Imam and you are standing and reciting right now if your credit is good,

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why am I reciting show the people Am I deciding to Allah? Who is to decide this? Who must decide this?

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So constantly now when you get crucial

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and you want to read more?

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Right? Again thought comes when you are getting crucial supposing you are resetting some IRS and in a law your budget of Allah you love Allah subhanaw taala you want to cry at that time thought come if I cry now it seems that people will see it might be sure for people so what do you do you destroy your own crucial personally and you say no no no so yes v Allah the whole quarter who was this? Who was I am very happy to read my Salah alone by myself in that doesn't cry before my rupt in my carpet is wet nobody's to see absolutely no problem Angela is Mia Mara. But if you're standing on the masala it destroys your

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skin be very very careful about even in spite of all this if somebody says Mashallah, as we know we know this way please reach Allah, then make Toba and lead Salah insha Allah May Allah subhanaw taala protect you and give you the reward for the absolutely no problem. But never have the desire for it and never ever ask people to say I want to eat Zara never do that that is pure from shaitan please understand is very clear. If you're from schatten not nobody else.

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second issue is when you are the man is this is a story of sad been wired or the lanos had been modeled Delano used to read Asia with

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images and then he would go to his tribe and they would wait for him and then he would lead Salah there. So once he went and he was leading Salah, and he was reading along surah is this celebration. He's reading along surah one of the muscle is behind him. He decided that the Salah was too long he was in a hurry or something. So he changes there and he completed a Salah on his own he left

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so obviously he

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didn't bother the law real he realized this. So he called him he said Why did you go so is it your salaries Do I have to go so he fired him he got angry with him. The man went Rosada someone complains

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and he said he leaves the light so first of all it is late because he reads here he comes here and then after that is late and then I was in a hurry I left as soon as I was ill and called him and said what the man said is like

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he said when you are the man think of the muscle is

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think of the muscle is don't read long sutras don't read long things because there are old people behind you. There are women behind you there are children behind you. They're what muscle they have to go home they have to do things and now they are stuck behind you because now you have your into your you know,

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and you want to reset No. Think of the mousseline it's very, very important in Mammoth. You want to read long surah that did all the hard is that we have a restaurant where he read the verse and then he completed Bernie Sanders. All of this is tattooed by himself.

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People who narrated they went and stood beheading Abdullah so they went and stood behind him that was his own decision that was a play is praying and he went to law school I did not read social baccara and so on and so on. When he was leading Jamaat in, there was no

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all similarly, these the incidents that we know the heydays of the show, for example, the ayat of surah. Isaiah, why in the home by no home, in the home about this era, Surah Surah Salam repeated and repeated and repeated for the whole night when I was reading telefonisch at that time was you do not notice. All of these are the hazards by himself, which he was reading. It's not it's not individualized

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Java. So serrato Java by mammoth, have that big responsibility. And make sure that you think of the mousseline. You don't just extend the CLR you don't you don't you know practice your parrot

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where they sir gets extended extended, people are having difficulties they can't stand they can't sit all because of rip problem is, is this that because now of your recitation, people are getting tired and sick of Salah.

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They came with a desire to pray, but now they said My God, what is his mercy but then we have to go here our reason

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who just wants responsible you azima

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be very careful, do not let let people come with desire, let them go back with desire, let them go back thinking so I wish this Allah was longer.

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I wish this Imam would recite more.

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Not to say Thank God it is over 100 Allah never again is Majid la la hora de La Villa.

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No, please be very, very careful. Third responsibility of the map is if you are a mom,

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then speak the truth without fear.

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Speak the truth without wanting popularity from anybody. It doesn't matter people don't like don't like you speak the evidence that if it has to be set state, if you don't have the guts don't stand here. Simple as that.

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In some, in some places, for example, you might have to, you know, make some comments about the behavior of people in other places, there might be some bizarre which are happening in the market right and then if you don't say it, you participate in the same era.

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So whatever it is, if whatever's The matter is the job once you are here on this masala then it is your job as the man to speak the truth without fear fearing only Allah,

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decide before you stand here. If you can't do that, don't come here, simple as that. And that also sometimes is a good decision. For example, if you have found yourself in some place, where now without your knowledge or whatever you are asked to lead Sara and people are asking you to leave Salah. And then you realize that in this place, there are some bizarre which happen. Maybe the Buddha is not a Buddha even if the Buddha for example is not to the level absolute hummingbirds are completely around then you know you are totally sure he will not do it or you may not even pray there but I'm saying maybe there is something but they are not correct things not so much.

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In such a case if they tell you to lead Salah, do one of two things. Speak to the Imam, the one who's telling you to lead Salah speak to him and say this is how I lead Salah if this is acceptable to you, no problem, if it is not acceptable to you, I would like to I will play d&d, but I will not lead

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serious otherwise just say sorry, I today please forgive me I will not do Salah, because in such a case in such a situation to lead Salah. And then to say something against what is going on there, if you are a stranger in that place actually causes more harm than good.

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So in such a case, you might say well, it's better for me not to create a fitness, right, what is happening is not good, but at the same time, I am a stranger I'm a visitor I've just come once and now I stand here and I start seeing so many things, I have no credibility with the people and it will create more fitness. So, therefore, we do not create fitness, then if you are there for a longer period and so on inshallah, then people will come around to your way of thinking and so on and so forth. Right.

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So, issues of events, in terms of Serbia are very, very important for us to understand. And last and final one, sometimes it happens

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that when you are doing a mammoth, you are reciting. And after you finish and Salah is over and all that people will come and they will congratulate you and so on while euro stasia this make Toba maktabah maktabah maktabah maktabah hamdulillah and internally make our then you will find there will be somebody who will come and he says yes, you know, you recite resorbable Allah and in this surah you said this in this way, and that is a mistake integrates.

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Right. Thank him. So Alhamdulillah

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thank Allah.

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Maybe even the mistake is pointing out maybe it is not even such a big mistake. Maybe it is not even a mistake. Maybe the guy heard wrong, who knows? Like he said, You said that? I didn't say that. You heard that?

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Right? Why where is the professor determinative unless it is recorded? Maybe that's what you heard. Maybe something's wrong with the year you know,

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who knows, but no, Sangha was was Alhamdulillah because all of these are things which are protection from Rhea

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never ever volunteer for amendments. No, never. If it comes it comes later. And I tell some people sometimes they said oh no, I really want to lead as if you really want to read for it was once asked

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Allah tele Allah I want you to hear my voice

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inshallah. So please arrange make arrangements for me to lead some. inshallah even though I like separate and somebody will go into blue Lisa

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