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salat wa salam, O Allah.

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Allah, Allah, he was happy as

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a mother.

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I received

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news information about the passing away of two people one in the morning when they're actually

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in the morning, one of our brothers here who,

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after certain further he was going home on the budget, and somebody hits and somebody died in a car, they hit him. And when he died,

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you ask Allah subhanaw taala, to give him Shahada. And to give him the highest station in Ghana.

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And the lady was

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going home in July,

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him the best of the words and forgiving each other.

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And the second was another news from the US. One of the daughters of one of our sisters have come here she buster,

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scholarship, subhanaw taala, also to give us the rest of the world and to forgive our sins, and to give an example for those who died.

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Why, and I was thinking to myself, I want to share with you is that allow them, maybe they were like us.

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And while they were away, they would have been thinking about so many things.

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They would have been thinking about what will happen in the European election, which is due Now, next week. And for the European Parliament, maybe there was thinking about what will happen in 2014. The Indian election, which party will come to power will be prime minister, they will be thinking about all kinds of things. They will be they will be thinking about their business and this and that. The question is that the moment that

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door opens in their lives,

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both of them, there's available notes in a different state different circumstances. But there was

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at that time, what is the question that is important for them?

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What is the question that is important for them? When they say well?

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Is it the result of the European election?

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When multiple multi million currencies are going, what do you think will happen in the European election? Parliament? What is your opinion?

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Or will he say what did you believe?

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And what did you do?

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Which is the question which is most important.

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I'm not saying that there is anything wrong and thinking about the European election or something like we live in this world. So we have to think about the world. And as long as we're doing that in a positive manner, nothing wrong with it. But everything has to be given its due importance.

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In Islam, the number one principle is justice. And that is why share is the number one sin because it seeks to the person who is who is seeking to do injustice with Allah.

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It is the right of Allah subhanho wa Taala to be worshipped without any partners. And the one committing ship is trying to do injustice to Allah.

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Nobody can do injustice to Allah. And that's why there's an industrial colossal one as it is a very shape is the worst and the biggest loss in life.

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Because a person is trying to do injustice.

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So just isn't the number one thing and if you're looking at justice and saying what is justice, the Justice has to give everything its due importance

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in Arabic to take cap

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and throw it on the ground with injustice.

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Because that is not the position of the cap to be lying on the floor of Congress.

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Somebody gave his Gavin budget in the shoe rack injustice because that's not the place for the gap. civility is somebody like it happens in the West many people have this habit of sitting behind their desk and they put their feet up on the desk. We have all these pictures of so called great people who sit with their boots in their shoes on the on the desk.

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This in our culture is janitors in our culture. This is a highly highly despicable ridiculous it's a sign of blatant ignorance. Only a donkey will put his feet on the on the table where you use in write and read to do good thing and you put your boots on issues.

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On the table, what kind of culture

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This is absolutely girls industries. So, to give the thing the position that is due to it is that this therefore, we have graphical effects that out of the many things that we are concerned about what is justice?

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Which should we be concerned about the most?

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And which should we be concerned about next, and which should we be concerned about the least.

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So, anything they are concerned about, if you look at it, if I tell you how to save a piece of paper write down all the things you are concerned about several things

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and if I say I in order of priority, right now, what am I going to deliver? But is that the thing which should be in our mind? Whatever it is that we are considering number one priority? Is it really number one.

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If it is not number one priority, then we are doing injustice to ourselves, we are doing justice to our own life. Because in our life, we are giving priority to something which by itself does not have

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some unimportant thing, but we're giving priority to that.

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Whereas the thing which has number one priority, that thing is being relegated somewhere,

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either to the lower number on that list, or maybe Allah maybe it is not on the list at all.

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Maybe it's not on the list at all.

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Because if we are if I say to myself, that is the number one priority should be for me? What would I answer to 11 a day?

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What will I answer to 11 a day they shouldn't be? They should be anyone with any even a basic knowledge of Islam. The number one question is what when I die? The question that I will be asked, I should have an answer for this question. But I don't have an answer for that question. And there is some big problem in my life because I die now. And as you said I like to do incidents neither of those two people expected that nobody today

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No one expects you to

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act the day

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and then what is the number one question

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what should that number one question should be our number one priority?

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That is the voice. So for example,

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did I create a habit today?

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That would be my number one priority, why because that is the thing which will come with me. After

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nothing else will come. The TV program I watched is not going to come with me if it comes with me recovering completely, maybe olara depending on what I was watching in a negative way, it will cause problems for me It won't do any do me any good.

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Whatever else I was leaving,

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if it was something beneficial or not, then either it is something which is of no use either this way or that way or it can be negative.

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But the garage in which I have read and hamdulillah inshallah, no matter what the quality of that Salah

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we have an art of war from the dhammapada no matter what quality of exile as long as you got up and you made an Easter before Allah, no matter what quality of us Allah insha Allah we have the hope from Allah, that Allah subhanaw taala we accept that from us and He will reward us for it.

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But did we do it?

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And did we do it?

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The Quran that we need

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I'm not saying we should not improve the quality of Salah I'm not saying we should not read the improve the quality of our residents.

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Irrespective of that way we may be drying and while we are drying feel we are reading the Quran may not be in the best way but

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it is something which will benefit me if I die now. Whatever I read till now will benefit me if I die now. Yes.

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But if I had this intention, oh, I want to read one this before was another fella. And I did not do it because I went to sleep whatever it was.

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And then I don't know.

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That just is not I didn't really read it.

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So just think about this, let us say that when if I die right now and I know if this is not a hypothetical question.

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Because not a hypothetical question, the only real question

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because we will

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we will all die and as I said nobody expects to be

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the one who has the best of debts. Also known as

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the one who dies. The law protects us and that was a bad ending.

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Everyone dies, everyone that is a price.

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And at that time, what is the number one question that I will be asked just to demand that we don't do injustice to ourselves and that we focus on those things which are important. And we defocus from those things which have an important kind of

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needless confusion people and all sorts of, you know, unnecessary,

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unnecessary things that we give importance to and so on. Very important to delete all of this trash from our consciousness. The mind only has that bizarre capacity and fill it up with garbage it will be filled with rubbish. So remove all that remove everything filament and fill the mind with the knower of Allah. Fill the mind with the

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fog with a focus on thingies are actually important. And what are those things, the things that we will be questioned about? We ask Allah subhanaw taala to enable us to focus on the things that are important. We ask Allah Subhana Allah to enable us to work on the things which are important. And we ask Allah Subhana Allah to have those things benefit us in this journey. Oh, and also Lola had an

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