Mirza Yawar Baig – Reminders Being A Standard Bearer Of Islam Part I

Mirza Yawar Baig
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses three aspects of the life of Islam: the life of resources, the life of the Prophet salallahu alai he is reciting, and the effort to acquire knowledge. They encourage the audience to make an effort to acquire knowledge and share it with others. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of avoiding death and standing out from others.
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sent out to Santa

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Early he was

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about malankara water.

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it was around that I said

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look at Canada country those who rely on Hashanah. Even Canada law was Yamanaka was like a like a zero.

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Let's round that is a really

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good example for you. The best example for you is the OSHA of Microsoft.

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Was Watson has been

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the one guy or the law, while you're

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the ones who believe in Allah subhanho wa Taala returned to

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the meeting with Allah subhanho wa Taala. And the day of judgment was a Corolla Kira and remember Allah subhanho wa Taala much.

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Allah Subhana data gave us the example of the life of interviews Allah Allah Allah serves

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as an example for us to follow and to

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mold our lives on

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the entire label as well as Allah, Allah is an example for us. Allah did not specify a piece of his life you did not say, look at the back of my Navy, or look at the back of my Navy or look at something else. Your whole life. The word of the Navy solo seldom is private life is public life is life as a statesman, his life as a father, his life as a teacher, while all of this and whatever else are not mentioned, the complete life of also lies Allah Allah, without any qualifications and boundaries, Allah subhanaw taala

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gave us that example to follow.

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I want to remind myself in you about three aspects of the life most of us will do one today and then we'll do one tomorrow and one day thereafter inshallah.

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To help you to remember that, I want you to remember three words,

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a para comb, comb, three words.

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The first word,

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and that is, from the life of resources, Ellen,

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the first word of the first revelation. Well, as Roger said, this parapsychological

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read in the name of Europe who created everything.

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The first lesson for ourselves to read one to learn from the life of sources Allah is the life of the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam is the life of that is a life of presenting Islam to the world.

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And in order to present Islam to the world, the most important thing to do is to read,

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we also realize Alexandra was recite, the meaning was the site, whatever was revealed to recite. For us the meaning is to read to acquire knowledge.

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we ask ourselves, and we need to ask ourselves, how much of our time is being spent in the acquisition of knowledge?

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How much effort are we making to acquire knowledge?

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There are people retell stories of how Imam Bukhari walked from one country to another country to hear 100 is on how this one of our sell off and that one of our self, there's a famous story of Delano when he was in that, and a man came to him from from another city very far away. And

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he said, I've come to you

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to listen to something from you about the life of somebody. So with that, said, Did you come only for that purpose? Or do you have some other purposes? No idea Molly was just to meet you the results.

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That didn't hear this that I heard doesn't realize otherwise. I'm saying that the man who goes out in this part of knowledge goes out to seek knowledge. Allah forgives the sins and the Malaika spread their wings, under his feet, for him to walk on. And the ants in their holes, the ants in their homes in the in the animals and the fish in the sea, they pray for enough to disperse all the people of Alaska including the ants, and the fish, they pray for the number of this person, for a person who goes out in the path of Allah subhanaw taala to seek knowledge. So therefore, if you are talking about the importance of seeking knowledge, we need to ask ourselves, number one, how much of time I

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spending in seeking knowledge. Number two, how much effort Am I making in spreading knowledge

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and hamdulillah vizilite Allah, we are having

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Are glasses on a freezer?

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in here? And one of the things I find is that many or if not most of the regular crowd is missing.

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Now why?

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Because they can one reason and that reason is that they think that they know Okay, that's all well now that they can teach it to anybody else, therefore they do not need to come to the class.

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Now, that is a reason, maybe that's the reason but if that is not the reason why they're not there

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the question of making an effort, in this case, all it needs is to bring yourself physically and put yourself in a chair that

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somebody else who's doing the work of studying and researching and presenting in the end everything else, and all you need to do is bring us out there and you can do that.

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So where is this desire to learn?

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And if you don't learn how will you do the work of that obviously

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graphic that was associated questions, and then the user excuse now I have some work. Yes, I agree with you. So you have some work. I want to ask I want you to put one test which is a test that I bought for myself, because as you know, I also have some I also have work I'm not exactly you know, someone where I was no work. So I want you to put this test for yourself a test is

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if you die in this work which you went for in that time, at that moment, if you what they should drop dead, then you will be resurrected in that in that states.

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And contrary to that, if you died seeking the knowledge of the deen of Allah Serrano's are sitting in a class of Dark Souls the Quran has been sitting in a class of Rocky that of Islam,

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which is a better depth.

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Because this is the reality

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because you're choosing one or the other. So I can understand if the work you were doing was the top of the car I said fine, go do that because it is better to die making tough than to die sitting here listening to this. But if you are not doing that you're not doing jack visa visa, for example. Or if you are not doing top of the GABA and making high drama. Then you ask yourself, what work were you doing? Which was better and more important than learning about Islam?

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My brothers we have to seriously ask ourselves some questions because it is not simple that we are going to walk around in the world and say we are bearers of Islam.

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But then you look at our allies the allies are like everybody else.

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They are also chasing lunia there was they were I bought some work and his work is not more important the work.

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So what's the difference between you and them?

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If we want to do the work of this, then you have to differentiate yourself and stand out from others.

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