Reminders Being A Standard Bearer Of Islam Part Ii

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Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala l mursaleen Allah Allah

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less raha della mentioned that I was seeing as to the three things that are required when we look at the serum is Allah is our solemn and say how do we mold our lives on the way of the Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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These are three things one is color, three words Accra comb comb and we said the Accra has to do with learning with knowledge, gaining the right knowledge and understanding the deen

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and inshallah, yesterday in the tarbiyah class, I explained that in more detail with the ayat of Surah Surah from Surah Taha and inshallah, we'll also do that on Wednesday.

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The second word, as I said, is comb where Allah Subhana Allah mentioned in the surah that I decided in in further

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Yeah, you want a Muslim you know, only later in life Allah,

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or the one who was wrapped in governance and sleeping on stand up.

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And Laila Illa Holly stand for the whole night except for a little while.

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When we want to do the work of the deen of Allah subhanaw taala. It is necessary to connect with Allah subhanaw taala. We cannot do the work of Allah rather then without having a connection with Allah.

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And the connection with Allah subhanho wa Taala comes through Salah.

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Because that is the thing which Allah subhanaw taala gave us as the means of connecting with Allah there is no other means of connection with Allah which is better than that or Salah.

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And therefore, and this Allah also in that Salah, the Sunnah of the night, the financial Of course, we don't mention the forest for the simple reason, which is that if you want to connect with Allah subhanaw taala, the forest is the given that is the foundation if you are not doing the work, then where is the question of humanity. So the first is for you to look at beyond this. What is more than a form because we know from the headaches of sort of asylum as well as rafaela mentioned, and he said that the meaning of the Hadith, he said, my slave comes close to me by his office.

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He didn't say by five, he said by his office, and he comes so close to me that I become the end by which you strike and I become the foot by which he walks and has become the eyewear which he sees and the agenda, the tongue and jaw. Now, the point is that these are the nuances why because you're doing more than what is required.

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Remember the recall, they had the service on a salon where after salon father, he asked Who among you is fasting to the

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races? And yes, I think about this, do you think he has this thing in Nevada?

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No, because he will not ask this question. Why would you ask the question of everybody's passing around? So obviously, we're talking we're looking at fasting which is not the first novel

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How do you get close to loss manager by and often by doing more than what is regularly required? Now think about this in our lives, whenever we choose to do something

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for other than Allah, whether even I'm not talking about the harm again, let me make the dedicated Muslim is not supposed to do RM so forget about her. Even Helen

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if you choose to do is to spend your time in your business or spend your time somewhere else, when the time is there to spend for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala you are choosing the dunya for the even if it is Halloween.

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So, what is the choice for me

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and as I said, I use a very simple rule for myself which is that if my death is written at a particular time,

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supposing my death is written today at 5pm

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Then what do I want to be doing at 5pm?

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So if 5pm is is Allah is the time for Salah to Java, and at that 5pm I am somewhere else that are actually choosing to die somewhere else rather than to die in Salah in Zulu.

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Right? Because time overrated. Now, given the choice Do you want do I want to see maybe I'm watching this football match and you know, time

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is until 630 so we have time Yeah.

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So football, that penalty match you know he's going to score a goal you guys give me five minutes surround at that time, motherboard governance has come up.

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Now what happens? We have chosen to die in front of the TV screen instead of dying in Salah in the machine. So what do

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we have to ask this is the question you have got any time there is this thing? Should I do this right? If I have to die at this moment, where do I want to die?

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There is always an excuse or brother The only thing or there's always an excuse the shutdown is there musalla but it is always there.

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Why not do this but when I was 11 I know

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sometimes we get this feeling you know it's okay you know what I don't want these general visuals will add. You know for me if Allah forgives me That is enough. And for me if I get one small hut in someplace that is enough, you know all of these statements what they're showing, they're showing that you really have actually no repeating data

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there's not a statement repeat the statement of lack of your key and fear is fear Allah because on that day on the day when you are dying, if this is in your mind, Allah Allah only knows whether you will die with the amount of without

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because the How is it possible that the one who has your cane in the agenda does not want Jonathan zeros? How is it possible?

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So if somebody's saying no I don't want these big girls that I am okay with small data it means that he has no faith at all and then either neither be not what

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he's saying is to make an excuse why because you are choosing something of the dunya instead of something of Allah subhanaw taala

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that was your faith isn't isn't here.

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Because this you can see.

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So always remember this thing. If you want to get close. We have to look at our office we have to look at doing more than what Allah subhanaw taala has made for for the door to enter the enter the building of Yuma

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What do you want to walk around in that building you want to climb the stairs you want to go and sleep in the bedroom you need to do more?

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In addition to the work, there's always an excuse there's always something you know I am not well and this and that and so

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ask Allah ask yourself, your own conscience, where do I be want to be? as well as rounded as it was? For me lay?

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Stand for the whole night. Illa Allah Allah Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah Okay, so sorry for a little bit.

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A major part of the night stand because without that connection with Allah Subhan Allah will do the work

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at hamdulillah for the for the reminder, this is enough. Tomorrow we look at the second home what is what else to do? To gain the knowledge to stand with Allah subhanaw taala connect with Allah Allah. Now what is to do inshallah we'll do that tomorrow. Was Allah Allah Allah, Allah will Karim Allah Allah He was heavier dramatically.