Taimiyyah Zubair – EP 14 – Surah Al Baqarah – AYAT 21 to 22

Taimiyyah Zubair
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How long does it take you to memorize your lesson on average, one hour, one or two hours, 20 minutes.

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I think personally, that if you are able to pronounce the words like the Arabic easily, then that will really speed up your memorization of your lesson. And for that, I highly recommend that you do your homework. If you do your homework, believe me, your memorization will really speed up. Because it takes us long because we get stuck at the words we're not able to pronounce the words easily and properly. That's one of the factors I'm not saying that's the only factor but that's one of them. So remember that this course, is designed such that each subject complements the other. If you leave one, if you ignore one, it will affect your performance and the other subject. If you think for

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example, that I came here just to know the meanings of the Quran, not to gain perfection in my dream. No. If you don't improve your third read, you will not be able to understand the meanings of the Quran either. Because what's the first thing to read? Isn't it? And if you are not able to read then how will you be able to remember the first step is reading recitation. So remember that whatever homework is given to you take it seriously. Whether it is your homework, or it is your work toward homework or it is reviewing your notes or anything that is given to you take it seriously. One thing that I noticed not everybody does their lesson seven times. You should tell me why is it

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that you don't do your lesson seven times What's the reason? Because I see that in Mashallah so many of you are young, you don't have any husbands you don't have any children. You don't have you know, in last look after I mean, I'm sure some of you do, but not everybody, and especially those of you who are young, take advantage of the time that our last panel data has given you. What's the reason? You got lazy? So can you make the draw along my journey to becoming an RTC? One Cassady make the daughter Allah I seek refuge from rGz welcome, Sally from inability. This is from shavon. You might think that oh, I did the lesson three times. And I know it so well, why bother seven times? You know

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why? You know it right now tomorrow you forget? You know it right now. Next week, you will forget. If you do it seven times, chances of retaining it are much more. I'm not saying you just memorize it now. And you'll remember it forever. No, if you don't keep revising, you will forget. However, if you do your homework seven times, believe me, you will remember it for a much, much longer period of time.

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Another reason? You were busy with work?

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Do you think you can look over your schedule and see if you can take out maybe 15 extra minutes for this. Because if you keep thinking yeah, whenever I find the time, then I will do it, then you know what you will never find the time. You have to block the time from your day from your night for this lesson. You have to because otherwise you will not be able to do it. Like for example when it comes to Salah if it was left to us whenever you have the ability whenever you have free time, then pray. Do you think we would ever pray? Hardly. But when Allah subhanaw taala has fixed the time, fidget you have to get up and pray no matter how tired you are, no matter how sleepy you are. Do you end up

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praying? Yes. Similarly, motive time, it's time to clear up the kitchen. It's time to put your kids to bed. It's time to perhaps go out or go see someone or talk to someone on the phone. But it's McGriff time. Do you not make time to pray? Yes, you do. Why? Because the time is fixed. Similarly, to all of you, I highly recommend that you fix a time for your homework. Especially because you come here only on the weekends during the week, you have other things to do. So you have to fix the time. Personally, myself, also, I have fixed the time for myself to prepare for the class. If I don't prepare for the class at that time, I'm not able to prepare. So fix the time.

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Any other reason, it's possible that a person feels overwhelmed by the amount of the work, oh my god seven times. And because of that you give up. The thing is that the more you do it, the easier it will become. If you don't do it, it will not become easy. And this course is designed such that gradually the length of the lessons, it increases. Like for example, you may have noticed the first thing we did only a little bit. The next day again, we did only a little bit but over time, it's half a page one page, the length is increasing. Why? Because we build up gradually. So remember that if you don't do it, it will not become easier. And you can write this down if you want that if you

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don't do your lesson seven times. You will not be successful in this course. I'm telling you, you come here on the weekends, you sacrifice your weekends, you take time

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out, you know that you could spend doing other things. If you don't do it properly, then you won't get 100% out of it. If you really want this effort to be worth something, then you have to do the homework as well. And to overcome this feeling of getting overwhelmed, what you can do is divide the homework, you have a whole week in the middle. What you can do is divide it like for example on Monday, I have to do the lesson three times on Tuesday, I have to do it two times. On Wednesday, I have to do it this many times divided over the week. You have so many days to do it. If you divided it The advantage is the constantly are connected with the Quran and be the homework will not be too

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much for you. It's difficult to sit for two hours in a row and do your homework but it's easier to take 15 minutes out one day to do something or the other to make sure that you're actually doing your homework. All right.

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Are the Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim in pseudo Fatiha we made to our to our last panel Darla is in a Serato Mr. Clean, Oh Allah show us the right path lead us to the straight path. And that is who those people whom Allah Subhana Allah has blessed meaning those who have received the pleasure of Allah, those people who are successful and in certain Bukhara right in the beginning, we learned that this book is the book of guidance. The early colicky tabula rasa fi houda. It is a guidance. We ask Allah for guidance. Allah gives us the guidance, but who will take benefit from that guidance.

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Those who have Taqwa, those who do something, those who fear Allah, and who does not gain guidance from this book, Elijah fearing the disbelievers and who else aluna 15, the hypocrites. So after making it very clear, who isn't received of guidance and who is not in receipt of guidance, Allah subhanaw taala now invites all of mankind, every single human being, every single person, he called them To what? To his worship, that Oh, people worship your Lord.

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All people are included in this all of mankind, whether it is men, or women, young or old, whether it is people who live in Africa are people who live in Canada, whether it is people who are highly successful in worldly terms, or people who are not that successful in worldly terms, people who are healthy, and people who are sick, people who are educated and people who are uneducated, all sorts of people, all kinds of people, every single human being is being invited over here. So let's look at these verses. Allah subhanaw taala says, Yeah, uh, you have NASS all mankind, all people. The word Yeah, you have is health neither health neither. And neither is to call out to someone. If you

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think about it, when you have to say something to someone, you can say directly, or you can say something to get their attention. For example, if I were to say to you, please pick this up and put it away. Okay. But when I say Oh, then what does it mean? What I'm calling you to is something very, very important. It's very, very important. This is why I'm addressing you. I'm calling out to you. I want your full attention. So yeah, uh, you harness all mankind, all people. And remember that the word anass includes all people, all ages, all backgrounds, all races, all places all times. Yeah, a human ness. No human being is exempt from this. Whether he's a believer or a non believer, whether

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he's a person who has sincere faith, or a person who is a hypocrite, and NASA includes all of mankind. It includes You and I, every single one of us, our families, our friends. What does the law say? Yeah, you have NASS or Bududa back home. All of you should worship your Lord, or boo is from the root letters are in the same root as a yakka narubu. And what's the main word Reba. And what does it mean? worship. But what is worship in Arabic language? What is Riba?

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Is it just performing ritual worship? No. Riba is to humble oneself before someone in obedience. Why, out of love, out of respect, out of adoration, that when they command you to do something, you do it when they tell you not to

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Do something, you stay away from it. Why? Because you love them. Why? Because you are afraid of them. Why? Because you have respect for their comments. So when we are told, worship your Lord, what does it mean? Just perform the rituals? No, it means, do whatever your Lord commands you to do. And do it with love. Do it with willingness, do it with respect, or Bududa back home. And remember that the word of God is also from the same root and of the zoo, a slave, a servant. What does the servant do? He's always obedient to his master, whether he's tired, or he's not, whether he wants to obey or he doesn't want to obey, he's always obedient. So or buddhu. All of you should become slaves to who

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have become your Lord. Don't become a slave to your desire. Don't become a slave to the society. Don't become a slave to a person, you should be a slave to who are become your Lord. And who is rob the Holic, the Malik and the mother Bish, Rob baucom, the one who has created you, the one who owns you, and the one who provides you the one who makes you grow, the one who manages all of your affairs. He is the one whom you should be a slave to. Because He created you, he owns you.

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Why should you be a slave to someone who hasn't created you? Who doesn't own you? Who doesn't have any power or authority over you? You should give credit where credit is due you

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worship the one who deserves worship. And who is it that deserves worship? or become your Lord? Who is your Lord and levy Hello kokoon the one who has created you caulerpa ha, Lam cough, hunt. And hunt is to create something to bring something into existence. Something that was not there before it did not exist. You bring it into existence. This is what Hulk is.

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Allah, your Lord is the one who has created you. You were nothing. He brought you into existence. It's because of him that you are alive. It's because of him that you are something it's because of him that you have a name. It's because of him that you are what you are a lady Hannah kakum if he didn't create you, you would have been nothing. Allah subhanaw taala says and so total insanity is number one. Hello. lol insanity. hainault, Mina dairy, Lamia con Shea and makura has their not passed upon the human being a time when he was nothing that is mentioned. Where were you? 100 years ago? Did you have a name? Did you have a birth certificate? Did you have a passport? Did you have a

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license? Did your parents know you know? Where were you? You were nothing cool brought you into being your Lord under the Kanaka calm. This is why you should worship Him. And He didn't just create you but he also created when levena and those people who min publico who were before you cover is from the root letters of Batman. He created you and he also created the people before you. What does he mean by this the people before you? meaning all of the people of the past who existed who lived in this world before you from the time of Adam and Adam are listed on the first human being all the way until today. Every single person who came in this world who created him who created her, Allah

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subhanaw taala one Medina Min publikum and He is the creator of those people who came before you. This is why you should worship him. Why should you worship Him? Okay, first of all, He is the Creator. But why should you worship? Allah gives us the reason that I Lacan, that the law Allah, this word law, Allah, it gives the meaning of hope, it gives the meaning of an expected consequence, expected result do this, so that such and such may happen. And unless sometimes also gives a meaning of reason, that why should you do this, so that such will happen? So why should you worship Allah? What's there a law What's the reason? So that, that the code, you all can have the power? And what

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is the code that acun What's the root? Well

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Yeah, require and require is to take a shield to protect yourself. What does it mean? That you may protect yourselves? protect yourself from what? From the Hellfire from the punishment of a lion, the hereafter. And in this dunya what's the benefits are lack of data on so that you may have the quote meaning you become conscious. We all learned about with the cane earlier, who then limit the pain. And we learn about the importance of the poor. If a person does not have Taqwa, he cannot attain guidance from this book of Allah. So worship Allah, so that you can have the code so that you can become righteous. Many people want to be good. People say I really want to become better I want to

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improve I want to become righteous. What's the way to become righteous, or Buddha? worship your Lord, the one who created you and those before you so that you can adopt the core. And why is it important to adopt the core because without the core a person cannot be successful? Because Jenna paradise who hasn't been made for which people, those people who have Taqwa Allah, Allah says in Surah earlier in Milan, I 133. Were in that lane with the cane. Jenna is prepared for who? Those people who have Taqwa not those people who do not have Taqwa. Similarly, we see that if a person has taqwa, then only he will have the help of Allah, the assistance of Allah. Allah says in through the

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natural Ayah 128. In Allaha ma la Vina taco, Allah is with those people who have to pour, meaning his help is with those people who have Taqwa. So if you worship Allah, you will have the power when you have the core, Allah will help you. You want Allah's help? Do

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you want his assistance, you want things to become easier. have Taqwa the key to that everybody, so obudu Rocco y, la Lacan

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so that you can save yourselves.

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What do we learn in this ayah? We learn about the reasons for worshipping Allah subhanaw taala. Before that, do we learn about the importance of worshiping Allah? Yes. How? Allah soprano tada addresses all of mankind. And he says, Yeah, a un NES. What does it show to us the importance of Riba because Allah is first of all, using health, which is to alert the listener to grab their attention. And secondly, he's addressing all of mankind, which shows that Avada is necessary for who? all of mankind Why? Because this is the very purpose for which we were created. Allah subhanaw taala tells us in sort of that, yet, I have 56, that wilmerhale octyl General ins in lallier Boone,

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I have not created men and jinn, except that they should worship me. So when Allah says, Yeah, you have NASS, what is the

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importance of Riba.

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And this is such an important goal, that this is the very purpose for which you and I were created. We are here, not so that we can have a very great degree and so that we can have a very big house and we can have a happy family. No, we are here in this world, to worship Allah. This is why we were created. This is why Allah says, Yeah, you Hannah's or Buddha, Rebecca, because if you do not fulfill the purpose for which you were created, then you are useless. If you have a pen, which writes wonderfully, which has the capacity to write a lot, and you can use it, but if you don't use it, you just close it and leave it in your pencil case in your drawer, and you don't open that

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drawer, you don't open that pencil case, you don't use that pen. What good is that pen? Is it of any use to you know, even if you bought it for a lot of money, it's of no use to you because you're not writing anything with it. And if it's sitting there, in your drawer, occupying that space, it's only clutter. It's only a burden. Similarly, we as human beings, what is our purpose? To worship Allah? And if we don't worship Allah, then what are we useless? Garbage? This is why in the hereafter Allah subhanaw taala has two destinations, either paradise or hellfire. Those who fulfill their purpose, who do something, where do they go? paradise and those who don't fulfill their purpose? What are

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they garbage, and where does garbage go? It's to be burnt out. It's to be finished. It's to be thrown in a dump, never to be looked at again. And this will be the fate of those who do not worship Allah. their fate is what

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where they will not be looked at even no mercy will come to them because they're worthless, useless. So if you want to be worth something, then fulfill the purpose of your life. worship your Lord or Buddha back home.

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Another very important lesson that we learned from this ayah is the way to taqwa

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the way to success, the way to become righteous. And what is that? the worship of Allah soprano.

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If we want to become more conscious of Allah in the sense that in every situation, we remember what Allah wants us to do, and we do it. And we remember what Allah does not want us to do and we avoid it. Because it happens sometimes, right that you are in a situation where you're upset with someone and you say such harsh words to them, and later on, you regret like what was I thinking? I know that I'm not supposed to say harsh words. But what was I thinking? What's the reason you don't have Taqwa? Why don't you have the core? there is lack of Riba because increase in Nevada will only increase in the core. You understand? Increase in Riva will lead to increase in taco there is a

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divider there is taco there is no Riba there is no taco both are deeply connected with one another. Another very important lesson that we learn in this ayah is the obligation of rabada that a burger is an obligation on us. Why? Because a less commanding us or a boo and you learned that or Buddha is fairly um, it's a command. It's an imperative. When somebody gives us a command, do we have any choice? No, especially the command is coming from Allah. Do we have any choice? No, we don't have a choice. So if ally is telling us or buddhu it means it's an obligation on us. And remember that there are two types of Riba. One type of Riba is specific worship. Specific worship means performing

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acts of worship such as Salah. Similarly, recitation of the Quran making there are going for Hajj fasting in the month of Ramadan giving this a cat all of this is what ritual worship. And this is something that we have to do. We don't do it according to our own self invented ways, but we do it according to how Allah has taught us. The second type of very bad that is a general worship, what is general worship? Every word and action that Allah likes. And that leads us closer to Allah subhanaw taala. Any word, any action that Allah likes, it leads us closer to Allah. God Sam even told me he was asked about rabada that what is everybody? And he responded that ullery burdah to hear his moon

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jam your own Likud Lima, your Hippo law, who were Bahu meenal aquarelle. Well, armelle bellina was a hero, that the word rabada is a comprehensive term, which includes everything that Allah likes, and he approves off. What is it include? Everything that Allah likes, and he approves off to things he likes and approves off. And what is it that Allah likes and approves off? Which things in particular, we will acquire statements words. And secondly, actions are man. So any word, any action, Allah likes, he approves off, whether this word in action is apparent, or it is hidden, apparent meaning you're doing it with your limbs in front of other people, and hidden as in you're

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doing it in your heart such as remembering Allah. This is why he said that it rabada includes Salah, it includes siyam, it includes Hajj, but it also includes said truthfulness in speech. It also includes trustworthiness fulfilling promises, being honest, being kind to one's parents. It also includes maintaining ties, our relationship, being good towards other people, giving in charity, reciting the Quran, making Dora remembering a law, being good to your neighbor, smiling at someone. What is your brother? Just go into the machine and praying for that.

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What does your brother include? any action, any word that Allah likes, that he approves off? Good manners, being just removing harmful objects from the way so that other people don't get hurt? helping other people taking care of the orphan taking care of the weak taking care of the needy, feeding the hungry people building a Masjid constantly kavala saying Salaam to those who you know and those who do not know

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Being in the company of good people doing tilba is to repentance, loving for someone else, what you love for yourself. What about patience?

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Is that or rather, it is? How about gratitude? Being grateful to Allah? Is that?

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Yes it is having positive thoughts about Allah subhanaw taala being hopeful of Allah is that

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yes it is forgiving Your brother is that her brother? Yes. teaching something good is that everybody? Yes, it is. being thankful for everything you have to your parents, to your family, being obedient to your parents without being angry, not littering, saving water, keeping promises, visiting someone who is sick, being generous, going to janazah being content, being satisfied with whatever Allah decrees for us. It could be something that is apparently negative, apparently harmful, apparently something that we do not like. However, there is good in it, we see that it includes a parent as well as hidden actions, it includes words as well as physical actions.

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intention is also a kind of an action. Why because it's the action of the heart. When we talk about actions, it means the actions of the heart as well as the actions of the limbs as well as the actions of the tongue, which is words.

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So there are many, many examples and I want you to list them inshallah for your tomorrow's homework. So in your groups tomorrow, discuss the different types of worship that we can do.

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Or Buddha can worship your Lord, we see that worshiping Allah subhanaw taala is an obligation on us. And this means that we worship Allah in the way that he has commanded us, which includes specific worship, but also, General worship, that is something that we must do. Then, What's the reason? Why is it that we should worship Allah subhana wa tada because he is our Lord, the creator, he is or become a lady. Hello, Coco. And remember that the one who makes something, the one who owns something? Does he like it?

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For example, you bake a cake?

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Do you like it? Many times, you know people do. If they make something that looks very nice, they'll take a picture of it. And they'll save it and they'll show it to their friends. Look, yesterday, I made this. Did you bring me a piece? No, no, it's all finished. It was so good.

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When you make something yourself, when you own something, you like it a lot. You want the best for it, you take care of it, you preserve it.

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You may have seen for example, your parents have saved your artwork from kindergarten. And every time you're going through your stuff, trying to figure out what you should throw what you should keep. You look at it and you like maybe I shouldn't know it's so nice. I should keep it I'll show it to my kids.

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What we own, we like we want the best for it.

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You could have a phone and you take a lot of care for it. You make sure that you don't touch it with cream on your hands. You don't touch it with greasy hands, you make sure that you put it out of reach of children, you made sure that doesn't get scratched. You have a nice cover for it even. But if you give the same phone to somebody else, they might just play with it toss it in their hands and you like with each toss. You know your heart skips a beat? What if it drops? And what if it gets scratched? Oh my god, her hands are sticky, huh? You care for your things the way others don't care for your things. You love your things the way others don't love your things. Now think about it, who

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made you, Allah who owns you? Allah, you think he doesn't care for you?

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You think he's not sincere to you, you think he won't want the best for you? He wants the best for you. This is why you should worship him. When he commands you to do something, it is the best for you.

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When he tells you not to do something, it is not good for you. He will never give a command that is harmful for you remember that. When he gives us these commands. When he tells us to worship Allah. It's for our own benefit. So that we can get to Jenna. We can be successful, we can be happy.

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It's for our own good. This is how much Allah loves us. And all of us have heard that Allah loves the servants more than the love of 70 mothers.

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How much does a mother love her child?

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As a mother can you ever quantify that love you cannot?

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But imagine Allah subhanaw taala His love is much more than that. This is why worship him or Buddha back home. And Larry Hanako when Medina when kubla Khan the Anaconda taco

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Then we also learn in this ayah that Allah subhanaw taala is the only creator. There is no Chanukah, but Allah. There is no creator but Allah. How do we learn about that? Allah Subhana Allah says Allah de holla cocoon. One Latina men are welcome to the people of the past, the people of the present the people who will come later who is the creator of all of them, Allah Subhana Allah Allah,

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Allah, Allah who will hongkou well omro Hulk, is his meaning it's only up to him to create no one else can create. For example, there are people who try to have children for years and years. But if Allah does not allow, if Allah does not command, can they have children? No, they can spend 1000s and 1000s of dollars, but they cannot have. On the other hand, there are people who are trying not to have children, but what happens? They have children. Hulk, is whose command Allah Subhana Allah, Allah whole Hulk, Allah is the only Holic

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if Allah does not want, nothing can come into existence.

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Then we alternate in this ayah, that Allah subhanaw taala tells us, worship Allah so that you can have the core

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What does it show the importance of the core, the high rank of the core, the high level of the core, which cannot be attained except with the worship of Allah.

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The quote cannot be attained except with the worship of Allah. Another lesson that we learned in this ayah is that when a person worships Allah, Who benefits the person himself, he is the sole person who benefits from the worship of Allah. Because Allah says Allah, Allah Comdata code, if you worship Allah, you will save yourself as dunya and you will save yourself in the hereafter you will become righteous without urba you will not be able to do so. Allah does not need our worship. In other words, Allah does not benefit from our worship. Why? If we don't worship Allah, the entire creation is worshiping Allah. What Eman che in Illa you Sabir behind me, there is nothing except

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that it is glorifying Allah.

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We learned the Hadith, that the heaven The sky is creaking. Why? Because it's full of angels who are worshipping Allah soprano Darla, if you and I don't worship, it doesn't matter to Allah. When we worship who do we benefit ourselves. Because sometimes we're praying for Allah just to please our families, or just because you know, we have to, but remember that when you're praying for Allah, you're benefiting yourself. When you read on you benefit yourself, because when your recital hits the edge of you for every letter you read, you get 10 rewards. So who benefits you benefit? So if you want more benefit, perform more.

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If you don't want a lot of benefits, then perform less but then regret in the hereafter. So or Buddha bucho and Lady Kala Coco, Willa de Ravin, kobelco y la la con Dr. Cohn.

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Another very important lesson that we learn over here is the importance of gaining knowledge. How we have been commanded here to worship Allah, can we worship Allah without knowing how to worship Allah? No, we can only do it.

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When we have very light for example, you are coming over here getting knowledge why, so that you can know how to worship Allah subhanaw taala remember her in his book so he had Buhari. He has a chapter which is titled Allah Elmo, Pablo Kohli will Amelie. knowledge comes before words and actions.

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If you don't have knowledge, you don't have the right to speak. If you don't have knowledge, you cannot do anything. If you don't have knowledge, you cannot worship Allah. It's essential that we gain knowledge. Now Allah subhanaw taala tells us more reasons as to why we should worship Him. And maybe he is the one who gyla come who has made for you, your Creator, the one who deserves your worship. The one who has created you is the same one who has also created the earth jhala He has made from the letters g mainland journalists and journalists to make something it's slightly different from coke. Okay, so he has made for you under the earth. How has he made this earth? Feel

00:34:41 --> 00:34:59

Roshan? What is the Raj ferocious from the root letters fair, raw sheen and falesha is to level something to pave something to make it smooth. Die For example, something is very bumpy or has lots of rocks in it. What do you do? You take out all the rocks so it becomes nice

00:35:00 --> 00:35:29

smooth and soft and then you pave it, you level it, you make it smooth. This is what Photoshop is. And Faraj is that which has been paved. Like for example, a bed, a mattress, a cushion, soft, comfortable, smooth, it's not bumpy. It's not hard. It's comfortable. This is what ferocious. So Allah has made the earth for you as a few Raj. What does it mean by this? He has made the earth for you as a bed.

00:35:30 --> 00:35:59

Meaning he has made the earth for you. comfortable, habitable, that you can live in it with peace, you can live in it easily. Just imagine if the earth was tough, Rocky, everywhere. Would it be possible for us to live? Life would become extremely difficult. It's amazing that Earth soil or sand? How is it It's so soft, you can even walk barefoot?

00:36:01 --> 00:36:14

It's like a bed for you. You can rest in it peacefully. You can live in it, you can dwell in it in peace. And it's amazing that the earth is constantly moving constantly. But we don't feel the movement.

00:36:15 --> 00:36:59

We don't get tired, we don't feel dizzy. We don't feel nauseous because the constant movement of the earth isn't that amazing. It's habitable, you can live on it easily. Life is not impossible for human beings over here it is very much possible. In fact, it is the only place that we know where human life is possible. So under the Georgia law, common law feel motion was summer and the sky. He has made it as a *. And as a canopy. binaries from the letters bear noon. Yeah. And winner is literally something that has been constructed, something that has been made. The word benign is also used for a building a construction, but it can apply to an entire building, or even a part of a

00:36:59 --> 00:37:19

building. Which is why the word binhai is also used for ceiling roof. Because it's a part of a building. It is also constructed, it is also made to the sky, Allah subhanaw taala has made it as a canopy. What does it mean by this? that the sky is like a roof on you? What does the roof do?

00:37:20 --> 00:37:29

For example, the ceiling over you that we see what is it doing? What's its function? It protects you from what? heat, rain, wind,

00:37:30 --> 00:37:42

anything that could harm you, or affect your performance affect your work. The ceiling protects you from that. So the sky, what does it protect us from

00:37:43 --> 00:38:28

the different objects that are in space that could very easily fall down on the earth and destroy human life. But Allah subhanaw taala has made the sky such the atmosphere such that it protects us against so many objects that are out there in space. Just imagine if all of them were falling on us constantly, one meter 10 meters and what would happen, we'd be dead, we'd be finished. So he has made the sky as a canopy as a ceiling above you. And notice the word banana and the word banana ensures that the sky is very strong solid firm. For example, if you are in a place where the ceiling is not that strong, it's not that firm, that is only a sheet of cloth. What's going to happen with

00:38:28 --> 00:39:14

one gust of wind, it's going to fly off. But if it's solid constructed, then it is firm it will remain similarly the sky is firm solid. Allah subhanaw taala says into the number 12 what Bernina folk Welcome seberang she dad and Allah has constructed above you seven strong heavens into the MBI 32 we learn when you're under cement, a soccer fan, my fula and we have made the sky a protected ceiling, a ceiling that is protected in itself and it also protects you with summer abena what unzila and he has sent down Minnesota he from the sky. Angela from the letters Nunes a lamb.

00:39:15 --> 00:39:59

So he has sent down from the sky. What has he sent down from the sky? Man water. What water is this? That comes in the form of rain that comes in the form of snow that comes in the form of hail, do so many different forms. So Allah has sent down from the sky water and this water that comes down from the sky as a result of it for Raja Raja how la Jean Kuru Kuru just to come out of Raja he brought out he produced he took out B he threw it through what he refers to water. The water that comes down from the sky. Allah produces by it

00:40:00 --> 00:40:20

What? mina thammarat have the fruits, fruits, not fruit, but fruits, different types. And these fruits, what are they? This unluck home as provision for you. If it did not rain, you would have no produce. If you had no produce, what would you eat?

00:40:21 --> 00:41:14

What would you eat, you would eat nothing, and you would die. So Allah Who has created you, who has placed you in this earth has created the means of your sustenance has created the means of your protection, your well being with the earth as a bed and the sky as a canopy, and the rain that falls down from the sky. Notice the words for Roger became an fMRI, similar to the plural of Samarra. That mean bra. And Samara is fruit, or the product of a process. What is the motto literally, product of a process. It doesn't just apply to fruits as an apples and oranges and grapes. No, it applies to anything that grows. That is a result of what a plant. For example, it includes vegetables, it

00:41:14 --> 00:41:48

includes grains, it includes fruits as well. It includes anything that we eat that we benefit from our produce. And notice the word summarize exploring what does it show many different varieties? And what great quantities, varieties, as well as quantity, two things are indicated by the word tomato. It's amazing when you go to the grocery store, sometimes you wonder, what should I buy? Which vegetables should I buy? And which ones should I not buy? There's so much variety, and there's only in this part of the world.

00:41:50 --> 00:41:54

Every city, every country, every land has its own unique produce.

00:41:55 --> 00:42:49

Who has made all of this almost a pile of data, why it is a local, this con Rosa cough as provision for you. If it wasn't for this, he wouldn't be alive, you wouldn't be able to live. Allah has sent down the means for your provision as well, when such is the case, then Fela then do not that your Aloo you will make that you're aloof from the same route as geology marinela do not set do not make lillahi for Allah and dadon equals partners, one to 30 Moon while you are low and that is a plural of nid noon that need from the root letters known that the need is one who shares something with someone or one who is a peer of the other. Like for example, all of you are what classmates. So you

00:42:49 --> 00:43:42

come to the same class, what do you share amongst yourselves the class, all of you come to the same class all of you are peers, you are all at the same level. So this is who I need is Allah subhanaw taala says falletta gR lunula he and data do not set equals for Allah. Do not set partners for Allah. Meaning don't worship others as you should worship Allah. Don't love others as you should love Allah. Don't fear others as you should fear Allah. Don't believe about others what you believe about Allah. What do we believe about Allah that He is the only creator that he is the one who provides that he is the one who answers prayers that he is the one who gives life gives death. He is

00:43:42 --> 00:44:30

the one who does whatever he wants to. Don't believe about others what you believe about Allah. No One No One is at the level of Allah subhana wa tada interpret the class. What do we learn? kulu Allahu Ahad Allah Samad Lamia late William unit William YOLO. Go for one. There is no one. No one at all. Who is equal to him? Don't set equal to Allah when he is the only one who created you created those before you when he's the only one who made the earth has a bed for you and the sky is a canopy for you. And when he is the only one who sends down rain from the sky for you. Then why should you set partners with a law? Well I'm comparing the moon while you know that he is the only one who does

00:44:30 --> 00:44:31

what is mentioned over here.

00:44:32 --> 00:44:46

Darla moon from the letters I inland memory. So when you know that Allah is the one who created when you know that Allah is the logic, then don't ascribe partners with Allah. don't worship others only worship Allah subhanaw taala

00:44:48 --> 00:45:00

What do we learn in this ayah First of all, we learned about the mercy of Allah subhanaw taala and about his wisdom, His mercy and His wisdom, how in the way that he is

00:45:00 --> 00:45:17

made the earth feel Russian bed, comfortable, habitable we can live here. Imagine if the earth was tough, hard, solid like plastic. Just imagine life would become impossible. It would be so so difficult.

00:45:18 --> 00:45:50

There is great wisdom of a lion this and there's great mercy of Allah subhanaw taala in this and also in how he has made the sky, it can be a ceiling, something that protects us something that is above us. Then this eye also shows to us, the coder of Allah subhanaw taala the power of Allah subhanaw taala how that Allah has created the sky as a construction. Just imagine the sky that is so vast, that is so huge that covers the entire Earth. Anywhere you go on this earth, what will you find above you? The sky.

00:45:51 --> 00:46:34

It covers the entire earth with its spaciousness with its vastness. Allah subhanaw taala has created it so strong that nothing can break it apart. Nothing can go across it no matter how much we try to go through the skies can we we cannot we are limited. We are prevented. Allah subhanaw taala says in sort of life, it is 57 lahoma somewhat you will all the act bottlemen helping NASA, the creation of the heavens and the earth is greater than the creation of people. The creation of the sky, the creation of the Earth is much greater. But who has done that? Allah subhanaw taala proportioned it. Similarly, instead of that yet I have 47 we learned was summer Bernina hubby Aiden, we're in nella

00:46:34 --> 00:46:54

musi rune and the heaven we constructed with strength, and we are expanding it. So the sky that is so powerful that's so strong solid, who has made it Allah? What does it show to us? How powerful how more mighty is the creator. The Robber lost a panther

00:46:55 --> 00:47:40

at the end, LSS falletta, Jr lulay. And the why because he's the only one who sends down rain from the sky. If all of the people got together to cause rain to fall. If all of the people got together to create even one drop of water, would they be able to know this winter in this country where they're fearing drought, that already the temperatures have increased so high, it's so hot already. And it's not raining like it usually doesn't spring, what's gonna happen in the summer, what's going to happen within some time, if there is no rain, we cannot cause rain to fall. Who causes rain to fall only a loss of water. And when he wants, it can come within seconds.

00:47:42 --> 00:48:16

Once in Medina, it hadn't rained for a very, very long time that that pray to your Lord that he should send rain upon us. Our animals have died and we are hungry and we're thirsty. And we don't have this. We don't have that. Because imagine if there's no rain, there's nothing you don't have produce. You don't have say, in a manner animals that we were only mocking. We were only having fun. We were only joking. We weren't serious in them. And I know, Mr. Has he almost does have anything to feed yourself. You don't have anything to feed your animals. You don't have business. You don't have trade. You don't have income. How will you survive? It's the source of life. He requests and he

00:48:16 --> 00:48:42

hadn't even descended from the pulpit. That rain started falling. So much so that there was water dripping from his beard. There was no rain for a loss of hanadarko only he none but him what unzila Minnesota EMA and the fact that if he withholds resource of life for us, and then Amina sama EMA and for Roger B he mina thammarat risk Allah.

00:48:44 --> 00:49:27

Allah subhanaw taala says instead of the worker I 6869 fr a Tamil man and Lady, Tasha Boone, have you seen this water that you drink? anthem Enza to Muhammad Al Muslim? I'm sorry, here, it's only the command of a loss of panel data. Then we also learn in this eye about the wisdom and the mercy of a loss of personal data and how he gives water to us. How does it give water to us in the form of rain? Imagine if it did not rain. If Allah subhanaw taala cost the same amount of water that falls down from the sky to flow on the surface of the earth, the same amount of water that falls down from the sky, instead of that it just flowing on the surface of the earth. How very difficult, very

00:49:27 --> 00:49:31

difficult and many areas would be deprived of water.

00:49:32 --> 00:49:35

We would have to find ways to irrigate our lands.

00:49:36 --> 00:49:42

Whose blessing is it whose Mercy is it? Whose wisdom is it? Whose power is it? Allah subhana wa Tada.

00:49:43 --> 00:49:49

It's only Allah who censorious varieties of foods that you eat, who causes them to grow.

00:49:50 --> 00:49:58

It's amazing. When we're cooking one meal we have so many different ingredients. But what comes out of the Earth is different.

00:49:59 --> 00:50:00

You have

00:50:00 --> 00:50:04

red apples and you have yellow apples and you have green apples, the same water.

00:50:05 --> 00:50:39

Similarly, we see that the earth the land is dead, it's barren, nothing is growing on it. As you may have seen in the past few weeks, land was completely that nothing on it no blade of green even. And when rain falls down, immediately you see everything becomes green, it becomes lush. Allah says and sort of on the food that we eat. This is why we're not grateful. Allah subhanaw taala says, into the other side 20 4032 that folium Buddha in Santa Villa, for example, if you're making a stir fry, you use so many different types of vegetables.

00:50:40 --> 00:51:27

But how often do we think how it grew how it came here, we don't reflect on the mo Doom fetal DNA in the Atma home they wander blindly or mahone from their letters I named her an AMA is the Lal misguidance There is also understood as blindness, confusion, that when a person is misguided, he is blind to the truth he doesn't see it. And he's confused about reality have that and then we cause to grow within it grain. We're in urban wakaba and grapes and herbage was a tune and when UCLA and olive and palm trees were had their equal holder and gardens of dense shrubbery, were faqih had a bath and fruits and grass, mutha our local when the Karnataka has blessed them with it, whether

00:51:27 --> 00:52:13

people are believers or their disbelievers, whether obedient or they are disobedient. Allah subhanaw taala has blessed reflect as well and be grateful to Allah. Then we also see that Allah Subhana Allah has blessed all mankind with these blessings, all of mankind, Allah someone else deserves worship but him Why? Because he is the only colleague, no one is at his level, we should worship Allah because he is our Merson, he is the one who has done so much ersan on us. If he did not create us, we would be nothing. If he did not provide us, we would be nothing. If he did not give us so much variety to enjoy. We wouldn't know what pleasure is we wouldn't know what delight is. We should

00:52:13 --> 00:52:29

worship Allah, because he has done many, many favors on us. He loves us the way no one loves us. He cares for us the way no one cares for us. He provides for us when a person is not honest with his Lord, than he is not honest with anybody.

00:52:30 --> 00:53:16

When a person does not have fear of Allah, when a person does not give the help of Allah, the way no one provides for us. He provided us with the perfect place to live in. And he provided us with the provision as well which comes to us in the most way not prefer him and honor Him, should we not do the same. We live a life that Allah has given us. We use the body that Allah has made for us. We enjoy family that Allah gave us. We enjoy the earth that Allah created, we eat the food that Allah created, we breed the air that Allah created. We drink the water that Allah created. We are nothing if Allah did not give us anything. So when we use everything that Allah gave us, we, our efforts

00:53:16 --> 00:53:24

should be for whose sake Allah, our striving should be to wear to a law. Because his air sign upon us is the greatest.

00:53:26 --> 00:53:28

He deserves it. He deserves our worship.

00:53:29 --> 00:53:47

No one else deserves it, but him. We should worship him because he has told us to, we don't have to come in, because we are servants we are owned, the one who is owned, does he have a choice? No. Many times that happens. Children, they ask their parents, why should we do this? What do they say? Because I said so.

00:53:48 --> 00:53:55

That's good enough of a reason. So we should worship Allah. Why? Because Allah said, so. Don't use this earth to get

00:53:56 --> 00:54:08

away from him. Allah created all of this Why? So that we get closer to him? Not that we drift away from him. When you enjoy something, don't forget him but be grateful to him.

00:54:10 --> 00:54:38

I mean, look at the kindness of Allah, His mercy, his generosity, that he didn't just we cannot even list if he has been so kind to you. He deserves your worship. He deserves your such that he deserved your experience. Were on your small tank on your small tongue. Look at the favor of Allah Subhana Allah. So when he has been so good to you in so if you don't, that's not fair. That's very ungrateful.

00:54:40 --> 00:54:44

If you don't, that's not fair. That's very ungrateful.

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