Reminders Become The Enemy Of Shaytaan

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen or salat wa salam,

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O Allah, Allah. May, Allah subhanaw taala said,

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in the shaytan and Akuma do, but who who do

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Allah, really, the shutdown is your enemy. So you will be an enemy to him.

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I want to remind myself and you that it is very important to take this aggressive stance against the shutdown,

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not only to

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prevent the massages have said that, but to actually do something about it.

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first thing is with respect to other enemies, and people who are maybe against you in one way or the other, unless we have a data set, that we should, in fact, we let the asset and that's why does it,

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return to them whatever they do, if they're doing negative to you return to them in a positive manner.

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Because there is in the human being, no matter how bad a person might be, there is always the fitrah is good. So there is always some spark of goodness. And when you return evil with good, then that spark of goodness gets strengthened. And Alice rather than that value, and having that person will become like a dear friend of yours, even though he may have started off as an enemy. But with the shaitan Allah that first time we'll

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take the the para dig the protection of Allah because Satan is pure evil, there is no spark of any goodness inshallah. So, therefore, you do not do it probability with regard to say that with regard to children, the first thing to do is I will be lying when I say 13 First I will. So we may we take the panel we take the production of Allah subhanaw taala from said that the second thing is Allah does it

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become his enemy? Now how do you become the enemy of Shiva you become the enemy of Satan by deliberately doing what Satan tells you not to do.

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So for example is a shot and tells you it's not yet time for why you do Wake Up Now you know sleep for another half an hour after another one and

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then wake up at that time instead of waking up at three o'clock wake up at two o'clock

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only do confound the shader, when you are giving some sadaqa and death and there is no value to give so much money here give double that

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then he will move up and down and then you give some more until he shuts up and also

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when you are in any good work if the shutdown tells you do not do it then do more of that. Second thing how do you become the enemy which is identify within yourself things which are your and my personal weaknesses. Everyone has got a different weakness for example for me not watching a

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deck of judges match not watching a you know One Day International or one on IPL cricket match for me is not worth it because I don't like cricket

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for me not watching the match is no problem for me not watching the World Cup football is no problem. I don't want to watch it I have absolutely no interest in it whatsoever for me not to go to a shopping mall is absolutely no problem because I hate shopping malls I hate shopping and I hate I don't even buy my own shoes.

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So for me if I then I Same thing with television. I absolutely detest television if you don't have a whole division in our house can you believe that in this day and age we have no TV because we don't want a TV there is no desire for a TV

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so for me if I say that is I'm not watching television, it's so much as I don't want to watch

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but there is other things which I want to do which are either haram or even evangelize, we have reached a stage where we do not do this inshallah not possible we do not do but there may be other things we do which are not haram but which are also not things of any benefit to us. Something which does not give us any dumping which does not give us any reward with Allah subhanaw taala at best, it's a waste of time.

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Now that is something to guard against, because that is the first step which takes you towards what is that why

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is it even the thought of sin, just the thought and the Nigella we are not accountable Allah will not hold us accountable what thoughts

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but even even the thought of sin kill it, finish it, because the thought will leave lead to the speech and the speech will lead to the action.

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So is that if you keep the thought in your mind you will talk about events

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Talking about it then it opens the doors for actually committing that visit do not even think about it.

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So that's why how do you become the enemy of shatter identify the specific thing within yourself which is either the disobedience or not know that or something which is against the law or something which even if it is not these two things directly, it is just a waste of time and a waste of energy it's of action on which Allah subhanaw taala is not going to reverse and that is the thing we focus on and we say No, I will not do this.

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Now, one of the most common ones of that, especially in our culture is our friend

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May Allah protect us from from friends, who will be a source of problem for us on the Day of Judgment.

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So, we are in this in this city especially we are addicted to parties,

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some excuse if there is no excuse in your party because there is no excuse

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some parties have this power they have that power there is no doubt is out to reflect not doubt of biryani or Holly but for us that is out of biriyani energy. So every day somewhere somewhere somewhere you meet the same people who talk the same stuff and then Allah protect us but most a lot of times liva and this and that because what what will What else is there?

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Or we talk about what should be done one nazari who is sitting in jail what how does it make any difference to you or me what is happening in the jail or not happening in the jail? nobody's asking what our opinion even if you give an opinion it has no effect on company lion it

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just nonsensical doc which has absolutely no effect in this area, but which has effect and

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so I think we must be very very careful listen to pick your friends. Just Say No What is the problem with this two letter word? What about No Do you not understand? If somebody says please come say I will not come does not allow federal May Allah give you the reward for this Nia I will not come

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and believe me nothing happens your popularity will not decrease. I am the most antisocial human being in the city. Have you ever seen me in anybody's house any party, but I am also the person with to whom the maximum number of people come to me

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Makes no difference makes no difference. In any case popularity makes no difference.

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Whether you are popular unpopular makes no difference.

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So let us be very clear.

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Keep friends which take us towards

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friends which take us away from Allah subhanaw taala or with whom there is a waste of time and energy, discard those words and then identify the things in our lives which are the weaknesses which happen exploits and eliminate them. I'm not saying reduce them eliminate. Because the time when we have to start the Varanasi Nanos, Allah is near

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the time is very near. And therefore let us not waste even one second more of our lives are handed this man comes to remind us of that. Let us try to make the maximum benefit of that and we are jealous rather to make it easy for us to do this or something Allahu Allah really very well and he was happy as made erotica.