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Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa salam ala alihi wa sahbihi wa seldom at the Sleeman Cathedral, the brothers and sisters in the interest of nasiha, sincere advice, the reflection that I want to give tonight, I want you to look inward in sha Allah Tala. And let's think very deeply because we're getting now into crunch time, the most important 10 days of the most important month of the year. So Bismillah I'm going to ask you all a question first, on the Day of Judgment,

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what are the barriers to your good deeds being accepted? The prophets lie some said that there's a specific moment that a person is bankrupt on the Day of Judgment rendered mouthless bankrupt on the Day of Judgment despite their prayer, despite their fasting despite their pm what are those deeds?

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I can't hear anybody

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what is that uncle?

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Bad manners is like a look at what else

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he'll cook about the rights of the servants. Mashallah. Anything else? One of the sisters said something.

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Brothers, okay. We know the Hadith of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that a person comes on the day of judgment. And they have their prayer. They have their fasting, they have their CRM, can you imagine how many little cutters they have caught a lifetime, a lifetime of seemingly doing the good deeds but sub bahagia, shutter Mahadeva double dollar bahagia and in different Hadith, different narrations of the Hadith those things are in different order. But the point is, despite all of that, you cursed this person you back by to this person you slandered this person you hit this person you denigrated this person. Basically you had a nasty tank. So how can a bad the people

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that you hurt, line up and they take your good deeds until you have nothing left? Lay the country Hiram and Alfie Shahab? Can you imagine later than others better than 1000 months, 1000 months and let's say that a person called Leila to the other for 50 years, 50,000 months of good deeds gone. Why? Because of the people that you hurt with this. It's a warning from the Prophet sly some of the barriers to our good deeds being accepted or being profitable on the Day of Judgment. Now, that's not what I want to talk about tonight. I just want to establish a premise for a moment that as we're getting into the last 10, we need to make Toba from those things that might take away everything

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from the last time. She asked her to talk about Salah prayer, taking the most of our prayer. And honestly, I appreciated the reminder because it wasn't a feelgood reminder, it was a warning Alladhina Hama Ancelotti, Ahimsa and usually you hear the good things about prayer, it was a warning not to be forgetful for your prayer, right with your prayer and lose out on your prayer. This is beyond that. This is your good deeds going to waste because you're not reforming your clock, you're not reforming your manners. And so if you want your be accepted you have to reform your flock. Can you all remember that? If you want your Eva da to your acts of worship to be accepted,

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you have to reform your what your clock your manners, if you want your acts of worship to be accepted, you have to reform your manners May Allah subhanaw taala allow us all to reform our manners and to perform our acts of worship Allah humma me this is the time to do it. In this life, there is also a another prominence aspect of these next 10 Nights, which is due out to Allah, constantly making dua, we have lists that we go to Allah with. You've been asking Allah for all this time. Laylat al Qadr is the Night of Decree so you want something to happen in the next year. That's your night. That's the night that your next year is going to be decreed in the next tonight's your

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next year is going to be written down. Think about the the consequence of that, including by the way those who plan to go to Hajj May Allah right us amongst them Allahumma Amin, so in these next 10 Nights, something is going to happen with your decree right? And what is the barrier to you're accepted to.

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And that's where I want to stop for a moment and think about the sutras that we just pass certain nor Allah subhanaw taala talks about the ideal society that got polluted by some of those bad o'clock those bad manners, slander gossip until they did not spare our mother on a shallow the Allahu Taala on our mom. Our mom was slandered. You love your mother. You're reading about the story of your mom being slandered with the worst type of slander. Our mother was slandered by people we also love not the hypocrites of innovative and so some of the Sahaba fell into the trap, passing it right and left. They took it and took aspects of it and pasture and Allah forgave the Companions not

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the hypocrites

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But What did Allah subhanaw taala say? Yeah, so Kamala And Taro do the mystery Avada that's a strong warning. I'm warning you never to go back to this again. Nothing like it the remnants of it. Don't you ever go back to anything like that episode ever again? Yeah, it'll come Allah Antero duty mystery of other, Allah let you off with a severe crime. And yes, there were some people that had to pay the penalty of slander. And there were others that Allah knows they passed the slander but they were not amongst the main slanders but Allah subhanaw taala offered an amnesty but a warning with that amnesty. Don't you ever go back to that way again? Let there never be an episode like Hadith

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uttered if in the society of Medina again like the slander of our mother, aren't you shuttle the Allahu Tada Anna and the society of Medina again, that's a strong warning. Honestly, if you're reading that is the strength of it. It is such an admonishment the strength of it like it's not even Allah does not even talk about what the consequences are. It's just Allah is warning you I'm warning you do not ever go back to anything like that again. Don't let that happen in the society of Medina again, just like don't let the disobedience have to happen again. And they never did. Right. The Sahaba never had another episode. And the Sahaba never had another episode of hamdulillah because

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they were a people who took the Quran very seriously. And then you see and so therefore con, a battle Rana the servants of the Most Merciful, and Allah mentions their Toba the repentance. Why? Because all of you will sin, all of you will sin. All of the children of Adam will sin, all of us will fall at times. But Allah Subhana Allah mentions in the qualities of the servants of the Most Merciful Islam and taba. What Armineh why Amin Asani Ha,

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except for those who repent, and they believe and they work deeds of righteousness. And Allah re emphasizes that by the way, man Tada. Well, I mean, Asante Ha, the one who not only repents, but who puts in the place of where they used to send a good deed instead to hold that place. They cut off the means to sin, and they now have the means to good deed they now have means to a good deed with Allah subhanaw taala. And for those people, you bet, did Allah say our team has an atom merciful is Allah, Allah switches their sins to good deeds. Now, certain Nora was a warning to society, as a community don't mess up like that again. You don't get to have the fatal effects. You get one you

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must up as a community make Toba to Allah and learn the lesson as a community. Hey, Baba Rahman is very individual.

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When you messed up, turn back to Allah and put in the place of your sin a good deed. Why do I want to build on this inshallah Tada tonight? Because just like there are barriers to our good deeds having any weight on the Day of Judgment, the barriers to our do app having any weight in this life is our insistence on sin. So the insistence on poor o'clock, make our Ibadat meaningless. The insistence on sin, render our do as void. How do we know the Hadith of the Prophet salallahu Salam,

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a person calls out to Allah and says yah, yah, yah.

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Oh my lord, oh my lord, oh my lord.

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But look at your dress. Look at your food. Look at your sustenance. You're insisting on haram. And then you're insisting on Allah subhanaw taala to answer your doubts. How does that work? Yes, Allah answers dryness. But what kind of effort are you putting in? You're insisting on your ways and then you're insisting Allah answer your supplications It doesn't work that way with Allah subhanaw taala and not just a job. On what basis are you going to be responded to?

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You're not willing to reform your ways, but you want Allah subhanaw taala to answer every one of your supplications why? Because I listened to you know, my football. I think tomorrow's Friday. It is tomorrow. Tomorrow's Friday, right? Yes, yes, tomorrow's Friday. My ultimate tomorrow will be about making the most of data to recover and things of that sort. Right so I follow the tips. I read the DUA I said Allah and then Nick are 4123454 Annie, I prayed the entire night I caught a weird but my Durant's

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for myself and for you.

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Ramadan resolutions, means difficult, difficult, difficult sacrifices. And what I want to really advise myself and all of you on the line comes from a sincere place I hope for myself and for you. Remove the the means that are causing you to constantly fall in the sins over and over and over again. You know, for some people, that means scrub your social media, if you're not going to do it in Ramadan. Then when are you going to do it you need to delete your

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Your social media for some people, that means I need to exit certain WhatsApp groups, or I need to delete WhatsApp altogether. For some people, that means I need to delete certain contacts. Honestly, there are certain friends in my life that just provide a constant avenue to send for me. For some people, that means I really need to consider at this point, if I'm going to hit on business or I have a haram level of earning, I'm going to cut it off now.

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For some people, that means reforming your dress. For some people, that means reforming your food for some people, that means reforming your sustenance. But every one of us has to look deep, deep, deep, deep, deep.

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Because when you show Allah subhanaw taala that you're going to insist on these ways and you're not willing to make those sacrifices. That is the barrier between you and your supplication. Your do is become mechanical at that point. How beautiful is that? You're out of a person that says yeah, Allah I'm changing. Yeah, Allah I'm taking the next step in my journey to you. Yeah, Allah I'm looking at myself and I'm not going to be the I'm not going to insist on these things. No matter how minor they are. Remember the prophets lie some said eoco Maha Kurata denote beware of the minor since some of you are planning weddings right now for Africa Ramadan. How are you planning that wedding to be

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think about it? Right, every single aspect of your life, you know, what are you thinking about doing right after Ramadan? Every single one of us look deep in the mirror as we go into these tonight's and say, How do I delete my past? Because I want Allah to do to do to switch my sins to good deeds. But in order to do that, I need to switch the means to my sins with the means to good deeds. And Allah is merciful enough to where he will clean the slate. But am I going to clean my own slate? Am I going to turn my own page? I trust Allah Aruna the most merciful to clean the slate if I sincerely turned back to him, but will I fill it with good and so while we're talking about Ramadan

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resolutions, were less than two weeks left and Ramadan if you weren't going to make the change in these next two weeks if you're not going to do it in Ramadan, when are you going to do it? If you're not going to reform your earnings and the things that the prophets lie some set are barriers to do what are you going to do it and if you start thinking about well but that would mean I have to change this and I have to change that you know how the shape on and with this you know prophets lie some said when you're about to give charity and I'm not going to fundraise okay there's no fundraiser right now. You're about to give charity the shayateen open their mouths and they tell you

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Poverty poverty poverty poverty poverty vacation trip this this this this this that they hold you back from your charity. That's what every good deed you're about to turn the page with ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. But what about your friends? Well, wait a minute, what about this? What about that? What about your social gatherings? What about your family? What about these people? What about those people? What about this factor? Wait a minute, but if you get this out of your life, Oh but wait a minute, maybe you'll need to communicate with that person again. The excuses shape on just wants to make sure the means are still there. He's gonna come out of his chains with a vengeance after

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Ramadan. We all know how we feel on the day very, he will come out of his chains with a vengeance. He just wants you to maintain the pieces and place the means so that you go back to those things. And Maha Sabha. Let's hold ourselves accountable. And let's make some difficult sacrifices. And that's how you get your drawers answered. Just like we don't know how the sins affect our lives. They devoid they make our lives devoid of Baraka. They bring in our lives EBIT Tila, they bring in our lives, trials and tribulations that we don't even trace back. The same thing Dear brothers and sisters without your ass Allahumma nakina Amina does and will be able to hotwire let the tech to be

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sudo out we're not clean. I'm going to the interviewer Hotline at 10 00 better. We asked the last presenter to purify us from the sins and from the shortcomings that cause our duets to not be answered. And we ask Allah subhanaw taala to purify us from the sins and the shortcomings that cause tribulations to descend upon us. And we ask Allah subhanaw taala to purify us from the bad characteristics and manners that cause our acts of worship to not be answered not to not be accepted We ask Allah subhana wa Tada to fill our hearts to fill our eyes to fill our minds to fill our limbs with that which is pleasing to Him and to purify us from all that is displeasing to Him. We ask

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Allah subhana wa Tada to allow this Ramadan to be a moment of a turn page with him. And we ask Allah subhanaw taala that for anyone we have harmed that Allah Subhana Allah to Allah allow us to be forgiven by them as well. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to correct our affairs in regards to the hereafter and correct our affairs in regards to the dunya and we ask Allah subhanaw taala to make us amongst those who catch Leila to mother and who do not have later than other invalidated on the Day of Judgment. Oh Allah accepted from us, allow us to catch it and allow us to see it on the Day of Judgment.

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and do not let it be amongst those later two partners that are invalidated. Allahumma Amin Docomo Fado said I want to come around so I'm gonna cancel