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AI: Summary © The importance of hearing and understanding in a relationship is crucial for business success. Personal and professional knowledge is crucial for personal growth, and practicing and learning is crucial for personal growth. Uncertainty is crucial for personal success, and practicing and learning is crucial for personal growth. Personal knowledge is necessary for personal growth, and individuals should use it to improve others' lives.
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Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam O Allah,

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Allah, Allah.

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Allah, Allah said in the surah, or in sandwich recited here.

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And that's why I said we have given them hearing and sight

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while they're at home Saville, after that we have showed them the way in which I get

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to see the one who

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is grateful than the one who is ungrateful.

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Manual again mentioned this sequence of what he has given

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for jalila was somehow was one of sorrow one of his buddies, a massage guru, let's run into the review and you hearing and sight and understanding and you are not grateful.

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I remind myself when you reflect on why the sequence

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but what biologically also that is a sequence. As the fetus develops in the body of the mother. The first thing that comes is hearing, and after that comes sight, and then comes understanding site. As a matter of fact, for the new one baby, it takes a few days for the eyes to focus with no new one, we cannot see things.

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He's only vague lights.

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And it takes a few days for it to actually focus and then the new one bayville understanding comes, sometimes months later, sometimes years later, and sometimes we never

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because they were very old and stupid people in the world. But the point is that the hearing and sight and understanding why because

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for example and why does white white realize rather than saying this order Allinson after he talked about hearing insights, why did the last Thursday we showed them the way

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because think about this. If you are taken to a crossroads, you are taken to a fork in the road.

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And you are rolled pick one, how will you be our business

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you are seeing both of them you're not blind, you're seeing what the pots but if these are what this is, how do you know which is the right road and which is the wrong road?

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You know that from understanding which comes from hearing from

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so the point I want to remind myself when you is that we see with our l we do not see the

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actual thing is with knowledge. And that is the reason why correct knowledge is very important. The L has to say they cannot be full of that and custom and practice and this is what my grandfather used to do. And this is what my great grandmother is to do. No is Khalid el mundo he el mundo tsunamis Allah Allah Allah Azza wa sallam without any mixtures, that is the only L which can show us the right way, the right path, we see with our knowledge we do not see with our eyes alone. For example, now Allah May Allah bless them, size and shape you are going to al-hurra. Now when you stand there and look at the building are haram both of them are seeing the same thing. But one of

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them is an architect and the other one is not an architect. And the way the architect sees the building of Al haram Masuda haram will be different from the way the other person sees the same building, you see the same building,

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but the architect is seeing it by his knowledge. So, when he looks at the manner which is so many feet high up in the air, he is thinking something else.

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What if somebody who does not have the knowledge of architecture is seeing exactly the same, there's no difference in what you see, he see exactly the same thing, but because it does not have the knowledge of architecture, he does not understand that in the same manner.

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And the same thing applies in our lives that we see with our knowledge and that is the reason why it is extremely important for us to be very careful and for us to spend some time and energy in this life to gain knowledge. Knowledge does not come the only knowledge when it comes without working for it is why and that stuck with us realize all of those I was under the umbrella did not have to wake the hot water and you know

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in order to get knowledge did not have to go and study a book or you know go to some Jamia or something that came from Allah

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but that stopped me 1400 years ago. No one is getting wiser today. So we have to spend time and energy and make efforts to get knowledge

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under law the Rasul Allah did not put any condition on how much knowledge was not there unless you become a movie you will know

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but basic knowledge which is required for us to follow our deeds, what is halal what is haram has just lie in the heart of mala, the ability Nene of knowledge to be able to do all our events.

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correctly, enough knowledge to live our life and especially that part of our life, which is relevant. For example, if you are not a businessman, you can say that I did not know the,

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you know the outcome with regard to will, with regard to business, that isn't good enough. But if you, if you want to start doing business, then it is your job to go and learn that person's, the value. And that's why the the all offers, there's an hour out of the laundry day that it is not permissible for a businessman to go and do trade in the market or Medina unless they learn the promises. And

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so what knowledge is applicable to us in our stage in life, if you are going to get married, then you must know the outcome of those and you must know what is the outcome with regard to people who are getting married, if you are not getting married, just now, then that is not important for you at this time. But when the time comes, it is important for you to go and find out it's not it is not acceptable, whether in this world or before us viral data to claim I did not know it is our job to find out. lack of knowledge is not a valid Indian origin. So it out find out and that's why I defend myself, Allah, Allah talked about listening, because that's how knowledge comes. And then when that

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knowledge we see, and when we see with that knowledge, we get the understanding of Allah Subhana. Allah subhanaw taala is true knowledge

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is not through, you know, burning incense and dancing in our desert, not the way of getting married.

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Through correct knowledge of the cadaver voila, of the tsunami

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of practicing that. And then seeing things with those eyes, which is what we call a breath, we see something a Muslim, say something here learns a different lesson, because he's seeing with the knowledge that you get, and then when we hear and get knowledge, and we see with that, then we get an understanding of what the actual reality of this life is. And that reality of this life is that is life life of this world. It has no meaning unless we use it in order to improve our situation in the market.

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It's not for collecting here, it's for using this in order to grow our situation after our two brothers are going and his sister's going ama his mother is going and then that is going to make that suffer easy and bless them. And may the angels walk before them and after them and clear the path for them. And may Allah subhanaw taala give them a data in the agenda. And mail is not going to give them

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enough for every step that they take from here all the way to home and back in and

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inspire them in their hearts and make it happen to them in the loop of what was the word and mail is not going to open the door for them to go to the specific places where it is wise to not vote, and then may let them make those in those places. And may Allah accept those drugs and mail us abandon that and remind them to make dua for all of us who are here and that may Allah subhanaw taala make this a source of forgiveness for them and for us was Allah Allah Allah will carry while Allah He was heavily advised.