Reminders We Made A Promise

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Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam O Allah so there's no bad

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I find myself in you

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that we have a covenant with a lot of our data.

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We made a promise to Allah Subhana Allah.

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And Allah ulcer Adela reminds us of this

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oil scene. And I found that I said,

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Alan, I have a copy of any of them. And that I would have shut down in the whole commando movie. Well, I never do any

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Allah says, do not remember, do not make a promise do not allow.

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Did you not make an ad? Yeah, many other children of Adam alayhis salaam,

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attempt to shut down, but you will not follow the shutter in all of my other movie. But here's your worst enemy, the most blatant and open and visible.

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And they're bodoni.

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Instead of that, obey me.

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Worship Me. and I both only have as an optimist, okay. That is the path of steadfastness. That is the path of truth. That is the path leading to the

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issue of Covenant is that if you make a promise, and you don't keep it,

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and obviously,

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you put yourself into trouble.

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Think about that. Why would you not want to keep that promise?

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Because ask anybody whether he would like to go into the jungle, the jahannam, what do you think he will say?

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That's just find this.

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We constantly given to temporary treasures.

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And temporary

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how our of our temporary desires of our base self

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about which I'm not sure how that I said in

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the amount of time the show

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the very late this base last two years

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will lead you to say

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except on for on whom Allah subhanaw taala has got his mercy. So he also

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maybe things well, he said, I've said

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this business stuff, so I will leave medicine,

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when you notice.

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And we know also that you made this function

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only fair and sensible,

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on our part, to ensure that we keep the promise and how do we keep the promise unable to

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make a bad

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without ship? Let me say My bad. And there was only when we say Allah said, worship me. What is worship?

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worship is obedience, worship, we still will not have an OData or she was to make sense that Allah Subhana worship has to do everything that Allah Subhana Allah has ordered us to do. And to keep away from everything that Allah subhanaw taala has warned us against. That is worship. A man came didn't know him.

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Somebody asked him not anyone does not lie to Allah. He said, Show me a way that I can read the agenda. And he said I'm a lazy man.

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And I can't do too much. So don't tell me anything which is very complicated or difficult to do. Tell me something which is easy.

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I won't lie that I said to him, do four things. Number one, do not ever do shall

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do not join partners with Allah subhanho wa Taala in anything number one. So number two,

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fulfill the four eyes of Allah subhana wa whatever Allah, Allah has made fatwa on you do it, don't hesitate. Don't change anything. Just do what Allah subhanaw taala has told you to do. Number three, he said ensure that you eat halal and you do not eat hot that what you eat, make sure it is halal. If you have a doubt, then don't eat it until your doubt is clarified. And it's a number four ensure that your earning is from hallen sources and not from Alonzo haram sources and that your spending is halal and not Haram. For things, no ship, fulfill the five the duties of Allah subhanaw taala eat halal and not Haram. Earn and spend harder and not

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so easy.

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And that's all we need to do. And then you're under a lot of pain, which leads all the way into junk mail. So how can I make it easy for us to do that which is good for us, that which he has ordered us to do for our own benefit, and let the lots of hanadama make it easy for us to avoid that which he has prohibited for our own benefit. Or Salalah highlanda been getting while he was so huge right? That I had to get out.