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Bismillah Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala sherfield MBA will mursaleen Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu ala he was of yourself this live and Catherine cathedra from abajo

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Allah Tala yeah you are Latina phobic hold.

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Allah subhanaw taala ordered us and said oh you will believe keep your promises.

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Be true to your word.

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Let me ask you a question. What is your greatest wealth apart from his love and so on but what is your greatest wealth?

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What is

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health? Okay?

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they all wealth they're all but Mr. Of course is different.

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What is it?

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The greatest wealth is reputation

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right about Raman the greatest wealth is reputation. Who are you?

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What was the result of asylums, lack of what was his title from the beginning?

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As Saudi Royal I mean, do you think people just one day they woke up and said you know what, here is this young man or boy, Mohammed bin Abdullah SallAllahu Sallam let us call him Tata for me

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is that they're either having it happen. He will have woke up one day Why Why don't we call you this right?

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Is that Is that why it happened?

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Why do you think it happened?

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how they experienced him right?

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It happened because of what he did and what he spoke and what is how he stood by his word.

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Every Friday

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for only an hour that

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every moment all his life. reputation is built on consistency.

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It is not built on a one time thing

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is built on consistency and reputation is your greatest wealth. There is nothing bigger than reputation, your word?

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That is why if you if you don't have any if you watch the old wild west movies, the way that movies, I'll clean fun, there's guns.

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In that time, if you call somebody a liar,

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then you have to draw very fast otherwise you're dead.

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That's it.

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You just said you are alive.

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And if you couldn't shoot fast on the other guy, you were dead.

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Right? You know why?

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Because it was a killing thing. You are destroying the man's reputation. Nobody would take his word after that. If he didn't kill you to defend his name,

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then it means he's accepting the fact that he's alive which means that nobody will live with him.

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Among the Arabs in Arabic culture

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one of the worst or if not the worst. curse word is comes up.

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You call them anything else? They laugh but you can't you tell somebody and the Kazaa Vinny that's getting offense. Right then you run like hell because he'll come after you.

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a word

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was gonna

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give you a word.

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The reason I'm saying this is because this is one of the biggest problems we have today.

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We have no value for our word.

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We say anything to anybody and by word I don't mean you know some some great

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kind of some great agreement that is written on sandpaper and images witnessed by a judge. No, I'm talking about if I tell my brother Mahara. I will see you tomorrow at 5pm That is my word.

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But nothing just said that I haven't seen you for all that as you do on 5pm

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That is my word. Now what happens tomorrow at 4pm something else happens? What must I do?

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Informing right? I got to call him and tell him I am sorry. I was supposed to be at 5pm Calm

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I get Are we late or whatnot? If I don't do that, if I just 5pm comes and goes,

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the what has happened,

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I have destroyed my own word before him. Because you know what I'm saying? Believe me.

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Reputation is based on consistency of two things, what you say and what you do. So when you look at what you say and what you do, don't just think of it as words and you actually know, this is what you are telling the world. You are telling the world I am trustworthy,

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you can rely on me, or you are telling the world I'm not trustworthy, do not rely on me. I am a liar. If you rely on me, you are a fool.

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You believe it this is what you're saying to the world? If I tell you I will do something then either I must do it. Or if there is a reason why I can't do it then I must inform you beforehand and say this is the reason I cannot do it for whatever whatever right? If I don't do that, then it is something that

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that I'm playing games with my own reputation

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which is a dangerous game to play.

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Because the thing about reputation is reputation takes time to build it won't happen overnight right? It takes many transactions may not be yours but takes a lot of time. But reputation can be destroyed in one instance one thing is just enough all your years of work

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gone down the drain

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so it's not a matter of your signature is not what you what you put on paper your signature is your action your signature is your is your speech. Your signature is what you show to the world in terms of who you are.

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So, I remind myself when you let us be very very conscious of this because this is something that may Allah protect us we do this all the time. We do this to the extent that we were even we have made a joke of this right with all these Arab time, this is Muslim time. This is Indian time what what is the mean that

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inshallah IBM inshallah baccarat polish

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the whole of whatever this is so bad, it is so bad. It is unbelievable. Please let us be very clear, we keep our word because we are Muslim.

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Trust me because I'm Muslim.

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Not because I'm saying that but from my actions from my speech.

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If you can do that, believe me we have the greatest wealth

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as Carlos Renata to help us to realize the value of what we have which is Islam. To understand that every word we say and every action we do one day we will start before Allah subhanho wa Taala and answer for it make no mistake

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from a young man Miss Carla Zahra Ferreira, Zhang and Allah's Raja they made it very clear. So therefore, no matter how small no matter how big, he just answered, we have to answer before Allah subhanaw taala.

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So therefore ask Allah subhanaw taala to help us to do that which is pleasing to Him and to save us from that which does not please him. Masala will carry while he was

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