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Alhamdulillah without amino salatu salam O Allah, even more silly, right early us Javi as well about

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Allah, Allah so the lambier said

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la danza La La boom kita van de de cuckoo Allah, Allah,

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Allah verily on you, we have sent down a book on July live on ketover cz Coco, in which there is your mentioned in which you have been mentioned falada alone if you can think and if you want to reflect

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So, what is his mention of us Allah subhanaw taala is saying that he mentioned us in his book. So, what is the meaning of this mentioned

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and when myself and you to search for our place and search for our mentioned in the Quran and see where we have we mentioned less than $1 he mentioned kinds of people and he mentioned that he mentioned their qualities

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and it places a lot Rhonda also mentioned that ending what will happen to such people

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example does it provide only a massage

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allergy now manzara teams are home Alevi now your own mouth.

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And as Roger said

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he says there is a curse on these people who pray

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Are you lonely mousseline?

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The curse on the people who pray

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what kind of people who were

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allies in one solid team some people will delay their prayer

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to delay the prayer to the end last time

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well as you know you're on and you pray to show people

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we have no one on the mound and they prevent people from small goodies.

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delay of the prayer

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it's not a For example, some people might say well you know there is time.

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So So what if I if the time was out of door for example is three o'clock so so whatever prayer at four to three

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The issue is not whether your brain within the time or not the issue is the attitude

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the attitude which which shows that the Salah is not really important, the hook of Allah subhanaw taala is not really important. Everything else is important. Now why do you delay your delay for your convenience? Why does anybody did it?

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We deliver our own convenience you know, what is walk that walk this meeting that meeting I'm going here they are very example points I will read Let's finish that the game finish. So it's always a matter of our own convenience. So, you know, these are

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the times that

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and then but we want to get some more sleep you know another 15 minutes. So is it Why should we pray at the meaning time there is time. So we pray, Father, we delay almost in time of God.

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By the time you finish the surah The sun is up.

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And if the man makes a mistake us is gone.

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Time is gone.

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We delay for our own convenience Allah subhanaw taala that curse of those people.

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Allah has also mentioned some other people region, LA to hear him. Tisha Ratan wala by Hunan decree law

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is also mentioned to people. And as Rhonda said, These are the people that

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I've explained this to you before the word reserved in the Koran is used as a term of great honor. It's not a term of gender specific to zero Yeah, that means that no

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men of substance men of honor men, what was wrong with that is praising the original.

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And why are these men dressed?

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And when we say men, it means also the women but same thing applies. Why is a great law to lead him to turn one by one and the

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last one is their visa and thereby I see the word rondalla to him.

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It does not destroy them, what doesn't destroy them that desire and thereby the trade and they're buying and selling

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and the guerrilla from the rigor of Allah.

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So on the one hand, you have people who are less vitalising the people who pray are cursed Why? Because they delay the prayer. Why do you deliver prayer because of the genre by among other reasons, of course, but one of the main reasons is

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I'm in my shop I in my this is my office I what is waiting that meeting

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delaying the song and on the other hand, raising people as a job

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and what is the quality of these reasons

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To him deja vu unzila.

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When the ziggu Wallah, time for zikalala comes top of the mind, number one priority, everything else can wait.

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Everything else can wait.

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Either I'm intelligent enough to schedule my meeting in such a way that it does not there is no conflict, what is the need for a conflict after all, you are scheduling scheduling the meeting.

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So schedule it in such a way that there is no conflict. But even for example is that meeting comes up or whatever somebody calls you my time for salah and after all that when we are not deciding

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that marriage where we maximum

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and I've actually timed it. Usually in the other version, I usually try to do it this time we did not do it because those are miserable is not so long, but usually I try to do 30 is in the pocket and you know, maybe 20 something in the second regard. I've timed it, even if the whole Salah if I reside 50 or 60 or 70 is and I don't read fast, still it never takes more than 10 to 12 minutes, Max

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10 to 12 minutes, we cannot delay all these dunia hours to be with Allah subhanho Tel Aviv

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as well as ones that are the third for your place. Certainly

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in the Quran,

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because we have mentioned you certainly will, where are you in this?

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Alexander also mentioned those people who claim to have faith who say we are Muslims. But they are not Muslims.

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Hello as a woman and as the buyer of Anna Villa, Villa Villa wama, home Mini, your Hollywood of la arena Ave Maria de una Illa and fusaro movie marazion pasado en la, la, la La, la mumbi, Macedonia, Allison along the people there are these people who claim that they have faith. They say we have faith in Allah. I want to Villa Villa villa. And they say that we have faith in the Day of Judgment. But Allah subhanaw taala is certifying what ma whom people meaning they are not. They are not Muslim.

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So does Allah nor does Allah know, in the state of the heart. So I was wondering, why do people obey Mirage, Alaska in their heart is a disease

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and why what is the disease you have? You know, Allah, Allah, Allah Allah, Allah says they are trying to fool Allah subhana wa Taala and they're trying to fool the believers. Amaya the owner Hilda and for Samba, Maya, Sharon, but they will no one except themselves, and even have that they are not aware as much as they say they're so dumb that they don't even know that they're fooling themselves.

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And why is this because in the heart is a disease and is ultra promising to cure the disease. So Allah says was that Allah Allah, Allah will increase the disease.

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Allah will increase the resistance. May Allah protect us from this

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one omega one Allah moon be back and we have the vote for them. There is a dreadful punishment because they are liars. I remind myself when you are brothers. So handler This is our state. May Allah protect us from this but at least some part of it. I don't say that. We are May Allah make us never in that in that zebra. But

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there are among us. We say we have human

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you claim to have credit. And we gave Yeah, of course we'll start

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but when it comes to the data, we do all sorts of disobedience.

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So what is it? What kind of it is

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and then some of us made some very

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frightening statements.

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You tell them something they said don't worry you don't you don't have to

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have a job there is

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this statement of Cooper.

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This is a statement of

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the Nabina was that this the Sahaba never said this. The people who understand the lowest values are never said this because they know the manager is a statement of complete total fools idiots who has no sense whatsoever. Yet this area Muslim Amina nativa, Amana Villa Villa Villa Allah. Allah says that these are not Muslims. with anyone who understands the glory and majesty of Allah subhanaw taala. Again, he said, Don't worry, I will answer Allah.

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We remind ourselves never to fall into these traps.

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Brother The day will come

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and this day will come there is no doubt about the day. A day will come when we

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Have some visitors,

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we will get some visitors

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and these visitors,

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nothing in the world can stop them.

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Nothing can stop them, nothing material, nothing of any kind. When the time comes for these visitors they will come.

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And at that time

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may Allah subhanaw taala make that the best time of our lives. Whereas Allah May Allah subhanaw taala decree that these visitors are the visitors who come with Bashar often

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that they come and say nano Alia whom feel

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that we are your friends in Estonia and India.

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Well, Akuma

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while ago Martha down

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no Zola minima for

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that for you in this Jana. There will be anything you wish, what else you wish. And this is a greeting and it's this is a welcome from Europe.

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We ask Allah subhanaw taala to make that day, the best day of our lives about to give those who are a seller, and he made his dog vasana. He said yeah, so I made God Allah subhanaw taala should make right last day my bestie. And that's one of them, says amin and he said this is a very good one.

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The day we meet our run should be the best day of our lives. But I remind myself when you that this is not magic, it's not going to suddenly happen just like that.

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We have to work for

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our best day of our life. If we want to die in a state of Islam. If we want to die in a state of submission to Allah subhanho wa Taala, which is the guarantee for Dharma, then we have to live in a state of submission to Allah flannels, there is no way of living in a state of rebellion against Allah and dying in submission to Allah this doesn't work doesn't happen like that.

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As we live, so we die.

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And if you want to die or death, which is a source of envy for people,

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that you people was telling you this is a highlight, which I haven't done like this.

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And this is not something out of my imagination. Sadly, we have Ricardo Delano and Abdullah bin Jeff Solano.

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before the Battle of 100

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they were very good, very, very close friends. So they said to each other

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that that was Elena Abdullah judge, he said you made law and I was having and I would make that up. I mean,

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and May Allah, Allah grant out was

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so sad

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that I made

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that Oh, Allah

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made me meet

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the strongest of these enemies.

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And let me fight him

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and give me victory.

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So that I

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kill that man. Give it to the enemy. And then give me the vanilla from him.

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And Abdullah bin Joshua llamas that army

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Abdullah bin just made. These are people who recognize Allah. These are people who are on the accurate

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Abdullah bin Joshua de la meddra. And he said, Oh, Allah made me meet the strongest of the enemy. And make me fight him and give him victory.

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Give him victory. And he said after he kills me, let him cut off my nose and ears.

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And then Allah, when I stand before you, I want you to ask me, What happened to you?

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And I want to say to you, yeah,

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this happened to me in your path.

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I fought in your room, and I died for you. And I want you to say you speak the truth.

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I'm sorry. I mean, at the end of when they went to find, look for the lab and yes, they found the body of the lab with Josh and his ear that his nose had been cut off.

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And sadly, the larger one lucky the DA Bella was better than my daughter.

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Alexa did both

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and that

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people to recognize a lot of data

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People who understood their place in the world, people understood their priorities in life. ask Allah subhanaw taala to make us among them, that we choose the right things,

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that we choose the right things, and we give priority to the right things. So that on the day of judgment when we start before lots of animals that a lot of analysts will ask us what happened to you.

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And we will say,

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this happened to us in your path. And Allah Subhana Allah said was, you speak the truth

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rather a bigger a village at the emergency room.