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was around fella said will you believe? Take the help take him from suffer and Salah Verily Allah subhanaw taala Is it the people who have suffered. I remind myself I knew that Salah is something that is meant for us to

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lie is meant for us was sent for us as a gift. Salah is a tool, Salah is a weapon, Salah is something that we have been given to make use of to solve the problems of this world and to be a source of our nature, on the day of judgment. And lots of our data centers Allah didn't send us a lot did not send us Allah merely to be performed. He didn't send us a lot to be done. He didn't send the Salah to be prayed in send the Salah to be established within the Salah to become the most important thing that we do in our lives. The Salah is the physical manifestation of Eman when a Muslim says I'm a Muslim, the proof is the Salah when he says I'm a Muslim he says I'm a Muslim by

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his tongue and in his heart he believes that but when he establishes this sign that the the conditional remain on three the kurata Melissa because the formula for mlb.com on the first of the MLB locker is a seller the seller is the

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one who is the center in who most either of us Salah is from the as well as dystonia. The Salah is not something that we are going to be doing in our grave or in the after the Salah, Salah is from this dunya and therefore it is minella scrambled dunya and the lava sent for us to be used as the as one of the ASVAB for us to solve our problems in life. This is how this I have understood the center. This is how the Sahaba use the Salah. This is how the Sahaba invoke the power of undressing Hana without approval. So Allah so Allah and Rasul Allah phenom said the Salat is the noun at the moment. They said that this is the knowledge of the moment. He said when the Muslim mix for those

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who does not may set it on the earth to make sense that before the shofar man, he said this name comes closest to Allah subhanaw taala in the sense that lots of manual data said fasudil Akbar it makes such that and come close to me. The Salah is the means of getting close to Allah subhanaw taala I remind myself and you for us to be eager to perform to make Salah to establish Salah for us to receive Salah as a great tool as a great blessing as a great honor that Allah Subhana Allah has granted us to come into His presence at will whenever we wish has you and remind you on myself to use the Salah as a means of correcting our correcting our class collecting our Amal and I asked you

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and me and remind you to use the Salah as a means of solving all our worldly problems in such a way that this will lead inshallah to our Naja on the day of judgment or salat wa salam O Allah and Abdul Karim Valley he was mph main Erasmus Eva