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Alhamdulillah without amino Serato serratia for me or even mazzolino Allah Allah He was happy he has been a bad

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loss amount of data said yeah you are living in a monastery nobody somebody was sada.

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We have already spoken about summer.

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So let us look at this Allah.

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Allah said oh you believe, take help from history. No, we Sabri was Salah, take help from Sabah and Salah.

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I want to remind myself a new that the reality of life is

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that until we realize that our problems in this world

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can be solved through Salah

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the Salah, the reality of the Salah will never come on us. We will never see the reality of Salah until we are convinced that the problems of this world

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are solved by the Salah.

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The reality the beauty, the sweetness of the Salah will not happen.

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And this is not my claim. This is what Martinez says Amazon's Allahu taala is to say that until you realize that your Messiah of this dunya will be solved by the Salah

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the sweetness of the Salah, the reality of the Salah will never

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open on you was going cashapp neova was

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the reason I'm saying this is because this is also what Allah subhanaw taala said in the Quran is that you know

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be somebody was Salah Christiana is for with this dunya or

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for this video seeking help Israel is where in the accuracy can help. There is a place of Georgia and Georgia May Allah protect us from the Salah, you get the job and then you won't be done. inshallah, but the Help is is doing the problems are in this dunya the Messiah are in the dunya Allah subhanaw taala saying seek help for your problems to solve them through Salah.

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Now when we say seek help

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from the Salah, and again, remember in this in this ayah Allah said our first discovery was Salah.

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So as we said, Yes, a few days ago, I described and explained the meaning of summer, which is to do your best

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to fully and totally commit to do everything it takes to accomplish the goal.

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And then we stand with one another we say every

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summer is not to not sort of sitting and fatalistically accepting whatever is happening. That's not sour.

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In Islam, there is no fatalism. It's not a question of fatalistic listening and accepting there is a there was a group in the past, which was one of the deviated sex called khazaria. And that was their,

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their ideology, to say that everything is the color of Allah. So if if a thief is stealing, that is the color of Allah. So you are taking the sin and ascribing it back to Allah. You are saying that you made me do this.

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If somebody commits Zina, that is the color of Allah wrote for him, what can you do? And this is how the photo is covered. So this is you know, any deviated thinking that some people get so this is not Islam is not Islam Islam, the meaning of silver is to do your best and then to stand before Allah subhanaw taala and ask him for success inshallah. And that standing regardless Renata is the Salah, we serve your Salah, in Salah, of course, we have the the further Salawat

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five Salah, which is for Angela. And then this is of course the basic foundation without which there is no Dean itself.

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But Salah here refers not only to the facade, it refers to the extra to the additional

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notion that we do. And the rest of that novel is

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the hazards. And, of course, there's also Nuffield Angela This is the mercy of Allah subhanaw taala that Allah subhanaw taala is not restricted in our field at all. You can pray except for the

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mama Salah sudo is not

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which is prohibited. Other than that you can play novel at

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any time of the day or nights. You can train a will in the middle of the day, but it wasn't at any time.

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Like there's no specific time for Neville Salah to be prayed and you can play as many as you want

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1000 hours in a day No problem, as long as you can do it, Allah subhanaw taala is not restricted to say that he was praying only this much or that much. And therefore what does it mean? It means that this door to the reservoir of Allah subhanaw taala, the door to the to the

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to the Muslims of Allah subhanaw taala is open always, at any time we want, we can go in there. And when I say that we until we realize that the Messiah of this dooney our salt, we will not understand the beauty of Zahra is because only when we realize the reality of the Salah.

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Only when we realize the reality of the Salah, then we will see the value of the door.

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guy will go in the door only if I think that I'm going to get something from there. If I have no, you know, no real realization of what I can get from this Court of Allah subhanaw taala then I will not go there. Now for any Muslim, you might say, Well, you know, we are not denying that we get from Allah, it's not a question of denying. Do you really believe that? Because if you really believe it, that's where you would be. That is where you are going to be. You know, a lot of us in our in our countries we have the burger was somebody who was doing therapy for something, where do you find that for the whole time 24 hours early, find him in that place.

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We will go for a cup of tea, they will come and sit there in that in the last of whichever, you know, minister or whatever he's doing, but he did he is he is that you know he is part of the furniture of that place. And that is what is also said about those who are attached to the massages of Allah subhanaw taala and one of those seven who will be given the shade of the earth of Allah subhanaw taala are those who are attached to the massages of Allah.

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So where can you find zones in the masjid?

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Any day where can you find somebody in the masjid?

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You know, so that is why being attached to the masjid of Allah, Allah Allah This is a is a great blessing and mercy from Allah subhanaw taala. So the question is of the solving of our Messiah of the dunya. Now in this context, there are so many stories of the Sahaba

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who use the Salah like this specifically, they use the Salah as a tool to solve the problems of the dunya

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specifically, dunia masala is a famous one of the many stories is the story about if I'm not mistaken about the news savvy. It's a story about Anna's with Malika Delano anergy. Malika Delano is a man who served Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam for his entire life in Medina. And he was a he was a young boy.

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And he was the,

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the son of the wife of Allah, Allah Ansari Delano, when otara and sorry, there are no married this lady, honest when Malik was already there,

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he was the son of a previous husband, Malik. And that's a different story altogether a beautiful story about this.

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This lady who was herself very famous among the Soviet,

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so as we Malik and she gave him to, to be he suffered for his old life. And Marika Delano was a great alamy learned directly from him. And he served him for the entire period of Medina. And after sola, sola Salaam, passed away, it was remarkable to see Rasulullah Salallahu Salam in his dream every single day, every night used to see.

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So this was the result of the Cyber Monday, as we Malika Delano was talking about Salah was given a piece of land.

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He somebody owed him some money. And the man came and he said I, in payment of this money

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is a piece of land which I have given you today, give him the villa. So as we make $1 77 days ago, see the land in a way where is this land? What is this land, so he went to see? And he came back and he said, This land is horrible. It's you know, it's way out somewhere and it's very rocky and so on, and it's very dry. There is no water anywhere. You can't do anything with Islam. So why don't we Monica?

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And he's in India after he finished his Salah image, I told them and go see the land.

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So the van went again to see the land and he came back and he says, Well, you know is it is the whole sky is bare. There's not a single cloud. But he said on your land it has rained, and it has rained in the boundary of your land.

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There's no water outside the water only on your land.

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So the

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water and the land is placed, what is it is it is collected there and so on and so isn't on your land.

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Now I'm saying for us, it seems it because we never, you know, we, we don't have this connection. But remember, if I don't have a connection with Allah, it is not what the door is open if I don't go inside what can What Can anybody do, you know, it's my fault. So if I want to build a connection with Allah, Allah has opened the door, the connection is not restricted to the Sahaba The xaba also worked for our connection didn't come to them for free, they work for the connection, they spend their life and time and money and everything in order to build a connection hamdulillah if we also do that, yesterday, this friend of mine had come from, from Delhi to see me and we were talking and

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I told him I said, supposing you know, you want to go and meet one of the ministers or somebody how much effort will you make? Just to go and meet the minister you know how much you will talk to this person that person Please take me somehow some pasta something, you know, you go day and night you will spend just to meet that one minister, is it what effort do we make today to meet Allah subhanaw taala

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just to come into the budget to break Raka Salah is a problem for us now how are we going to build this connection with Allah subhanaw taala that's the reason why it's important we have to make effort Allah subhanaw taala linked effort laser in in sunny LA for the human being there is nothing except for what he what he makes say sorry, what he makes effort for. So we have to make effort to connect with Allah subhanaw taala so this story, Mario delana and I do a final one before we before we close, another Xavi

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he came home one day, asked his wife is there anything to it? She said there is no food in the house nothing. So now he went to the budget two marches and he prayed to Allah and then he came back and he said to the wife is there any food she said nothing.

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So now what would you want to do? Okay, so he went and prayed so as a matter of oh now let me go find some work or do something. He went back to marches and he made fresh bread other turaga Salah made dark matter then he came back when he came back home his wife said is a strange thing which is happening the grinder which with which the grind barley, he said this grinder is spinning by itself and barley is coming out the you know, barley powder is going out flour. And he said I bought whatever pots and pans and everything which I had in the house, everything I built, but it's still coming out. So now he's a he's a human being. So what will he do? He went there to see this the

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exotic thing spinning and barley coming out. So he said, Let me see how is it happening? So you open that thing, and it stopped.

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So now imagine his feeling, you know, the man makes what is happening when he was B so he ran rasasi literally ran from his house to the masjid. He came to

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the Arizona This is what has happened. And in my house, this thing is spinning and you know, Barbie is coming out and so on. And so those are some trolling, what did you do? He said, I open to see you know how it is happening? You know, scientific, bent of mind sometimes is not good. So he opened the thing to see what's happening. And he said it stopped as soon as I said, he said, Well, I if you had not touched that thing, Allah subhanaw taala would have made that thing work till the Day of Judgment and, and barley would God.

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Do regard of salah

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and even myself when you let us experience this, imagine how happy you will be if this happens to you, that you there is something you need to wait to see it happening before your eyes. And Allah will do it. Allah subhanaw taala will do it because it is his father to do it.

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We have to make some effort, I remind myself and you let us make some effort in sha Allah to connect with Allah subhanaw taala. So that then we can expect we can experience the beauty of connecting with Allah subhanaw taala there is nothing which is superior to that in this world or the next was Allah Allah Allah Allah will Karim Allah Allah He was erotica.