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Eid ul Fitr Khutba 2022


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The history and goals of Islam have been discussed, including the implementation ofale-impacted laws and the use of animals for practice. Prayer for spiritual well-being and sharing happiness through daily acts is emphasized. The importance of praying for forgiveness is emphasized, and the need to avoid "irteen hour" of the message and not forget that everyone has made a mistake is emphasized. The segment also emphasizes the importance of praying for the peace and happiness of the world and encourages listeners to pray for their own happiness.

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when he learned he learned hamdulillah my mother who want to study who want to study who and who will be he wanted to rally when I was a B, let him in jewelry and push it down and say you had here Dr. Molina Mejia De La Villa mandala. Oh my god Lily follow the yellow. Wanna shadow Allah Illa Illa who are the hula Shanika who wanna shadow number Hamadan Abu Rasul allah sallallahu Taala will be by sheer on one of the euro dianyan Allah He even he was Iranian Munira

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Bacala data from Morocco for Allah Tala Yeah, are you here Ludhiana? anata hola koutou katoa while at the Moto Nyla on Tuesday wound because yeah, you are Latina. Hola. Hola. Hola. colons. Usually hella Kumbaya, Kumbaya footlocker robocall over you they were also Allahu Akbar. supposin as Eva Bacala female. Hahaha. Yeah, you are Latina, Armano gooty rally camassia who come up with the rather Levine I mean Kamala Kamala undercounter the goon

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My dear brothers and sisters and elders Ghulam wanton behavior in Mubarak to all of you may Allah subhanho wa Taala I wish you a beautiful and evil fifth and abundant reward from Allah subhanho wa taala. For our CRM for our fasting 4pm For our Salah and prayers for delivered to the Quran for reading and listening to the Quran. And for sadaqa and charity and good behavior. May Allah subhanaw taala reward us in keeping with his majesty and grace.

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Let us remember however that Ramadan did not come for Ramadan. Ramadan came for the rest of our lives. So let us take a few minutes and ask ourselves did I enter Ramadan or did Ramadan enter me if we entered Ramadan, then today on the first of show or on the day or either winter, we have gone from Northern we have exited it but if Ramadan enter us, then it will inshallah be with us for the rest of our lives. That is the goal to us rather than as a habit change, attitude change and life change opportunity, so that we can become Moutoku soon as Allah subhanaw taala mentioned in the I had which I reserved it for you like a lagoon taco so that you become people of Taqwa and that we

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live our lives only with one goal to please Allah subhanaw taala gelatin animal in everything we say in everything we do. Islam is that simple.

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In Ramadan, we stayed away from what is normally halal and enjoyable, only to please Allah, that this was to instill in us the desire to live our lives, all of our lives not only to please Allah subhanaw taala alone. Let us therefore look at our lives today all aspects of our lives and ask, Does this please Allah. Let us look at our archive what we believe in? Let us look at our events that are acts of worship. Let us look at our sources of earning and spending.

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Let us see what we eat and drink. Let us look at our relationships with our parents, our siblings, our spouses, our children, our families. Let us look at our treatment of our neighbors and our behavior and society. How we walk how we talk how we drive, how we park above everything else

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and ask the same question. Does this please Allah subhanho wa Taala

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Believe me, we have enough knowledge to know the answers. But anyone who does not know the answer, please ask somebody who knows. But make sure that we do whatever we do, pleases Allah subhanaw taala that is what we did and our that let us continue to remain steadfast after Ramadan. In Ramadan we came to the masjid in big numbers for tarawih which is a novel. It is a voluntary and not

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an obligatory seller led not the masjid complained to Allah subhanaw taala on the Day of Judgment after Ramadan, that it has been abandoned. Let us come to the first Salah as we used to go for Tarawa. That is the indicator to see if Ramadan changed us or not.

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Let us pray at least once ally by Java every day. The best is to pray Asia and further by Java, the reward of which I'm told us is equal to praying all night. In Ramadan, we give charity. We give people Iftar every day, but people are not anacondas. They don't eat only once in a year. So what about feeding people every day? Let us make charity, a daily habit like breakfast. What about feeding people especially today that they are eat when we cook special meals and enjoy eating good food? Let us share our happiness. And apart from Zagato Phaeton, let us give more to those who have less than we do.

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Think especially of those who may be far away from their own families and their homes in a foreign country. We are their family. So let us include them in our celebration and help them and their children to feel at home. In Ramadan we fasted with our tongues and our eyes and our ears. We control our anger. We smiled at people. We were patient in Ramadan. Let us continue to do that for the rest of our lives. Backbiting slander,

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profanity, cursing, useless talk pornography, smoking vaping lottery gambling interspace dealings are all still haram after Ramadan. We avoided all of these things, the avoided even the halal in Ramadan to please Allah.

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Let us avoid the haram for the rest of our lives. That is the purpose of our creation and our lives to please Allah subhanaw taala let us continue to please Allah subhanho wa Taala

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in Ramadan, we pray come late. Let us remember that prayer is not restricted rather than Allah Subhana Allah gives its reward every day. Allah subhanaw taala praise those will create 100 and promised reward let us ensure that we get this reward by making the Hydral a part of our lives every day. And last America said about the habit that I have. Do you know whom I need my body balm call volume whatever I want me models up on our home you'll have your own fella that loved one of some oak Viola home in Colorado the ion just be my can we I'm alone in suicides that which means

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their sides forsake their beds, they get up from their beds in the night, to invoke to call upon the rub between fear and hope, hope banal Hovi whatever, and they spend in charity out of what We have bestowed on them. No person knows what is kept hidden for them of joy, as a reward for word they used to do.

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Have a horror or the alarm reported from a supervisor a syllable said, our job Almighty Allah subhana wa Jalla Jalla Jalla who descends to the lowest heaven in the third last part the last third of every night, say who is calling upon me, that I may answer Him who is asking from me, that I may give him who is seeking my forgiveness, that I may forgive him and this is in Bukhari and Muslim let us not at that time let us not be sleeping at that time. Let us be asking and let us be seeking forgiveness.

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That is ask Allah subhanaw taala time when he promised to give and this happens every single day.

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Not only in our in Ramadan, we read Quran regularly. Let us continue that throughout our lives. Read some portions of Quran every day without fail. If you are in a hurry, then make sure you read on that day even more. Because what we are connect because when we are connected with our He will take care of whatever we were in a hurry about. Whatever we were in a hurry to complete, Allah will complete it for you with me, inshallah. And what are other learning related that also knows ourselves and Whoever fasts during the month of Ramadan out of sincere faith and hoping to Allah subhana wa daluz Hoping for Allah subhanaw taala as a reward, that all his past sins will be

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We ask Allah subhanaw taala for this to forgive all our sins, Allah said was built for in Allah Allah you will do

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I general Marcin in a lesson have be patient. Verily Allah does not allow the reward of those who do good to be lost. Unless about that I said in the famous Bootsy Anna in the Zuni appdb. I am for my slave as he expects me to be. We expect the absolute best from Allah subhanaw taala and Hamdulillah we completed fasting in Ramadan. We made this the far we repent, we repented sincerely, we made Toba we turned towards Allah subhanaw taala we promised ourselves to change our lives. Let us thank Allah subhanho wa Taala for the opportunity and ability to do this. And let us send salat and salam ala Rasulillah Salam, Ali Salam. And let us believe with total certainty, that Allah subhanaw taala will

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do what He promised, which is to reward us by forgiving all our sins.

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It isn't narrated that nusseibeh Holy or the law who said, he said that Ross Ross said, the days of Tashlich or days of eating and drinking and remembering Allah subhanaw taala and thanking Allah. And this isn't Muslim Sharif and have Hijaz Kalani, how to Lally he said, In this hadith, we learned that it is prescribed to be generous to one's family and children during the days or eat with different kinds of things that will bring them pleasure and joy, and allow the body to relax. After the effort of worship. We also learn that expressing of joy on Eid is one of the symbols of Islam. And this isn't hartlebury Don't let differences and debates divide you this Ramadan let us forgive

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each other. Let us meet those we have not met in a while. Let us speak to those we have not spoken to in a while and say salam to everyone. Above all, let us not forget all those Muslims in different parts of the world who are not able to celebrate eight, as we are able to do in this country. That is pray for them. That is pray for blessings on all the good people in this land and for relief or pressure in the hands of free everywhere in the world. We thank Allah subhanaw taala and ask Him for His forgiveness and pleasure for all of us who want to behave and Eid Mubarak to all of you once again was Allah Allah Allah Allah will Karim Allah Allah He was heavy as main but I had to go

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to LA you