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In Alhamdulillah, WA salatu salam ala rasulillah but a lot that I said was Judah doctor

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in the desire to such that was to doctor it

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unless I may have to do and come close.

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So, what is the

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what is the fact that it's very important for us to understand and one of the ways of gaining closeness to Allah subhanaw taala is by casseras cursor to suit by increasing the amount of sidecar we do, which means bringing more natural color

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the more natural rubber inshallah

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whether it is in the form of the hedgerow door in the form of collateral and this and that or just not spray to Casa La

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de la semana de there. So, the more often we bridge our law, the closer we will come to that. So, what is the what, why is that the and what is important,

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as we know such that to anyone other than Allah subhanaw taala is haram,

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we cannot make salute to King or we cannot make such such that to anyone living or dead,

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any object

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to anything other than Allah subhanaw taala This is

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the essence of Islam, and why is it what is the problem? Supposing you make sense to somebody, what is the problem? Why should you not mix it,

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because that is the essence of audit of Islam.

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The essence of being an ABS of Allah subhanaw taala is to fall in such a data.

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Center is that body position in which it is completely impossible to defend yourself against anybody.

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Because your face is on the ground, your foreign and your nose is on the ground, your hands are on the ground, your knees on the ground, your feet on the ground.

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So you cannot even see a threat if there is a threat.

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To defend yourself.

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There has to be a threat. And then to defend yourself. There has to be the perception of threat. And at least we know that there is a threat.

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in martial arts, for example, if you are lying flat on the ground, if you have fallen lying flat on the ground, this is not a position of helplessness. If you are lying flat on your back, on the ground, in martial arts, you can attack and you can defend yourself very well. If you know what to do, even when you're lying flat on your back. So it's not a position helplessness, the position of helplessness is such that

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when your head is on the ground when your face is on the ground when you are in that position.

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And therefore for the human being Allah subhanho wa Taala on honoured the human being by giving him this instruction that he must not make himself so helpless before anyone other than Allah.

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The sajida is a position of honor, if it is done to Allah, and the sajida is the position of ultimate humiliation if it is done to anyone other than that.

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If it is done to Allah, it's a position of honors.

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Because from those edges on the sides, that less Renata will raise the slave and He will give what he wants.

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What if this video was done to anyone other than Allah subhanaw taala then it's a position of ultimate disgrace and ultimate revelation. And that's why we do not do so that anybody who

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says that is also absolute is not only the issue of the position in itself

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such that

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the position is the size of the of the body.

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But there is also a sense of the heart.

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The center of the heart is La ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasul Allah is when we accepted Islam, what did we accept, we accept durable the act of Allah subhanaw taala we accepted that allows viral data is to free and that only he is worthy of worship, and that only he will be obeyed in our lives,

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which means that if there is anything, any hokum other than the outcome of Allah subhanaw taala, other than meaning, which is in which is in opposition to the matter, no matter who gives the record, we will not be we will be only the code of Allah battletech Why did Allah subhanaw taala say about his name is Allah Allah Allah is Allah visit our UT Rasulullah Fatah tala, the man who obeys my profit, surely he has obeyed de la vida de la serda because there is no hokum of de la la la sala, which is in opposition to the owner's manual.

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So when you are obeying the law

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Be effectively or have a glass of water because the Navy only tells what Allah has ordered him to say.

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It does not make the Navy equal dollar is not the issue. The issue is that Nabil orders what Allah has ordered him and therefore always and always to Allah.

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So sudo such that is also of the color of the heart, where the heart is always in a position of sizes that are less vannatta

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meaning that the heart does and the heart and the mind obeys the color only obeys Allah subhanaw taala and nobody else anytime there is a question of doing something which is in opposition to the Hong Kong Villa Serrano dalla

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the heart will refuse to do that

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any desire which comes any idea which comes any thought which comes any worse or service comes any physician which comes no

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anything with guns we check it against the Sharia, which is against the law. And if it is against Oh, we don't do this, if it is Alhamdulillah something which is allowed no problem. inshallah we can do it absolutely. So, the size of the of the color, the size of the caliber, also is when we make to Allah subhanaw taala it is also a question the sutra is also a question both the body position and the color is where the slave is acknowledging his own

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complete helplessness and his own complete lack of anything before

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the Saturday is the negation of arrogance.

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The center is the negation of giver,

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you have put your face on the ground and you say Allah, I am nothing,

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I am nothing.

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My knowledge is nothing my worth is nothing my is that is nothing my wealth is nothing.

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And whatever the world sees is what you have given and what you have made mosaic.

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And when we make pseudocode, we have $100 man ah what we have given do not take away

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what we have given, maintain that for us and increase that for us in general.

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And not change that into a position of where we don't have this anymore.

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said that is

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to make me laugh and to accept our own

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humility and our own submission to Allah subhanaw taala is the negation of arrogance. And therefore the such that is the greatest protection from the anger of Allah subhanaw taala.

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Because Allah subhanaw taala said that giver is the half of Allah subhanaw taala giver is the cloak of Allah Subhana.

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Allah Subhana Allah is with a cup

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and only Allah subhanaw taala can be with a cup.

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If anyone else

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tries to have given rise to arrogance, tries to feel I am somebody and something and therefore others are less than me. Then Allah subhanaw taala said that he will destroy this person.

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He said the one who tries to take to have given has taken from the clock on us ran out Allah will destroy

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that when I was 11 and said that if you make another person stand in your presence, as a mark of your greatness and your superiority over him, he said that person will search for his own place in Ghana.

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if somebody just comes and stands in the desert, how can you sit in that corner?

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He said the one who says this will be in the gentlemen in the Hellfire you look for his own place in

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Cuba, because why will I know you are inferior to me? How can my friends lalala otelo.

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So the sajida is protection from the anger of Allah Serrano that when the slave is in such that he is making a total loss Renata

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and therefore it is protection from from the anger of others.

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As glissando data, I remind myself a new and ask Allah subhanaw taala on my behalf on your behalf, to always keep us our body and our soul in a state of sight that

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that our whole life should be spent in a state of such that all around that and that our death must be in a state of such that with all of us.

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And that we should be resurrected on the day of judgment from a position of sizable follows

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was Allah Allah and Avi Karim Allah Allah He was heavy as main gravity.