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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala shuffelin Viva mousseline,

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Mohamed Rasulullah, sallallahu alayhi wa Dali he was seldom to stream in Cathedral cathedral.

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My brother and sisters, an incident happened

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right at the beginning of our creation

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right at the beginning

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and that incident was so important Allah subhanaw taala mentioned it in detail in the Quran Al Karim.

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And that incident was the creation of other Malaysia

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and what happened to him thereafter.

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So I was rather a tourist rather than a Seraph. He created him with his own hands and otherwise he

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blew the soul of Adam into other

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and then he got he ordered all the Malaya and we do not know how many Malaga

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all the way like

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colo to make such the two other militia and they all made a joke. Except the bliss was there he was not Mr. akiza Jin.

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And then otherwise Salah was given Jana

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a think about his wanted out of the money salon do to get to earn Janna nothing.

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That's gift

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Janet rather than a salon was a gift he did not he is well bond and Carrasco This is yours.

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And Allah said this Jana is yours. live there happily?

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no time limit. Allah did not say live there for 10 years. No, live there.

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He and our mother how are they Sarah?

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Both of them got Jana as a free.

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Allah's raw data said only one thing. Only one thing.

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That tree don't worry about it. That's it nothing else.

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He got Jana as a gift he has to do nothing. Allah did not say pray five times a day give zakat nothing.

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Yours enjoy I will have a good time. Only that one tree don't go near that tree that's it.

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Then what happens

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then a police comes and he whispers in his ear and he says you know this gentleman Oldham has no use only that tree

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only that tree

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the word is old Jana for nothing

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not important

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you can live with this Jana forever not important.

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You don't have to do anything in this journal. Just enjoy life not important.

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What is important that one three.

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And what is important about that one tree go and touch that tree that fruit.

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Now think about this. Why is Allah subhanaw taala deleted this whole report

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because this is the nature of our life.

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This is the nature of our life.

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Allah subhanaw taala gives us a beautiful life hamdulillah

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we're living in peace and comfort and we have beautiful weather

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just now where I'm sitting here and talking to you the weather in my country is 4546 47 degrees Celsius. That is like 120 degrees Fahrenheit

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born burning you start outside you got some snow and you will die here we look and we gotta so hello how lovely sunny weather

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is and how many visiting gators Majid nobody bothers us no one is nothing stay here as long as you want to pray as long as you want to do anything I'm going to Allah

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but what does Satan tell us?

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Average normal people you ask them what's the first thing you hear? Oh no brother, this thing

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or that thing?

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Or something?

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In a letter that

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there are 10,000 things to thank Allah for. But we've we don't think of all that one complaint we have got that complaint is what we say.

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Allah gave us everything. But one disobedience of Allah that is what is so attractive.

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One disobedience.

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So and this is of course the Masha Allah Samantha Adam Alayhis Salam disobeyed Allah subhanaw taala. And instantly one instant we

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Think we lose something the thing about that sometimes sometimes you know May Allah protect all of us from from loss of any kind Inshallah, but we think oh my business I had a loss or maybe a maya car had crashed or something happened or look at other Melissa

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one incident

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otherwise I lost everything

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even his clothes right the clothes went off his body

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gloves are no no we cannot we cannot cover you You are now a disobedient man we don't cover this is a cloth from Jana. They do not cover anyone who has disobeyed Allah

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so find your own Baraka generic which

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find your own some leaf or whatever Cover yourself

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the claws of general vanished imagine everything on

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all that beautiful gift of Jana one instance God Allah will go down to the earth

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what is on the earth?

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The earth is the earth is there house here for him nothing. Is there agriculture there are some farm or some you know, cow for to give some milk or chickens for eggs nothing. Go and now struggle make your own way. Of course Allah will help you you will get some knowledge of how to build out as well that's a different thing but you got to do the work.

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Sun is hot you will swear to God if you get caught you will bleed I mean all of this will happen. This is only a mosquito bite you

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What is his reaction?

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What is animalism reaction

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that's what allows rather than tells us the story first understand what is his reaction?

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His reaction is Robin as alumna and vasana were in love the villa now that hammer learner guna nominal capacity. He and our mother

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or they're not saying this habit or our this is our fault. We all have the fault this is our fault

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Zella anfis Anna we have done Salam on ourselves. We have transgressed against ourselves

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we love Dr. Alana if you don't forgive us then Akona Namnam facility to only we will be among the losers

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Now Iblees also made a mistake right

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Otherwise Allah made a mistake even if it was like Allah does that make sense guys are no

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Baba was the Bara

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I will not make sense.

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Let's see they see the helm of Allah subhanaw taala see the summer of Allah subhanaw taala is asking me why

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why will you not make sure and Allah knows

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what is his answer?

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First of all he says

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You deceived me

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You put me in this spot in this property this problem you are the you you put in you put me in the situation now because of this has happened to me avoid any you are the one who did it in the delivery analogy.

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And then he says another woman who How can I mention it is your your your order is wrong? Right.

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And as I Romain who, Carlton m&r Wahaca minty I'm better than him You made me from fire you made him from clay you want me to make such that boom, this order is wrong.

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And then what does he say?

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A certain ILA young new vessel. So give me time,

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till the Day of Judgment.

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He told rather than Islam, if you eat the fruit of the tree, you will have eternal life you will live forever who actually wanted to live forever

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evil is he wants to live for so is there you give me life forever till the Day of Judgment there is no whatever even their day of judgment you have to die but at least you're the Day of Judgment

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now the reason I'm saying this is to remind myself when you

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have so many things Number one, we make sure got one last minute and always, always, always, always. Whatever little lessons are for it. Compare it to what all the good Allah has given us this literally nothing.

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Number two,

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anytime there is temptation to do something wrong, think about this. In all of this good Allah gave us one thing Allah tells us don't do that. Only that we won't make me this.

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Live it live in.

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Third thing, we are human. We make mistakes. No matter how good we think we are something will

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borrow whatever you do. image that is the one

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no delay immediately is the fun until we're done voila Samantha Don't delay. If you delay then which is the the Amal is

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is the the the comparison of the average to other well it's our I believe

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otherwise I do not they do not delay immediately Robin has Ramona was rather Melissa is immediately but it is not oh wait I give me time

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not owning the responsibility otherwise that I've said this is my problem this is the fault is not unless right is by I did I did made the mistake.

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Think about is a bizarre man. He is not even saying he believes is the one year era not might not have fought you know he is the one who told us which is true but he Adam Alayhis Salam and Allah Islam they're not even blaming evil is

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themselves Robin has alumna and vasana yes he told us but we should have listened. We know who he is. Is he's not a He's not a stranger. We know who Emily's is we should not have listened to him our fault

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let's think about is that one and shall remain we will talk more about this when you own up a mistake the power to correct it is also given to you

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when you don't own the mistake the power is not in your hands if you say not my fault okay is not my fault so I can't even correct your desire to live with that. Which is what Emily said it was not my fault it is your fault

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so now you go to Jana

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you go to Johanna

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but you own up the thing is era with my fault. Yeah Allah forgive me immediately. We love the villain outta Hamdallah Anakin economics assay.

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So if you make a mistake immediately or not make a server and of course our geladeira low. He is over right? You promised to forgive hamdulillah

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right inshallah you delight Allah tomorrow we'll talk more about this but very important to understand this to own up your own responsibility.

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That is the greatest power. Don't dump the blame on somebody else so and so's fault is fault nobody's fault.

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This is my life. In my decision, I decide, I will pay the price, I will correct myself I will get I will benefit.

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We ask Allah subhanaw taala geladeira to enable us to live a life which is positive which is beneficial for us and for others we ask others rather live to for us to live a life which is in obedience to Him Geraldo where he is pleased with us and never displeased was Allah Allah Allah Allah will carry Murali he was I remember