Tarbiyya 03 – Tarbiyya begins with Adab

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Tarbiyya begins with Adab

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unreliable alaminos salatu salam ala MBA mousseline while it was five years me

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and my bad, we continue with our series on tarbiyah.

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And today we will look at the issue. The first issue in Serbia is that of other,

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other with respect.

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Without other, there is no

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knowledge that can be gained and there is no benefit by the from this knowledge which can begin.

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There is the first step of learning that is the first step of opening the door or that

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Allah Subhana Allah when Musa alayhis salam was

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came to the place where he saw his fire.

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The first home that Allah subhanaw taala gave him was for color and alike in Villa del Mercado.

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And that's the first home that Allah gave him. After that, I told him that

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he is Allah. Allah subhanaw taala the first token begin was that is the lamb was Take off your shoes, because you are in this holy place of tour.

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first lesson of Deen is as a

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lesson that I mentioned and ordered the believers

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in Surat where Allah subhanaw taala said law to cut the IOA Latina Amano la de la vida de la hora de la in the la hija de to the cup. And then he said yeah, Xena Amano la turbo.

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Focus o te NaVi

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Allah della zero you believe. Do not put yourself forward before a lion is messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam have fear of Allah because Allah subhanho wa Taala is very Severe in punishment. And then he said, Oh, believe, do not raise your voice above the voice of the messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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And the people who learn this lesson of other words, the Gambia of Allah. They were the Sahaba of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam.

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And about this ayah when this ad was revealed,

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a worker of the Allahu Allah Delano. They say that

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after this ad was revealed, whenever Omar Delano said anything to sorceress, Allah, so Allah is Allah said I had to ask him to repeat

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because he didn't he could hear us to speak so softly. There are sola sarasa had difficulty hearing him

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and overcapacity for the alano took a vow and he said I will speak to the message of Salas Allah only in a whisper

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I will speak to him only in a whisper

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and after that, Allah subhanaw taala revealed the third is also to

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gerat where Allah subhanaw taala decides was revealed the bones of this ayat it was revealed for our Casa de for the Allahu Allah subhanaw taala promised you a great reward and he said those who lower their voices below the voice of the enemy sallallahu Sallam Allah subhanaw taala has tested their heart for piety. And for them there is a great reward.

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The first of his first lesson is the interview. Without other there is no Hidayat indeed, no matter how much of knowledge you gain.

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The one who had more knowledge perhaps than anyone else was a police. But a police had no other.

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And so when Allah Subhana, Allah gave him an order, he believes question the order.

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When Allah does it makes sense that to Adam he believes that he is made of clay.

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Hello, Joe mantiene of Allah Tony winner,

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a lottery winner. Oh, hello, Tobin T. He had an argument.

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He said you weighed in with clay maybe with fire fire or superior to clay. He had this racist view of life.

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And therefore he refused to eggs who do I mean? Imagine he's refusing to obey the hokum of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Not because of lack of knowledge or knowledge he had plenty of knowledge he had knowledge of food

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But he had no other

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and therefore

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he entered the wire.

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And otherwise Allah also had knowledge. Because Allah subhanaw taala said, while llamada Allah,

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Allah does it that we have taught him the names of everything.

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And of course he didn't say the names of the thing. He doesn't just mean name, it means the nature of that thing and everything do that thing.

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Of You are

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we we're in this place,

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sitting by this lake, which had a lot of water words in it.

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my friend and I were having this conversation we said, well, you know, what kind of bird is that? And what kind of bird is that and we had some name for this bird because of knowledge of words. And then we had some we had no name for some other words, because we didn't extend that far. Then we said that See, this is the beauty of this thing. You're looking at the same bird by giving it a name, nothing has changed. But somehow it gains significance. You can call it something if I can look at the goose and says the bar and it goes, it means something.

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Otherwise it's a bird is a bird is a bird.

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So his naming of knowledge of something has a lot of meanings. Rama Salam had knowledge. But you also had other and that is the reason when when he made a mistake, he did not he didn't argue with Allah subhanaw taala

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he didn't die. He didn't say well, you know, it's not really my fault. It's the shutdown who did this and so on and whatnot and so on. And after what is one three or you give me those agenda one or three?

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So what if I go near the tree? Next to me, why must I not go on? No, go near this tree?

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Right? No, none of that. You made a mistake immediately accepts this mistake. Robin Hazara nan vasana Willem de fille on our hammer an akuna vanilla is my fault.

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All I have done I have done Zola one myself. We have done zollman ourselves it's is my fault, no argument, no argument. It's my fault. Yes, I'm in no state class. And if you don't forgive us, then we are nothing.

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We will be destroyed we will be among the losers.

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As the

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other is to accept mistakes other is to make the word Allah subhanaw taala other is to ask the forgiveness of Allah subhanaw taala towbarless therefore we look at that as a separate issue. Each of these

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words are inshallah what I'm saying they're very important for us to remember I find myself a new that everything begins

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the outward manifestation of other and that's why when we say when we come for Salah we come prepared we come properly clothed.

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We don't come to Salah just like that.

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And when we stand with one another we stand in a state of, of humility. We stand in a state of other

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when we read the Koran, when we read any of the

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any of the things to do with Deen we do that with other mamallapuram Talalay. It is said about him that before he gave us of Harris,

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he would make Ghazal he would make to record salata Raja, asking Allah subhanaw taala to enable him to understand the words of Allah salla Salah, and we will explain them properly to the people. And then he would come and sit and he would give us this.

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And one day Mr. Malik Rasul, Allah was sitting, and he was giving his shirts, and people saw that his face changed and the color of his face changed and his he became pale and he started sweating, and so on. And but he continued, he didn't he didn't start with us. And people looking at him or wondering what is happening to him obviously looks like he's in pain. But he does not say anything. He doesn't stop the dots. And obviously, as part of the other, nobody interrupted him. Nobody stopped him. Nobody asked him what was happening until the entire This was finished. And when the dance was finished in Mali crashed,

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and when they went in, they revived him and so on. And they saw that there was a scorpion, which was under his foot and the scorpion was was was stinging him, the whole time he was giving this

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but even Mardi Gras galala did not consider it appropriate, even to move to get rid of the scorpion. He did not consider it appropriate to stop giving the depths of the of the teachings of Rasul Allah Azza wa sallam, to interrupt this that's even to take away that pain of this

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it you know and I know today that if you are if you have to read a book of hedges if you have to read Buhari or whatever it is with your book of Hades we know that it is not necessary for us to make widow and so on and so forth. Of course, one must be pure, but is not necessary widow is not a condition of picking up save ohare to read it

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and if you are sitting and reading and if there is a mosquito biting you or something else is known, there is no problem with with you know swatting the mosquito or removing this pain I mean

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we know the we know the we know the soul of it, but who know who knew fake more than you are Malik Rasul Allah. there is to say about him that and Malik is in Medina How can I give a fatwa people used to have the word of the time they used to say how can I give you a fatwa and Malik is in Medina.

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And I went to Delhi.

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So do we know the origin of it?

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So how come when he approached the headings on a visa lasala he used to ensure that he was in a state of purity while he was in judo, and he would pray to Allah Raja, before he touched the book of Hadith, before he gave the De Santis why none of that is among the fluoride.

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If someone asks you to narrate this, you don't have to be in a state of blue and so on and so forth. We know this, we know the we know the masala but we do not know the root causes muscle we do not know the life of this muscle, either the soul of this muscle and the soul of that muscle is or the

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human molecule the muscle more better than you and me. But still he insisted on doing more other is to do more.

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Other ways to do more today we live in a world which is completely devoid of other there is no respect for elders there is no respect for teachers, there is no respect for the teachings.

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When you are sitting with a teacher, people will ask a question anywhere they want.

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They will interrupt the thing they will ask a question and they will argue and we'll talk about this issue of arguing with the scholars.

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It is one of the most despicable and terrible things to do to yourself. Nothing happens to the scholars because it the loss is your own. We'll talk about disability as each of these is a different topic. But I'm just saying that the lack of others today we live in a world which has no other

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we don't teach our children other we don't teach our children when you come and you see somebody says Allah

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This is not only for the children which is also for us. We don't do Salam they don't see us doing Salah we don't teach them they don't do Salam

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other is an absolutely critical element, an absolute foundation foundational need for anyone who wants it I definitely for anyone who wants the knowledge of this deed of Allah subhanho wa Taala so I remind myself when you let us inculcate others in ourselves, to approach this Deen and every aspect of this Deen with the greatest respect that is due to it because this D is from Allah subhanho wa Taala let us ensure that we are not deficient in our other when we approach this Deen of Islam and we ask Allah Subhana Allah to accept it from us and to give us his eyes and to open our hearts to it. For Salahuddin Abdul Karim Allah Allah. He was happy ajwain Veronica