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in Amarillo, salatu salam ala, Colombia, he was having

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My dear brothers and I remind myself and you that we are approaching the month of Ramadan.

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And Ramadan is the month of the Quran

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says Ramadan already owns Isla de

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la Rosa we have sent down the Quran.

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Therefore, it is important for us to prepare ourselves for the month of Ramadan and for the Koran.

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And this preparation is

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with the idea that we benefit as much as possible from Ramadan and especially from the Quran.

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person, if he wants to benefit from something which is coming,

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the farmer benefits from the season when he expects the rains

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and it is the field and he irrigate, he creates irrigation channels while the rain is still not there.

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Then the farmer who has created irrigation channels only he benefits under incomes or incomes to everybody. But the one who has not prepared the irrigation water flows have

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been one who has prepared the irrigation channel the water flows to his plants. So, preparation is required. Similarly, if you are expecting, if you have a business and you expand, you're expecting a high buying period, then you stock up.

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When you have enough stocks, you don't go hunting for stocks at the time and now the customers want things and your store is empty and there's nothing and you say no wait I will get the stocks people don't wait they go.

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Similarly, we are coming into the month of Ramadan, the month of Iran. So we need to prepare for this.

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In terms of preparation,

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the orlimar have mentioned six points that are required for somebody in terms of preparation for the Quran.

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Six hook of the Quran, six rights of the Quran.

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The first write of the Quran is that the Muslim has faith in the Quran has a man on the horn that he has a man on the Koran from the beginning to the end. From Bismillah R Rahman Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen, to oneness from the beginning to the end, that the Muslim has this faith, that this is the column of Allah subhanho wa Taala that it has been preserved as it was received without any change without any corruption without any addition without any subtraction, that the Muslim believes in every single Ayat of the Quran, without question without doubt, without any hesitation, and that he believes in every at every letter of every eye.

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If a Muslim

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does not believe even in one I have the Quran, then he has exhibited Islam.

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So therefore the first write of the Quran. The first half of the Quran is the belief that the Muslim believes in the entire column of Allah subhanaw taala that he believes that this is the column of Allah and then it has been preserved and he has faith in this. So therefore this belief in the Quran is the first one. Second one

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is because we believe it is the Kalam of Allah, therefore as well as well as Adam said as the full hevc Kitab Allah. So therefore we believe that this column of Allah subhanaw taala, because it is the column of Allah, it is a Seaforth of Allah, it is an attribute of Allah, it is not a creative thing. It is not a fluke. It is one of these effects of the hallak and therefore its level its honor, its position, its Maha is higher than anything and everything else in creation.

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And therefore we do tasm of the Quran we have a set of different we don't treat the Quran like we treat any other book. For example, if you are reading the Quran, just don't put it down somewhere, like you see some people jallat and you see this in many places, you read the Quran and they put it on the on the on the carpet on the on the gentlemen on just on the ground. And this is against the essence of the Quran. The Quran must be kept in a

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an elevated place It must be kept in a place where there is no chance of there being any sign of disrespect to the heart. So it's very important that we keep the Quran and we

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Have you heard of the Quran that we when we even if you are carrying the Quran, you carry it in a way where you have it up like this, you don't just get it like a book, you know swinging your hand. No, these are all things that should be taught to the children from the beginning so that they learn how to treat the column of Allah. So we have deseamos on edge.

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So we believe in the Quran. And we have

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the third thing with regard to the Quran

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is that we read the Quran

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now until our to the Quran, it is very important for us to learn how to read it properly. The tear out of the Quran is not something that can be done by us in any way we like.

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It's not a matter of singing a tune that allows us the Quran is to read it in the way that Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam showed us how to read

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the solarize Allah Himself was taught how to read the Quran. And he taught the Sahaba how to read the Quran.

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And that is why the meat of the Quran is a very, very important part of understanding how to read the Quran

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that will consist of the way of pronouncing the letters of the Quran, as well as it consists of the entire part of recitation, which means where do you stop and where do you elongate and so on and so forth. So all the rules of it is very important for us to learn for tilava to learn the silhouette, to learn how to do it well,

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because this is how as I have said many times before, the Kalam of Allah came as a spoken word, it did not come as a written word. It was later recorded, and immediately so therefore we know it is preserved. But it was received as a spoken word. So does Russell have heard the Quran? The liberal Islam did not bring a piece of paper and say this is what you're upset, no, he recited and as soon as I said I'm heard it, and the Surah Surah. Salaam recite it, and people heard it, and only then it was written down. So the Quran was recited at least two times before it was written down once by jabril alayhis salam, and once why Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, it was decided at least twice

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before it was actually written down. In some cases, it may have been decided more than twice because somebody has he has also Salah he goes and tell someone else who finally writes it down. So the Quran was decided. And that is also the power of the recitation, the power of the Quran, the word and the Kingdom of Allah.

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That is why if you look at it, the machinery Kino maka, they were up, so they understood the word of Allah subhanaw taala. So they used to put their fingers in the ears there is to tell people don't listen, they will put cotton in their ears, because they knew that if they listen to one ayat of the Quran, it will enter the heart, and it will change their lives. And many of them who were adamant on their shirt and their cohort, they did not want their lives to be changed. So they said Let us not listen to the karma. And they used to go around and tell people do not listen to Muhammad because he will change you. It's not Mohammed who changes Salah Doris Allah, it is Allah subhanho wa Taala with

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changes and it is Allah subhanaw taala as column which had this power to change, and there are many, many, many, many stories of

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this, however, is one diehard image main who came to Islam not because of any argument or any debate or not because they listened to some great lecture on some, you know, dekai perfume or something. They came to Islam only because they heard the horror are being recited by aerosol. There is

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no no big you know, they didn't read the book or Islamism. No, they just heard him say reciting the Quran and they accepted Islam assignment savitha Delano.

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And in the days of the Arabs, they were very, very proud of the language and the the the Acme of a language the epitome of a language is the poetry the what is the crowning crown of of any language. So, the poets were very highly revered and poets are very highly, you know, the very popular and there used to be word competitions and they used to be when major points when they would come and reside people would listen to poetry all night long, and they would be reciting poetry. Many of them were you know, they used to say a shower just like that. Like the standing

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They would say a shopping site 1000 a shop, and people would listen to that. And people would be, you know, they would be charged up with that and passionate about it. So these were experts in whatever these people were, they were the ultimate in the language. I mean, they were the greatest experts in Arabic because of the poetry assignment avid came to Makkah.

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they told him they said, Don't listen to Mohammed, Salah Salah said do not listen to me when he recites do not listen to him because he will change your cognitive ears. So sandwich I will also put God in his ears.

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And then when it came to the heroin, or like the practice at that time, also when they when people get Makkah, they will go back off. So when he came to the army, Zarzuela, from praying,

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so he thought to himself, he said, what is it that he can say, which will change me? You know, what, what is this great thing people are telling me they will? Maybe it will change these people or jail? I mean, they don't they don't know Arabic, I mean, I am an expert in Arabic, there is no one on the face of the earth and all Arabic better than me, I have an extraordinary What is it good to say? Let me listen to what is the thing you say? Let me listen to him. As admins, I will talk about the continent of Asia, he or as well as reciting the Quran. And the moment he has a surah in the Quran is that is that this is not the column of Muhammad is it is not he is not saying is this is from

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somewhere else is and nobody can say this is a nobody can say this. This is the column of Allah. Noah, no human being can say this. And why is he saying that? He says I have the expertise that if anyone can say it, I should have been saying this. He said no, we cannot say this, this is something else. And he accepted Islam just visiting dakara. So it's very important for us to learn to recite the column of Allah subhanaw taala. Well, so point number three. Number four, is to understand what we recite the column of Allah subhanaw taala did not come for us to recite it like a parrot. You know, the parent says something, or does not know what to say. Right? It may say nicely, it was a

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very nicely with, you know, well well trained parent, it might use to sound just like so and so. But does a parent know what he's saying? No, he doesn't understand you make some sound. So just looking at letters, recognizing the letter by shape, and making a sound with your mouth. This does not constitute reading, when you say word something, it means you understood what was written. I mean, if you didn't understand it, if you just make some noises, then it you know, maybe you made the right noise, but you don't know what you said. Right? So

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that is what we are doing. And that's why I'm saying this is a big tragedy. This is a very big tragedy. This is what we do. We who do not understand Arabic, this is what we do we just look at the shape of the letter. And we make some sound and we think that oh by Shall I read though if you have not read the word you made some noise. That is all you did, you just made some noise, maybe Allah Subhana Allah will still reward you for making the rise. I am not going into the thick of this thing of whether you will have reward or not. But I want to give you what I have done I've got no objection right. But my point is, that is that the purpose the Quran came that we just look at the

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letters and make some noise with our mouth. No, the whole an Al Majid al Karim came for us to understand what is Allah subhanaw taala See, the important understanding is that only when we understand then the effect of the Quran comes into us.

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Like anything else, you know, one of my job's is to say that if somebody curses you, it has an effect, an upward galeria kusakabe is usually by say, somebody curses you it has an effect, the color of Allah here it has no effect.

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So in your life, a curse is better than the color of Allah in

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the curse has more effect a galley has more effect than the color of Allah, because you understand the curse. Right? Even though the fellow is telling you something, you know, it is not true that word is that word does not apply to me. Still it has an effect on me. But the Kalam of Allah has no effect to what kind of people are viewing so under which we really should be ashamed of ourselves. You know what, even a curse has effect on me what the Kalam of Allah has no effect on because I understand that because I do not understand the color of Allah. So very important for us to understand the column of Allah subhanaw taala obviously the best way and the really speaking, the

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only way of understanding this is to learn Arabic, because without learning Arabic, how do we understand the Quran without learning some language? How do you understand what is written in that language, but at least until we get there, let us try to spend some time and read a good third, read a good translation, whether it's in English, whatever is convenient for us and try and read and at least minimum requirement is the sutras that we recite in in Salah or which we hear normally in Salah at least the meanings of those neurons so that when the mom is residing, at least I got some clue. Okay, this is what he's saying. And when I decided to go also I have some idea this is what

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I'm saying. Because what the tragedy is that you know, the mom is making some noise. We have

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Sometimes I just stand there and we go over the whole of whatever this is not the cause. So the to, to understand what we're saying. And the fifth point is once you understand what we are saying then we bring this into our lives because the Kalam of Allah subhanaw taala did not simply come for us to look at it or to read it or even to understand it, it came for us to apply it right

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we read the column of Allah, Allah subhanaw taala set up a masala so I'm just saying a masala I do not understand what it means now I learned the meaning of it. Okay masala means to establish the salah Alhamdulillah then what should I do? Should I stop at this point I've understood at

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the time for Salah are you doing something I'm not doing it?

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you understand what it means? Yes, I understand what they're How come you're not praying. Right. So therefore the purpose of the Kalam of Allah is to be read to be understood and to be applied in our lives. So if somebody says I have read Aki masala I understand that this means to establish salah and the time of Salah I stand up in Salah

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I also learn how to do Salah what is the correct way of doing Salah what are some mistakes which we normally make in Salah how to avoid them and so on and so forth. So I acquire as much knowledge as I can do in order to implement what I have read in the hora. So as Yakuza now I am standing in Salah Al Hamdulillah I have fulfilled the half of the Quran to this extent. And then comes the last and very important hack of the Quran, the sixth one, which is to communicate this to the rest of the world, the column of Allah did not come for us to hold it to our hearts and keep it in our pockets. The column of Allah subhana wa Taala came for us to communicate it to the rest of the world, and how

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do we communicate it to the rest of the world, not simply by talking about it, we communicate it to the rest of the world by our actions.

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So we implement it in our lives. And this is a means of communicating it to the rest of the world. And also of course we speak about this communication to the world is in terms of data in terms of inviting people in terms of communicating as well as in terms of actually demonstrating with our own lives is this something which we have become very far from we even even those of us who talk about it, we talk about it but we if you look into our own lives, we May Allah forgive us, Illa Masha Allah, you don't find the reflection of what we are saying in our lives. And that's why I said yeah, you will live in armano Lima Hakuna Matata falloon Allah said, Oh, you believe Why do you say that

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which you do not do?

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Why do you say that, but you do not do.

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And along in another place, Allah subhanaw taala said is it that you tell other people to be pious and you are not and you don't practice it yourself, I will tell you, other people, you should be pious, you should not do this, you should not do that. And you should be focused on this and that, and then you look in your own life, and none of that is visible. So this is very, it's a very bad thing. And this is something which becomes a judgment against us on the Day of Judgment. So therefore, communicating this, so six of the

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six robo calls, as well as Renata to make it possible for us to prepare for the Kalam of Allah to prepare for the Quran and to take complete and full advantage of Ramadan in order to understand the Koran to listen to the Quran, to understand it, to bring it into our lives and inshallah to take it out into the world to the rest of the world so that the people we introduce Allah subhanho wa Taala to the world, which is why Allah subhanaw taala sent us into this world. Well Sal Allah Allah Allah will guide him while he was away as main Brahma Tikka