Tahir Wyatt – He Wanted Guidance For Them (A Beautiful Story)

Tahir Wyatt
AI: Summary © The history of the title of Shahada is discussed, including its use in the past and its use in the present. The importance of the Prophet Ex Airlines' name change and the use of a name change are also highlighted. The significance of God and the tribe of Islam is also discussed, including the town of dos and the town of clarify. The segment ends with a mention of a video about a false statement by a man who was not accepted by the Prophet.
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Sharif, in English in English in English

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Hadith was narrated by a very famous companion,

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known as Evo hooray Raja radi Allahu anhu.

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And before he accepted Islam his name was Abu shrimps

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in suffer dosi it was from the tribe of a dose which was located in tianma. To the south of the Arabian Peninsula.

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And when he came to Medina well actually what happened first was,

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there was a great man from the tribe of a dosa companion. His name was up to fail, it'd been ama, or the Allahu tada and we accepted his name first. And then he went and he called his people to Islam.

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But not many of them accepted Islam. In fact, one of the only ones that accepted Islam at that particular time was at the chumps.

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It was stuck at a dose he probably a long line, who is a Buddha. And when he came to the Prophet, I did select with Salim, the prophet changed his name to Abdul Rahman because you cannot have a name in Islam, that indicates that you worship other than Allah subhana wa tada and I have Duchamp's means the worship of the sun.

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And so the prophet Isaiah select was Anam changed his name because of that.

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And that wasn't a normal practice of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam that he would change people's names. And as such, if someone takes Shahada when someone comes to Islam

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The first thing that you should do is not to give them a new name and you should head on some people have this infatuation with as soon as he becomes a Muslim, he has to change his name. So used to be Joseph Nye has to be used.

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Or whatever his name was, his name was Moses. Now he's Musso. His name was mo and now he has to be called Mohammed not. When a person first accepts his name. He wants to change his name. That's his prerogative, but it's not something that we need to focus on. And perhaps it'll cause problems with his family. Maybe it'll alienate him and things like this. Now, he has a name that

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is impermissible in Islam,

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then the name has to be changed. But as long as his name is something that is permissible, then he can keep his name cuz it wasn't from the practice of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, nor those who came after him that everyone that took Shahada would change their names.

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Anyway, his Konya was Abu hurayrah

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and hurayrah is kitten and that's because the he was known to keep like a kitten and asleep sometimes he's very kind to animals, as opposed to some of the baby that we see from the use these days. When they die, they are very violent with the the cats and the the the animals and things like this. This is not the way of the companions of the messenger sallallahu wasallam. Any event when he came to Medina, it was the year seven after the hegira of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam he came home which is the first month

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he is seven after

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and he actually came with his mother to Medina, his mother was a mushfiqur. At that time, she was not a Muslim.

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And a Muslim Muslim, the author of a Sahih Muslim, he marries a very interesting story in his psyche. And it shows you how the heart of ever heard a lot of the Allahu China and who was.

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And any of you who have Muslims, or relatives rather that are not Muslim, should pay very close attention to this story.

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Abu hurayrah

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mentioned that he would go to the prophet SAW the light it was to them or that he went to the Prophet is like to see them and he told him that

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I'm actively trying to call my mother to Islam, trying to teach her about Islam, but she refuses to become Muslim.

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And this time he came to me was crying.

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This time when I talked to her about Islam.

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She says something very bad about your messenger cellulitis.

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And he smiled

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and he she let me hear something that I that I disliked a lot

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He said please make drive for her so we can have a look at that. Not curse her because she cursed the private. I'd like to say that

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please make do I for her that a lot open her chest to Islam.

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And so the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said Allahumma de ebihara Allah guide the mother of Evo hora.

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So ever whoever left the Prophet, I did select them and return back to the home that his mother was staying in.

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And he heard some water splashing.

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And she told him she she heard him coming. And she said, Wait just a minute.

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Wait just a minute. So he didn't enter.

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And then she had when he finished when when the water stop slashing.

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And she put on her garment and she came to me. She said come in now. She said she had one Laila wonder Mohammed Rasulullah.

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Went back to the Prophet, I did select to send him he was crying again.

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But this time he was crying out of joy. He said, O Messenger of Allah. Look at this the job Allahu,

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Indeed, Allah has answered your door. My mother has become a Muslim, she has embraced this lamp.

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He said, Oh, Allah, make sure

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the believers love us, me and my mother, my mother and I, and that we love the believers. And so the prophet SAW the light that was sent to me God for that. And then every Monday along with China, and who says so there is not a believer after that I met except that he loves me. So panela.

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From this story, we see the importance of two things. Number one is dalla Evo hora de allow China and who was actively involved in trying to call his mother to Islam. And second of all, the importance of God, because he was making dry for his mother. And then he asked the Prophet, it was said, to make God for His mother. And that is one thing that we A lot of times, we are negligent of.

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How many times have we not taken advantage of the last hour in your mind? For example, making drive for whatever good it is that we want in this life into here? How many times do we not take advantage of making do I Institute of making drive between the den and the economy of making do I the last third of the night,

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when a loss of our data has told us and the Hadeeth could see? Who is it and he's talking about the last third of the night

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when unless you have a data descends in a manner that is befitting to him and he calls out? Who is it that is seeking my forgiveness that so that I can forgive him? Who is it that is asking for something so that I can answer his request.

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So we should take advantage of these times of a drive. And the other thing is, and this is very interesting about this whole tribe, that tribe of dos to fail in ama who we met, he was the first one amongst them to accept Islam. He went to the Prophet alayhi salatu was Salam. And he told him in the dosen cut helikites Well, I saw it

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and he they are destroyed. And they have disobeyed. Yeah. And he they didn't accept my dalla Gianni they refuse to accept my data. I need the call to

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further rally him your rasulillah so make that against them. Oh messenger of Allah.

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So the prophets of the law it was sent him set Allahumma TV him, Oh Allah guide the tribe of DOS and bring them to Islam. And he didn't make dua against them. He may do either Allah subhana wa Tada. guide them Shahada, Ramadan and

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Ramadan in cinema Vienna in Milan.

This clip covers the beautiful story of the mother of Abu Hurairah’s reversion to Islam. The clip is taken from the explanation of Hadith 09 entitled, “Obligations are According to Ability…”

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