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The speakers discuss the meaning of suffering in Islam and the importance of standing by others to avoid harming efforts. They also highlight the use of tools like the ACA and the "we" in Islam, including the importance of achieving goals through the act of Islam. The speakers emphasize the power of the ACA and its use in preventing future mistakes and celebrating events. The speakers also mention the use of wines and masks to celebrate events and the importance of using the "we" in achieving success in the dams.

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Under the level below me so that was

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fine it was handed me about

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we will do the rest of the area today. Let's run a data set for guru guru calm slash guru level as a prune yeah you will live in a monastery and with somebody was telling

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you to desire when it was Ronald Bella is this is one of the cannibals around attallah whenever a lot ran into vegans and I might say yeah he will live in Amman It is

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so that's another thing Yeah, you will live in harmony with their you know this somebody was Sarah take the help of summer and Salah.

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This is a beautiful illustration of the concept of summer in Islam, which is highly misunderstood.

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People feel that some people think that summer means to sit and do nothing.

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And people made the statement to this they have a salary cap, we can only do so or we cannot do anything else. That shows that the person does not understand the meaning of salary.

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You see the Quran, Allah subhanaw taala used the term sub for the Mujahideen. He called them the submarine.

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In many places towards the place in the Quran, Allah subhanaw taala refer to the Mujahideen. He's availa who are engaged in the ultimate of all efforts where they are literally sacrificing their life for the sake of being Allah subhanaw taala called them a sovereign.

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So the Mujahideen were not going and sitting in the battlefield and doing nothing they were doing the ultimate effort that they could make.

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So first and foremost, we have to understand the meaning of suffering in Islam is to make the ultimate effort to the degree to a degree of excellence.

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effort has two parts one is the energy in it and the second one is the excellence in it.

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Just like just energy without focusing on the excellence will get to nothing. And if you are focused on the excellence and you don't have enough energy again you will get nothing. So both are required, you need the energy and the enthusiasm. And you also need to have some standards, which you are trying to achieve and that you are not going to compromise those standards, anything up that standard remain static, we will go to the standard no matter what it takes. So I know this server was solid. And then we stand with all of our data and acknowledge the fact that our effort alone can do nothing. And that we need the help of a loss manager. The most beautiful illustration of this is

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from the life of them so lions alone is seldom in the Battle of whether

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there is a lion is lm, the famous Dr. is Allah Allah, Allah, in the Battle of weather, where he says Oh Allah, if these are wiped off the face of the earth, then there will not be anyone left on the face of the earth to worship you.

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The same as the other is a lion is that was not missed was not made in another way.

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It was made in the battlefield of others.

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After making the effort,

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then the NaVi of Allah Allah Allah Azza wa sallam stood up and asked Allah

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see the beauty of the ban of the Quran. Allah subhanho wa Taala would have said is the Innova Sol our summer

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is the no BS Salatu was about he would have said the same thing. But then what would it have meant?

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It would have meant two things it would have meant first of all that after making Salah do not have faith in the Salah make some effort

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in the real life and how can we have this?

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So I can do voiceover then what does it mean? It means that I made some salah and then of course I have not I don't have enough faith in this I have to make some effort also.

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Allah did not say that his day in ob surgery was Allah make your effort first. And then acknowledge and stand before Allah subhanho wa Taala and say Allah not a self made man all of these are our customers will cover

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because somebody actually said self made man with this belief that he's a self made man that he is committing

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so he's telling me one was rather as a Yara all my effort is completely and totally helpless and worthless before

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because even the effort itself came out of your of it and came out of the energy and the resources you gave me. So where is where am I in this effort? I'm nowhere.

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I am nowhere.

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Well, they helped me.

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Oh, Allah, give me your help.

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The summary was Salah.

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You make the effort. And then we started with our last one of that. And we ask a lot of

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very, very important concept in understanding the issue of Islam because many, many times this happens to people

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They forget the actual meaning or they don't they never nobody ever told them the actual meaning of some of

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the other big issue with this is that our unreliable army if we make effort as a loss monitor as a delegate and

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if we ask for the help of Allah, we suffer it was solid, then inshallah, in our effort also we will not go wrong

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because while we are making effort we know that are at the end of this effort, I have to start with our loss manager.

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So, I will not use any means in this effort which are prohibited Islam,

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I will ensure that I have a lasagna in this effort, I will ensure that I have no arrogance in this effort, I will ensure that I do not use any privated means in order to achieve my aims and goals. Because why? Because at the end of Zephyr comes Sala at the end of the day would have to stand the follows vanozza

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My dear brothers,

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Allah subhanho wa Taala is witness that unless we understand that the Salah can solve our problems in this dunya we will never do this alone properly.

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Because as far as not real to us. The ACA is a concept for us.

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In the ACA was real to us our life would not be what they are today. I speak about myself. Viagra was real to me I would not be doing some of the things I do today.

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I would be paying more attention to my Salah I would have more Kosovo and hola masala

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I would ensure that my badges is never missed. I would enjoy all the Takata badges that

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I would enjoy I would follow all the sunon

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so they are not read nearly make it real for us.

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But the dunya is real and the way to make the real is to use the tools of the ACA in this dunya

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Allah subhanaw taala said is the no this everyone Salah were in this dunya the seller is the as Babel Allah for the Zuni

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it is a suburb of Allah for the Zuni

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the Salah is from the as Bob

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again a big misconception is people people celebrate the Salah from above and they said this dunya is that was bad yes this dunya is that was bad and the Salah is part of this union

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so the Salah is the absolute as bad in this union we need to use this Salah is Salah is the tool The door is the tool that drives the weapon with a Muslim we must use this Salah in order to achieve what we need in this dunya anytime there is an issue what it is Abba do the xaba students Allah anytime there was any matter that they need it I'm talking about Julian the genie has any matter in the dunya they needed the stood in salah and the actor was one of them.

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And that's the reason why we must use this Allah made the effort but then make Salah stand before Allah Spanos Allah

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go in touch the cry before was one of them ask Allah subhanaw taala and know that Allah subhanaw taala only gives to see something happening from a source

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but to know that it is happening not from the source but from Allah. This is even

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gives it his score eggs against the hota or dig the way Danny give ahwazi na hora bulk Allah Allah Caray, he's gonna be one

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we see the van and we know the van does not run by itself it is running because of the electric current which is coming to the fact

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so how can we look at our shop and our business and our this and that and wives and children and feel that my well being is because of this business? my well being is because of my shop, my happiness is because of my wife and children, the hour of Allah, whatever level they are all dead. They are all dead

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except by the hokum of Allah subhanho wa Taala gives them like, they're all dead. They're all incapable of helping or of harming la Viva La la la la la.

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There is no enough and there is no doubt of except what Allah gives.

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The subsidy was Allah. ask Allah Subhana Allah to open the archive of his Deen on us and will our to know and to ensure that we live our lives according to his camp and to give us the Baraka of the tools of this Deen which he has given us, which are the most powerful tools that can possibly exist and to help

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To see that the tool is only as good as we add the one who uses it.

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The biggest and the most powerful weapon is only as good as the one who was sitting behind it or pulling the trigger.

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And that person he does not know how to use the weapon is that weapon and overtake everything but he can't use it. The article is one of the subhanaw taala to show us the power of his Gollum and to show us the power of the son of his of his Allah is I was alone and to use us for his work in his dunya and to forgive us when we come before him. It was under la Vila Karim, Allah Allah He was heavy his main erotica.