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Wisam Sharieff
AI: Summary © The SunGeneration supplements are designed to bring healing elements of the SunGeneration into one's life. They offer a series of 12 raka Sunday Sunday Sunday messages, a 12-voluntary prayers, and a Supercharged experiment on deepening one's presence. The goal is to build routine and rituals that apply to the SunGeneration and deepen one's understanding of the natural world.
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Salam Alaikum Peace be upon you around you and made emanate from within you. So those of you joining the Sunnah supplements portion are now going to be wondering well, what is it going to entail for me to bring this healing portion of the Sunnah into my life and what sunnah supplements about. So three categories, three points of interest in this course, or this experience called sunnah supplements. Number one, the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, this is category one, it said the person who prays 12 raka sunnah a day, or 12 voluntary prayers, that's the up and downs 12 Extra voluntary prayers would his Paradise would increase. Now we all know this. It's great benefit. But

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that's again where we're going to try to push things forward. We're going to try in the first portion of suna supplements to bring the 12 raka of sunnah into our day in the physical action. Even if you don't pray sunnah, you're going to go through the posture even before the for the five daily prayers that you're praying, you're going to go through the posture physically, even if you haven't made the intention, even if you're just going up and down. The idea is to bring those extra 12 movements. And you can kind of cross pollinate here with the postures of presence. But that's the first component. We'll talk about sunnah in a little while. Yes, all three of these components are

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going to come in the next three videos. So there's the 12 Extra saunas, and that's the first component of Sana supplements. Number two is routines and rituals. How do we bring the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam routines and rituals into our life. And it's not what you're thinking most people start saying, also, we should practice more sunup. No, you should find more mindful remembrance that you can do, i e, check out the next video to talk about building routines and rituals through the Sunnah. And the third component of sunnah supplements is going to be supercharging a DUA. Now, what does that mean? Of course, you're gonna have to watch the video to

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really do the whole exercise. But if you understand anything up to this point, to building your own success into taking control over your addictions, or even more to taking your chronic transformation to the next level that applies to you all, respectively, you need a way to catch peak moments. You need a way to develop times in the day where you're like, Wow, I feel wonderful. How do I capture this so that I can a be present in the moment and really be happy and be, then later on, when the times are going tough, I can use this Supercharged dua to lift me up. So let's talk about it a little bit more. But for now, here's your quick summary. We are going to start in the month of

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Ramadan to introduce the extra 12 Raka. We're just going to go up and down. If you do pray them, we're going to talk about deepening. Then if you do pray to over Casona right now, please do check out postures of presence on how to deepen yourself into the posture. And the second will be those routines and rituals. I II we're going to be holding some planks. We're going to be looking at different things we can bring in our day during our workout How can we remember Allah subhanaw taala during our diet during the week when we get prepared in the morning, dressed in the morning, so that's the routines and rituals. And number three we want to bring the concept of a supercharged dua

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dua from the prophet from the prophetic so now the Prophet peace be upon him did it but using that dua custom tailored into our life ie if you've ever taken a dua from the Quran and made it yours if you haven't, please go check out grunig transformations but if you have this is your chance to take the Sunnah DUA and make it yours. Alright friends, this is our first introduction to sunnah supplements. If you want to see more about any of these three components, check out the videos that will come after it. And next you're going to check out nourishment and an intro to postures of presence.

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