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In Alhamdulillah, WA salatu salam ala rasulillah Habad

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we were

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doing the data set and sort of the Bukhara first guru, Guru comb wash guru de la jolla in a monastery in a bit somebody was Salah.

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Today we'll do the

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one one, which follows immediately wireless routers in the LA Valley

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and then tomorrow we'll go to the next one after that. And let's write that as in a la savarin. I remind myself a new to reflect on the Quran

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to reflect on the specific choice of words of Allah Subhana

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Allah subhanaw taala in the ad just before this one said is the you know, with slavery or Salah he said take the help of salah and salah and yesterday as I explained, our is not to sit and do nothing sour is to make the ultimate effort to the level of excellence. And then make dua to Allah subhanho wa sallahu wa should make after you make the effort you must do if you listen to the yesterday's render. I've dealt with that in details. I won't repeat that. But then when I last ran out, Allah has said ask help. Seek help, is there no, there's suddenly a fella automatic thing was B therefore logically speaking, the next I should say Allah should say then I will help you.

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Yes, but Allah did not say will help you. Allah said in a la ha ma sorry. Verily Allah subhanho wa Taala is with the people who may suffer.

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There is a difference between saying I will help you and I am with you.

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the mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala

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with help can be from outside help can be through another agency, Allah subhanaw taala can send his Malaika to help you are a lot smarter than

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a lot smarter than those who are is Juno's. So Allah subhanaw taala can help through some means but as far as I didn't say that. In Allah Hamas I believe in Allah Verily, Allah subhanaw taala is with the people who make someone with the people who make the ultimate effort.

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So what is this if I was one of them?

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What is the nature of Allah subhanaw taala being with us?

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What is this nature of the Marianas monitor

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as well as Mandela to open our hearts to this job in our lives to this? One thing I can say very clearly that the Mayor de velas Ronald telecomms, only to those who are obedient, there is no Maya todos Ronald Allah, to people who are disobedient, we are disobeying Allah Subhan.

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Allah subhanaw taala is with you.

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Then what happens?

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Think about that, which difficulty in the world is there that cannot be resolved if Allah subhanaw taala is with us?

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And who is Allah? Allah rather is it in La la la la Xena taco will Latina homos in

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the Marriott Allah Subhana Allah, Allah regard as it he is with in the LA LA LA Zina taco, Allah Serrano that is the B is with the people who are Buta K,

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one Latino masino and he is with the people who do

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what is as a as an is the ultimate level of excellence

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is then in the very

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end what is it that he said towards Allah subhanaw taala as you can see, and that was Allah God mega Tara

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Gandara rock and if you cannot see him know that he sees you.

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In the lava Allah Xena taco, one lady, no mercy No. Where there is no taqwa where there is no sun. There is no Mariette of Allah subhana wa Tada.

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Where taqwa an exam, I've always said this many many times before the Quran does not have unconditional promises. Please get this cleaned out of your mind.

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People are living in a world of

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as well as rather the female intelligible people aren't living in a world of deception as people are a fool themselves completely.

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They are in a state of complete loss there is there a state of complete you know devastation, but they have no clue about this.

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They only worried about the junior Junior junior

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level. Today's agenda is on that in the first test of the gel is a test of faith not there not there. So it is a test of your Eman

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but we don't see that as a test.

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Is that stuck is when you're going around not doing anything you're constantly learning

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about Allah subhanaw taala is in the area of Allah subhanho data, Allah subhanaw taala being with somebody who's dependent or what cooperation

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and alarm Allah Xena taco well as you know, Moses

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We have to ask ourselves what is the level of my taqwa?

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What is the level of myself and work to increase the level of taqwa the number one condition to increase level of taqwa is to mentor.

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Who is different. Please understand this very clearly no one else can make Toba on your behalf

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is another you know fitna, he will come into the middle is rocky Lega pujari del Toro

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this business of handing over your worship to somebody who is into theology is not Islamic, they are not Muslim God. You go to the temple gives a coconut to the Buddha, the Buddha remains the Buddha you go and do your own thing somewhere else have enough water levels are no Buddha is in Islam.

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What do I want me to do?

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You are the one who commit the sin you know make that make up of us. What do I want? From when we do our work for

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human power, no one will work for you.

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So number one condition of taqwa is don't

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go by will is devoir turn towards Allah subhanaw taala ask forgiveness of Allah zanotta number one condition of taqwa.

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And then our last one is data if you have Taqwa, then Allah subhanaw taala is with us.

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And that is what I remind myself when you

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Allah subhanaw taala did in the last video

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and the related devices may add to these two conditions dakwah will lessen the fear and glory and majesty of Allah subhanaw taala in the heart, the awareness of Allah subhanaw taala is watching me every minute and then addicted forward

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to a level of a sign.

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Somebody asked AlHassan bursary Rasul Allah, they asked him, How is it that you are so detached from the dunya?

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How is it that you are so detached from the love of God in your heart? Why How is it possible? And as I said four things

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he said number one, I am convinced that my result nobody else can take

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what is written for me is written for me, nobody can take it take from that.

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He's a number two, no one can perform good deeds for me. No one can make double for me, no one can make Salah for me, no one can work for me, I have to do all these things.

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No one can do good deeds for me. Therefore I engaged myself with that. He said the third thing is I'm constantly aware that Allah subhanaw taala is watching me so I am ashamed to commit anything. Anytime any issue of comes of sin or being in the company of people who are committing sin or being somewhere that Allah is watching, how can I be? How can I degrade myself such that Allah subhanaw taala is watching me. So therefore I am ashamed to commit and he said and he said the fourth thing is, I am convinced that one day I will die. So I try to make preparations on it.

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As myself, am I convinced that I will let

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me really convince the stock? Am I really convinced that one day I will that

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because if I'm convinced, then that conviction has to be manifested in terms of our action? That is a lie. That's that's absolutely *. Judah is an evoc

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that I said yes, I will die I am convinced but my life shows that I am not convinced because my life is over.

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If I am convinced that I will die, then how can I do something which displeases Allah subhanho wa Taala. Where is the question of him or her brother? That is the I remind myself anew? these are these are foundational questions of Eman today when there is nothing today this is just the side that is playing games with us.

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Japan is not even trying he is playing games with us.

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And that we cannot resist what will happen to us on the day when we are dying when Japan will use his maximum power to take us away from from Allah subhanaw taala to make us COVID COVID What will we do at that point in time?

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Because he knows that the last time if you die on Mr. Carlos you are gone from is that he cannot touch you after that. If we die on demand and as well as Renata to give us all a mouth on a man may Allah subhanho wa Taala decree that our soul is taken from us when we are in the state of Salah in sudduth

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that will be very clear. The only time the illiterate increase the chance of our soul being taken in studios by making more fun that

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you know you're gonna die if you are playing football.

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That's gonna get very serious about the disadvantages but

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all I remember is if you

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worth a billion dollars that billion dollars will still desert

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he could see it and if you wanted halon you will give his up and if you wanted haram it will take you to the Hellfire no there is no

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there is no example Haram is in the advice it is absolutely viral.

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But either way what we send before us a level the waters for what we leave behind a level take account. So ask yourself What do you want? What do you want to give account so badly?

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alone The house is not exactly yours. You know, Nicole, is that easy. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to help us to develop Aqua Vanessa, which will in sha Allah guarantee us the Marriott, the closeness, the proximity of the loss of anodyne and as well as Valladolid to help us to feel to feel to actually feel the sweetness of Allah subhanaw taala being with us reflect on this reflect on this think about his dad in times of

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what has happened to attach

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your problems in a world of sleep.

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So I was bowled over and resolved for where I

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stand in the stairs, the Marriott of Allah subhanaw taala Stan and I just feel the closeness of Allah Subhana Allah tala to give this to you to give you that job, and to give you the feeling of closeness to him when you stand before him and there's only you and him as if

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there's one court battle but we

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have a dog in the night and he is standing in touch with a river is that Salah? He said Allah there are only two people on the face of the earth who are awake. One is you on your rush and the other one is me.

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Not a literal thing. It is a it shows the the the rabbit that shows the connection of the up to the up he's making up he's Allah even the stars are falling asleep because night the star that said he said even though Star Wars that only to you on your Russian vision

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is referred to as Allah subhanaw taala the void is done in Salah as myself, What do I do and has done is that I

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was done mechanical things happening in the 11 that were interrupted.

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Where is the center? I'm standing before my Rob but he's seeing me and speaking and playing

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as well as Renata to give us the Hello Sarah to give us the sweetness of Salah to us and to give us the feeling of magnetism and to just to make Dawa and to hasten to make them up because you do not know when our time will come was Allah La La Valle Karim Allah Allah He was heavy is right there