Mirza Yawar Baig – Reminders Remembering Allah What Does It Do To Me Part I

Mirza Yawar Baig
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the meaning of Islam's words and actions, including subhanaw taala and creating Dia impossible. They stress the importance of finding the right balance between decoration and decoration for one's personal taste, avoiding Islam subhanaw taala, and bringing change to one's bodies. The speakers emphasize the need for people to ask themselves what they mean when they hear the statement.
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Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam, ala l mursaleen. O Allah, Allah He was heavy is right about

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last round Allah said, by the guru knee as guru, wash guru Li velata for

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the holiday, nothing, unless

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you remember me and I will remember you

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make sugar of me Be thankful to me and do not be ungrateful.

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And sort of a Bukhara, Allah, Allah, in other support, see, Allah subhanaw taala mentioned, he said, that when the slave remembers me, within himself,

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I remember him within myself.

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And when the slave remembers me, in company, that I remember him in company, which is better than

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I want you to think about this, I have another data guru, and he asked him, What does it mean? When we say Allah? subhanaw taala? You remember me and I will remember you? What is the meaning of

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Allah, Allah remembers the slave on his Irish by name?

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And what should that do to us? The issue of lm is not just to acquire random information, but to feel the

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meaning of that information.

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If somebody if somebody shouts, comes in here and shout, there is a fire.

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Right? What will we do?

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We do something, somebody says there is a fire we'll do some why because when he's shouting, there is a fire there is that inflammation is creating some turmoil within us the inflammation is creating some change within us. We understand the inflammation, we understand what is the meaning of a fire, we know that a fire if there is a fire, maybe there is some damage or some some loss is happening. And immediately we will take action towards towards it and do something about

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what is the change when we hear the word of Allah subhanaw taala? You must think about this, when we start in the salons a lot, but what does it do to the rest of us to a rest of our lives?

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When we ask Allah subhanaw taala for something, what is going on in our minds? Who are we asking?

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We are asking the Creator of the heavens and the earth, we are asking the one who created everything that exists. All that we know and all that we don't know.

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And we are asking him to solve one miserable little problem for one miserable little human being who does not even show up as a blip on our radar screen if there was one.

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The earth won't show up on our radar screen. If there is one, if you look at the galaxy and the you know size of things, the whole earth does not even show up where the person one human being.

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Yet Allah subhanho data by His grace and mercy has given us the power and given us the ability to speak to him directly.

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And Allah Subhana Allah does not just say his victory directly Allah says Allah answers that speech.

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So what is the effect of this information on us?

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The idea of what is called is the Huizar of the ill the idea of getting this element inside us so that it produces an effect within us the purpose or purpose of any knowledge is to create an effect purpose or any knowledge is to show the benefit of this knowledge in our lives. Otherwise, it's a waste of time is that knowledge and

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if the knowledge is not producing any effect, then the knowledge may as well not have that knowledge. So if we have if you say we understand the Quran, and that is why one does that one of the signs of the day, that day that people will recite the Quran in a beautiful way, but it will not go below the throat.

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It was one of the signs of that people will recite the Quran in a beautiful tone, but it will not even go down below the troops. Which means there is no fan of the Quran. There is no understanding of the Quran. People are just reciting the Quran like as if they are singing some songs.

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Yes, yes, that is the issue as it is here because people have this act. I mean, they don't know what they say. What is the good of that? Similarly,

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and Elena has to be very strong about this. He said when you start decorating your massages, and you start decorating the most of the Quran itself, the book, he said this is a sign of the last day coming which means that Allah subhanaw taala is displeased with you. And that is why the decoration of massages. The aroma are Mustafa on this. That money was just spent for decorating meaning just purely for beautification. This money is haram. This is not food not respect. You can spend money for making the budget comfortable you can make

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Spend money to make the most with a good structure and so on. But just no holes and you know, paintings and this kind of tile and that kind of chandelier, this is not permitted in Islam in the massage. Similarly for the for the book all as well sell it to a good printing, but you have you know, gold foil and all sorts of what is called illumination and all this is not the purpose of the Quran is to be for it for us to read it to understand it and bring it into our lives. It is not a piece of decoration, decoration, to be placed in house somewhere or to play somewhere and to be shown to people, you know, for decoration, inshallah, we'll talk about that later. But just today,

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first guru score comando my rigor and I have a record of you, I remind myself and you to think about this and say, ask ourselves, what does this mean to me? If I make music or Allah subhanaw taala? Am I aware? And was Christ asked, Do I have this sort of this last image on earth? And what does that do to my life? That is the beauty of it. If I say Allah, a small child is something happens to him, he calls his mother literally dies, if anything he gets into any trouble or anything. He called for him. The only power he knows is the mother. So it costs less people like us handler. When we say we get into any trouble, what is the first thing we call? Ask yourself?

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What is the first thing we call and May Allah forgive us we call everything as

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we will find this info on that and we never think Allah, but Allah is aware he knows and he sees and unless others I will answer.

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So when we say Allah, they expect the result to happen.

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If something is there, if there is a problem, I see Allah, oh, Allah helped me I expect that to come because Allah subhanaw taala See, and others rather as the coder tells me, I'm not asking somebody who has no power.

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So but that will come if we have this sort of they'll mirror just reading something or reading something for the sake of it. Then Then we have this SS this feeling Yes, I am speaking to the Arab world who listens, who understands and with whose poet he has the power to be able to solve all my problems and more

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than as well as well. There is a difference in terms of ask Allah subhanaw taala, to bring us to bring this change about within us so that we feel the power of his of his column, so that we understand the importance of a way of avoiding Allah subhanaw taala we don't just obey Allah, Allah as a as something which is formed, but out of the love of Allah Subhana Allah subhana

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wa salam

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