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In the LEM that Sarah was around

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while he was happy he or Manuela

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My dear brothers, I looked around $1 in the pot and

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mentioned his agenda in many places.

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That I mentioned is Jenna Allah subhanaw taala mentioned

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what we need to do to get this in

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Allah subhanaw taala called it a trade. Yola, Xena Amano Hala De Luca mala tiara Tintin de comida. Vina Lima, La Jolla, zero you believe, shall I not show you a trade show I shall and I'll show you a deal which will save you from the Hellfire which will enter you in Region. Allah subhanaw taala called, he separated the people in his era savonnerie was a virgin,

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as I will gender give olfa his own. He said the people of Ghana are the only ones who are successful.

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Yet when we look at our lives, we find that it is so difficult for us

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to do things that lead to gender.

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We find that even though we say that we believe in the promise of investment and the promise of return on investment that Allah subhanaw taala has bit

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of an jabil has sanity follow eyeshadow I'm sorry Allah smart Allah said the one who comes to me with one good deed I will give him 10 likewise.

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And if I ask myself yesterday,

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how many good deeds did i do consciously to please Allah Subhana

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Allah knows best.

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But if you ask me,

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if there is a

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IPO coming

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on the share markets, and if he says that this particular IPO has got is going to get oversubscribed and the share will go up in price

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I will not only invest in it, but I will know exactly how much I invested I will know what kind of return I am expecting on it. I will know everything about

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as the people who are who deal in chairs

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I can guarantee you there is not one single person who deals in shares who is vague about his investment nobody nobody

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there not at all like they know exactly they know exactly how much they have invested, they know exactly how much return they're expecting. Why? Because that share market is real to them.

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the share market is real.

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You and I consider argue till the cows come home that the share market the very basis of the share market is unreal is lack of reality.

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It is what is what is your market the share market is the

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opinion of the market about a particular company

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which has nothing to do with the actual health of the company, which has nothing to do with the act with actually whether this company is run well or not run well who are the managers who are the owner? What is the business?

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None of these things has absolutely any relation

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to the market sentiment as it is called

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what is indifferent? Who is a sentimental person? Someone who is no loser, no logic is sentimental and sentimentally attached to a rag

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or whatever, right?

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Yet people who

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invest in the share market for them. That share market is absolutely 100% real.

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So they will put money in it. They expect returns.

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And they're very surprised sometimes when those returns don't come.

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The sharemarket is one of the many examples of electronic data set in Nevada to dunya ilimitado wrote the many many examples of this. And the sharemarket is one of the finest

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point I'm making is

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How real is this Jana, to us?

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Is it even as real as the share market?

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Because one day when they believe me, one day we are going to cross cross that threshold after crossing the threshold whether we go to general we go to Jana, we don't know.

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But we are going somewhere

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and there's no third place

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early to

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so How real is this Jana?

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I seriously. I want to remind myself when it is that when you sit down,

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sit down quietly in one corner and ask yourself this question.

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If it helps you write it out on a piece of paper How real is Janna to me?

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Because if you don't do that,

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they will come when the door will open

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and then what we will see we will see.

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Let us look at how real the agenda was to people who understood this. Angela in starting today for today we will talk about that

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cabin Monica Belladonna read

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and said that

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the 75

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people who came from Athena

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to invite us allies

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to come to Medina to migrate.

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And he said they agreed to meet

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in the mothership after Hajj

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in Alaska.

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And they said that he says that

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we came in ones and tools quietly in the night.

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Because we didn't want the chorus to know that we were gathering.

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And he said when we were when we were all gathered in that room.

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So Allah is Allah hlm came with Allah bus when other metallic Alon who at that time

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he was not a Muslim or Allah, Allah, maybe he didn't declare Islam, whatever it was.

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And he said, when they had all gathered, and many of his allies, lm came, Alibaba Delano, he first spoke.

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And he said, Oh, people have your trip.

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You have come to invite

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our nephew, to come and live with you.

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He said, do understand that while he is in our place, and while he is with us, and we are responsible for him, and we will take care of him because he's from logic. And so he has the family the support of his family and his tribe.

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He did but when he comes to your trip,

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he said every sword in Arabia will return against you.

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So do you realize what you are doing?

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Carbon Malaga. delana said that our leaders stood up.

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And he said we want to hear from Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam

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and he said Jada's Allah sallallahu taala.

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Tell us what do you expect from us?

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In that position, put yourself in that position.

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But also realize eleganza

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I expect you to protect me like you protect your women and children.

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Like you protect your own wives and children.

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What does it mean? It means that I expect you to sacrifice your life for my safety if not if need be.

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Number one, number two.

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He said I expect you to obey me in every situation, whether you like it or not.

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And he said three, I expect you to give if I asked you to give for the sake of Islam. He said I expect you to give when I asked whether you have wealth or you don't have what he said in times of plenty and in times of needs.

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Does this look like a reasonable demand to somebody who is

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in a position where he

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has to leave his or his own hometown is going to another place those people have come to take him I've come to invite him and the demand is making is that you have to lay down your life to support me.

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You have to obey me no matter what I say whether you like it or you don't like it.

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And you have to spend if I ask you to give you have to give whether you have it or not.

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Does it sound reasonable?

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The leader of the

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they all heard this. And government Malaga delana said our leader asked him he said yes of Allah. We heard what you want from us. Tell us what will we get in return?

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Tell us what will we get in return?

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and carbon Malaga delana says Rasul Allah is Allah Allah Allah is

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selam replied with only one word.

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He said Jana

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he said Jenna

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Goblin medica that

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we all said what a bargain

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they said what a bargain

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that Alhamdulillah

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is it what a bargain

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cendana or do you think we got we got some discounted version in today's in today's day

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that's my venue

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what was this picture? The Sahaba was see

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that we have become blind to

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for us these are all words

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for us these are all words this gentleman cannot get us out of our beds five minutes over budget

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for it badger

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this gentleman doesn't allow us to put our hands in our pocket and spend 10 rupees for the sake of Allah

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what Jenna is

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laying down our life forever laying now we got Omar kantiang Jr head forget about laying down our life

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the Muslim delay cannot even sacrifice his hair where will is he Where is he going to sacrifice lead?

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One gentleman

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but believe me, whether we choose to believe it or not.

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Another thing about reality reality is that which exists

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irrespective of whether anyone believes it or not.

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agenda is real.

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The agenda is real

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agenda Dohuk wanna rock

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solid? agenda is up and the fire is up.

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agenda is real.

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The question is,

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and the big problem is that until we believe that it is real, we will not work for it. And if you don't work for it, we will not get it.

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We will not get it. This Get this through your heads very clearly. If you don't work for it, you don't get it.

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There are people who laid down their lives, the people who gave away their wealth and tomorrow and day after inshallah, as long as Allah tala given the knowledge, we'll talk about those people.

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The people who sacrificed everything, and that's why I don't like the word sacrifice, sacrifice, it's an investment. Those people understood the investment. They understood the return on the investment is a straightforward ROI calculation.

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They understood the return on investment. So they made the investment.

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Today, Allah knows best. We say we understand the investment. But if you look at our lives, what investment element

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what investment have we made in our market?

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Today started at Burberry yesterday, from McGreevy yesterday till today, how much Warren did we read?

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How many additional Salawat? Not the fourth Allah? How many additions are deliberate?

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How much money did we spend in Nevada, Las panatela? Between yesterday, Margaret and Nancy?

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What did we do for the dean which will take us to john Angela?

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Who are we fooling?

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Nobody with ourselves, no one but ourselves.

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And a day will come when all this fully will become very clear and very visible.

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ask Allah Subhana Allah to save us from that kind of awakening. And ask Allah subhanho data to wake us up before that time comes so that we can invest in our own Africa. I'm not asking you to invest in Africa, invest in your own Accra.

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Invest in your own Africa

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because that is where you're going to go to.

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That is where you and I will go to melas Rancho de la open our eyes to this before it is too late. And may Allah subhanaw taala open our eyes and help us to do that which is beneficial for ourselves and to save us from that which is not beneficial for ourselves and to follow in the battle mamas Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, to a level of excellence, which is the only guarantee of success in this world. And the next was Allah Allah Allah will carry in while Ali was heavier.

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