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I want to go

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and handle another water stain when i

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when i was ovulating and showed all the unforeseen elements the earthy armanino miyetti hit now for now we'll deliver on a huge leaf and a heavier y shadow.

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Even Allahu la sharika why shadow Mohammed Abu rosulip whenever you have a real dilemma and the one I

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wish I had a feeling he had the he had

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to never be my bad Mario Brothers.

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If you today with see two brothers

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sort of complaining to each other, and you take out the voice, you would not hear what they're saying. The only would look at their body language, you would see that they are using all kinds of body language they are using all kinds of energy in order to complain to each other about everything about whatever is happening in life.

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The question is here, if you would look at the same brothers, who were just complaining to each other,

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in all kinds of strong body language, how their body language is when they are in social, when they are praying, then you would see a total different body language and you will see that there is no energy in that suit or maybe no energy in that prayer, while they are actually communicating with the last panel. While they are actually having the moment to complain to Allah subhanho wa Taala in the same manner they were complaining to his brother for example. And as we hear from the sellers when they, when instead of Best Buy in the first couple of centuries, as as we can read

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in different Hadith or in different stories from a seller

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that a man when he saw another man complaining, he said to him a dish called rahima dilemma layer How do you complain about the most merciful to the one who does not know mercy? Which means are you complaining about the last panatela about your destiny about your father to a human being who does not know no mercy Subhana Allah and the Last palletizers in getting you in Edina mo stay no big Sabri was tala which Allah Subhana Allah means this first he says all we will all right, resistance problem that you you support on that in your life. But then he says was was saying it was properly was Salah. And as we know when we pray, then the nearest we can get to a loss panadol is a pseudo

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which means what we can learn from our setup, for example, that they used to say if you feel that you have anything to say to a loss of panatela to certain suit, and don't get up from supersuit until you feel that you have emptied your heart. So last panel, tell us that moment because that you are the closest to Las panatela when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in a beautiful Hadith said to his companions, that nobody will enter Paradise or nobody will be rewarded in the menial baddies except with the mercy of the last panel,

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which means nobody will be rewarded by him deep by action.

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This is Yasser Allah alayka salatu salam, what about you? They were asking him the same question. He said no me. Except if a loss of Hannah Montana embraces me with his mercy.

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It's about mercy. It's about urashima. It's about the document that you're trying to get through that food. Through that prayer. And a loss of habitat is the Most Merciful. As we can read in the Hadith, he is more merciful with him. Creation than a mom is merciful with her child,

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a child which was bought of her for nine months, which was part of her body and the loss of habitat is more merciful was a creation, but in order to reach that mercy, in order, how can you expect that you reach that Mercy of Allah Subhana Allah, if you are not merciful yourself

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as we can, as we can read from from the seat of the Prophet of the Lord and then when he says, if you are not merciful and our Allah will not be merciful in you. So two advices My dear brothers, to myself and to you is,

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if you are in sujood, always remember that you are the nearest to Allah Subhana tan and that at that moment that your best position in order to talk to a Lost Planet, Allah and in order to empty your heart and in order to ask Allah Subhana Allah, whatever you want to ask and think of lots of parents or for whatever you think, and next to that, always, do not forget whatever you do, it's about allowance, mercy, and Allah have mercy upon us.

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is more than anything else. As we know if you if you come to a loss of $100 and on the day of judgment and you're I will be putting on a weight scale and you're and at the mercy of him and all your other actions whatever actions you have done with putting the other in the other scale, there will still be lighter than his mercy. keep remembering that be merciful to others. And on May last panorama be merciful to you. The loss of Hannah Tara, give us strengthen Eamon and enlighten us and the last panel tactical strength to follow his path, a photo holding a lot of stuff, a lot of stuff a little ceremony with light