Tom Facchine – Ashura and Allahs Sacred Time

Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © The Chinese calendar is important, including the use of Google polling and the holy month. It is important to have a history of faith and keep track of time, as it is crucial to not allow people to break rules. The shoulder act is a message of gratitude and loyalty to religion, and fasting is crucial to achieving forgiveness. Jesus's actions and followers have led to the loss of family and society, and fasting is crucial to distinguish oneself from others.
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without the mission of

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masses do that we'll

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have a look at

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who actually watched what happened over the

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last 40 People that have gotten

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to do with most people? Yeah, it took

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me a while

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to polish what up a lot of

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people have had in the laws of Canada, I think about. Yeah, I'm gonna talk a lot about Google polling and say either use

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the Google Home what many of

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us have in the past, what actually happened so law abiding son that was shot according to what I said without a doubt and

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when you look at the religion of the stamp, as a whole, you will find that there are some parts of our faces, that we

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are very good at sticking to

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take, for example, all along,

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no matter what has happened to us, as an ummah, over the centuries, we find that in general, Muslims hold fast to the sacredness of the law.

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This is true even to the extent that it is not difficult to find Muslims who do not pray. Yet they fast from above.

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And while yes, it's regrettable that such people undervalue the prayer. At least we can take pride in the fact that our bond is something so dear and so close to Muslims, that many of us would feel incomplete without.

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At the same time, there are parts of our faith that have, over the course of time become neglected, or even abandoned.

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A few weeks ago, we were talking about the care and concern for the prophets of Allah Allah, he was having her own creatures, including the animals, including the trees, including the rocks,

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in our modern lifestyle, where convenience is provided for at the expense of the environment.

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Think of all the styrofoam, plastic and other harmful substances that we purchase just to throw away. We are very far from the prophetic example on the issue.

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Another aspect of our faith that we have selected is the lunar calendar.

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For most of the Muslims, we are aware of the lunar calendar about twice a year,

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one extended period that begins a little bit before Ramadan, and the ends was really the fifth

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and the second shorter period just before a

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select few of us keep the awareness going in a couple of months in between the two reads.

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But by the time the other side rolls around and is finished, most of us lose our awareness of the Hispanic lunar calendar entirely. Until next time along

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we probably don't worry too much about it even how important is candidate talent or the after all? Aren't they all just different ways of keeping track of the same days.

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Plus the rest of our lives are governed by a vocally observed solar calendar,

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pay our bills, school holidays, everything that we have to remember on a daily basis is on a different calendar that reminds us constantly of its presence and its effect on our lives.

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If we turn to the Scripture, to see what a loss of time was, Allah thinks about the issue. We might be surprised to

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Discover that Allah azza wa jal is fairly strict. On the issue of how we keep track of time. Allah subhanaw taala says a source of Toba in our international will be against the law, his National Basketball. Fifi, Tammy. Now, you know my father, son, I love you, I love them. And I would like to hope that he had been fighting. That's unbelievable Wi Fi him.

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Indeed, the number of months to Allah subhanaw taala is 12 months and allows record since the day he created the heavens of the earth. All of these moths, four of them are sacred. That is the correct path. So if you're not wrong yourselves during the demo,

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a couple of things that are worth pointing out here. First is that the law is whatever specifically says that the 12 month calendar is his calendar. He created it.

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So it's not so arbitrary. After all, it actually does matter whether we make a year out of 20 months or four months or 100 Miles is not all the same. That's not a loss calendar. Nothing is except a 12 month calendar. Next, notice that allies would have told us that this has always been a calendar since the very beginning of creation. So this calendar of 12 months isn't just the power part of our community specific shape that changes from Omata OMA No, it has always been this way. Allah azza wa jal set up the world this way, and it operates on a 12 month calendar.

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Then notice that a lot of some animals Allah says that the four of these ones are sacred. So we see that it is important not just to have any 12 contracts, but that each month is different. And some months are special. Some months have specific rules.

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Next, Allah subhanaw taala says that this calendar this calendar of 12 months, where some of the months are sacred, that is the correct path to do it. That is the correct religion.

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If anyone were to doubt about whether the calendar was just custom, or part of it, our actual religion, the debates and here, this calendar, these months are parts of our faith.

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Finally, a lot of time that shows us the consequences of not following your sacred calendar he tells us not to wrong and ourselves and the sacred for months. And the implication here is that the sacred monks have special rules and if we do not follow that, we might find ourselves in trouble.

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Do we even know what the sacred monks are doing? Do we even realize that they've come upon us?

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If we haven't been following the sacred Osama calendar? How would we know?

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We might break those special rules and not even know it?

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What else are we missing by losing track of the lost sacred calendar? The 10 days of potential is another example the best 10 days of the year.

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If you're not keeping track of the sacred calendar and really sneaks up on you, causing you to completely waste those blustery days,

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we are left asking when's it eat again? Oh, it's been three or four days we better get ready. And we scramble even just to catch gamma.

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How do we keep track of the sacred months which to Allah subhanaw taala are so important.

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The answer a lot provides he says in the moon. Allah says I'm so used for the yellow shirts on the I love on my mood all

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the time that were under the scene and what

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it is he who made the summer shining lights, and he also made the move and that's a reflection of that light. And he determined the phases for the moon so that you may know the number of years and the count of time.

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The moon is for keeping time. A lot of times Magellan wants us to know what the moon is doing.

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When we know what the moon is doing. We know what the next month is and when it's right around the corner. When we know what the moon is doing, we can prepare ourselves to fast the days of the full moon, known as the white days was the product of a low body he was used to fast constantly.

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When you know what the moon is doing you

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You need to anticipate the monthly cycles of your women's vote and plan accordingly.

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So here we are, the new moon that will happen has come one of the four sacred months. And we have another observance on our sacred calendar or shoot

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or the 10th day of the huddle,

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depending on which method of site you follow that will land on Thursday, the 19th for those of us who need the translation of InterSolar time,

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it is recommended highly praiseworthy to fast on the day of martial law. As we will discuss shortly Can you tell us about we have lots of lovely wonderful receptions to meet with them. First of you in total.

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If you want to have

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a football

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team, and he or she will say you didn't what happened in October was a delicate one. Some of our body odor that he was having was way so interesting because you

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also got the tattoo of Mahabharat is one of the minor observances in our sacred and Islamic calendar. Not minor because it's not important, but simply because it is not an obligation.

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Just like a lot of sacred lunar calendar is 12 months on shoot off is an observance that stretches across communities of faith it is not particularly to just our own

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known as Yun Kapoor to our Jewish cousins. The day it was originally meant to give thanks to a loss of habitat either for saving the followers of Moses, as he left them out of Egypt, and save the Trump era.

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Jews have observed down for for for centuries and centuries, when the prophets of Allah Allah He was and his companions make his go to Medina, they found the Jews they're observing this day.

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The prophets of Allah it was someone commented that we as Muslims are more rightful to observe this day than them.

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And so he commanded His followers to observe that same people stepping on this.

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This proves that Yom Kippur for our show, is part of the laws, true religion,

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a divinely sanctioned observance part of the true Judaism, as well as the true this man and the nasty innovation of a people going astray.

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The original theme of martial law that is deliverance. Remember the situation of the people of faith under theology. They were slaves. They were the untouchables on society. And with the coming of Lusardi he said on things only got worse.

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began to slaughter their songs whenever he could find them. You're gonna always document on the setup of the daddy, that

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probably he will slaughter their sons and leave their daughters diversity, but out of contempt, and an evidence to humiliate.

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And then in the most miraculous awakens, Allah azza wa jal saves Musa armies from this slaughter as a baby and even more miraculously causes him to be taken in and raised by none other than himself.

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A loss of a job is establishing the switcher upon

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the definitive truth because there are no those Musa in and out

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and he knows that most it is truthful

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that most are inside returns to figure out how to after fleeing the city. He returns as a prophet of Allah with a message and the warning which you get on trying to ignore tried to dismiss then trying to sabotage and extinguish

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you know how to how to hold the wealth, he has all the power and ability on his side. He has the magician, he has the armies he has the guards He has delivered,

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and will start as a staff

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wasn't enough, there is no power or might get sucked by Allah. All the weapons and soldiers at mine are useless against Allah was power.

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Musa alayhis salam threatens to bring affliction to their own if he does not let the people of faith leave Egypt.

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Now most darlings for them is calling the shots. Musa is about bringing straws. He brings locusts, he brings the plague each time around again and he submits with his words. But he does not follow through with his actions, he does not keep his word. And so it also is that our kids frequent signs that overpowers their own Yep, out of his arrogance, he cannot accept defeat.

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So most of these texts are faithful and leaves on his own

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can't even stand that relation. He can't even stand the slight humiliation of being defied. And so he goes after them, they reached the Red Sea again, he has all the money he has all the soldiers, all the weapons, all the power, will start a sudden has nothing but his staff. Lack of whatever

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Allah azza wa jal starts to see into for the people of faith, giving them a clear try passage to safety. And he takes that same fear of dry passage and turns it into a trap. Because the arrogance that I own and his army, deliverance, deliverance is the story of so often.

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There is no situation that Allah subhanho wa Taala cannot deliver us from every day Eliza Jantzen differs us. And if we rely on the loss of family, no matter how bad our situation is, Eliza will deliver us

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what you're talking about.

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Whoever fears Allah subhanaw taala Allah will make their way out for him. Even if it's through the ocean, illogical agenda to figure out a way for us, we don't have to figure out a way. All we have to do is be pious, and be worthy.

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But deliverance is not a free gift.

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Deliverance should result in gratitude.

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And this is where the followers of those audiences fell short.

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Allah azza wa jal details the ingratitude of most of his followers in a format and the punishments they incurred due to that a gratitude.

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This is why offense, a lot of us have said that we are more deserving to fast action rather than the Jews, because we are more grateful to our Lord inshallah.

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Oh Allah make us more grateful to you.

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And while it is true that our Shabbat and Yom Kippur have a common origin, and it is true,

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that we observe this day in a similar way, we must not forget that this

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is the middle path between two extremes, we do not stress our similarities to the point of erasing what makes us special.

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Nor do we stick out in an unnecessary way, or in a provocative way. This was captured beautifully by the prophets of Allah body, he was with us before he died, he talks about martial law. And he said that if he had reached another one, he wouldn't have fasted an additional day that indicated to get along and it doesn't matter if you know,

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the prophets of Allah, Allah was not upset that if he survived to see the next year, he would pass the ashram up and the day before it as well why order to distinguish our observance of hospital law from that amplitudes.

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And these few words, we have the perfect balance of this time. We share things in common with other traditions, but we keep what makes us special and unique,

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many or the other. They say that, since the point of fasting and an extra day, is to distinguish ourselves. It is also acceptable to fast the day after I show off this particular year, that might be the way to go. For those who wants to be certain that date is the correct dates. Since Asha well falls on Thursday, according to some and Friday according to others. If you've asked both

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Thursday and Friday, you will certainly have fasted and not only after all, but have also performed the delicious the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam so fast an additional day along with it. And of course, as it is well known the reward for fasting this day is a tremendous subpoena on somebody and we are short on the Volga characters as a senator. And

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the problem is I'm a law abiding citizen that was asked about fasting the day and

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so he replied, it removes the significance of the entire previous year. May Allah azza wa jal accepts for us our worship and grant us forgiveness. Almost almost nothing other media can complain about in the long haul. Who used to be

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funded by the US Supreme

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Court camera.

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Can I swap things out even though he was walking in front of me the machine over there because what happened was 140 watt LED rocking in the lead of an RSL scandalously mothership. They were tricky. But then their agenda whatsoever the pain was

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just funny, to me, a lot more sort of wild and I was talking to him again. I'm Filipino as well. Mostly we haven't seen that.

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People hold on wild. Yeah, certainly occupy a lot of I

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worried about what was going on with every other wall in a lot

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of eternity, then put it that way. And that is actually a

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guy that

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doesn't rely on the equipment or screw up a system while the animal matters.

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