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Number 11 salatu salam ala Shan Colombia. He was heavy when

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you're talking about people for whom the agenda was real. People are paying the Sahaba of our lives.

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And the purpose of

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narrating the stories is not for entertainment.

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But for us to reflect

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and think about it and say that if the agenda was real to these people, and the agenda is not real to me, what does it mean?

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Because the agenda was real to the people who are the people of gender

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and the gender is not real to me, than Am I one of the people of gender or not?

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And that is a question to ask. There is a question to ask because without that, our Amal will never be on the path of the armor of the Sahaba the middle of the MBA,

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and that is the only path which has the guarantee of success. Not your path, not my

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not anybody else's path. The only path, the Serato must have him is the path of the Navy Salalah. Holly Who was it? Was it

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was it in the calendar was le Allah sorority mystery.

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Verily, you are from Gambia from the Russell and you are on sirata mustafi and the Sahaba were on the same path.

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And that is why we keep talking about the Salah, there is no one else about whom this guarantee has been given nobody else.

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The only people other than the NBA, who Allah subhanaw taala mentioned in the Quran as a sap. Allah did not mention anybody else. Because there was nobody else. Anyone who came after the Sahaba if he or she was on the path of the Sahaba, then they were on the right path. If they did anything other than what the Sahaba did, then they were wrong, whoever they were.

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The people who came after the Sahaba are not delille for the Sahaba. The Sahaba are the delay for the rest of the umatilla Delta.

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The position of one Sahabi randomly any habit of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam. The position of one zahavi is higher than the position of every single human being who comes after him till the dividend.

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combined. The position of one zahavi is higher than the position of everyone else who we know today as Allah, Allah, every single one of them, if all of them are put together into one basket, they are less together than the position of one side. That is the

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the honor of the summit of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam.

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No one other than the Zara had the Sava tarantola. So nobody can attend to the position of one savvy. And I'm not even talking about the SIBO or the Korean. I'm talking about anybody.

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Anyone who's also allies, Allah, Allah, Allah was

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in his state of Eman for one minute is his hobby.

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And that person's position with Allah Subhana Allah is higher of the position of all of mankind who comes after it.

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And that is the reason why we keep talking about desire is what

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we do. My mother handled, Allah was pleased and it doesn't matter. I set the alarm on what to do and now love is pleased with them and they were pleased with Allah.

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These are the people of gender. These are the people who have the guarantee of gender from Allah subhanaw taala. This is not a situation with anyone else who comes after them. No one else has the guarantee of them. No matter what people say people have no right to say anything because the gender does not belong to the people.

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The only one who can guarantee Jana is Allah

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and also love Allah Salam guaranteed Jana, on behalf of Allah

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in the name of Allah because he was the recipient of a no one other than the NaVi of Allah Allah Allah can guarantee Jennifer anybody nobody else

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and you will not see if you read the history of Zara you will not see any zombie saying to anyone else that you are a person with

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no zahavi ever guaranteed Jennifer anybody else so how can anyone who comes after them guarantee generally they can't even guarantee for themselves? Forget about guaranteed when somebody else

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dissolves Allah dissolve absolute ignorance that people believe all sorts of rubbish that that doesn't make any difference the reality does not change because of any rubbish that we want to believe.

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So who are these people and that's what we were talking about last few days. inshallah today and tomorrow we continue that Who are these people? One of them?

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A person by the name of Zara slaving

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away Alon is African of origin. It is said

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about him that he was particularly dark. And he was not very good to look at. He was very ugly.

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He came to Roswell as well as elementary as well. Is there anything wrong with

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that there's nothing wrong with you. He doesn't why is it that nobody wants to give his daughter in marriage?

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He was not married. He wanted to marry somebody. He's a wrestler. Why did nobody gives his daughter his marriage to me?

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Nobody's dream.

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God so and so. And tell him that I sent you and asked for the hand of his daughter in marriage.

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So that was an email delana went, knocked on the door of the house.

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It was an answer desiring. And his daughter was famous for her beauty. No mother.

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So does it open the door? And who's standing there? satis lay of the land.

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The land is dead. My I've been sent by Allah is Allah Allah sent him to you. And I have come to ask for the hand of your daughter marriage.

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And I looked at him he said you

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he was

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from an African origins. It was dark. He was ugly, and he was poor.

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So this app is at you. As soon as the law firm sends you to ask for the hand of my daughter and marriage

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is a doula what you are talking about?

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Is it my daughter is the most beautiful woman in Medina.

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Now, while this conversation is going on, the daughter was in the house, and she heard this. So she called her mother he said, Come, come, come.

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She said, Who are you sending away?

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He said the man has been sent by Rasulullah sallallahu sallam.

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He said I have no objection to marrying him I don't care what he looks like I don't care whether he has money or not.

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Who are you sending away

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so this is suddenly realize what he had done. So Europeans obviously

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took him to the polish to the to the presence on RVs Allah Allah, Allah I'm ready to marry my daughter to this man who you sent.

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Now what is the man the man is 700 gold coins.

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So saddens me that I have no money. I mean, you know, 700 gold coins, I don't have anything

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to go to one and go to Adorama enough for their la hanwa.

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And tell them I sent you

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to Santa zeleni goes to one immunopharmacol. Delano. And as one of Nevada Delano gives him a few 100. And he goes to Mr. Nava Delano. And he also gives him something

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now that is Lamy going into the market,

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apart from the mahadi, wants to buy some gifts and so on and so forth.

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And when he is in the market of Medina,

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he heard the call

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the other than what you had

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and there's the call of those days these days to call in is the O harshvardhan of Allah.

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This is all hearts run our life, mountain goddesses.

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That was me standing there listening to Savannah.

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azada selimiye changes in dungeon. And he said, Oh Allah, you gave me this wealth.

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give me as well.

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I will use it for you

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is intention from giving the mayor for his wife.

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He took this money. And he bought himself a horse. And he bought himself armor.

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And he covered his face.

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So nobody could recognize it.

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And he went to Southern Alameda with Danny Rolando was the

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person who was gathering the troops. So he went and registered.

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And there was this man, where does he come from? We don't see his face.

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But he refused to open to to take off his data because he knew he knows he would have stopped him.

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So anyway, without further notice, that doesn't matter either. He's a soldier. We need soldiers. Don't ask you any questions.

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And then they went into battle. Let me tell you that isn't the same battle.

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And people are saying who is this fighter out? Is he somebody fight like sada Celebi? No they were warriors. They are the devil.

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They knew and they recognized the tactics and the the way of fighting of each other.

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So somebody said this looks like that is fighting like that already but you know, we know

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he's getting married today.

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He can be it can be him

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as the fight went on,

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in one, Marika in one encounter with the enemy. So as a slave, he was divorced, he fell off his horse.

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And his face got uncovered. And those are inside me that he said that.

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He said, yes, it is it is me.

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And those

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that deserve, he got back on to resorts, and he fought. And then there was a there was a call as Assad has been Jade

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Assad he

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and I sort of ran into the middle of the battle.

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He took the head downsizes with me. And he sat there and put his head in his lap.

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And he wept.

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And his tears fell on the face. How sad is slavery.

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The same ugly black man was poor.

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He had the tears on every single Sunday morning says

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the alarm

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and then

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looked up at the sky

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and his visor. And then he looked away.

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And the thought was that he has a love is are you doing something strange, which you have never done before?

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Why did what did you look up to look up at the sky and then you smile and then you looked away.

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That's a lot a lot of upset.

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I was crying for my companion

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was going to get married today.

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But he chose Allah.

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He chose Allah.

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In February he chose Allah instead of choosing to get married.

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And he said, I looked up at Allah Subhana data showed me the gender outside.

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And he said I saw the waves of that are coming running to meet him.

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And as they were running, their shins got uncovered. And so I looked at it.

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And he called the people and he said Go and tell

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the father of the girl whose ad was going to marry

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that Allah Subhana Allah has married him to people who are more beautiful than his daughter.

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Are they allowed?

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These are the people for whom Jana was real.

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And they they gave people agenda because they made the right choices.

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They did not choose the dounia in favor of the

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and when the opportunity came

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to give the dounia whatever they had

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in favor of the ACA, they did not hesitate. They did not think

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they did not say let me make to Raka Salah Christiana before I find out whether I should give credit or not.

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They give

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when they have nothing they give

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and is as a result of that. Allah gives him done.

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Remind me of our brothers, that we have those choices.

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We have the same choices.

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And because we are weak

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Allah subhanaw taala does not give us the choice of giving our life for Allah. Because Allah knows we can't even give 10 bucks for Allah Where is he going to give life

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so I was one of the leaves it at that 10 bucks to give 10 bucks I give you john

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the agenda today is much cheaper than it was for those who have a think about this

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agenda today is much cheaper than it was for the Sahaba What does however is our labor's main had to give their lives for inshallah Allah will give us for less than that.

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For Allah will not give it for nothing.

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agenda of Allah subhanho wa Taala is not free.

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It may be cheaper today, but it's not free.

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And therefore let us open our eyes and let us start thinking in terms of our rocket

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because while we do not know when that day will come

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but that day will come

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that they will definitely come but we don't know when it will come

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Therefore, I remind myself and you let us straight now lives, let us get our priorities right. Let us make the right choices, because the time will come, when we will either be very happy for the choice we made, or we will cry tears of blood for the choice we made.

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And those tears will not change anything. Those tears will not change anything. ask Allah subhanaw taala to save us from that and to give us that which He has promised us and to make it easy for us to make the choices and to accept those choices and to give us his agenda we are very sad. Or Sol Allah Allah Allah will Karim Allah Allah He was heavy has made the rough medical model