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Mirza Yawar Baig
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a conversation between a man and his partner about the return of promised promises and the importance of investing in certain areas. The man expresses his belief in the promise of a date garden and the importance of giving people the opportunity to buy trees. The conversation also touches on the topic of solar cell technology and its potential return.
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In al hamdu Lillah wa salatu salam ala shuffelin. Dear Allah, Allah, he was the Roman villa.

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On the subject of European

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and seeing, looking at how real is the agenda for us? How real are the promises of Allah subhanho wa Taala for us?

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How real are the promises of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam for us?

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And as I said before,

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the question is not a matter of saying, with our tongues that, yes, we believe Allah, and we believe us whatever. The issue is, if we believe something, then our actions must.

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The actual actions don't prove that and the belief or statement is, cannot be relied upon.

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And the issue of the actions is that if we believe in return, then there should be an investment in that area.

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There is no investment then that means there is no belief in the return, even though they were saying it.

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And we were looking at the lives of the Sahaba.

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Right, who actually had this belief, and Allah subhanaw taala testified to their belief.

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He looked around the story of the Sahaba, Rhonda had a migraine, and the name of the Sahaba is

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not a Buddha, Buddha. For Delano,

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a young boy Cambridge, fella muria team

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came to us realize I was alone, and he said jasola have a small date garden,

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which I want to France.

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But in the middle of that fence, as the fence goes in one place, there is a tree, which is from the adjacent dead garden, that doesn't garden belongs to another Muslim, a big garden, there's one tree there.

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And this man will not. I can't take the fence around the tree. And the man asking him to sell me that tree doesn't want to sell me the tree. It was refuses to sell that tree.

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So I'm unable to find my God.

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So as a result, I'm sad for the man. The man came, he was a Muslim, but he was a winner.

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So he gave us a lot of fun told him telling me that tree

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he has to say to himself, tell me this tree.

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So the man that vomit.

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So soon as Allah Salam said, for one tree in Jannah

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he said I promise you one, date three in general

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in exchange for this one three here

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you're talking about we're talking about believing in the promise of a sort of

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sell sell me this one three here. And I promise you one dead tree in Ghana, what does it mean? It means the agenda for this man is a short because in the restaurant promised in Madrid, three in Ghana, and he has to be in the agenda. So agenda is a short, the man's No, sorry.

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He said cancel.

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And he left.

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Now while this conversation was happening

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out there, Lana was also there in the budget.

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So when this man left, I would rather give them a visa salah and he said jasola if I bring that tree for you,

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will you give me the same thing?

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If I buy this deal for you, will you give me the same thing which you promised this man? So lasagna said yes. The same deal. You give me this one right here. I give you one engine.

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I would add on to this man.

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And he told him sell me that tree.

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The man said Look, I did not sell it to the Prophet of Allah. Why will I sell it to you? Is that not? Oh, no, you listen to my deal first.

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He said, Do you know me? He said Yes, I know. Who am I?

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What am I known for? He said you are known for your date garden.

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He said what about my dead God and the man said your dead garden has 600 beautiful trees in it. And it has a well a spring of water which is sweet and we just bear in it.

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And your dead garden is same as all our mother.

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So I would have said how about this? That you sell me this one tree for my whole garden? Is that I give you the 600 trees

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so the man said man You're joking you know you're making fun with fun have fun with me. There was only one tree was this is not telling you seriously. Seriously, I will tell you my all dead garden 600 trees for the elections was wondering

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demands that you're sure is it sure is the right now right now. There's a side effect.

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One day tree for 600 dead trees, a beautiful garden famous all over Medina with a beautiful spring perennial and so on. A Buddha went to his guided garden.

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He's lived there. So he went on to his wife, and he said to her pack the bags, we have to leave. She said, Where are you going? She said, I just sold his garden. He sold the garden for what? He said for one range. And she said Zavala, what a bargain. Whatever game. Hey,

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he does Swan law. What about you?

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As you looked at it, they were seeing pictures and something they were seeing which we don't see as well. May Allah open our eyes and Shall

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I will that I did this thing. Then he went to a restaurant Miss Arizona, that is the tree. I bought the river you

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know, do I have it in Jana? So as soon as Adam said to him, I would add a new left here our last one that I showed me.

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He showed me that your agenda is full of detail. So not one. He's an alliance fill your agenda we did.

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This is the issue of your cane.

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Do we believe Allah?

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Do we believe in the promises of our solar solar cell? We believe in the promise of Allah, because we believe in the promises, then our action must show that if you believe in the return, then our investment must show that

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if you believe in a fantastic return, then you will sell everything, you will sell everything and put in this because you know that this is willing to give me a huge return. But if you say we will live with a return and we find no investment, then we have to question our belief. ask Allah subhanaw taala to open our hearts and to help us to believe in Him and to believe in his promises and to believe in the promises of Muhammad Rasul Allah, Allah Allah, Allah, Allah, because Allah is the promise of Allah stroke and the province of Islam is true, whether anyone believes or not, it is true. And those who have in intelligence those who are sense, will believe in it and will invest and

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inshallah, on the day of judgment, they will get the return. And we ask Allah Subhana Allah to make us among those who will get the return for this investment in this world on the Day of Judgment, when the only return will be the return from Allah subhanho data, or Salalah highlanda reliquary while he was happy he made the referral

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