Hypocrisy in the Muslim Community

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Assalamualaikum on today's vlog, I want to speak about hypocrisy.

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Now I know when I say the word hypocrisy, it may make some people a little bit uncomfortable or a little bit uneasy.

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And I think rightly so because hypocrisy is a very, very big deal. But I don't today, I don't want to speak about what is known as major hypocrisy, the type of hypocrisy where a person is not Muslim. So for example, the type of person who, let's say pretends to be Muslim, but they're not and for, you know, various nefarious reasons, you know, maybe to bring harm to the community or whatever it may be. And these are the people that a lot described in the Quran, when Allah said in number 15, a fifth darkness fenomena. Now was that that, certainly the hypocrites are going to be in the lowest depths of the Hellfire, meaning some of the most severe punishment is for those people. I'm not

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talking about that type of hypocrisy, and I don't really even want to talk about what can be called intentional hypocrisy, where a person, you know, intends it, you know, they they know that, what they are,

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to people like that with the front that they're putting is different than they who actually who they are in reality, so they're hiding their true self. That's not what I want to talk about. What I want to talk about is what we could call unintentional hypocrisy. But we can learn a lesson from major hypocrisy. And the lesson to be learned here is that hypocrisy, or nifh up in Arabic can cause a lot of damage or a lot of harm. So we know that, you know, major hypocrisy, people who are pretending to be Muslim, yet the harm there should be clear, right? They're trying to harm the community, and so much harm can come from that. But even when hypocrisy is unintentional, even if it's not

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intentional, the harm can still be done. And this is why Allah has actually warned us Allah said, Yeah, you have Nadine amanu, Lima Deku, Luna mattify alone, Allah says, Old Believers are people of faith. Why do you say that what you don't do capoeira mckeithan are in the light. And they are kulu malata, for alone, it is greatly hated to a law, that you say that what you don't do, and you say something, and you don't do it. Now, this is a severe warning. And notice here a lot here is talking to Muslims, people who are believers. But this is problematic, because as I said, hypocrisy can cause a lot of harm to people. So right off the bat, we know that hypocrisy can be a big turnoff for

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people. And we've seen it happen over and over again, where someone you know, let's say they're preaching something good. But if their actions don't match up with what they're preaching the their message, it loses value, people get turned off by their message. So the point here is that, you know, you're telling us to do this, but you don't do it yourself, then do you even really believe in what you're saying? Is what you're saying even true? Is it the truth if you yourself, you're not following it, and even I've seen people who get turned away or turned off from is snam itself people where the left is snam. Because maybe someone that they looked up to someone who was any mom or a

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scholar or leader of the community, they witnessed some hypocrisy from them. And it really affected their email. And it really affected their faith and have no doubt that the chiffon will use advantage, he will take advantage of those moments and say, Look, is this really even the truth? If you know this person who's supposed to be the best amongst you, if they themselves aren't following what they're saying? Then how the heck can you say that isn't that is the truth. And even if you want to look at it on a little bit of a lesser level or a lesser degree, which is it may not necessarily be lesser, but if you look at the parent and child relationship, oftentimes parents will

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tell their kids do this and don't do that. Or you should be like this, and you should not be like that. And the moment their child sees hypocrisy, they really stopped caring about what their parents have to say to them. classic example. A parent tells their child not to smoke, but they themselves smoke. So they'll say, you know, it's harmful for you and you know, it's life threatening, etc, etc. It's bad for you this and that, whatever. But then they see that their dad is smoking. And they're like, Well, you know, I don't really care. Or another classic example, which you know, I'm a parent myself. So I myself have fallen into that. I know many parents have fallen into this. But you know,

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a parent may say to their child, hey, don't yell, but they themselves may yell or not even that and even even crazier than that is when a parent yells at their child to not yell. So for a child as and we know this now that children, they learn far more from what they see and what they witness rather than what they're told.

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So they're gonna pick up on their parents traits, their behavior far more than what their parents are telling them to do. So if you want your child to be a certain way, you got to behave in that way as well. Now, look, as I mentioned earlier, a lot of times this is not intentional, the parent doesn't intend to come up as a hypocrite, but they come off as a hypocrite. So there's two things that I wanted to highlight here. Number one is for the person who witnesses this type of hypocrisy. And number two, is for the person who comes off as a hypocrite. So for the person who witnesses this type of hypocrisy, it is important to remember that everyone has flaws. Everyone has weaknesses. And

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so we have to try really, really hard to not judge the message by the person who is delivering the message. And that's not easy. That can be very hard at times. But we have to remember that specifically when we're talking about Islam. Islam is not defined by individuals. The strength of Islam doesn't lie in the person who is practicing Islam. Islam stands on its own. So regardless of whether someone is practicing Islam or not, or even any mom who is not practicing Islam, that shouldn't matter, because Islam stands on its own. We're all human beings, all of us, we're all going to make mistakes, everyone makes mistakes. So and all of us we commit sins. So obviously, even

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our emotions and our scholars and our leaders are the people who we look up to, they're going to make mistakes, they're going to commit sins and they're not perfect. That is why email Manik Rahim Allahu Allah, He once said, couldn't the men who were your inner Sahaba had a cover he said, Every single person we can take from them or not take from them we can we can accept accept their message or leave their message. They can be right and they can be wrong, except in Lhasa had the habit of public except the person who is in this grave and he was pointing to the grave of the Prophet Sall Allahu Allah, he was sending them so yes, the prophets I send them we take and we take without

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question. And we know he is the best example for us, not Canada computer suit in a sweater. Hasina. There is certainly for you, in the messenger of a love the prime the best example everyone else, they're gonna, they're gonna have flaws in their Deen, they're gonna have flaws, they're going to make mistakes, it's going to happen. Now, as for the person who may unintentionally come across as a hypocrite Look, I gave the example of a parent who yells at their child to not yell. Now, once again, it's a similar point. And the point is that we have to remember that we are not perfect. And so when we're talking to people, we're telling people to do stuff and not do other things stay away

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from bad things. We also have to emphasize the point that we ourselves, we are imperfect as well. And we are trying as well. So even though I'm preaching to you, I myself, I'm going to make mistakes. And I'm going to fall short. Once again, it doesn't mean that there's something wrong with the message. It's just that the messenger is the one who's delivering this message, me or you in this case, we are flawed. And so even a parent has to tell their child like, Look, I'm telling you to do this, and I'm gonna fall short as well. And that is why is actually important for for parents to learn to apologize to their kids. So if you yelled at your child, and you're telling your child

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not to yell, you have to stop and say, Look, I'm sorry for yelling at you. I told you not to yell and I yelled, and that was wrong with me. I apologize. I'm sorry for doing that. Not only are you saving your kids from being turned off from the message that you're trying to deliver to them, you're also teaching your kids how to react when they eventually do make a mistake. And that is to apologize to ask for forgiveness. humility, humility is always the key when it comes to this type of hypocrisy, being humble with with Allah, obviously, and also being humble with the creation of a lowest penalty. So those are just some thoughts that I had regarding this type of hypocrisy, which I

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said unintentional hypocrisy, I'd like to hear your thoughts as well. What do you do when you come off as a hypocrite? Or as we said, unintentionally, you're viewed as a hypocrite. What is the best way to deal with this? Please leave it in the comments below. I love to hear it. And I'd love to hear your thoughts. And Allah knows best until next time, said I want to hear what I can do.